15 Habits That Have Radically Improved My Health, Happiness & Productivity







  1. How consistency trumps magnitude when it comes to making changes in your life
  2. The power of eating and working out at the same time each day
  3. My simple but genius approach to food prepping for healthier, stress-free meals


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Want to change your life?

Most people think that the best way to do this is through giant leaps and grand gestures.

But the truth is that this approach is usually unsustainable, and all too soon, our motivation fizzles and we revert straight back to our old ways.

Instead, a far more sustainable and effective approach is to focus on the small choices you make every day. 

Over time, it’s these seemingly small habits that move the needle most and can make the most significant difference to your life.

Read on to discover the 15 simple habits I do every day that have radically improved my health, happiness and productivity more than anything else.

1. Meditation & Prayer in the Morning:

This is a non-negotiable for me. I go to bed early so I can wake up early to do this before my daughter wakes up. Meditation grounds me, while praying provides a much-needed spiritual connection that feeds my soul.

2. Daily Visualization:

After my meditation, I always visualize my goals. Here’s a little tip: Smile as you see your goals already manifested. This tiny act triggers positive emotions and raises your vibration making you a magnet for your goals. 

3. Set a Time For Your Daily Workouts:

Fixing a specific time for daily movement has helped me so much. For me, morning is the best time to move my buns, as my daughter is still asleep and I can focus solely on my workout. If I don’t set a specific time — or if I leave it until the end of the day — it’s way too easy for other things to get in the way and for my workout to slide down my mental list of priorities. Having a set time ensures that this doesn’t happen.

Hot Tip: A lot of these habits might sound familiar — you might have heard of them, read about them, or even tried them at some point. But here’s the catch: just knowing about them isn’t enough. You need to actually do them consistently to see the results. So read this list with that viewpoint in mind.

4. Regular Sauna Sessions:

Okay, so I don’t actually do a sauna session every single day, but the 2-3 times I manage to make it happen each week are blissful. Sauna boosts my mood, clears my head, and makes me feel so good. I also love that I can get work done while I’m in there, so I’m being productive whilst I’m detoxifying.

5. Eat at Set Times:

Just like our workouts, we eat meals at the same time every day. This not only brings a predictable rhythm to our life, it also aids digestion and helps us avoid energy slumps. We eat breakfast at 7, lunch at 12 and dinner at 5pm

6. Do Meal Planning The Night Before:

Every night whilst Nick and I are doing the dishes after dinner, we discuss the next day’s meals and write it down. That way we can soak our oats and any beans or lentils we need for the next day. This means in the morning we don’t have to have a conversation about what we are eating that day. It also allows us to plan out balanced, highly nutritious meals.

7. Do Your Food Prep In The Morning:

I start prepping our whole day’s food in the morning. So while I’m cleaning up after breakfast, I’ll slip a tray of root veggies into the oven, cut up a head of broccoli and steam it, and pop some beans in the pressure cooker. It only takes a few minutes, but it makes the rest of the day’s meals SO much easier — not to mention healthier!

8. Simplify Your Eating:

Our weekday meals are very simple and straightforward, by design. Each meal is built around a simple framework: healthy carbs, healthy protein, healthy fats, and lots of fiber. By keeping things simple, it frees up time so we can focus on family and work. On the weekends, we get way more fancy, but weekdays are all about nourishment and efficiency.

9. Go to Bed Early:

I’m in bed by 8pm most nights. An early bedtime works so well for me — it means I get enough sleep and wake up well-rested. (Honestly, at this point, I probably couldn’t stay up til midnight if I tried! )

10. Limit Your TV Watching:

We don’t own a TV or couch and turned our lounge room into a playroom. So there is no temptation to sit on the couch and binge watch TV. If we decide to watch something on a Friday or Saturday night it will be on my laptop in the guest bedroom downstairs and we’ll only watch for 30 minutes, because I have a gift for falling asleep very quickly.

11. Read Before Sleep:

Reading a few pages of a book is the perfect transition into sleep mode. It’s our nightly ritual — we love diving into different worlds and broadening our horizons before bed. As an added bonus, without a TV to eat into our reading time, I get through way more books that I otherwise would.

12. Wear Blue-Blockers Around The House:

The blue light emitted by screens and artificial lighting can disrupt sleep patterns and lead to a whole host of downstream health issues. To combat this, we wear blue blocking glasses as soon as we have to turn on the lights. The difference this habit has made to my sleep is insane. We also have low blue light lighting in our house that makes such a difference.

Blue-Light-Blocking-GlassesMe in my trusty blue-blockers.
You can check out all my fave sleep tools here.

13. Get Out In Nature As Much As Possible:

I aim to get outdoors as much as possible every single day. This means that workouts, meals, catch-ups with friends and play dates with my daughter often take place outside, whether that’s our backyard, the beach or the national park near our house.

14. Switch Your Phone To Silent:

Our phones are almost always on silent unless we are waiting for an urgent call. The constant ringing or pinging of your phone can send your cortisol levels shooting through the roof. It can also take you out of precious moments with your loved ones, or break your concentration if you’re working. Silent mode is our default, and we’re so much calmer, happier and more productive for it.

15. Daily Dance-offs:

At least once a day, we’ll have a family dance-off. We all have the biggest grins on our faces during these silly goof-off sessions. Even if it’s just one or two songs, a kitchen boogie (and the inevitable belly laughs that follow) never fail to send those joy levels skyrocketing!

Daily Dance-OffsJoy levels = high!

So there you have it: a personal playbook of 15 habits, distilled from years of learning, tweaking, and refining.

These habits might seem small when viewed in isolation, or when looked at one day at a time. 

But with the addition of one of the most powerful forces on the planet — consistency — these small actions compound, and in the end, are what truly shape our days and eventually, our lives.

Start weaving even just a handful of these habits into your daily routine, and I promise you, you’ll be looking back a year from now amazed at the huge strides you’ve made.

Here’s to starting small while reaping big rewards! ✨

You’ve got this, Beautiful.

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