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The 7-Day ‘Reboot Your Soul’ Experiment






Lately I have been experimenting with upping the ante on my self-care and turning up the volume on my self-love. Because to be frank, I’ve needed it. And let it be said: it feels freakin’ awesome! My soul is singing, my cells are dancing, and my heart is full.

You can be nourishing your body with all the organic food in the world, moving your body in a loving way and meditating your buns off, but if you’re not feeding and nourishing your soul, life’s going to feel like a hard slog — and I’m speaking from experience here!

I am a very driven, ‘type A’ kinda gal, and filling myself up is not something that comes naturally to me. Growing up, I witnessed my mum, nonna and all the women around me put everyone else first, leaving their own needs and desires to last. So I’ve had to consciously work on making self-love a part of my life, every single day. I have to schedule it in my calendar, otherwise — despite all my good intentions — it just won’t get done. There is always something ‘more important’ that will take priority. But neglecting this oh-so-important practice is what causes burnout, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and more. And for me, it was what led me down the very slippery path to unhappy land, and resulted in me landing face-first at rock bottom.

Not only will you feel better within yourself, but you’ll be the best version of you. You’ll feel wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy and bursting with love. And you can then show up to the world as the best daughter, boss, work colleague, mama, sister, friend, wife, or partner you can be… And who doesn’t want to show up as the best version of themselves!?

Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom to top yourself up. Do it daily with love and attention.

So how do I fuel my soul? Like this…

Daily Soul Fuel:

  • Yoga. 15 minutes in my lounge room is all I need. Heart full, soul buzzing.
  • Meditation. Twice a day is what works for me.
  • Sun on my skin. Recharges my batteries and makes my cells swirl.
  • Time in nature. Sometimes it’s a 20 minute walk, or just laying starfish on the grass for an hour. Whatever I can fit in. 
  • Carpet chats with my husband. During and after dinner, my husband and I sit around our coffee table and connect. No phone, TV, or computers; nothing but us!
  • Organic food and clean water. This is a given, but it’s worth emphasizing that it’s not just for your body, it’s for your soul too: if you want to shower yourself with love, then filling your temple with processed junk food ain’t gonna cut it.
  • Reading in a nourishing bath. My nourishing baths consist of coconut oil, lavender oil and epsom salts. I’ve been experimenting with reading in the bath and also doing nothing (that means not taking my phone with me or listening to a podcast or music, just simply doing nothing but breathing). It’s challenging but my cells freakin’ LOVE it! And I am all about doing more of what makes me feel good and less of what doesn’t.

Weekly Soul Fuel:

  • Hikes in nature. Every Sunday, my boys and I pack a picnic and head out into nature — it’s bliss! There’s something so powerful about being with Mama Nature. It seems to reset my brain and light up my heart like nothing else.
  • Time with my soul sisters. Sometimes I get to sit in the sun and sip organic herbal tea with my sisters. Other times it’s a soulful chat over the phone. Either way, the simple act of stopping, being completely present, and sharing that time with them is like a giant green smoothie for my spirit.
  • The Goddess Group. Meeting, connecting and sharing the space with my Goddess Group every Tuesday night absolutely fills me up. (Talk about upgraded soul medicine!)
  • Date night with my husband. Most Saturday nights we curl up on the couch with a great movie or doco, some healthy chocolate brownies, and a pot of organic herbal tea. This ritual make my cells dance. Other times we get all dressed up (which is especially nice when you spend most of your week in yoga pants!) and head out for dinner. Whenever we go out to dinner, we leave our phones at home and pretend it’s our first day. It’s so much fun — try it!
  • Movement. One of the biggest reasons why I love Barre Body so much is not only because it’s a super-fun mixture of Pilates, yoga and dance, but because I am so present whilst I am there. Plus, I used to be a professional dancer, so for me movement is key to my wellbeing.
  • Ocean swims. Diving into the ocean is like a giant kiss for my soul.  
  • Playing with my little man. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, as long as it involves play and has nothing to do with being a ‘grown up’!
  • Rebounding. There’s something so childlike about jumping on a trampoline; it really feeds my soul. Give it a go!

Monthly Soul Fuel:

  • Coconut oil massage. I looooovvve touch, but it has to be from the right person. I honestly don’t understand those people who hate being touched and hate massages – I can’t compute it! I love it so much that I book in once a month for an hour of relaxing bliss – usually with Joanna from Still Beauty. It’s really important you find someone who has the right energy (and that goes for all the therapists and people you let work on you – whether it’s energy healers, kinesiologists, reiki practitioners, whatever). Also, whenever I get a massage, I take my own organic coconut oil. Some places use toxic crap that you do not want on your skin. Remember, your skin is your largest organ and whatever you use topically gets absorbed straight into your bloodstream. So if you wouldn’t eat what they are using on your skin, don’t let them use it. Don’t be afraid to take your own and politely ask if they can use that instead.
  • Getting out of the city. We get out of the city and head into the hinterland at least once a month to spend some time grounding ourselves, being in nature, and changing things up… Aaaah, the joys of having your own online business – you can work from anywhere!
  • Time with my divine parents and dream in-laws. Once a month we have a soul-full dinner with my parents and in-laws. We’ll cook up a big organic feast for them and sit around the table laughing and sharing stories. I love those moments so much!

So that’s how I ensure my soul stays full to the brim and bursting with love. Now it’s your turn…

Want to ‘Reboot Your Soul’? Try my 7-Day Experiment


  • 15 minutes of yoga.


  • 10 minutes of meditation.


  • 10 minutes in the sun.


  • 1 hour in nature, without technology.


  • 1 hour of full body movement.


  • Hike in nature. 


  • Coconut oil massage.

Sound good, beautiful? Now grab your calendar and schedule your soul fuel in. If you truly want to make your cells dance then you’ve got to make the time!

Now I would love to hear from you – what is your 7-Day ‘Reboot Your Soul’ menu going to look like? Share with me in the comments below. Remember, your comment could be the one thing someone else needs to read to inspire them into action, so share away!

Thank you, as always, for leaving such epic comments and for being here. I love having you as part of my tribe and honor you for showing up for YOU! You inspire me every single day.

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  1. Elle says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Thankyou for this wonderful post! I think this is something a lot of people are in need of, particularly myself, some the timing is just perfect!

    Do you do all the daily soul food activities every day? Or is the schedule underneath that the days you do them?

    Thanks again for a brilliant, refreshing yet practical post!
    Elle 🙂

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Elle,

      You’re so welcome honey. Thanks for leaving a comment 😉

      Yes, I do most the daily soul food activities each day because I love them and they make me feel awesome. Give them a go and let me know how you feel.


  2. Zoe-estelle says:

    This is very inspiring thanks Melissa 🙂

  3. Pippa says:

    So many gorgeous ideas Melissa. I love so many of these things and do them already but I love the idea of more time without my phone. I left my phone at home when we went to dinner at the weekend and it felt good to not have it there! I can be a bit of an Instagram addict so its great to not be scrolling through and being more present on what is happening around me. I am definitely going to give the 7 day reboot my soul a good go over the next week 🙂 Love this xoxo

    • Melissa says:

      Nice work leaving your phone at home Pip. I am going to try and do it more also.

      Let me know how you go with the reboot 😉


  4. Georgia says:

    Oh Mel i love this – there must be something in the air at the moment!
    I too have been filling up the self care and love cup and really taking the time for me. Its absolutely the little things – like you say – and for me right now its walks in nature, candle-lit baths, Ayruvedic self massage, sunshine, gentle yoga, breathe work, greeting the day with tai chi, technology free days, good food, quiet time and honest to goodness connections with loving souls. These are the things that are filling me up, reenergising my soul and giving me a bliss hit. Also too the family meal times – an absolute technology free zone and where we are currently (this month) noticing and discussing ‘kindness’.

    We are having a month or mindfulness on kindness – the ways in which you give, show and display it and also how you receive it and noticing how it makes you feel to both, give and receive. Have to say it’s been interesting with my teenage boys who don’t like to admit that they are kind 😉 I know underneath all their bravado and show they are truly kind souls which is one of the reasons I decided to do this. In a round-about way, i feel this will fill up their cup also – perhaps unconsiously (or maybe not) but thats ok.

    have a sweet sweet day
    love and sunshine
    g x

    • Melissa says:

      I love all your ways to fill up your soul Gerogia. I am going to add some of these to my list.

      Keep up the work with the boys, they will thank you later in life 😉


  5. Cynthia says:

    Awesome list Mel. Reading in the bath is sooo good. I love doing a little meditation on my iPod while I feed my little man, I find my relaxed breathing relaxes him too 😉 A green or banana/spinach/cacao smoothie, daily movement and a beach walk with our furry babe. I’m also adding in flipping an oracle card and a good facial clay masque. Bliss! x

  6. Steph says:

    Hi Melissa,
    This was a great read. I love these ideas. Honestly, I am in need of more “soul fuel.” I am a stay at home mom and my husband works long hours. I am almost sleeping when he gets home. Honestly, it’s super tough to find any time for me. I try to carve it out, but it doesn’t always happen. I am able to get a massage once every few months (we are on a tight budget), and like you, I think it’s AH-mazing! I try to remind myself that even just cooking organic healthy food for my family is important too. Love these ideas, especially the ones that are free! 🙂

  7. Rachel says:

    Thank you Mel. Beautifully timed, just what I needed to be reminded of xx

  8. Koulla says:

    Hi Melissa today I took the train and went to the city, I love walking. I love watching what people are wearing, I window shop and I get ideas from window dressing, the latest fashion, colours and I create my own style. I like to do this at least every 1-2 weeks, I also pop into Dimocks and brows around the books, I’m
    So imeshed in my own world, completely in the moment and happy, that I forget about every one else.

  9. Hi Melissa,

    Gorgeous post as always!

    Absolutely love that you explain the importance of making self-love a priority and all your fun soul-fuel ideas to do that with.

    Like you, I also grew up learning from the women around me that it was okay to put everyone and everything before me. But both my mom and me have been going to a transformation these past months, and we feel better than ever 🙂

    The more self-love I practice, the more I get done in the hours of work, the kinder person I am to the people around me and the more love and creativity I can share with the world!

    Thank you for your beautiful posts and guidance,

    Bliss + Sunshine xx

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Laura,

      Thank you (and your muma) for being such a beautiful example of love. Isn’t it magical that the more we fill ourselves up the kinder we are. I love it!

      Keep going beautiful 😉


  10. Honni says:

    I love your ideas Melissa. I include some of those ideas also.
    I love to garden, growing my own organic vegetables is a lovely pastime and teaches my children where our food comes from. Spending time with animals is another favourite, hanging out and stroking my two dogs, watching our chickens frolic in the garden and thanking them for our beautiful eggs. Spending 5 minutes a day being grateful for what we have, and reminding yourself of six things to be thankful for. Perhaps the most rewarding and soul nourishing thing for me is doing good deeds for others, and smiling at random people. It creates a ripple effect. It really makes me feel like I am doing my bit to make the world a better place to be, and that fills me up 🙂 xxx

    • Melissa says:

      So beautiful Honni. You’re right, performing random acts of kindness is one of the best ways to give your soul some fuel. Thanks for mentioning it. I love the sound of your soul fuel and am going to add some to my list 😉 Thanks for inspiring me.


  11. Sophie says:

    Thanks for your inspiration, Melissa! This is such good timing for me…
    I just started a new job and am finding myself frustrated on the long commute to/from work, as well as spending too much time on the phone and computer!

    I practice many similar self-care activities, but I really want to get into a true routine I can rely on to refuel!



  12. […] Shared The 7-Day ‘Reboot Your Soul’ Experiment | Melissa Ambrosini. […]

  13. Ruth B says:

    You always write about the things i need to read the most! Thankyou Thankyou beautiful for this wonderful reminder. I have been over doing it a little to much lately. Saying yes to way to much and not enough yes to me! My mind and body were starting to feeling ungrounded. I love it daily soul fuel!! And today i cancelled a few things, Sat in Medi and went for a soulful walk = Bliss and a better version of Me. Big love Darling xoxo

  14. Danielle says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for the post, I enjoy your weekly reminders to take care of ourselves and to live fuller, more meaningful lives.

    For some reason although I know I need to do all of those things on your list more often, I feel unmotivated to do so and always make excuses like there’s no time or because I’m unhappy in my job, I don’t have the headspace to focus on looking after myself.

    I could certainly make the time, but feel like I’m in a spiral of a bad day at work, which leads into a bed evening, which leads into a bad week. It’s difficult to force yourself to do the things which you know are important and will help to break the cycle when you’re not living the lifestyle you would like to.

    I’m questioning whether something as simple as quitting my job would allow me the headspace to take control of my own health or whether I shouldn’t be complaining and I should be able to balance an off week, switch off once I leave work and focus on re-booting my soul. Because, there are no excuses at the end of the day.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Danielle,

      Great questions! Let me ask you this… do you LOVE what you do for work? If the answer is ‘yes’ then it sounds like you need to simply commit more to yourself and self-care and maybe you need to master your Mean Girl by gently closing the door on her. Commit to doing the things that make you feel good and stop doing the things that make you feel like crap. I am all about doing more of what lights me up and less of what bogs me down.

      If the answer is ‘no’, they I want to ask you what do you love? What would you love to do every single day? Journal about this and take note on what comes up for you.

      Let me know how you go and what pops up darling.


  15. Phoebe says:

    I love these tips Mel! I had a bath for the first time yesterday in 6 months and it was so rejuvenating. One thing I love for a bit of self care is a dry body scrub. I use to rush through that task as I lacked in time – but now I set aside at least 15 minutes and really be present with every stroke. What a difference it makes! Thanks for all these tips- going to try some carpet time with my man this week. Xxx

    • Melissa says:

      Hi honey,

      I LOVE taking my time with dry body brushing as well. It’s so lovely and my skin LOVES it!

      Let me know how you go with the carpet chats 😉


  16. Lia Halsall says:

    Some very practical tips, thanks Melissa. I’m going to give myself a little refresher plus I’ve also shared it over on my facbook page. The more the merrier, right.

    Lia xxx

  17. Its really amazing post. thank you for sharing this to us.

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