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Have you ever worried — like really worried — about what your life will look like post-kids? Don’t stress, it’s nothing to be ashamed of! Having kids is a boundless and beautiful step that transforms every area of your life forever. Which is why this week I’m thrilled to be chatting all things motherhood, pregnancy, rebirth, identity death and more to the magnificent Angela Gallo, an incredible doula who birthed a 6-figure empire with morals firmly grounded in pure love and feminine energy.

Angela is a true powerhouse of wisdom and positive feminine energy. In the last 5 years, she’s given birth twice (45 hours of labour anyone?), got married, worked through heartbreak, and followed her entrepreneurial spirit on a whirlwind ride to success. Through her work, she has witnessed the birth of countless babies while guiding mothers through challenging yet magnificent rebirths themselves. Her unique experience has given her a wealth of wisdom and inner strength to draw on in both her professional and personal life. As one of the few globally recognized doula’s she embodies values of sexuality and wealth in her life with electrifying success.

Her calling? To grab an outdated healthcare system by the hand and pull it forward in a way that celebrates positive feminism. This episode is all about unfiltered love for yourself, your family, and the journey of motherhood. So if you’re worried or even not sure about having a child, giving birth or how to rock your professional life after having a baby… this conversation is for you!

In this episode we chat about:

  • Angela’s story and how she got to where she is today working as a doula (07:52)
  • Why birthing a child is also a rebirth for the mother (10:14)
  • What a doula does (and why it’s so important) (14:44)
  • The difference between a doula and a midwife (and how they work together to support you) (18:50)
  • Why expecting parents should consider getting a doula (the extra support is so transformative) (24:55)
  • The biggest lessons she learned after giving birth twice and witnessing countless births (so much wisdom and insight here!) (28:57)
  • How to move through identity death when you step into motherhood (there’s such a powerful takeaway here) (36:11)
  • Her top best books of all time (44:23)
  • How she is working on herself by working within herself (46:59)
  • Her epic morning routine that’ll get you ready to handle anything life throws your way (50:12)
  • Her gratitude list and how she handles everyday stress (56:34)
  • Plus so much more!

Episode resources:

  • Angela Gallo’s website (website)
  • Angela’s List of Top 40 Books (pdf)
  • Follow Angela on Instagram (Instagram)
  • Follow Angela on Facebook. (Facebook)
  • The Business of Being Born Documentary (website)
  • Buddhism for Mothers by Sarah Napthali (Amazon)
  • Parenting for Legends by Shannon Kelly White (book)
  • Join the Melissa Ambrosini Tribe on Facebook (Facebook Group)
  • Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini (Amazon)
  • Open Wide Video Masterclass (podcast)

Thank you so much for listening to this episode. I’m so honored that you’re here and would be so grateful if you could take 2 minutes to leave me a 5-star review in iTunes or on your podcast app, that way we can inspire even more people together.

P.S. Please seek advice from a qualified holistic practitioner before starting any new health practice.

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  1. Mona says:

    Hi, I’ve been telling myself for ages that I need to get started on listening to podcasts, but I never never seem to find the time for it – but today I made a huge step and actually listened to one, a lot thanks to the chance of getting in on one of the two spots in Angelas Gallo’s doula training! Worth 6000 but it could very well be 6 million in my world, I reckon it is nothing short of AMAZING!! I had already set my eyes on your episode with Angela but didn’t have any big hopes on actually taking the time to listen, just add to my ever growing list of “Podcasts I need to listen to!” but lo and behold, a bit over an hour later I get up from the floor (I was doing som some yoga streches during) and I feel like a new person! Aah, I am hooked! Why oh why did I not start this amazing thing earlier??! Great questions in the episode (I really liked the book list one, what Angela is currently working on regarding herself and the big big one about identity death!!) but what actually made the biggest impact on me, were the very last minutes, where you spoke about collaboration and connection – and not competition! Yes yes yes, this is soo much in line with my thinking and living, to help, push, lift each other up, loving each other and rooting for each other, instead of kicking our way forward! A big big big thank you for making this episode, and for luring me in with this amazing offer that I am very much hoping to have a chance to, and I hope this is what pushed me in the right way in my new life of listening to people talking about amazing things!

  2. Tiff says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Really loved this episode. Just checking out the show notes and Angela’s list of forty books is missing? I’d love if you could link to this please.

    With love,

  3. Alecia says:

    Thank you so much for this podcast.. So inspiring.. I never thought I would struggle with my identity after I became a mum and never knew it was a thing.. People don’t really talk about it enough. It was so refreshing to know I’m not alone and it’s OK to change. xox

  4. Holy god. I am so happy to have listened to this podcast. I’ve been following @the_angela_gallo for a bit and was elated to hear this conversation. I have been told by many different healers and readers that I was a Midwife + Doula in past lives and I’ve finally decided to return to this work in this lifetime!!! I’ve always been obsessed w pregnancy and birth since I was little and I guess that explains why. I’ve just always thought of it as the most intense thing we can do with our bodies and with our lives and I LOVE intensity and living life to the fullest and having all the experiences.
    When you said “The essence of what a Doula does is -making people feel seen and heard and supported” I lost it because that is my super power, what I’ve devoted my life to, what I do in my work already, and the thing that is going to strengthen us in this life and keep this planet spinning. When you talked about the Doula being the person who bridges the gaps and becomes whatever the individual needs during their process my heart fluttered. I’ve always liked thinking about how the world would change if we could all support each other. I love thinking about how much more I could really give to people going through this process that can be so many things- unnerving, unpredictable, such a transition-and I can be their rock coming in and feeding them and teaching them how to stay grounded and I tear up. And to think about how this support changes the world in a ripple effect is even more powerful. As part of the LGBTQIA+ community, I love thinking about working in my community to empower people to make their own choices within a flawed system with me backing the hell out of them and mixing this work with the work I already do (energy and channeling work) to empower them even more-cause their ancestors want them to make decisions from their hearts, too! When you talked about empowering people beyond the cliché of “empowering” them I was absolutely tingling. I base my life around these mantras and I appreciate hearing someone as powerful and fierce as you living this way, too.
    The second (or 50th? I can’t just pick 2 or 3) major sentiment I took away from the podcast was this- the juxtaposition of how the medical field sees the birthing person from the womb down and Doulas see them from the womb up-taking their emotions, spirituality, and mental health into account. It is mind-blowing how wrong our medical system is and I really want to be a part of changing how people thrive within it and outside of it. We need to look at a person as a whole not in pieces, and I don’t want to learn how to be a Doula in a training that is complacent about our role in the system. So, I am crossing my fingers that I get this amazingly generous offer of a spot in @the_angela_gallo ‘s training. I’ve wanted to join it for so long but thought I’d never be able to and I’m sick at the thought that this could be my chance to join in!!!!!
    I learned from this podcast that Doula work is basically keeping people engaged in their own lives and helping them to stay away from drowning in fear, overwhelm, pain, or numbing out and what a fucking beautiful world and opportunity to be able to be a part of this work. Thank you to you both for having and sharing this conversation.

  5. Jillian Baker says:

    I am so in LOVE that this podcast has happened! Thank you. Not to mention beyond THRILLED at the opportunity to be apart of the Dynamo doula training course sooner than I anticipated! *bursting internally at the idea*
    So, with that being said, here are three of my biggest takeaways from a podcast LOADED with takeaways!
    1. The birth of a baby also involves the REBIRTH of a mother. Angela’s words about letting go and allowing that “death” to fully happen to make room for who you are meant to be, as well as viewing birth as a BEAUTIFUL and TRANSFORMATIVE process rather than a negative one.
    2. Angela’s morning routine…is FIRE. I remember my mom putting on music in the mornings as she got ready for work. I’m not sure why I’ve never thought of this as a way to start my day living on my own now…but I can’t think of a reason not to start now! I appreciate how much focus Angela puts on using movement as a way to cultivate positive energy in the body and in her home-not to mention the SELF-CARE aspect of it all!
    3. The rapid-fire questions towards the end had me tingling! *again, using movement as a way to experience feelings and bring vitality and positive energy into our bodies! *valuing our own TIME as a way to cultivate wealth-so true and absolutely necessary! *SAYING YES as a way to bring about more love into our lives. Putting yourself out there and pushing through to what’s on the other side of the comfort zone. And last, but certainly not least, SMILE! I love how smiling, alone, can raise your vibration and make us more receptive to love and light!!

    Thank you Melissa & Angela for this glorious podcast!

    -Jillian –

  6. Olivia says:

    Hi Mel, you mentioned in this podcast that your friend read a book about spending 40 days at home post-birth – what is the name of the book that your friend read? I would love to check it out as I think that this sounds like a beautiful nourishing idea after I have bubba! Thanks so much!

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