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I’ve been obsessed with all things conscious conception, pregnancy and birth resources since I first met my husband in 2013. Even though we weren’t one of those couples that got together and had a baby right away, and even though we knew it was still a few years off for us, that spark of fascination was always there for me. So I’ve been gathering and consuming information and interviewing the best of the best on these topics for y-e-a-r-s! 

Then, once we actually felt it was time, I became even hungrier for the best info and insights I could find… Truth be told, I was a little obsessed (but in a healthy way)!

So after spending so much time seeking out the absolute BEST books, podcasts, documentaries, workshops and more on these topics, I thought I would compile a list of my absolute favorite resources so that you can jump straight to the best ones (and skip the rest).

Here are the BEST conception, pregnancy and birth resources I swear by…


Conscious Conception








It’s quite a list, right?! This should keep you busy for a while. 

I will continue to update and add to this best conception, pregnancy and birth resources post as I go forward on my journey into matrescence and motherhood, so bookmark it now so you can check back in later! And please share any of your own favorites below, so I can check them out, and we can all continue to grow and expand our minds together.

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    • Jodie
      January 8, 2021

      Congrats! You may find it useful to read some books on baby sleep. Sleep is important for nurturing your baby and yourself and their sleep patterns change so much
      and so frequently. There are plenty of good books on the subject matter etc.

      • January 9, 2021

        Thanks, Jodie, do you have any recommendations for me? xx

        • Cindel
          January 9, 2021

          Ahhh baby sleep…I’ve loved reading about this on the Raised Good website and also The Gentle Sleep book by Sarah Ockwell-Smith ♥️ They may resonate with you too x

        • January 13, 2021

          Thanks honey, I will check them both out. xx

    • Angela Nathanael
      January 8, 2021

      Thank you so much for all this info.!

      I listened to your podcast about your pregnancy journey & began listening again only yesterday. I even wrote down a book I wanted to read ‘Spirit Babies’. Appreciate how open, raw and real you both have been. So very happy for you both, enjoy your magical journey to mama hood.

      Are you able to share your shamanic healers details?

      • January 9, 2021

        You’re so welcome my darling, I am so glad it resonated. The shamanic healer only works locally. xx

    • Cindel
      January 9, 2021

      Such a powerhouse of a list! I’ve had two beautiful homebirths and really found JuJu Sundins book Birth Skills SO SO helpful for labour. She gives you practical tips for each stage of labour. I didn’t know about the book with our first babe and the labour was long and felt like it was overwhelming even though I was so mentally prepared for it (hyponobirthing, visualisations etc). So I made sure that with our second birth I had an actual toolkit for skills for the labour and wow, it was incredible!
      Many blessings for your journey xx

      • January 13, 2021

        I will check it out honey, thanks for sharing. What was in your toolkit of skills that I should know about?

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