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Hey, I'm Melissa

I believe that love is sexy, health is liberating, and wealth isn’t a dirty word. I’m the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl and Open Wide, and host of the number one podcast The Melissa Ambrosini Show. Everything I do and create gives you the real world tools to unlock your full potential and live life on your terms. I spend my days hanging out with family, writing books, creating soul-pumping content for you on my blog, and speaking at events.

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Each episode, Melissa brings you inspiring interviews with thought leaders and experts from around the world to shift your mindset, propel you into action, and fuel your body and soul!

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The book that sparked a revolution...

An instant bestseller, Mastering Your Mean Girl is a must-read for anyone hoping to live a life fuelled by passion, purpose, and epic possibility.

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The must-have love, sex and relationship guide for the modern woman

Want to call in your soulmate? Take your relationship to the next level? Experience mind-blowing and deeply soulful sex? Open Wide will show you how

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Path To Freedom

Path to Freedom is a system that makes starting your doTERRA business as automated, streamlined, and ‘no-brainer-ish’ as possible…. even if you’re sooo not a biz person.

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You and me… making a difference together

I believe that it’s our responsibility (and our privilege) to lift others up — especially those who don’t have the same opportunities as we do.

That’s why a percentage of every purchase you make here at MA HQ is channelled straight to the cause that lights me up most: Destiny Rescue — an amazing charity that rescues children from exploitation and slavery.

Because everyone deserves freedom. Because you have more power than you know. And because together, we truly make a difference… one child at a time.

Melissa is one of those honest, down to earth, larger than life, totally gorgeous human beings that absolutely walks her talk.
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Melissa makes it really simple for people to reach their full potential and delivers her message in a practical way
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Melissa is a shining light and the 'Real Deal' when it comes to her enthusiasm for wellness and helping others find their way.
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