Lost Your Drive? Here Are 8 Simple But Powerful Techniques to Reignite Your Motivation







  1. Why it’s critical to practice self-acceptance when you’re having an ‘off’ day
  2. How the concept of ‘non zero days’ can completely transform your life
  3. The secret to overcoming self-sabotage for good


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Ever feel like your inner ‘go-getter’ has left the building?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone: *everyone* faces dips in motivation from time to time.

But here’s the good news: those dips don’t have to derail you.

In fact, once you know how to navigate them, you can bounce back from those ebbs in motivation feeling stronger and more inspired than ever.

Here’s how to do it…

1. Recognize That It’s Natural

First off, cut yourself some slack.

Motivation isn’t a constant; it’s more like a tide, coming and going, rising and falling.

Accepting that you’re not a robot — and that it’s natural to have flat days — can be liberating. And sometimes, the simple act of recognizing this can be the first step to getting yourself back on track.

2. Start Small

Trying to tackle a massive task when you’re feeling flat? It’s like pushing a boulder uphill — not only does it feel overwhelming, but it can further dent your confidence (and spike your stress levels) when you can’t seem to make any progress.

So, here’s a tip: pivot your focus to a more manageable task. Select something that you can tackle without too much strain. 

When you successfully complete that task, it not only provides a boost to your confidence, but also sends a signal to your brain that you’re making progress. 

This simple act can be the nudge your inner drive needs, turning that initial small success into fuel for the bigger challenges ahead. Before you know it, you’re back in the game, ready to take on more.

3. Reconnect With Your Why

Doesn’t matter what area you’re experiencing a dip — your health, parenting, business, relationship, life, whatever — reconnecting with the ‘why’ behind what you’re doing is a supremely powerful act.

One of my biggest “why’s”.

It doesn’t happen very often, but when I’m feeling flat in my business, I remember the reasons why I do what I do — to serve others, to help women make the impact and income they desire, to provide for my family, and to share my unique gifts with the world.

Visualizing these things — and really *feeling* them in my body — never fails to set my spirit alight.

Hot tip: Your ‘why’ will no doubt be different to mine, and that’s great. 

Maybe you want to be the kind of parent you never had, or to create financial freedom, or perhaps you’re passionate about a particular cause. Whatever it is, simply reminding yourself of that deeper purpose can reignite your passion.

4. Mix It Up

Doing the same thing every day can become monotonous, and can be a huge reason behind dips in motivation.

To counteract this, try switching up your routine, environment, or even the order you do things. A fresh perspective or approach can be a simple, accessible way to spark renewed energy.

5. No More ‘Zero Days’

The idea of ‘no more zero days’ comes from a reddit user named Ryan, who posted a now-famous comment on the social platform back in 2013. 

Here’s an excerpt:

“What’s a zero day? A zero day is when you don’t do a single thing towards whatever dream or goal… or whatever that you got going on. No more zeros.

The simple but life-changing concept of ‘no more zero days’ means that you never let a day go by where you do nothing towards your goals. 

Instead, you commit to always doing *something*. Even if it’s 11:58 pm and you’ve done nothing all day, you can still do one squat or send one email or write one line of the novel you’re aching to write.

This technique reinforces the idea that even tiny actions can lead to big results and it’s especially powerful when you’re deep in Struggle Town. (And honey, if that’s you, I see you and I’m sending love. ) 

String together a bunch of non-zero days and all of a sudden, before you know it, you won’t just be building positive habits, but also reclaiming your momentum. #winning 

6. Get Enough Rest

If you’re always on the clock, and feel like you should always be working towards your goals, it’s no wonder your motivation might be bottoming out.

It may sound counterintuitive, but in order to go all-in on your goals, you also need space in your life to forget about your goals, otherwise you’ll send yourself straight to Burnout City.

So be sure to allocate time for breaks and relaxation. Designate hours where you’re ‘on’ and stick to them. Then the rest of the time, let yourself recover and recharge guilt-free.

7. Practice Exceptional Self-Care

When you’ve lost your mojo, it can be all too easy to let essential self-care habits slide. Yet, it’s precisely during these times that these rituals become the most critical.

To flip the switch on this pattern, recommit to your wellness routines — even the seemingly small stuff. Whether it’s ensuring you stay hydrated or taking a short walk outside, these acts can make a world of difference in rejuvenating your spirit and getting your drive back.

8. Start Fresh

When your motivation takes a dip, self-sabotage can sneakily slip in to fill the void. 

We’re particularly vulnerable to this when we’re caught in an “all or nothing” mindset, like when you’ve had a rough morning so you tell yourself that the whole day is “ruined” and you may as well stop trying.

Caught in that spiral? 

Take a moment. Close your eyes, place your hand over your heart, and breathe deeply. Ground yourself in the present moment and shower yourself with love and compassion. Then consciously choose to start fresh with the next breath.

Whether you’ve just picked a fight with your partner, or spent the entire morning procrastinating, remember: every new moment is an opportunity to reset. 

The past is the past, and the next step you take is entirely in your hands. 

So seize that moment, take a deep breath, and choose to start fresh. The power to redefine your day always lies within you.

One of my biggest “why’s”.

So there you have it — 8 simple but powerful techniques to reignite your motivation when you’re experiencing an ebb.

By embracing these techniques, you won’t just be able to maintain your motivation during the ‘up times’, you’ll be able to continue growing and thriving during the dips too.

So, take a deep breath, pick a strategy to start with, and remember — you’re capable of anything you set your mind to.

You’ve got this, Beautiful! ✨

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