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Want to know the marketing strategy that’s changed the game in my business?

Automated DMs.

This is a strategy you’ve probably seen in action before on social media, even if you didn’t quite know how it worked — or how powerful it was. 

At the most basic level, it works like this: a social media account will say something like “Comment RECIPE” in their post. Then when you comment, an automated bot instantly sends you the recipe inside your DMs.

But let me tell you, there is SO much more to this strategy than just that. (When I say that it’s “changed the game” in my business, I really do mean it!)

So to dive deep into this hugely powerful marketing technique, I’m joined by Natasha Willis, a genius marketing strategist and the co-founder of School of Bots. 

Natasha has helped online businesses (including mine) generate millions in revenue — over $65M all up — through her automated DM strategies, and now she’s here to share her secrets with us.

In this massively inspiring conversation, you’ll learn how to introduce chat funnels into your own business, where to start with automated DMs, who can benefit the most from bots, the most successful strategies (and costliest mistakes) that she wants everyone to know before they dip their toes in, and how this strategy can help everyone from internet big-timers to small-town solopreneurs unlock millions in previously untapped revenue.

So if you’re looking to boost your sales, explode your lead generation and expand your content reach WITHOUT being chained to your laptop, then press play now… this one’s for you.

About Natasha Willis

Natasha Willis is the co-founder of School of Bots, where she and her team have generated over $65M in revenue for clients like Russell Brunson, Jenna Kutcher, Amy Porterfield, Dean Graziosi, Mindvalley, and more. School of Bots helps online businesses use “Chat Funnels” to generate qualified leads and sales every time they post on Instagram and Facebook.

In this episode we chat about:

  • The unexpected path that led her to co-found School of Bots (3:11)
  • How to reframe your skepticism when using funnels or AI (8:15)
  • Are chat funnels effective for a small entrepreneur or just for bigger brands? (16:40)
  • The lead magnet strategy she swears by (25:27)
  • Helpful solutions for when a funnel isn’t working (29:35)
  • Critical things to know before getting started with chat funnels (32:·33)
  • The best way to get Natasha’s expertise in your business (33:32)
  • Her surprising definition of success (36:28)
  • The #1 book she’d love to see in every high school curriculum (40:11)

Episode resources:

  • 4 Week Fast Track Program (join here
  • Natasha’s guide for creating your ManyChat account (here
  • SheLaunch (join here)
  • Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini (book)
  • Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini (book)
  • Comparisonitis by Melissa Ambrosini (book)
  • Time Magic by Melissa Ambrosini and Nick Broadhurst (book)
  • School of Bots (website)
  • Meta status (website)
  • Manychat Status (website)
  • Manychat (website)
  • The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Timothy Ferriss (book)
  • Natasha Willis (Instagram)
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The following transcript has been automatically generated and not checked for accuracy.

Melissa: [00:00:00] In episode 594 with Natasha Willis, we are diving deep into an incredible marketing strategy using chat funnels. We’re going to talk about how to add more emails to your email list. And how to make a bigger impact and income all using the power of automated DMs plus so much more. If you are in business, you are going to love this episode.

Welcome to the Melissa Ambrosini show. I’m your host, Melissa, bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, Open Wide, Comparisonitis And time magic. And I’m here to remind you that love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word. Each week I’ll be getting up close and personal with thought leaders from around the globe, as well as your weekly dose of motivation so that you can create epic change in your own life and become the best version of yourself possible.

Are you [00:01:00] ready? Beautiful. Beautiful. Hey, beautiful and welcome back to the show. I am so excited about this episode because I absolutely love Natasha and I’ve worked with her personally and I am so excited for you guys to get inside her brain today. If you have business, you are going to love hearing her wisdom.

And for those of you that have never heard of Natasha, she is the co founder of School of Bots, where she and her team have generated over 65 million in revenue for clients like myself, Russell Brunson, Jenna Kutcher, Amy Porterfield, Dean Graziozzi, and more. Mindvalley, and so many more. Now, School of Bots helps online businesses use chat funnels to generate qualified leads and sales every time they post on Instagram and Facebook.

And for everything that we mentioned in today’s episode, you can find in the show notes, and you’re going to want to go there because there are some special links that we So don’t forget to go to melissarambosini. [00:02:00] com forward slash 594. Now let’s bring on the incredible Natasha.

Natasha, welcome to the show. I am so excited and pumped for this conversation. But before we dive in, can you tell us what you had for breakfast this morning? Oh my gosh, I was not expecting that at 

Natasha: all. Okay, what did I have for breakfast this morning? Oh my goodness, I had a smoothie with orange juice, with frozen blueberries, with goat whey, which has been an amazing new protein that I’m using, collagen protein in there, a little bit of like a turmeric, cinnamon, vanilla, clove kind of mixture, creatine, and am I forgetting anything else?


Natasha: think that 

Melissa: was about it. Yum. Delicious. Sounds so good. I had banana, blueberries, orange smoothie, so kind of similar to what you had this morning. 

Natasha: [00:03:00] Yes. Totally. Yeah. It’s so perfect for the morning, like light, but refreshing and just great after like a workout and some movement, which I know you do movement in the morning as well.

Melissa: Yes. I love it. Now, before we dive in. I want to go back. I want you to tell us how you got to where you are today. How was School of Bots born with your husband? Like, how did this all unfold for you? Take us back. 

Natasha: Absolutely. So back in 2016, you know, to give a little bit of context to, for those who aren’t super familiar with, like, all the DM stuff.

Automation technology that has come out over the years and now AI. Oh my goodness. So it’s an exciting time to be recording now, but seven years ago, it was still very new. This concept of creating marketing experiences that could lead to more revenue for businesses through the DMs. DMs were popular and you were using them in your everyday life, but it wasn’t nearly as.

big and mainstream as it is now to actually use [00:04:00] it as a business to communicate with potential customers, whether you’re a business to business or business to consumer. So I was in college at the time, my first semester of college in Los Angeles, and I knew for a while that I had wanted to step out of the traditional, you know, role of going to college, nine to five, et cetera, and wanted to really dive into entrepreneurship sooner than later.

I had read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the Four Hour Workweek and all these I’m very bought into this idea of do the mini retirements, the digital nomad lifestyle, you know, all these things. So I was at the University of Southern California in LA and first semester through and I’m like, I hate college. I need to go and do my own business.

What am I going to do? And at the time, a few months prior to that, this technology through Facebook messenger where you could create these automated DM experiences. And Mark Zuckerberg had talked about how 1 800 Flowers and all these big companies in the States had created so much new lead generation and revenue [00:05:00] through messaging.

And it made so much sense to me. So I shared it with my now husband, Kyle. And he was so into it. So bought in, he’s the visionary in our business. So he very much immediately was like, oh my gosh, here’s where this is gonna go and what we should do. We should totally, you know, take a risk on this. And so we both had no idea what we were doing.

And he quit his job in finance and I dropped out of college to start this marketing firm together. And again, zero clue what we’re doing. So in the first year we decide, well, let’s do the four hour work week situation where we go off international, you know, away from anyone and anything that we know, and let’s just.

Dial in this business. And it was the best and worst way to do it, I think, because, you know, we’re super broke. We’re traveling around in Southeast Asia and Japan. And we even came to Australia as well. And we went to Mexico too. Those are kind of the different states. So we went to over our first year of business and it was so chaotic, but we were just thrown into the fire.

And during that time we had a chance to really get [00:06:00] to know each other at the core and get to trust each other. Like I think no other experience could provide, you know, we learned how to live together, how to be business partners, just how to. be able to compliment each other because we were already very complimentary and strength.

So in the first year, miraculously, we somehow made six figures about a hundred thousand dollars, but again, still not knowing anything about what we’re doing is for pretty new to business, to marketing, you know, to, to this new medium and just trying to figure out, well, how do we add value for businesses through this?

Fast forward a couple years, you know, we’re now back in the States and about two years into the journey, we say, Hey, let’s move to San Diego in California because I was about an hour away from where I had lived from of where I had grown up and my husband about same thing. We’re in that same area. Um, California.

So when we moved back to California, we had this instant exponential growth where I started to be able to connect with entrepreneurs and marketers and different people there started to speak on stage about the [00:07:00] possibilities of this. And through that, we were able to secure so many incredible clients and also be able to just continue to like test the limits of what this technology could offer.

And so now where we are at this moment in time is we actually just. Yesterday hit 70 million in revenue generated for our clients and have worked with some of the biggest brands, including yourself in terms of personality brands like Russell Brunson, Amy Porterfield, Jenna Kutcher, Jim Kwik, Cody Sanchez, you know, these both rising stars of social media, but also very well established businesses.

And even on the corporate side now, it’s kind of crazy to think, but brands like Nike and Under Armour and SoFi have also been clients of ours too now. So So that’s kind of where we’ve been. It’s funny to look back. Seven years feels like a long and also such a short time. And so, so much has happened. I’m very grateful for it, but it all, it’s just been very interesting kind of being able to ride this trend and wave of this new tech emerging and becoming mainstream.

Melissa: Yes. Oh my gosh. I love that story. Now that first year, were you guys [00:08:00] together or were you just purely business partners? 

Natasha: Yes, we actually started dating and then we decided to come together in business. 

Melissa: That’s so sweet. As you know, I work with Nick too. So that’s another whole episode of like working with your partner and what that’s like.

But I first started using automated DMS on Facebook and this was about, gosh, six years ago. And We didn’t really dive deep into it and I didn’t really go further with it and it didn’t really feel good. You know what I mean? But then over the last two years, I have witnessed so many of my peers using it and absolutely crushing it and adding thousands to their email lists and tripling their profits.

So I had to investigate it for myself. I had to try it for myself. So that’s when Nick and I reached out to you and we did your program, which was incredible, and we were blown away with not only the [00:09:00] program, but with the results. Like my reels were getting 2000 comments. One challenge that we did, we added straight away three and a half thousand new people to the list.

And we generated several hundred thousands of dollars just from that one challenge. So it works. It really works. I was skeptical. I was like. Is this going to take away the authenticity? And I know a lot of entrepreneurs feel like that. They feel like, well, these chat funnels, you know, people are going to feel like it’s just selling something.

So can you talk to that piece? 

Natasha: Yeah, absolutely. Well, thank you so much for sharing your results and like that proof that really it does work, but there are these. So many things that come up with new tech, especially, and you know, AI is a great example of how people have been still so skeptical, despite seeing all the miraculous things that AI is capable of.

They’re like, well, do I really want to use that in my business? And so I find that every single time there is skepticism. [00:10:00] So in terms of it feeling icky, let’s say, and not a genuine to your voice. The most important part of the DMs is for it to feel native and feel authentic. So from its core, one of the biggest mindset shifts that I’ve seen in clients who start out skeptical and then get totally bought in and like, this is the best thing that they’ve ever done in their business is when they realize that on their own and even with a human team, it’s very difficult to truly serve everybody in your audience the way that you hope they To give them that experience at the deepest level one on one, it’s just impossible.

And as you grow your brand to the size that you have, especially, you’re never going to be able to reply to every single message you get, talk to every potential customer. It’s just a huge challenge to be able to do that one on one, but with the DMs now you can do that in a way that’s not possible in emails or on [00:11:00] calls or any other medium.

And so to be able to be there for them 24 seven in a way that also is authentic to you where you’re sitting. Signing off on all the messages, right? And you’re saying, Hey, here’s what people are going to receive from me. They’re going to receive this selfie video, this audio note, this text that feels so casual.

There’s some hearts or some emojis, you know, there’s a couple exclamation points. There’s different things that really feel like I’m just chatting with Melissa, like she’s my friend. And that’s the vibe that we can construct in the DMS so that it feels good the entire time. And most importantly, everything is based off of permission from the moment that you mentioned.

Someone can comment on your post and you can send them an automated message to say, Hey, I’m so excited for you to learn more about my upcoming challenge. Well, they asked for that information. And then from there, they’re giving you different little micro commitments throughout the conversation permission for you to share more information with them.

And so not only is it superior in Sense to just sending somebody to a landing page and kind of forcing them to [00:12:00] go through that experience and decision on their own, but you actually get to guide them through it. They get to experience your likeness even though they know, hey, it’s impossible that Melissa’s answering all these hundreds of thousands of messages.

But I like her and that’s why I’m even interested in buying something from her or learning more from her. So I’m happy to engage with her likeness in order to receive that experience in the best way that technology can provide right now. So I hope that’s helpful for. People who are listening and, you know, to kind of provide some context to that, that there’s a lot of ways to think about it, but that’s one way that I’ve seen it click for a lot of people who are very protective of their brand and their audience.

Melissa: Yeah. And I think it’s so common now, people, they’re really used to it. You know what I mean? 

Natasha: Yeah, and at the end of the day, too, if you think about your other channels, you know, you use automation in so many places, like email sequences, and in fact, even just coming to a website is, well, the person’s not there real time, walking you through their website, like you’re reading words and seeing videos that they had put together intentionally for you to experience.

experience. So it’s very much the same way where it’s [00:13:00] not like going to come across as, Oh, they’re just automating all their communication with me. It’s definitely not 100%. Now we never engage in the TMS manually ever again. It’s simply just to be able to give people a lot more than they’re currently able to get from other mediums and also help them make a decision faster too of like, do I want to join Melissa’s challenge or not?

Like, is this going to serve me? I’m able to get that in bite sized chunks instead. And the 

Melissa: thing that I love is you have total control over what is said and what selfie videos you create. It’s not like someone else is writing it for you. You have final say over what is in that and that’s in your voice.

And I just love that. 

Natasha: Yes. I think it’s so powerful and it’ll be interesting to see how AI shifts this, right? I think that AI will eventually become good enough to be able to really speak like authentically to you. But right now we’re still a little bit far away from it. [00:14:00] And it makes the most sense to, for you to decide, Hey, this is exactly what I want to say to people and how They should experience this so that you don’t have any kind of fear around what the experience will feel like if it’s in brand alignment for you.

And that’s so important, especially when you’re a personality brand like you are, right? It’s a little bit different sometimes for companies where it’s not the end of the world if like. Okay. It’s a little bit more vague or neutral or kind of generic, but for you, it’s like your personality is one of the many reasons why people adore and want to learn from you.

And so being able to just infuse the messages with that and sign off on it to your point, like you get to approve everything that people experience is one of the key pieces right now that really makes sure that this is an alignment for anyone who wants to try 

Melissa: it. And it’s such a time saver. So before I was doing this, I was manually sending a message to every single person.

I was sending them the link to the challenge, the link to she launched my program. I was [00:15:00] manually doing all of it myself because I do my Instagram myself. So I was manually doing it. I was spending so much time on Instagram and I was like, there has got to be another way. This marketing strategy has leveraged so much of my time and the results, like the proof is in the pudding.

Like we are getting thousands of new signups every week. We are getting so many people join our challenge, join SheLaunch and it’s just. 

Natasha: Yeah, it makes me so happy. Both my heart and my brain nerding out with you that those are the results that you’re experiencing and just what a shift that you’ve seen from not only being able to save all of that time, but just be able to get so much more out of your content and in a way that clearly is much easier too for people to be able to go through as well.

Cause to your point earlier about, Oh, is this going to inconvenience my audience? Are they not going to like this? This makes it so much easier. Takes people two seconds to comment on your post and say, yes, send me this [00:16:00] thing to learn more instead of having to force them to go and take 10 steps to go to your profile, find the link in your bio, find the link within the link of links, you know, and then have to go to the page and enter their information.

Whether it’s for a free offer or a paid offer, instead they can just comment on your post and now they can go through this whole DM experience that you have created just for 

Melissa: Yeah, absolutely. I’ve seen huge results as well with my podcast. So comment 546 and it sends them a DM with the link straight to the episode.

And people have loved that and it’s increased the downloads, which is just amazing. So thank you. There’s so many ways that you can use it for someone listening who wants to start, like, where’s the best place? And do you feel like this is good for a very beginner entrepreneur, or do you feel like you need to be a little bit further down the track?

And if it’s for someone at the beginner stages, [00:17:00] like where can they start and where can someone who’s already developed and already got like a personal brand start? 

Natasha: Yes. Okay. So let’s actually start with that second question if that’s okay, because then we can talk about where each of those people are.

people should begin. So what I’ve seen in, we’ve now trained over 14, 000 business owners and marketers to do this in all sorts of different markets, different business sizes, different follower counts. And we’ve worked with over 3000 brands hands on like we have with you. And those accounts tend to be between 7000 followers.

To 45 million followers is the largest we’ve worked with. And that’s just on Instagram. So I mean, you have multiple channels and so you can imagine the impact, you know, is even bigger than that for, for each of these companies. And what we find, if we’re starting all the way at the beginning, and then let’s go into maybe someone who’s more established, is that before you do any kind of.

DM automation or anything fancy that would help you boost your numbers rather than get you numbers from the beginning. You want to make sure that you have your offer in place, right? You know who it is you’re creating [00:18:00] content for. Ideally, you are posting at least four times a week on Instagram. And the reason why you want to do that is because you want to be curating an audience there, building your community so that then when you start to introduce.

the DM automation side of things, then you have people who are excited to go and click on those things. Now, at the same time, it’s okay. If you’re not getting a ton of leads right now from Instagram, like even if you’re still more early, as long as you’re just getting content out, you want to be doing both simultaneously.

Um, For example, one of our clients, your CEO mentor, who’s actually an Australian company, they started using DM automation when they were 7, 000 followers into Instagram. And they decided, Hey, we’re going to double down on our content, but we’re also going to start using this DM automation thing. So they built out a whole chat funnel system just like you all have.

And so over the last couple of months, they’ve been able to grow. They grew 33, 000 followers in two weeks and they’ve collected hundreds of emails during this process. Bye. thousands at this point because [00:19:00] they were doubling down on content and had the funnels at the same time as that content started to perform better and better.

So it is helpful to have this in place, but I would say before you dive into DM automation, you do want to make sure you have something that you know, you can get ROI from this with. And typically that will be either. Affiliate links. So it could be something you promote from Amazon or from a brand sponsor or your own products and services that will allow you to just make money or bring in leads from putting your efforts into doing something like this.

Does that make sense so far? Anything you want me to clarify before we move on? 

Melissa: Yeah. And I’m just so glad because this is exactly what SheLaunch. You need to have your offer dialed in first and you need to be posting consistently. on social media. So all of my she launched babes that are listening to this.

I am like, I’m so glad because I’m just glad that you have reiterated what we teach inside the program. 

Natasha: Yeah, absolutely. I had a feeling you were going to say that as well. And I’m so, so happy that’s [00:20:00] the case because unfortunately people get too caught up in Shiny object syndrome in a sense where it’s like, Oh, I want to add all these fancy tech tools and these hacks and these things to my business before I have the foundation set.

So for the people who are starting at the beginning, who are just, you know, starting a business or pivoting your business, maybe making sure that your offer is set in stone, even if it’s not fully proven yet, meaning that hundreds of people have bought it, that’s okay. As long as you have something to sell, because then if you can use this DM automation and your content to test your offer, that’s going to give you data really quickly.

So that would be the first kind of people is that Make sure you have your offer set up and then you can go ahead and start to test some things and we can talk about what that would look like in a moment. For people who are a little more established, let’s say you’re posting four times a week on Instagram.

You’ve got at least a couple thousand followers, maybe 10, 50, a hundred K, you know, beyond. So at that point, as long as again, you have an offer, then it can make sense for you to start using this right away. And you can experience results in as little as [00:21:00] 24 hours. In fact, in the first hour of your posts being live with this attached, you will see leads come in and or sales be made.

But I, for example, was on a call the other day with somebody who has 700, 000 followers and they still don’t have their own product. They don’t even really sell anything or promote anything at all. So that would be an example of someone who. Doesn’t have their offer dialed in, even though they have a lot of content going out.

So really the most important prerequisite to doing anything with this is just making sure you have something to sell. Ideally that is your own product, but for affiliate links, this also works incredibly well. Like Amazon and like to know it and anything like that as well. 

Melissa: Love it. Awesome. Okay. This is brilliant.

I’m so glad that you’ve said this. 

Natasha: Yes. No, I’m so happy that you asked too, because again, I think people get caught up and truly I would feel awful if somebody, you know, listens to this podcast and then they go and do all these things. They’re like, why am I getting results? And so I want to make sure that, you know, you have that offer in place.

Now if you’re in that boat, either way, would you say most of the people who are listening probably [00:22:00] have information that they sell or information that they want to promote? 

Melissa: Yes. 

Natasha: Awesome. That’s what I figured, but just wanted to confirm, and I can still throw out an e commerce example too, if anyone’s, you know, doing that kind of business, but on the information side of things, the number one type of campaign that will get you the most leads upfront will be a free download.

And the reason why is because when somebody is scrolling through Instagram and they see your posts, whether they follow you or not. Being able to let them know that they can learn a little bit more about what you talked about in your posts. If they comment and they’ll get a free PDF download is an easy first step for someone to take.

It’s low commitment enough. They’re still making a move towards potentially becoming a buyer, but you’re not asking them to sit with you for an hour on a webinar or book a sales call with you or just do something that’s much, much higher commitment. So in that world, you are going to get so many more people who come in and say, yes, I would love to get that free download versus using most other call to actions.

Now I’ll get to what that can actually [00:23:00] look like as time goes on because you will want to have call to actions for all of your different offers and things. But initially to get the fastest, best results, having something that’s free and that’s a quick consumable thing will get you the most people up front.

Now, as you know, once people get into the DMS, it’s a back and forth conversation. So you can collect their name and their email. We collect emails at an 85 percent or higher rate, which is going to be significantly higher than most landing pages out there. The average industry standard that we tend to see is 20 to 25%.

So this immediately boosts that up. But then the cool thing is that once they are in the DMs, they’ve shared their information. They’re like, great. I’m so excited to get into this free guide. Then you can introduce them to other offers that you might have. So that could be a 27 product. It could be a free webinar.

It could be book an appointment with us. So whatever that next step is, you can introduce it there. And I want to make the quick comparison that If you get, let’s say 5, 000 people who comment on your post to get this free guide, [00:24:00] and then let’s say 3, 000 of them take you up on your next offer, that’s still 3, 000 people versus if you started with, Hey, come book a sales appointment with me and you maybe get, Two hundred people or a thousand people and then only a small number of those people end up converting.

You’ve just got a much bigger pool of leads over here and higher likelihood that these people will do whatever is coming next as well because they’ve already taken the step to trust you, to share their information with you and a number of them will want to go deeper with you at that point in time. 

Melissa: So good.

I haven’t even used it for free downloads yet. As you know, we only recently did the program with you. So I’ve only used it for the challenge and I’ve used it for the podcast. So I haven’t even used it for free downloads yet, which I’m so excited to try. 

Natasha: Yes. I’m so happy that. We’re having this conversation right now then and that you’re going to go and try this next because it’s going to blow your mind.

And like I just mentioned too, it can be kind of a two for one where you bring in people for the [00:25:00] free download and then you can invite them to anything else you have going on the back end too. So it’s just such a beautiful and dynamic campaign to have available to you because at any point in the year.

Whatever you’re promoting at that time, you can just attach it to the back end of that funnel. In addition to talking about whatever you have going on directly, so that could be its own kind of funnel, but this can always operate as evergreen. You can promote it every single week and just be able to have leads coming in predictably every single time you post.

Melissa: What are your thoughts on rotating lead magnets each week? Or do you feel like promoting the same one each week, like say on a Thursday? It’s still getting great results. Like what are your thoughts on that? 

Natasha: Yes. So ideally having three to five offers that you rotate through each week. So week one offer one week to offer two week, three offer three week, four week, five, and then come back to week one is ideal.

Now it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have three products or services. It could actually just be three different ways. to [00:26:00] position your product. So let’s say that you had started out with a freebie or actually let’s use your challenge example. Right? So there’s probably at least three main pain points, three different avatars that would want to join the challenge, but for their own reason, right?

Maybe it’s, Oh, I want to get more time back. Oh, and I don’t remember exactly how your challenges position. So forgive me more. So just speaking to those desires or those pains. pain points. And so what we could do is that you could create a different word for each of those different avatars so that in your content you maybe speak to pain point number one and then you can say, Hey, comment, whatever word is related to that.

And I’ll share more about this challenge that can support you with this. And once they get into the DMS, it could actually be the exact same DMS that they are receiving. Each of those people are just primed a little bit differently because they were able to get attracted to and hooked into that specific pain point you were talking about in your content.

And when they look at your other content, they won’t necessarily want or need to engage with that because they’re like, cool, I already got the thing that I [00:27:00] needed here. And so there’s not necessarily like a weird overlap thing of if you were just using the one word and then they were seeing you talk about that specific offer in all these different ways.

It starts to get a little bit old, but being able to have those different words to tap into those different audiences can be really helpful. To just attract new people, especially given that Instagram is now moving towards that interest based algorithm versus follower base. So if you can speak to people’s pain points and desires deeply, then that’s also a big opportunity for you to generate new leads every time you post because people who are interested in that topic are going to see your content versus just your followers overall.

Melissa: Interesting because we’re currently promoting a challenge right now. And we’ve got a whole bunch of reels going out for it, but we were using the same word for each one, but I like this idea of mixing it up and touching on those different pain points for each one. I love that. I’m going to be taking that to the team for sure.

Natasha: Awesome. [00:28:00] And a little bit more context that I’ll share there too is how long is your promotion period for your challenge? 

Melissa: We are doing about, I think it’s about 

Natasha: 11 days. Okay. So it’s pretty short. One thing I would keep in mind, it could be interesting for you to have those two different words during that period, but more so what I was speaking about when it comes to the different words is that when you go into evergreen mode, if you have something that you’re constantly promoting all the time, that’s when it’s going to be most useful.

If you were to try to, and granted, you guys know how to do this now too. So it’s not going to be a huge lift from your side, but I, for example, maybe wouldn’t go with like a ton of different words. Maybe you just pick two or if you do three, then just kind of being mindful of that. So it doesn’t feel like you’re promoting too many things within a very small window of time, because having the different words is helpful when you are constantly kind of wanting to promote the same thing, but you want to.

promote it in a fresh way where it’s not the same, you know, topic, the same word every single post and you can kind [00:29:00] of rotate through those versus if you only have a short time to promote this thing, then sometimes it is better to do the one word unless you’re seeing people get a little bit tired or you’re not seeing as much engagement.

You could try to throw in an extra word like towards the end of your promo cycle, but just 11 days a little bit short. So I would just keep that in mind as well so that it doesn’t feel like, Oh my gosh, most is promoting all these different things versus. Oh, this is the one thing that I actually already signed up for or that, you know, I’m learning more about right now.

So they don’t think that it’s different offers, if that makes sense, just cause I know it’s a concentrated promo. 

Melissa: Yes. Interesting. Okay. Good point. I love that. Now, can we talk about when it doesn’t work? Because as you know, it has not worked for me at times where none of the comments were showing up.

There was a glitch. Can you talk to that and what we can do to rectify and. Just help us put our mind at ease because I was freaking out. I’m like, what’s going on, Natasha? What is happening? [00:30:00] And the thing is, is I was seeing No comments, but then I was going online and there was like 400 comments and I’m like, what is going on here?

Natasha: Yes, so that specifically what you were experiencing was a meta bug and the things that you want to do to kind of get ahead of If potentially it doesn’t work at times, is that the best thing you can do is sign up for updates from Metta and then from ManyChat, which is one of the tools that we’ll use to have your Instagram connected to all of those automated messages.

So there’s two places. I think Metta’s this day is, I’m just going to double check for you. Okay. It’s metta status. com. And then status. com. status. manychat. com highly recommend if anyone is doing anything with DM automation and chat funnels, you would want to just sign up for updates on those sites or have them bookmarked so that you can see that if anything is happening, you’re like, am I just going crazy or is the platform, you know, experiencing an issue.

You can go there and see if there actually is a platform [00:31:00] bug happening. So that would be the first thing. But then the second thing is that if you do experience an issue at all, typically it’s going to be your settings. And what I’ll give your audience, Melissa, is my internal process for how we have set up those thousands of accounts that we have built automation for so that they can go step by step and make sure that all the settings are correct on their Instagram and on their Facebook page.

Since those two will be linked in order for this to work, because that’s usually where I will also see some issues happen. And the third is that. If you have a lot of volume, like you have had a lot of volume, right, from certain posts, just keeping in mind that for, this is a little bit more advanced, but if there is a lot of volume in a specific period of time, then sometimes Meta will hit a cue with how many messages or how many automated comments it can send out at that time, but you don’t have to worry about people not getting your messages.

They will get them, but it might be a little bit delayed because for example, if you get 750 [00:32:00] comments in an hour on a post, then the post queue has hit its max for the hour. And then in the following hour, it will catch up with those messages and send them. So there’s a couple of like small nuance things.

things that, you know, can come up here and there and people are welcome to message me with any issues that they see so that I can kind of guide them or put their minds at ease if it’s something that’s a larger platform issue. But most of the time it’s going to come down to one of those three things.

Melissa: Yes. And I’ll link to both of those websites in the show notes so everybody can bookmark them. That’s so helpful. Really helpful. Okay, so is there anything else that we need to know to get started? 

Natasha: Those are going to be the main things when it comes to just finding out what offer it is that you want to promote initially and not getting bogged down if you do have a lot of different offers.

Just choose one. You’re good to go. Most revenue driving product to promote first in your first automation. And then secondly, I love that you asked about kind of things to keep in mind if anything breaks. So we’re going to make sure everyone has a [00:33:00] good setup guide so that all their settings are set up correctly.

And then from there, really the name of the game is going to be to test your words, to test your content and how you’re pushing to this. And then ultimately what you see inside of the DMS. I love that we talked a little bit about content and. Like how often you’re promoting things and with what words. So those will be the main components that somebody would want to initially get started and start to test this out and see just what you can do with the simple automation that even just send somebody to the link that they would typically go to the link in bio to get from you.

Melissa: Okay. So how can they work with you? Like what different options do they have to work with you? Because we did your fast track program, which was a four week intense intensive program, like it’s. everything. It is like, it’s mind blowing. It’s so good. But are there any other ways that people can work with you, especially for those newer starting out?

Where can they go? 

Natasha: Yes, absolutely. So our fast track program is a process that we’ve [00:34:00] taken over 700 businesses through now. And it is a four week intensive, like Melissa said, where we knowledge and skill transfer to your team, the process of being able to build what we call chat funnels. And this chat funnel framework, we talked a little bit about it earlier, how we have driven.

over 70 million in sales with this specific formula and process of how we take people from a piece of content into the DMS and turn those people into customers and sales. And on average, our clients who go through the fast track process triple the amount of revenue that they’re making from their Instagram content within four weeks of launching their first product.

First chat funnel, and so all those things that we’ve talked about, right? Making sure the offer’s in place and that you’re putting out content regularly. Those will be important things to do before you dive into that, but if that’s something you’re interested in doing, I know Melissa’s gonna link below some of the details around how the process works and who it’s best for, but that’s just a quick.

Overview and kind of sneak peek of that process that Melissa mentioned. And for those who are wanting to kind of get started with [00:35:00] this, get your feet wet, like kind of understand how it all works. We do have a giveaway for you. So there is a product where we walk you through in several training videos, how to set up your first automation and how to start to scale this system.

Some overall to eventually at some point, if it aligns, be able to work hands on in something like chat, funnel, fast track. So we’re going to give away three of those. It’s usually 47 to buy this and get this training. We’re going to give away three to some lucky members in your audience. 

Melissa: That is so generous.

Thank you so much. And you’ll have to go to my Instagram post where I’m promoting this episode for your chance to win. So go and do that. And I just wanted to put the URL. If you want to do Natasha’s fast track program, go to melissarambrosini. com forward slash bot B O T B O T. Okay. Go there. And another thing that I loved about the program so much is like you literally gave us everything, but we had our first funnel set up within, I think it was the second or the [00:36:00] third week and it was ready to go.

You guys were there testing it. You guys were checking it. Like it was so helpful to have you guys like there to support us. And, you know, Nick and I were like, Oh my gosh, what’s happening. This is broken. Like you guys were there. So I cannot recommend the program enough. I absolutely love it. If you are interested, Melissa and brassini.

com forward slash bots, and I will link to it in the show notes as well. So this has been so awesome. I’ve absolutely loved it. I would love to dive deeper more into Natasha and I want to know now, what is your definition of success and what do you attribute your success to? 

Natasha: I would say my definition of success right now is expansion.

And I was just on a call the other day where I was with a few gals who I’m in a mastermind with and it’s a feminine leadership kind of focused mastermind. And I realized that [00:37:00] oftentimes this kind of balance and harmony of the mastermind. Masculine and the feminine energy. I tend to go in like one direction, so aggressively for a bit and then back in the other direction.

And I think that the true harmony is when you are constantly being expansive in yourself and being able to constantly increase and expand your threshold for what you can hold because success looks. Like, so many different things for so many different people, but for me, it looks like being able to achieve my true potential in business, in my relationship, and in my family as I, you know, start to build that in the future.

And so being able to be expansive at all moments in time, even if it’s uncomfortable, and even if it feels like a lot, is the way that I would describe successes because it’s a lot of great responsibility, but then it also brings true freedom to be able to do and be whoever you want to be. 

Melissa: Mm, beautiful.

I love that. What’s bringing you the most joy in your life right now? 

Natasha: Mm, what is bringing me the most joy right now? [00:38:00] It’s actually kind of a tough question for me to answer. I would say that being able to see. new progress and new challenges right now in my business. We’re in a very fast growth pace right now.

And so things are just going crazy. We’re just signing the biggest clients we’ve ever signed and you know, generating the most revenue we have in business history. And it’s just been so much fun to also be able to attract top talent during this time too. And finally be able to understand Stand, what it looks like to run a high performance team, more so than I ever have before.

So that’s probably where I’m getting a lot of my joy from, just because it feels like all this hard work, you know, all this dedication and commitment and discipline and skills and mistakes and things that I’ve learned and done over these last several years are now like all kind of coming together. And every time there’s a problem or a challenge that comes up, I have a past experience now where I can say, oh, I’ve seen this before, and here’s how I can solve this.

Melissa: I love it. I love it so much. [00:39:00] And can you share your age with us? Oh my gosh. 

Natasha: I just turned 26 in March. 

Melissa: Yes! Can you guys believe it? Can you believe it? This beautiful goddess powerhouse who’s 26. I just. I love that so much. I just do and I’m just like beaming from ear to ear because you’re so amazing. You are so amazing.

And like, I really hope that you like feel that. 

Natasha: Oh, thank you so much. That means the world to me. And it means the world to me because I think when you’re saying, It’s still kind of developing and understanding what you’re good at or who you want to be. It’s so powerful when somebody says, I believe in you or I see this strength in you and it just means the world.

So thank you so much for sharing that with me. Seriously. 

Melissa: Hmm. You are a powerhouse, babe. I just think about your future and I’m like, you are just going to the stars, babe. [00:40:00] You are going to the stars. So it’s so exciting. I am loving watching your journey. I love following you on Instagram. I love it.

Everything that you share and just keep doing that. But I have another question for you. If you had a magic wand and you could put one book in the school curriculum of every high school around the world, what book would you choose? It can be on any topic and it’s going to be for boys and girls. What book would you choose?

Natasha: Oh my gosh. And I’ve been reading so many good new books lately. What would I pick? What would I pick? I’m trying to think, not necessarily business book because that’s always what I’m reading. 

Melissa: You can be whatever you want. 

Natasha: Yeah. You know what I would probably say? The four hour work week because that was the one that kickstarted my career and my life and kind of who I’ve become and I have a love hate relationship with it.

I was [00:41:00] very naive when I read it and so I was like, anyone can go do this and forgetting that Tim Ferriss had like a multimillion dollar business when he was traveling and I forgot about that part. And so I think that though there is so much I was. actually relistening to it a few weeks ago and there is so much good out of it where there are these skills around how to delegate, how to be efficient and effective that I think are timeless principles and that are so tactically illustrated and outlined.

And it’s funny, all those same principles I see being taught on Instagram and social media every day by different influencers and different people. And it’s a great way to share that information with people who otherwise wouldn’t get it. But that book just. Concisely summarizes all of it so beautifully.

So that is the book that I would choose for sure. 

Melissa: Yeah. It’s such a good book. And I read it very early on in my journey. And I think the overarching premise of the book is like to inspire you that there is another way, you know, there is [00:42:00] another way. And I think, you know, that’s one of the biggest things that I took out of it is like, there is another way.

The nine to five, doing something that you don’t love. isn’t the only option. There is another way. And so, yeah, I definitely recommend that book. It’s so good. 

Natasha: I love it. Yeah. I’m so happy that you read it too, like earlier on in your journey. It’s such a good one to, I think, come back to and kind of study again and again.

Melissa: Yes, absolutely. Now I love hearing about people’s morning routines and all of the little things that you do throughout the day. So can you talk us through a quote unquote typical day in your life? I know no two days are ever the same, but I know you’re very passionate about health as I am. So can you tell us.

What time you wake up, when you work out and all the little things that you do throughout your day to help you. Be the woman that you are. 

Natasha: Yes, I love this question because I am always so interested in this as well from anybody. I think it just gives you such a peek into like [00:43:00] who they really are. So like you said, not every two days are the same, but on a typical day, I’m aiming to wake up between 4 to 5 a.

  1. and I’ll get up, Drink water. And then from there, I just get right into an hour or two of deep work because I’m fully uninterrupted. My brain is the freshest and I’ve found I’m just hyper productive during that time. If I can just like say, Hey, I’m going to sit down and like knock out this really important thing.

And usually it’s more of a creative task from there. Once the sun rises, I currently live across the street from the beach and it is, Just a gift that I give to myself every single day to go out there in the morning, watch the sunrise. Ideally, sometimes I’ll get out there a little bit later, but nonetheless, be able to go out there and walk in the waves or walk along the shore for just a little bit.

Even if it’s just five minutes, it just infuses so much energy and gratitude into my day. 

Melissa: Are you still in San Diego? 

Natasha: No, I’m actually now about an hour north of Miami in a city called Delray Beach. 

Melissa: Oh, wonderful. Okay, cool. All right. Keep going. [00:44:00] 

Natasha: Okay. So go ahead and do that. And then from there, usually I will work out about three to five times a week with weight training and I do that for about an hour in the morning.

So usually that’s. Between my work and my walk on the beach, like around 6 a. m., I’ll do that with a trainer. And then after that is when I’ll, for example, have a smoothie or something like I talked about just now. And then I, at this moment in time, we just got an office for the first time in our business history.

So I now go to the office. About 20 minutes. So I get to listen to an audio book or something kind of on the way, which has been really expansive as well for me. And then get in and pretty much dive into work and all the things that are going on, team training calls, et cetera. And then throughout the day, little like things that I do, I.

Love drinking a cacao drink at some point. I’m not really a coffee drinker, but I love green tea and cacao. So I’ll usually have a cacao with like some ceremonial kind of cacao, little bits. I’ll mix it in with some hot water and then have that with some protein, [00:45:00] honey, and creatine throughout the day to kind of energize myself.

And then towards the end of the day, once I get home, love to do a little bit of some Palo Santo and a little bit of stretching once I get home and candles just feel really like ritualistic for me. So I really love just being able to have kind of a transition ritual from, okay, I am, I’m very much of my masculine at work.

And now let me move a little bit more into my feminine power and my energy, you know, from there. So those are kind of the small little things that I have right now. My morning routine is not anything crazy, but it really does ground me right now. And most important things, water, movement, and sun.

Melissa: Absolutely, babe. We’re on the same page there. So I love that. Thank you for sharing so beautiful. And I love how in tune you are and you know what makes you thrive. You know that those things are going to allow you to show up as the best boss, the best version of yourself. And I think it’s very easy for us to know, and some people don’t even know, but even [00:46:00] if you do know, we know those things.

That help us thrive, yet we still don’t do them. And we need to do those things because we need to show up as the best version of ourselves, the best boss, the best mom, the best friend, the best wife, all of those things. But in order for us to do that, we have to fill ourselves up. 

Natasha: Yes. And I admire you so much.

so much for the way that you do this and prioritize this because to your point, I think it takes people way too long in life to realize that if you aren’t prioritizing your health and not just, you know, weight training or like looking good on the outside, but really feeling good on the inside as well with what you’re eating and making sure you’re getting enough oxygen and breath every day and water and movement and just healthy whole foods and all these things.

Things, supplements, et cetera. Then you know, you can really get slowed down and you’re also just not operating at your highest level. And so it doesn’t allow you as well to kind of be a role model for other people in your life, which I think is such a beautiful responsibility to be able to have [00:47:00] to your team, to your family, to your partner, and like just constantly be inspiring and evolving with who you are.

So I really admire that about you and how you’ve like had that be such an inco important core pillar to who you are and like how you operate on a daily basis, even if you don’t feel. It’s like, well, it’s what I want and who I want to be. So even if I don’t feel like doing it right now, I’m still going to do it because it serves my longterm vision.

Melissa: A hundred percent. Absolutely. Oh, I love that we’re on the same page, babe. Same page. . Okay, hun, I’ve got three rapid fire questions for you now. Are you ready? Let’s 

Natasha: do it. Yes. 

Melissa: Okay. What is one thing that we can do today for our health? Taking deeper breaths, belly breaths. Yeah, absolutely. So important. Okay, what is one thing we can do for our wealth?


Melissa: think 

Natasha: one thing you can do for your wealth right now is to really allow yourself to take even just an hour a week to, if you’re in a [00:48:00] business, you know, a CEO hour of like, how do I work on the business and not in the business? And then if it’s more around your investments or other things, just trying to constantly Give yourself space and kind of white space in your mind to find new ways to expand your wealth that don’t require you to be doing right.

But that actually allow you to multiply your wealth and not enough people are kind of zooming out and said, you’re always stuck in the grind, right? So being able to remove yourself from it forcefully, if you need to, and just say, Hey, let me just get a higher look at how I can actually be growing my wealth from the cash and money that I’m making.

Melissa: Yeah, absolutely. This is what we teach inside She Launched. It’s very different working on your business and working in your business are two very different things. I’ve always said this, like money is not a dirty word. Like we need to talk about this stuff. We need to talk about wealth creation and money and it’s not dirty and it’s not sleazy and it’s not slimy.

This is the currency that used to exchange for things that we value. And the [00:49:00] more that we can normalize it and. help each other and support each other, the better. 

Natasha: Absolutely. And I think truly early on, as I was learning more about wealth and about business, money is truly just energy and being able to allow yourself to view it in that way and say, Hey, I can use this energy to hire people.

I am receiving energy from people and their trust through this medium. And so I love Just your perspective on it and people constantly need that reminder, I think, because even though they might know it, just getting that constant reminder of, Hey, it’s okay to talk about it and about how you can have more of it and it’s okay to want more money and all these beliefs.

I think it’s exciting that we’re now in a time where we can also speak very freely about this and just be able to impact so many more people’s mindsets with X. There’s still so many people out there with broken or just very detrimental money beliefs, as you know, more than I. Yeah. 

Melissa: Oh my goodness. Yeah.

The whole first module inside SheLaunch is a mindset mastery module. [00:50:00] And in that is a money reprogramming training because it is so important. Like you need to get your mindset right. You need to cultivate like a CEO mindset in your business before you go and do any of the other stuff. Like your mindset is everything.

And it’s such a huge piece of the program SheLaunch because I know that if you don’t have that right, then everything else is going to be so much harder. 

Natasha: Yes, absolutely. No, I’m so glad that you have that in there. I mean, you have everything in there, so I’m not even surprised at all, but that is amazing.

Melissa: Yeah. Yeah. It is an incredible program and I absolutely love it. And I love teaching and I love coaching and it’s like my favorite thing to do. So I absolutely love it. Okay, speaking of love, what is one thing that we can all do for more love in our life today? 

Natasha: Remind people that you love them and that you appreciate them.

Even just one person a [00:51:00] day that comes across your mind, maybe you haven’t talked to them in months or even years, but just being able to pop in and send them a little note. Doesn’t need to be anything super deep, but just letting them know that you appreciate having them in your life. 

Melissa: Mm. Beautiful. Yeah.

So simple to do, like just a quick message or a little voice message and so impactful. So quick, but so impactful. I love it. Last one. Can you tell us something that you have recently changed your mind about? 

Natasha: Yes. And this is a bit personal, but perhaps it’ll resonate for some people who maybe work with their partner in a business like you do, or even just spend a lot of time with someone.

Maybe it’s a best friend or a parent or spouse, partner, friend, co worker. Children. Yes, children. And that is that I’ve changed my mind about how I used to think that I was being collaborative [00:52:00] by constantly asking for their opinion, almost like asking for permission. And I’ve realized that I no longer want to use other people as a crutch to not do something or be a certain way.

Because I might try to talk myself out of like going after a big goal or something saying, Oh, they would say X, Y, Z, or maybe like it wouldn’t align for them. Or, you know, they would tell me all these things about how maybe it’s difficult this way or whatever, have you, and it’s out of love and it’s out of them wanting to support you with a plan perhaps.

But I am constantly was, you know, seeking permission from my partner, even subconsciously and everything. Right. And so now I’ve changed my mind about how. Um, coming to them to ask for their opinion should only be when I’ve said, Hey, I’ve given myself permission to do this thing. I’m not using them as a crutch to like make a decision or to do something or ideate.

But instead I value their opinion on this, but it’s not going to change how I think or how I look at this thing that I feel [00:53:00] really strongly about. So there’s a bit more context, you know, to kind of that concept, but it’s something that I think for a long time I was just kind of subconsciously doing because.

You know, my husband and I spend so much time together because we run the business together. We spend time together obviously at home and then we go to dinners with people and all these things. We’re constantly together, very intertwined. So to be able to kind of lean off of that and just constantly give myself permission to be whatever the hell I want to be and what I want to do is something that I’ve recently changed my mind about.

Melissa: Oh, I love that for you so much. so much. And. It’s very easy when we work with our partner to slip into that. As you were speaking, I was like, Ooh, I feel like I do that sometimes too. And it’s so interesting because my business was very successful and thriving before I met Nick. And then he came in and he obviously has amplified everything and taken it to a whole new level, which is beautiful.

But it was just me. I used to make all of these decisions on my own. Like I didn’t [00:54:00] have anyone to kind of ask, Oh, what do you think about this? So I love that. And it’s really empowering. And I feel like the more we can practice this with like little things. Then that will drip feed over into the bigger decisions and it’s really such a beautiful quality to have to feel so confident in trusting your intuition and going, this is what feels good for me.

And I love that. 

Natasha: Yes. Ah, so beautifully said. One hundred percent resonate with all of that. 

Melissa: Natasha, this has been amazing. I have absolutely. Loved chatting with you. I have got so much out of it myself. I know the listeners are going to love it and get so much out of it. I’m sure they’re all taking lots and lots of notes.

You are helping so many people in their businesses. You are elevating what they already do. And I feel like that’s what you do. You’re like, you’re an elevator to. What everyone’s already doing. And you’re a fast tracker, which is like, I love [00:55:00] your programs called the fast track program. So I want to know how can I and the listeners give back and serve you?

You are helping and serving so many people. How can I and the listeners give back to you today? 

Natasha: Oh, I love that question. I think that the best thing that anyone could do to help serve me is to simply take action on what we have shared with you here. You know, use the guide that Melissa is going to share in the notes to get started with your DM automation, or if you’re ready to take it a step further, then explore that, or at least reach out to me and ask a couple of questions around how you in your specific business could elevate and use this to grow your revenue more, and just seeing you implement it.

And then seeing you have the light bulb moment of Holy crap, this worked and this can help take me to the next level is all the satisfaction that I need to have the best day ever. So that would bring me more joy than anything is just seeing you all implement this and not be afraid of it. We’ve talked about, you know, [00:56:00] coincidentally so many different ways to kind of move around mindset blocks or like doubts and myths and beliefs that people have here on this episode of the podcast and in the same fashion, like.

Be bold and don’t ask for permission. You don’t need permission from anyone to test this out and just see how it goes for you. And then from there, you’ll have the data to decide if it’s something that you want to continue to do, but you’ll never know unless you try just how good the results can be.

Melissa: Absolutely. And I can vouch for that. They’re amazing. So thank you for being here. This has been such a delight. You are such a treasure. And I’m so grateful that we have been able to connect and for you to share all of this wisdom with us today. Thank you for being here. 

Natasha: Thank you so much for having me.

You are such an incredible host and interviewer and just conversator the way that your energy just like lights up. I mean, we’re not even in person together, but just like the virtual room, the virtual sound room. No, truly. I am just in awe of [00:57:00] how you run your life, your business, this podcast and the way that you serve your audience.

So thank you so much for having me here. And thank you everyone for listening. I hope you got a ton out of this and please let me know what questions you have and what types of results you start to see as well as you test things out. 

Melissa: Yes. It’s so exciting. And don’t forget to go to melissaambrosini. com forward slash to check out Natasha’s program and go to the Instagram post for your chance to win one of her three incredible offers.

Thank you so much for being here. You are a delight.

Is your mind blown and are you excited to try this out? I hope that you are so excited to give this a try. To dive in and see the results for yourself. And I truly hope that you love this conversation. I had so much fun doing it. And if you did, please follow the show. And if you haven’t already leave me a review on Apple podcast, because that means that I can keep getting on these incredible [00:58:00] humans, just like Natasha.

And also means that all of my episodes will just pop up in your feed. So you never have to go searching for a new episode. Now, come and tell me on Instagram at Melissa Ambrosini, if you are going to try this, I want to know, come and connect with me, come and tell me, I would love to hear from you. And before I go, I just wanted to say, thank you so much for being here, for wanting to be the best, the healthiest and the happiest version of yourself and for showing up today for you.

You rock. Now, if there’s someone in your life that you can think of that would really benefit from this episode, please share it with them right now. You can take a screenshot, share it on your social media, email it to them, text it to them. Do whatever you’ve got to do to get this in their ears. And until next time, don’t forget that love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word.

Thank you so much for listening. I’m so honored that you’re here and would be SO grateful if you could leave me a review on Apple podcasts, that way we can inspire and educate even more people together.

P.S. If you’re looking for a high-impact marketing opportunity for your business and are interested in becoming a sponsor for The Melissa Ambrosini Show podcast, please email pr@melissaambrosini.com for more information.

P.P.S. Please seek advice from a qualified holistic practitioner before starting any new health practice.

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