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As an entrepreneur, the way that I feel and perform has a direct impact on my business — and that includes my bottom line.

So for that reason (among many others!) I place a huge priority on taking care of my body, mind, and spirit and giving them what they need to thrive.

So in this episode, I’m sharing the exact daily routine and diet that have helped me excel as an entrepreneur and generate over $11 million in revenue. 

In this episode we chat about:

  • The life-changing benefits of going to bed early (1:58)
  • How I boost my mental clarity in just 20 minutes (2:55)
  • The hydration hack I swear by (3:40)
  • How I infuse ‘me time’ into my morning (4:12)
  • The productivity system that’s changed the game for me (5:51)
  • The simple skincare habits that support detoxification pathways (6:49)
  • The nourishing breakfast routine we do every day (7:25)
  • How a quick meal prep session saves me loads of time (10:13)
  • You’ll love our EPIC, energizing lunch-time routine (hint: clothing is optional!) (12:43)
  • How we build quiet time into our day (14:05)
  • How prepping the night before can set you up for a successful tomorrow (17:09)
  • The crucial importance of play time — especially if you have kids (18:46)
  • The gorgeous nighttime ritual we do with my daughter (19:54)
  • How I wrap up my work for the day (21:01)
  • How we prioritize our relationship — even when the day has been full (22:54)
  • My current reading and journaling routine (23:38)
  • How I set myself up for a blissful night sleep (25:31)

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[00:00:00] In episode 590, I’m going to be sharing with you my exact daily routines and what I eat in a day that has helped me generate over 11 million in my business. Let’s dive in. Welcome to the Melissa Ambrosini Show. I’m your host, Melissa, bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, Open Wide, Comparisonitis, And I’m here to remind you that love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word.

Each week, I’ll be getting up close and personal with thought leaders from around the globe, as well as your weekly dose of motivation so that you can create epic change in your own life and become the best version of yourself possible. Are you ready, beautiful?

Hey, beautiful, and welcome back to the show. I’m so excited about this episode because I. Love sharing [00:01:00] about my routines and in particular, the exact daily routine and what I eat in a day that has helped me generate over 11 million in my business. And I get asked this all the time. I get asked on my social media, at my events, in my SheLaunch program.

I get asked this question all the time. What are my daily routines? What do I eat in a day? So I thought it was time to do an updated version. I have shared in the past. My daily routines and what I eat in a day, but it’s time for an update. It is time for an update. So I am going to share Exactly what my daily routine is and what I’m eating right now in this moment in the hopes that it inspires you to check in with your routines and see if they are aligned with your core values and aligned with your big visions and goals and dreams in this lifetime.

So let’s kick off, shall we? So I want to [00:02:00] start by saying that I go to bed early and we’ll full circle around to this later, but I go to bed super early, which means I wake up super early. And I love waking up early. I love going to bed early. I love waking up early. And the science on sleep is so powerful.

Like truly, we can’t deny this now. Like we know how important sleep is. We know that we need to prioritize it. And we know that we need to get to bed early. And so I am so excited to get into bed early because it means I get to wake up early. I love waking up before everyone in the house when it’s dark and having that time to myself.

And I think when you have kids, That precious time is even more sacred. The yogis call that time the hour of divine before the sun comes up and I just love it so much. So the first thing I do when I wake up is I sit up and I [00:03:00] meditate for 20 minutes and usually Nick is still asleep next to me and I do a Vedic meditation.

So I just sit up. I put some pillows behind my back and I meditate for 20 minutes. Then I will grab my red light, my Boncharge red little light and I’ve got a code for anything at Boncharge. You just use the code Melissa and you’ll get 15 percent off everything. So I’ll grab my little red light and then I will sneak downstairs and I will go into the bathroom and I do tongue scraping.

That is the first thing I do. So this is an Ayurvedic detox. technique. So I scrape my tongue and then I brush my teeth and then I rinse my mouth out. Then I go and drink about a litre of warm, borderline hot, clean, filtered hydrogen health water. And I’ve also got a code for Hydrogen Health and all of their amazing products, as well as Cell State.

That’s their sister company. And you just use the code Melissa and you get 20 percent off all of their [00:04:00] water filters, their shower filters, everything. We have all of them and we love them. So I will hydrogenate my water and I will have about a liter of warm or borderline hot, clean, filtered water. So I’ll do that.

And whilst I’m drinking my water, I may be reading. And this is like kind of seasonal. In winter, it’s still dark at this time, so I might read, or I may check in with some work, or I may do a little workout. In summer, at this time, I may go for a walk, but it’s still dark right now at this time, and it’s winter as I record this in Australia, and it is freezing outside, so going for a walk at this time is just not as fun.

inviting as it is in summer. So for this season right now, I kind of like to lay in bed and read a little bit more or check in with work or just have that time for me as soon as the sun does come up, I will go and [00:05:00] get outside and get some sun on my face just to regulate my hormones. So it’s really important that the first light we see is not our devices and it is instead nature, right?

And this will regulate your hormones and it will tell your body that it’s time to wake up. But what happens is when we wake up and it’s still dark and we look at our phones or our computer straight away, we It tells our body that it’s like midday when it’s not. So our hormones get confused. So we want to get outside first thing in the morning.

This is again, something that’s really hard, but I do this so much more in summer. And in spring, I will get the grass under my feet or the sand under my feet straight away. It’s so chilly at the moment. So this is like, not as sexy to do, but I try and do it each day. And I don’t do it every day, but I really try to.

So I just ground and earth, and then after that, I’ll kind of look at my day and I’ll look at my calendar and I’ll look at my ClickUp and all of my tasks. And I’ll kind of look at my day and just [00:06:00] get my head around. Okay, cool. What are my most important tasks? I call them my time magic tasks, which we talk about in our book, Time Magic.

So these are like the needle movers. These are the income producing activities. So I will always do those three things first. So I kind of look at my day and go, okay, cool. Those are the things that I need to do first. And then I look at what else I’ve got to do. Like maybe I need to film some content for social media or for SheLaunch or for ads or something like that.

So that also then for me determines, okay, do I need to like sort my hair out? Do I need to wear makeup today? You know, those sorts of things. So I’ll just look at my day and kind of get my head around my day. This is all while Bambi is still asleep. Then I go into the bathroom and I do dry body brushing.

I have a shower and then I oil my whole body. Like I said before, it is winter here and my skin gets so dry in winter. So I will oil my whole body. I use a beautiful Ayurvedic oil that I absolutely love. It’s a tridoshic oil and I absolutely love it. It’s [00:07:00] quite thick. It’s got turmeric and herbs and all of these delicious things in it.

You can get this oil from Vital Vader and I’ll link to it in the show notes. It’s a beautiful, beautiful oil. My friend Dylan is the creator of it and he’s actually been on the podcast, Dylan Smith, and I will link to that amazing episode as well in the show notes for you guys. So I oil my whole body in that oil and then after that I get dressed and I get breakfast ready.

So I will get. Bambi’s breakfast ready and my breakfast ready and I will set the table. I usually set the table really beautifully for her with crystals and sometimes some of her toys and I pull a little angel card for her and I just take that time to set the environment for her to come downstairs and so she’s got her breakfast ready and waiting and it’s really beautiful.

And I usually have a smoothie, a room temperature smoothie, not a cold smoothie. At the moment this is my current smoothie so I will do. Banana, strawberries, raspberries, wild organic blueberries. And then I’ll do [00:08:00] like zucchini, I’ll do whatever leafy greens I’ve got, like usually a whole bunch of spinach, mint, parsley, coriander, any sort of leafy herbs that I’ve got.

I will do chia, flax, brazil nut, hemp seeds. greens powder, what else do I do? Like a turmeric blend, which has like turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper. I put that in there. It is absolutely delicious. And Bambi loves it too. So it is a way that I can like jam pack so many flavors. Good greens for her. I sometimes I put kale if I’ve got kale.

So much goodness and so many herbs for her. So I just like jam pack everything in. She doesn’t even know she absolutely loves it. So I make that smoothie for me. And then I give her a little bit as a side to her breakfast. And she absolutely loves it. And I will also, I pull out a bit for her. Like I’ll put a bit in a little smoothie bowl for her.

And then I add in some vegan. I use Dr. Stephen [00:09:00] Cabral’s daily nutritional support, which is vitamins and minerals and vegan protein. And I’ll link to that in the show notes as well. So I will tip hers out and then I put my protein in there and then re blend it. And then I have that in a little smoothie bowl and we will sit down together once I get her up, which I get her up at around seven, sometimes seven 30.

She’s sleeping a lot more now at the moment because it’s winter. So then I get my daughter up and we have a little play in her room and it’s so cute. She wants to often just play in there for a little bit, so we’ll play in there and once she’s ready, I try not to rush her in the morning because I remember being rushed as a kid and not liking it.

And I remember that feeling so distinctly, so I am very intentional to not rush her. So I just kind of let her wake up and we go downstairs and we have breakfast as a family. And in summer, we eat outside most of our meals. Like I said, it is winter, so we are not eating outside at the moment. It’s so cold in the morning where we are, and [00:10:00] it’s nice to just be inside in the warmth, but in the summer we are outside as much as possible, eating all of our meals out there.

So we have breakfast as a family and we’re usually just chatting or reading books at the same time. And then after that, after we’ve cleaned up after breakfast, we prep all of the food for the day. So usually the night before I have soaked some things, maybe it’s chickpeas or a lentil, any sort of bean, any sort of lentils.

So I soak some things and then I put that in the pressure cooker. So I literally. Just rinse them, put them in and I can walk away. That is why a pressure cooker is so good. Because before I had a pressure cooker, I would like put stuff on the stove and always burn it. I would walk away and forget about it and burn it.

Does anyone else do that? Always. I would always do that. And Nick’s like, you just burnt the whole thing again. I’m like, Oh my gosh. Yeah. Especially with kids. You just want to put it in and walk away. Right. And so I will put on some sort of healthy protein for the day. And I always make enough for lunch and dinner.

So I’m never having [00:11:00] to cook two meals. This has been a game changer. I only cook once in a day. Once. That is it. And we usually eat like the same sort of thing for lunch and for dinner. And this has been such a game changer for us. It’s allowed us more time for family and for work, which are two really important things in our life.

And so I will maybe Throw in a whole bunch of root vegetables, sweet potato, beetroot, carrot and roast those and put a timer on so I don’t forget. So we’ve got our healthy carbs cooking away for lunch and dinner. We’ve got some healthy protein and then I will do some sort of vegetable or a salad for fiber and then that is done.

Food is done. So we clean up after breakfast and then I either go into mama mode or I go into work mode. So before lunch. We kind of mark the day, like, before lunch and after lunch, so the first half of the day. I will either be in mum mode or I will work. So we alternate when our nanny comes, our [00:12:00] beautiful nanny.

And she either comes in the morning or she comes in the afternoon. And that kind of depends on what I’ve got on and also what activities Bambi has. Because a lot of her activities like gymnastics and ballet are on in the mornings and I want to take her to those because I absolutely love it. But then there’s some activities that are on in the afternoon, and so we kind of just like play it by ear each week.

But I always work Friday mornings, which is my podcasting morning, so. We’ve always got our nanny on Friday mornings. So the other days it kind of changes each week. And so, for example, today was a mama mode in the morning. So we went to ballet and then I had my personal trainer and then we came home for lunch.

Then at the middle of the day, we always have lunch as a family. At home, in the sun, in the nude, usually. It is winter here, but in the middle of the day, it’s absolutely beautiful. So we all strip off and eat our lunch nude in the sun, which is just so beautiful. [00:13:00] Now, what we eat for lunch and dinner is pretty similar each day.

There is always a healthy protein. Like I said before, it’s always some sort of lentil or uh, bean, right? That’s kind of our usual healthy protein source. There was always healthy carbs. So we love sweet potato, like orange sweet potato and white sweet potato and pumpkin. Oh my gosh, delicious. So there’s always healthy carbs, things like quinoa, millet, all of those things.

There is always healthy fats. We love avocado. Oh my gosh, yummy. Olives, olive oil, things like that. We make yummy healthy fat sauces like with nuts and seeds and things like that. Absolutely delicious. And there’s always fiber. So lots of vegetables, lots of salad, lots of broccoli, lots of yummy vegetables.

So that is how we construct our lunches and our dinners. Right? And so it’s simple. We don’t have to overthink. It doesn’t take too long now. And that’s what [00:14:00] works for us. So we’ll always have lunch as a family, sitting down in the sun, usually nude.

It’s usually either my work time, like today is my work time, or if I worked in the morning, this will be when I have mama mode. And if I do have mama mode, or even when the nanny’s here, after lunch is always quiet time. So we lay down or we read books, or we just have some quiet time. But for me today, This was when I went into work mode, so our beautiful nanny arrived, and now this is when I get my four hours of work done.

So I usually only work around four hours a day, and that is what I love. That is how I have designed my life. I don’t want to work more than that. I just want to do that, and that is what I do. Works for me in this season of my life. And so I will laser focus and I will just head down bottom up and get my work done.

And Bambi is happily playing with our nanny. They usually go out, they might go to the park, they might go [00:15:00] to. The beach, they might go to the library, or they might go to some sort of activity and they have the best time. And this is when I can laser focus. And I am so productive in these four hours. I get probably what someone working eight or nine or 10 hours does in a day.

And I get that done in four hours. I am so productive. I have my list ready to go of things I need to laser through and I just get it done. Now, in that time, if I do have any meetings, I will do them walking, always walking. I will do a walking meeting unless I need to be at my computer to share my screen or do a presentation or something like that.

If not, I will always do my meetings as walking meetings because, hmm, just the best. I have a stand up desk also, so I do sit and stand. I don’t always sit, I don’t always stand, I kind of mix it up depending how I feel. And if I have meetings in the morning when I’m working in the morning, I will do walking meetings as well.

So once I’ve kind of wrapped up my four hours of work, I [00:16:00] will, at around 4. 30, I will meditate for 20 minutes again. Now, when I’m meditating, this is when Nick will bath Bambi and they have a beautiful Epsom salt and lavender bath and sometimes they put rose petals in there and lavender and chamomile and they have the most beautiful time together.

So that’s my time to have my 20 minute meditation, which I love. And dinner’s ready. Dinner is ready because I’ve already prepped everything. So we sit down for dinner at five o’clock. We have a beautiful circadian lighting, which is absolutely amazing. So it’s calming for the nervous system. And it tells our body to start to wind down.

So we have amber lights in our home. We use beeswax candles that Bambi and I have made over the dinner table and we do a beautiful blessing, the three of us. It’s a little song and Bambi sings it with us, which is so cute. And so we do that and that’s around five o’clock and you know, sometimes we’re sitting there till 530 or 545, just depends.

And again, [00:17:00] our dinner is very similar to kind of what we had at lunchtime. So there’s always some sort of healthy protein, healthy carbs, healthy fats, and fiber. And then after that, we wrap up and we clean up the kitchen together and we might have a little dance or we might do a little puzzle or something like that.

She usually will just play on the kitchen floor whilst we’re cleaning up. There’s like puzzles and things like that. And then we will always soak protein or lentil for the next day. This is like setting us up for a successful next day. So we don’t have to think there’s no decision fatigue the next morning when we’re like, what do we have to eat?

We have a little exercise book that is open on our kitchen bench, which has like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. and everything our nanny, who also does housework for us as well, and everything that we want her to do on each of those days. So she just opens to Tuesday and there’s a list of things that we would love her to get done that day.

And so [00:18:00] also on a little piece of paper, I will just write breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I’ll write exactly what we’re having. So like chickpeas, sweet potato, salad, and I just write that. And so in the morning I go, okay, cool, this is what we’re having and I can quickly organize it. And it doesn’t take long.

I’m not spending hours in the kitchen. And don’t get me wrong, I love cooking. I love it. But I don’t love it more than spending time with my daughter or getting my work done. And for this season in my life, I’m okay with not spending hours in the kitchen. And I can do that more on the weekends, but right now, I would rather be with her and I would rather be doing my work.

And so, I just want to create healthy meals, but. Do it in a very quick amount of time. And so once we have written down our breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next day, We close up the kitchen and sometimes it’s not completely done, but depending what time it is, we will go upstairs and, you know, just before six and [00:19:00] sometimes Bambi and I go up first and we’ll have a little play in her room and I just follow her lead.

I let her lead the way. And I often try and do that. I let her lead because there’s so many times in the week where I’m like, okay, we’ve got ballet or we’ve got. This planned. So whenever I can let her lead, I let her lead. So I just go upstairs and we’ll play and let her do whatever she wants to do. Let her play with whatever she wants to play with.

And then when Nick is ready, he’ll come up, you know, usually around six ish or just after. And we have more time together and we read two books and we do the whole sleep routine. There’s little songs and little things that we do and again, it’s dim lighting, beautiful amber circadian lighting that is conducive to sleep and is conducive to your hormones knowing that it’s time for bed and it’s really beautiful.

We love that so much. And around, you know, 6. 15, anywhere between 30, she gets into [00:20:00] bed and Nick will say goodnight and then I lay on the floor next to her and we, I and I tell her another story and we have a little song that we do and then she is asleep and I’ll lay in there for a little bit longer and when I’m actually laying in there, I am rolling my back out with a foam roller.

And doing some fascia release. It is dark. So she can’t see what I’m doing. So I’ll be doing my rolling whilst I’m doing that. We talk about fascia release and foam rolling in Time Magic and how important it is for your body. So I’ll do that. And then I will lay there with my legs up the wall whilst I am singing her a song or whatever it is.

So I’ll do legs up the wall for. five or ten minutes and then once I know she’s asleep I will sneak out of the room and I will grab my Boncharge red light and my blue light blocking glasses from Boncharge and I’ll link to the ones that I’ve got and also the code is Melissa for 15 percent off everything on the [00:21:00] Boncharge website.

And then I will come downstairs and Nick will usually be wrapping up some work and, you know, tying a bow around the day. And I will do the same, but we’ve both got amber lights on and we’ve both got our blue light blocking glasses on. And we’ve also got flux on our computer and our phone. So we’re not looking at bright lights, which is really, really important.

So everything is dim. Everything is amber. And this is going to help us sleep better. So sometimes we’ll wrap up a bit of work and then we will both, once we’ve wrapped up our work, and sometimes we work for an hour, hour and a half. It just depends on what we’ve got on. So sometimes Nick will work till seven, seven 30.

It really just depends on how urgent things are and what we’ve got on. And then we will both have a little conversation about the next day, look at the day, see if there’s anything we need to move in the calendar. And we look at the day just to make sure that it is going to [00:22:00] flow. Have we got everything we need?

Is there anything we need to do? Do we need to pull out something for a play date? I don’t know. Have we done everything we need to do for the next day to set the next day up for success? Do we need to move any meetings? We only have one car, so also we are looking at, okay, I need the car, you need the car, having that conversation and just moving things around.

And we always do that before we wrap up our day. And that truly allows us to wake up the next day and know that the whole day is already going to flow because we’ve done it the night before. Yeah. And it just allows us to enter our day with peace and ease and Go into our day feeling so focused and productive.

And that has been such a hack for us. And we talk about it in time magic as well. And after that, we will have some time together. So we will have our lover’s time. That’s our time to connect, to chat, [00:23:00] you know, give each other a massage, any of those things. And then when we do go up into bed. The whole house is clean.

The whole house is locked up. The whole house is perfect and ready. Like the kitchen is clean. All the toys are away. And for me, that allows me to like kind of close out the day and feel really good about going upstairs. I don’t know how people can go to bed with like a full messy kitchen. I just can’t do it.

I mean, I just, my mind doesn’t like that. Like I like to know that everything is clean and tidy. And so that when I go downstairs in the morning, it’s all clean. ready for a productive day. And so when we go upstairs, everything downstairs is all beautiful and set and ready for the next day. And I will usually journal for a couple of minutes in my holy mama journal.

And I’ll link to that in the show notes as well for you guys. It’s a beautiful journal and it just takes, you know, a couple of minutes. So I’ll do my holy mama journal and we’ll get into bed. Maybe we’ll chat, we’ll have time [00:24:00] together. And then just before we go to sleep, I will read, and guys, I’ve had a revelation.

I have just started reading fiction. I have not read fiction since I was probably in my very, very early 20s. I am a serial learner, and all the books I read are either about business, entrepreneurship, parenting, about health, about mindset, about money. wealth creation. And so I was finding though that I was resisting reading because I was like, I just want to relax.

And so what I’ve started doing is reading fiction at night and then reading, you know, a learning book in the morning. And, oh my gosh, I’m so excited. Now I would usually read nonfiction and I would fall asleep after a few pages. I’m reading fiction for like half an hour, an hour. And then if I wake up in the middle of the night and I can’t get back to sleep, I’m like, yes, I get to read.

The other night [00:25:00] though, I read for two hours at 2 a. m. And Nick’s like, babe, you need to go to sleep, but I’m just loving it. It’s really great. So if you have any fiction recommendations, I only want lighthearted romance. I don’t want anything scary, anything violent. I’m not into vampires. I’m not into any of that stuff.

I won’t sleep. I’ll have nightmares. Give me your recommendations for beautiful, lighthearted, fiction, romance novels. I would love that. Come and tell me on Instagram. So we will read in bed for a little bit and then. I put on my mouth tape, so I tape my mouth every single night. I have been doing this for about 10 years.

Now the reason why I tape my mouth is because You want to be breathing through your nose at nighttime, not through your mouth. Because when you breathe through your nose, you put yourself in parasympathetic. When you breathe through your mouth, it’s sympathetic, which is fight or flight. You don’t want to be in fight or fight.

You want to be in parasympathetic rest and [00:26:00] digest. And so if you are prone to opening your mouth in the night, you’ll need to ask your partner or a roommate to go or film yourself, I don’t know, but ask someone if you are prone to it, or maybe you already know, but I am prone to opening my mouth because I sleep on my back.

Nick does not open his mouth ever in the night, ever. So he doesn’t need to tape his mouth, but I take my mouth every single night. I wear earplugs. I also put on a nose strip. Now, we have been doing nose strips for, again, probably eight years, and this opens your nasal passages so that you can get in more air.

Now, this is really important. Again, it puts you into parasympathetic, and it’s so powerful. Our room is completely black. There is no light. We have no devices. There is one thing in our bedroom, and it is our bed. And that’s it. We don’t even have bedside tables at the moment. Now, let me explain why we don’t have bedside tables.

We are building our dream home and we have not bought bedside tables yet. We sold [00:27:00] them when we sold our last home. And so we are waiting till we move into our new home to get our new bedside tables, which I’m so excited about, which is another whole conversation. I’ll be sharing all about how we’re creating our dream toxic free home very soon.

So in our bedroom, there is no devices. There is our books, our journals, and our red lights, and our Bonchage blue light blocking glasses. And so I put all of those things on and off to bed. And like I said, I am early to bed because I am early to rise. And this is what works for me. This is what I have been doing in this season of my life.

And it works. And I absolutely love it. And this allows me to really thrive. It allows me to show up as the best version of myself. The best mama, the best wife, the best friend. the best boss. And these little things really make such a big difference. And I truly [00:28:00] believe that it’s the little things we do each day that add up to big results or big consequences.

And Nick always says, and we talk about this in Time Magic, that discipline is freedom. And the more that we show up for ourselves, the more we prove to ourselves that we are reliable. And some of these things I’ve been doing for years, every day. It is not a chore for me to meditate. It is not a chore for me to move my body.

It is not a chore for me to do those things. And I love it. And this is what allows me to be the best mom and the best dad. boss and the best wife and the best friend and daughter that I can be. I also forgot to mention that twice a week I have a personal trainer. So I will usually do that, like today I did it in my mama mode time.

After we had ballet, we went straight and had my personal training session. It is a 30 minute training session. Bambi usually comes with me and she loves it, has fun. She’s swinging on all the things and running [00:29:00] around. And my beautiful trainer will set up little obstacle courses for her. And she just loves it.

She has the best time there and she loves coming. It’s so fun. And I love having her there with me. So I do that twice a week as well. And usually I do that in my mama mode time because she loves coming with me. And then sometimes we’ll go to the little organic cafe afterwards and She’ll get something.

She usually wants a piece of fruit or something. And so we usually do that after. And then on the other days I will walk when I’m doing my walking meeting or when I need to respond to a whole bunch of emails or when I need to respond to a whole bunch of Instagram messages, I will do that whilst I’m walking.

So I’m never just sitting at my desk doing those things. I will do those in my work time whilst I am walking outside, getting my vitamin D and getting that beautiful sun on my face. So. Those are my little daily rituals and routines. That is exactly what I do each day. What I eat in a day for this season in my life, [00:30:00] will it change?

Yes, it will, maybe even tomorrow, but this is what is working for me right now in this moment and I am flexible. And I adapt. And also this will change when it becomes spring and summer, because we are outside a lot more. Like I said, when it is warmer, we eat our breakfast, lunch, and dinner outside. We will take it to the beach.

And also where we’re living right now is 20 minutes from the beach. So we don’t live on the beach right now. We’re building on the beach. And when we move back there toward the end of this year, we are at the beach so much more and that lights us up so much. So we’re not at the beach as much. So it all just depends on the season that you’re in in your life.

But I think the key is to have these consistent little rituals that you do each day that really set you up and really help you thrive in your business and in your life. Because these little things that we do each day add up to big results or big consequences. [00:31:00] And all of these things that I do really allow me to be the best version of myself, the best boss, the best business owner, the best mama that I can be.

And so I want you to take this opportunity to check in with your little daily routines and rituals and see if it aligns with your core values and with your big visions and goals. And if they don’t change it, you are in the driver’s seat, my friend. So change it. So I hope that helps. I hope that gives you a nice little insight into what has worked for me to help me generate over 11 million in my business.

And if you have any questions, just send me a message on Instagram at Melissa Ambrosini, and I would be happy to answer them for you. And I hope you loved this episode. And if you did, please follow the show. And if you haven’t already. Leave me a review because that means that I can keep doing these amazing episodes for you and keep getting on the incredible guests that I have for you guys.[00:32:00] 

And please come and tell me on Instagram at Melissa Ambrosini what you got from this episode. I hope you feel inspired and I want to know your biggest key takeaway. So come and share it with me. And if you love this episode, please share it with a friend. You can take a screenshot, share it on your social media, email it to them, text it to them, do whatever you’ve got to do to get this in their ears.

And don’t forget, I will link to everything and all the discount codes in the show notes, so you can go and check those out. And before I go, I just wanted to say thank you so much for being here, for wanting to be the best, the healthiest, and the happiest version of yourself, and for showing up today for you.

You rock. Now don’t forget that love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word.

Thank you so much for listening. I’m so honored that you’re here and would be SO grateful if you could leave me a review on Apple podcasts, that way we can inspire and educate even more people together.

P.S. If you’re looking for a high-impact marketing opportunity for your business and are interested in becoming a sponsor for The Melissa Ambrosini Show podcast, please email pr@melissaambrosini.com for more information.

P.P.S. Please seek advice from a qualified holistic practitioner before starting any new health practice.

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  1. Holly says:

    Loved this episode!! Can you let us know what books you have been reading to wind down? It’s actually really hard to find light hearted good reads!!

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