Yin & Yang Q&A 3 With Nick Broadhurst And Melissa Ambrosini


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It’s our most popular recurring segment, and he’s my favourite-ever podcast guest! Yep, you know it: Nick Broadhurst (musician, entrepreneur, author, thought leader, and my gorgeous husband) is BACK on the show, and together, we’re answering your burning questions about All. The. Things…!

As usual, we asked you — our tribe — to submit your no-holds-barred questions about any topic you like, and BOY did you guys deliver. From sex to self-sabotage, from supplements to step-parenting, we go *deep* on the topics that matter most to you.

We even answer the #1 question we get asked more than any other. (Hint: it’s about babies... And you’ll definitely want to listen up to hear our answer!)

I know you’re going to love hearing Nick’s thoughtful, conscious masculine perspective on these Q’s. So if you want to level up in ALL areas of your life, and get the inside scoop on everything from how to use food to overcome illness, to rocking a long-distance relationship, to our secret for pearly white teeth without any chemicals… then buckle up. This episode is for YOU.

In this episode we chat about: 

  • What’s the best way to discover your life's purpose? (08:43)
  • Overcoming self-sabotage — what’s worked for us (19:52)
  • What are your 10 most valuable and important life lessons EVER? (24:30)
  • Can you still have a long-lasting relationship if there’s a big age gap between you and your partner? (39:02)
  • Long-distance relationships — how to thrive (not just survive) and how we deal with being apart for weeks at a time (40:45)
  • What kind of challenges do we meet in our relationship? (55:29)
  • How understanding the role of masculine and feminine in the bedroom can lead to unparalleled sex (01:04:45)
  • The unexpected benefits of going plant-based (01:12:32)
  • What’s the deal with alcohol — Healthy? Not healthy? Here’s our take. (01:16:03)
  • Our day on a plate (01:19:58)
  • The truth about making plant-based eating work when you’re socialising or caught off-guard (01:24:02)
  • What type of contraception do we use? (01:29:30)
  • The secret nutritional hacks we turn to when we’re unwell or feeling ‘off’ (01:48:30)
  • The best tools to overcome PTSD (these have changed my life) (01:55:08)
  • What’s the secret to getting gorgeously white teeth WITHOUT nasty toxins? (02:00:02)
  • Our hard-won wisdom on blended families and how to make them work (02:11:19)
  • The #1 questions we get asked: “Are you planning on having babies?” (And our no-filter answer) (02:17:05)
  • What you can expect from my TEDx Talk (and why it’s worth the wait!) (02:19:48)

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P.S. Please seek advice from a qualified holistic practitioner before starting any new health practice.

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