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Toxic Free Make-Up Masterclass With Emmily Banks






Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ? Yep, a grown adult has around 2 square meters of skin*. Even more importantly, did you know that whatever you use topically on your skin gets absorbed straight into your bloodstream? Sounds scary, but it’s true — your skin basically ‘eats’ whatever you put on it. In fact, the average woman absorbs nearly 2.5 kilos of damaging chemicals** per year due to beauty products. Holy yikes!  

All those toxic (and not to mention seriously expensive) chemicals are going straight through your skin and into your body, where your poor little liver has to go into serious overdrive to try to remove them. This uses up ‘beauty energy’, as nutritionist Kimberly Snyder calls it. Our body could be using that energy to make our hair and skin shiny, our eyes bright and our nails strong, but because the liver has to work extra hard just to detox the chemical nasties, it doesn’t have time to do those other things. Cue dull skin, limp hair, flaky nails and tired, gray eyes… not exactly the picture of perfect health, right?!

So let me ask you this: Would you spray your deodorant into your mouth? Or spread your mascara on your gluten free toast? Hell no, sister! So why are you slathering them on your body?! There is no better time than right now to take a look at the products you use on your skin. Every time you go to slather something on that beautiful temple of yours, ask yourself: is this good for me and my health? If it is, go right ahead. If not, bin it baby!

About 6 years ago, I took a massive black garbage bag into my bathroom and got rid of everything. And I mean everything. I was the type of person that had 15 different glittery moisturizers, 7 different smelling deodorants, and 5 different shades of foundations — all highly toxic and not good for me. At the time, I loved slathering myself in all those different smelling lotions and potions, but when I learned about the dangers of toxic products, I realized the risk wasn’t worth it and decided to start from scratch and only put healthy products on my body.

But if you’ve ever tried to decipher which products are actually good for you, and which ones aren’t worth the plastic they’re packaged in, you’ll know that it can be ridiculously confusing to work out.

Sneaky marketing tactics (which are perfectly legal and accepted within the cosmetics industry) would have us believe that if a product has labels like ‘natural ingredients’ or ‘made from pure aloe’ plastered on it, it must be ok for our precious bodies. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and many manufacturers use those terms when their products are decidedly unnatural and unhealthy.

So what’s the answer? Basically, unless you have read and understood every ingredient on an ingredients list and know exactly what is in the product… don’t buy it. With so many chemicals and ingredients on the market, it can be super confusing, but let me give you a little hint; if you can’t pronounce it and or don’t know what it is, it’s generally not a natural ingredient. Meaning: steer clear!  

If you get stuck, try consulting the Environmental Working Group’s website. They’re a fab organization dedicated to helping you navigate through the web of beauty and body products, so if in doubt jump on their awesome site.

Vote with your dollar. Say NO to toxic products and get back to natural, organic products.

You can also visit amazing online hubs like Nourished Life, who have done all the hard work for you. They have researched the best (and safest) products out there so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your family.

I am so passionate about living a toxic-free life and treading as lightly as I possibly can on this beautiful earth of ours, which is why I wanted to interview one of my gorgeous soul sisters, Emmily Banks. Emmily is an organic makeup artist with over 8 years of professional experience. She is a wealth of knowledge in the area of natural beauty, a complete angel, and someone I love dearly. I can’t wait to share this interview with you!

In this Make-Up Masterclass with Emmily Banks, founder of Depths Of Beauty, you will learn…

  • Why using toxic free products is so important for you and your health.+ The most common toxic chemical you need to look out for and avoid. (This tip alone will help you revolutionise your beauty routine.)
  • The most common toxic chemical you need to look out for and avoid. (This tip alone will help you revolutionize your beauty routine.)
  • How long your natural beauty products last for. (Hint: It’s different to other products.)
  • The three main reasons why it’s important to use natural beauty products.
  • How you can make a difference — to the planet and to your health.
  • How to transition to a toxic free beauty routine and figure out what’s right for you.
  • Why natural beauty makes you feel like a goddess, and how you can make it a sacred part of your self-care rituals.
  • Emmily’s favorite natural products to look out for. (Get on these, people!)
  • All Emmily’s pro makeup tricks and tips. (For a total novice this is priceless.)
  • Why you shouldn’t share your make-up products and brushes.
  • How often you need to wash your make-up brushes, and the best ones to use.
  • How to make your own cheap and toxic free antibacterial make-up brush spray.
  • You’ll also see her perform a live make-up demo on me, plus loads more.

What a goddess, right?! I knew you’d love her! As promised, here are the products Emmily used on me:

Now I want to hear from you, beautiful. What are your favorite toxic free beauty products? Share them in the comments below. I can’t wait to check out your suggestions. (Who doesn’t love a good beauty recommendation, right?!)

As always, thank you so much for being here. It’s so awesome that you want to be the best version of yourself and live your best life. I honor you.

P.S. Emmily wants to help YOU switch to natural and organic beauty asap, so she is offering the below just for the MA Tribe.

Download her FREE guide to the top 8 natural and organic foundations on the market by signing up to her newsletter here.

Do this and you will also get a 10% discount and a FREE gift with any purchase at Emmily’s favorite online natural beauty store.

You will also get 20% off Emmily’s next natural beauty workshops in Sydney (and soon to be interstate).


*National Geographic

**Daily Mail

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  1. Fontaine says:

    Absolutely loved watching Emmily TOTALLY in her element during the demo. What a gift! xx

  2. Carly says:

    Love this blog and video, Mel and Em!
    Nearly died when QV was mentioned. My Mum was diagnosed with dermatitis that makes her extremely itchy all over her body and the doctor gave her a steroid cream and big tub of QV intensive.
    I’m going to hand her my jar of coconut oil as soon as she steps through the door this afternoon haha.

    Carly x

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Carly,

      My doctor did the same thing to me. Yuck! Coconut oil all the way baby 😉


    • Emmily Banks says:

      Yep, its rather shocking when you realise just how ineffective (and irritating) it really is! The reason I think it’s often “prescribed” is because it doesn’t contain *fragrance which is a known irritant (amongst many other things) … though it still contains a few other known nasties!?

      IT’S OK though because there’s always a chance to start fresh! I highly recommend investing in an aloe vera plant, jojoba oil, rosehip oil or coconut oil. All super reasonably priced, healing and nourishing for the skin. x

  3. Emma Jean says:

    Darling Mel,
    I couldn’t stop watching you two beautiful beings sharing your wisdom and love with the tribe and the world.
    I loved this video, especially watching Em do your make up. So many top tips…
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful insights.
    Lots of love,
    Emma Jean xxx

  4. Gemma Tapp says:

    LOOOOOOVE it! So true about it making you feel better. Absolutely adore my make-up bag makeover, thanks for the constantly inspiring information Em and Mel! Xx

  5. Anita McKenzie says:

    Thanks so much Melissa. It’s because of you and your beautiful friend Jess that I changed to toxic-free skin-care about two years ago. Loved the video so much! Thanks to you and Emmily for a lovely, and inspiring, start to my day. 🙂

    • Anita McKenzie says:

      It’s me again Mel. I just wanted to say I’m going to buy my darling 19 year old daughter a ‘surprise I-love-you’ package of toxic free make-up! I’m excited! Heartfelt thanks to you and Emmily

      • Emmily Banks says:

        So amazing!! Feel free to email me if you need any recommendations on a few products to start with.. x

      • Danielle says:

        Hi Emily and Melissa! Love love love this video and all the amazing information- I am constantly trying to help my clients out with this side of things and have a whole session dedicated to it in my 90-Day Program- Love the Skin You’re In. I do still, however, have trouble remembering all the names of the chemicals and toxins we want to look out for. Have you heard of Natio? What do you think about that brand? Or Origins in the States? Would love your insight. Lots of love, Danielle xx

      • Melissa says:

        Hey Danielle,

        I know it can be confusing so best to stick to the brands that you know are 100% certified organic. I personally have never heard of natio or origins but maybe Emmily has?

  6. catherine says:

    Hi Melissa,

    beautiful video! I wondered if you have any recommendations for sunscreen? If you use any at all.


    • Emmily Banks says:

      Hi Catherine..

      I’m not sure what Mel is using at the moment.. but I think both “Soleo” and “Wotnot” are the best natural options for body sunscreen.. they are slightly thicker than mainstream brands – though thats because there’s no nasty “thinning or fast absorbing” agents/chemicals in them. As for sunscreen for the face or tinted moisturiser – I have a full blog post and review coming on this soon, so keep an eye out. 🙂

  7. Char says:

    Thank you so much for posting this video! This is just what I needed! This has really inspired me to stop copying my friends make up (expensive MAC products) and spend my money and energy looking for certified organic make up which is better for me and the environment/animals. Also thank you so much for answering my question on your live feed about my rosacea. I felt so blessed that you answered my question, so thank you so so much.I am going to try to wear less foundation and buy a raw certified organic coconut oil (Could you please recommend the one you use?). You are amazing and so inspiring! Thank you 🙂

  8. Pippa says:

    So many gorgeous tips and hints! One of my favourite’s and I am so passionate about this topic 🙂 Thank you for sharing some of your years of experience Em, it will definitely help me apply my make up a bit better.

    love and hugs gorgeous souls xoxo

  9. Samantha Spokes says:

    Hi girls,
    Thanks for the video! Very informative!
    What was the powder? x

  10. Marcella Wright says:

    I feel relaxed just WATCHING, mmmm xxx. Thanking you both 🙂

  11. joey says:

    Thanks for your great tips! I have acne scarring and have always had dark circles under my eyes. I have an olive complexion and I don’t like wearing much make up but feel uncomfortable if I don’t cover under my eyes and acne scars. What liquid foundation or concealer would you recommend? (I don’t like powder cause I get it everywhere!!)

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Joey,

      I will let Emmily give you advice on what products to use but in terms of the dark circles that’s not normal and tells me there is something going on. If I was you I would go see a naturopath or holistic doctor to get some test’s done to find out what’s going on for you. And in regards to acne scarring have you tried coconut oil?

      • Emmily Banks says:

        Hi Joey, as everyones skin is different I can’t know exactly what products are best for you without a consult to test and trial colours and consistencies etc. I can recommend to test out RMS to be used as a concealer, also W3ll People and Vapour Organics have great concealer sticks.. Inika foundation is nice and lightweight though may not cover scaring.. I also really like Vapour Organic and 100% Pure foundation for more coverage. Again it will depend on your skin type and colour though – so maybe order a few samples from online stores to test and trial the products first (you can access a discount code via subscribing to my newsletter if that helps).

        Also, oils are FABULOUS for healing scaring.. Rosehip, Jojoba, Tamanu, olive oil and more all work wonders..

      • joey says:

        Thanks Emmily! I use Tamanu on my face which is great and coconut oil everywhere else. The scars are a few years old though. Would you ever recommend just using a concealer and nothing else?

      • Emmily Banks says:

        Hi Joey – Tamanu is amazing! Nice choice! Do you mean would I recommend just using a concealer on the face and no other foundation? If so – YES! As long as its the right colour for your skin, a lot of us don’t need much more coverage than this. 🙂

  12. Federica says:

    Such a great video, I loved it!! I already transitioned from mainstream products to natural ones and it feels so good to not put those toxins on my skin anymore…Emma mentioned to buy certified organic products but what if they are sold in health stores but they are not certified organic?
    Thank you

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Federica,

      If it doesn’t say certified organic then it’s not. Just because it’s sold in the health food store doesn’t mean it’s safe. Always read the labels on everything you buy even in health food stores.


    • Emmily Banks says:

      Hi Federica, I second Mel’s reply. Just because its sold in a Health Food Store, unfortunately it doesn’t mean that its the “healthiest or safest” option.. I recommend finding a few brands that are Certified Organic and sticking with them.. especially when it comes to skincare! I also recommend visiting online natural beauty stores that I trust to have the safest products – Nourished Life and Beautiful Because. I also have a list of my favourite products and where to find them on my site if that helps also 🙂

    • Federica says:

      Thank you both

  13. Tanya says:

    Amazing video ladies, can’t wait to learn more at your workshop. Thanks so much for sharing xxx

  14. Caroline says:

    Hello both! How beautiful was this, this masterclass has been better than any paid course 🙂

    Emmily, you are so beautiful from the inside out, your passion is so inspiring OMG… It has been so infectious that I went and bought the inika foundation. I so love love love this video.

    Thanks Mel, as always, to share this treasure with us!

    Much love,


    • Emmily Banks says:

      Oh my goodness what a beautiful message. Thank you Caroline!! It makes me SO happy to know that I am helping others switch to wellbeing-conscious beauty!! My goal is to help YOU be the best version of you by supporting your body from the inside out .. and the outside in! So it means the world to hear you have started making the transition! <3 xx

  15. Nina says:

    What a great post!! you should do the same interview with your fitness instructor so that wa could know your ritual workout because you really have a tourific body! 😉

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks so much Nina. I do a little bit of yoga at home, barre class and walking. Have you tried barre before? I LOVE it.


  16. Caroline says:

    Thanks for this video! Wondering what your thoughts are on nano particles?

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Caroline,

      I don’t know enough about nano particles to comment. Maybe Emmily does?

    • Emmily Banks says:

      Hi Caroline,

      Nano particles is a pretty in depth topic.. They are predominately found in sunscreens from titanium dioxide and zinc too (amongst many other ingredients). Though not all sunscreens using these ingredients use nano-technology – so again, the natural brands are usually the way to go! Here’s a great article on EWG with a little more info..

      I opt for Zinc Oxide sunscreen over Titanium Dioxide (for reasons you will read in above mentioned article).

      Hope that helps! xx

      • Caroline says:

        Thank you so much. I find the whole nanoparticles issue pretty confusing so it’s great to get other opinions and different articles to try and get my head around it xxx

  17. Olivia says:

    hello! i am definitely going to make a foray into this world of natural beauty now! super inspired to reduce the toxicity in my life!
    ive been looking on the ingredients in some of the products above though and some contain soy, i thought that this was an endocrine disruptor (and for that reason i have removed it from my diet)
    do you have any thoughts on this emmily/mel?
    love Olivia xxx

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Olivia,

      Yes, you’re right soy is an endocrine disruptor. Which products exactly had soy in them? I will be staying away from that from now on. Thanks for pointing in out honey.


    • Emmily Banks says:

      Hi Olivia.. First things first – GOOD ON YOU for checking out the ingredients lists!

      Its a great question and I am currently researching this further (and contacting brands) to get a more in depths understanding of its use to better express my thoughts on soy in beauty products. Its interesting though, that most products contain Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and this is usually derived from soybeans yet in this form (and in such minimal amounts) I’m under the impression that it doesn’t have a note-able detrimental effect.. especially not in comparison to the mainstream synthetics ingredients you would normally find in its replacement.

      Also, on it has been tested to be of “low hazard” which doesn’t raise my concerns to be highly alarmed. The fact is, when we delve out of the skincare realm, ie 100% natural and organic oils etc, we will find that makeup products need to use a mix of ingredients that may have one or two potential “low hazard” ingredients to make the products perform (consistency, colour and preservative wise). I don’t personally believe that a minimal amount (potentially 60-80% being absorbed by our skin of the 1-5% of of a low hazard ingredient is risking our health or wellbeing).

      I am all for wearing less or no makeup at all to be the healthiest we possible can be.. though when we do decide to occasionally wear makeup, we can at least be wearing the healthiest options available – that still perform. Currently, to my understanding, if a brand is certified organic, ethical, halal and cruelty free, they are the safest options available. Though if you still find certain ingredients that you would rather avoid – definitely do so! Thats why its so important to read ingredients list and make up your own mind on what is best for you. 🙂

      In conclusion – I will look further into soy (with the brands) as the available info online is minimal. Though I don’t personally think there is a high enough quantity found in these natural products to be alarmed, especially if it is just found in a blush or even a foundation (its covering such a small surface area of the body that the potential absorption is seriously minuscule).

      If you would like to avoid soy in the meantime – I know that RMS does not use it any of their products!

      Detective Banks is onto it, hah. I will await further experts opinions to then pass on my findings with you, so hold tight! 😉 x

  18. Georgie Deacon says:

    This was amazing! Thank you so much for this inspiring content! Definitely going to start implementing this knowledge into my routine. My mum, younger sister and I have all been using QV, sorbolene and steroid cream for eczema and dry skin our whole lives!
    I was wondering what cleansing products you recommend for removing make up? Thank you! xx

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Georgie,

      Oh no, me too. I used those for most of my life, but now you couldn’t pay me to use them. I cleanse my face with organic coconut oil on a cotton pad. It’s great for getting off makeup and smells delicious. If I don’t have makeup on I use a warm face cloth and water to cleanse my face. I always try to go as natural as possible.

      Have you tried coconut oil before?

      • Georgie Deacon says:

        Hi Mel,
        Thank for your reply! Definitely making the switch and letting my mum and sissy know the reality too. Yes I have recently started using coconut oil (for pretty much everything)! Never thought to use a coconut pad before though!
        Thanks x

      • Melissa says:

        Sorry darling I meant cotton pad not coconut pad 😉

    • Emmily Banks says:

      Hi Georgie!

      So happy to be able to help you make the switch and realise what products aren’t doing your skin any favours!

      Coconut oil is AMAZING for removing makeup. I also really like Mukti and Weleda’s cleansers.

      I highly recommend investing in an aloe vera plant too – Aloe is SO HEALING and soothing for irritated skin. xx

      • Georgie Deacon says:

        Hi Emmily,
        Yes! It’s so great to learn about this and to hear this topic/products becoming louder. I also just received a Mecca voucher so RMS and ILIA products are about to come home!
        Yay thank you! I’ll be trying all of those 🙂 x

  19. Kaye Vlachos says:

    Thank you so much Mel & Emmily,

    I don’t wear much make up however my 7yr old daughter is completely fascinated with make up, so it was great to be able to watch your video with her (& she wants to watch it again!) to ensure she can start to learn how to take care of her skin now!

    You’re never too young to learn!



    • Melissa says:

      Exactly! I think the younger they are when they are introduced to toxic free beauty the better 😉

      It helps having a beautiful role model of a mother like you.


    • Emmily Banks says:

      My pleasure! I wish I knew this as a teenager too! I’m SO excited to help teach the younger generation how to better look after their skin and bodies by using the safest and healthiest products available. I’m thinking to hold a few courses or talks at schools soon actually 🙂 .. If you have any further questions on anything at all, please let me know! xx

  20. Nikki says:

    What a wonderful video! You are both such natural beauties and your healthiness radiates out. I loved learning Emmilys tips and am so pleased to find her blog now so i can learn more. I used to love playing around with make up but after i had my son a couple of years ago i got rid of all my toxic stuff and kind of got lazy plus i thought it was better not to buy any of the normal shop make up. Anyway, Emmily has made me think it might be fun to experiment again and buy some lovely new natural make up 🙂 its great we can be healthy and not have to be barefaced all the time. Thanks so much 🙂

    • Emmily Banks says:

      Hi Nikki, so glad to hear you enjoyed the video.. I also hope you find some handy tips on my blog too :). If you’re currently not wearing much or any makeup – AMAZING! I truly believe this is the best thing for us… to be comfortable in our own skin and let it breathe, like its suppose to! If you do want to occasionally wear makeup though, just look for the natural products that will keep you feeling and looking as healthy and radiant as possible xx

      • Nikki says:

        Thanks Emmily! Its been really empowering to learn to be comfortable with no make up 🙂 i never used to wear much but i was more attached to it than i realised and it took some time to feel like if i didnt wear any at all and people saw me they wouldnt think i looked awful. I actually feel much more myself without now….not to mention lighter and freer 🙂 i love the fact you’re a make up artist but your message is that beauty is from within, so important for women to hear. Thank you again x

  21. Renae says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I’ve been aware and quietly guilty of the damage that all the products I use can cause for sometime and years ago began researching alternative options but unfortunately without direction gave up. This wonderful video puts into perspective how important it is and honestly just makes the choice seem so easy!
    I can’t wait to dig into your blog Emmily and use it as a map on the road to healthy guilt free beauty. Thank you again Melissa for sharing this with us.
    You are both beautiful souls!
    Big love, Renae.

  22. I recently purchased a brand called Well People and I absolutely love it. Its vegan and has a range of 100% natural, vegan, mineral based products. They use some organic ingredients but aren’t completely certified. Has anyone tried this brand too and have been as happy with the product as I have? I use the glitter gold eyeshadow and I love it.

    I don’t usually use make up too much mainly because I don’t like the feeling that it has on my skin and it makes me break out, but I find that a little mineral powder is actually ok. These days, I find less is more and completely agree with what Em and Mel says – oils are so good for my skin! 🙂

  23. Sarah says:

    Thank you ladies for such an amazing video! It’s something I’ve wanted to dive in for a while but I haven’t known where to start. I’ve just bought a whole lot of beautiful organic products, I feel so great and empowered using them and I find I am more mindful when doing my makeup. Also popped onto Emmilys website and went out and bought the Black Chicken deodorant – what was I doing with my life before I found this? haha. Thanks again ladies for such an inspirational video! Be the change you wish to see in the word right 😉 xxx

  24. Thank you for the empowering insight and knowledge. I’m so annoyed at myself for using QV to treat my daughters eczema (since she was a toddler! she is now 9). We used the intensive body wash, moisturiser etc etc. My sister and friends were advised the same thing to use for their kids too by GPs and skin specialists. I am using Waleda baby products on my daughter now, it works and she loves the feeling compared to the stinging feeling she would get from QV. She loves it, we love it!

    Keep sharing this information and knowledge 🙂

    I also heard that Nude By Nature isn’t as natural or cruelty-free as we thought. More preservatives and now testing on animals?

    Our household items are almost all natural. I’ve started giving away and selling my mainstream pro-makeup items and have stocked up on Emmily’s recommendations like, Lily Lolo eyeshadow palettes, Mukti skincare, oils, Ere Perez cheeks and highlighters and Inika foundations. Heading to Mecca today for a few RMS items. I value natural living for me and I want to share that with my clients from here on end. I’d love a consult session with Emmily so will be calling in soon.

    Thanks for the beautiful and glowing inspiration ladies! xx

    • Melissa says:

      Don’t be annoyed honey, you did the best you could at the time given the knowledge and understanding you had. I used QV most of my life to treat eczema also but now I can make different choices and that’s all that matters.

  25. Ali says:

    Hi Emmily, Hi Melissa,

    I love this post! My question is coming long after, but I wanted to ask— Do you have any suggestions for oil free makeup and skincare products?

    My face breaks out anytime I use oil on my skin, and many natural beauty products contain oils. I’m particularly looking for under-eye concealer, moisturizer, and face wash.

    Thank you for the inspiration, beauties!!!!!! You both are stunning.


  26. Anita Jansen van Rensburg says:

    Hey Emmily,

    I was wondering if your list of recommendations since, 2015 have changed?

    I know that natural makeup have come so far in recent years. I have been trying my best to research and educate myself in skincare/makeup and body care. I would really appreciate guidance..

    My skin type. (Large pores, combination skin, oily, dry, supper sensitive and acne prone) The major concerns with natural products have been they haven’t lasted the day, made me oilier or shinny, or made my pores look even bigger

    Mukti skincare was working so well for my skin had beautiful skin for a year and now I have cystic layered acne (I am on a gut protocol under the guidance of a naturopath) so I know that would affect my skin. I have started using hemp oil at night with not much improvement

    Any chance you would have recommendations for concealor , foundation (liquid/powder) or skincare ?

    Much appreciated

  27. Amanda says:

    Hi Mel

    Just wondering since this article, have you discovered any of your oils or any other product that helps with dehydrated skin (face and body)? It’s so hard to find suitable organic (as possible!) products! I did flick Emmily a message too but thought I’d ask you also. Love the article invaluable information.

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