How To Fall In Love With Your Period


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Do you loathe “that time of the month”? 

Have you spent years — or even decades — trying to ignore your period?

Join me for this insightful episode and learn how to embrace period positivity and find the sacredness in your cycle. 

You’ll hear the 4 strategies that helped me fall in love with my monthly flow and transform my relationship with my period. (Have you tried strategy #3 yet? It was a total game-changer for me!) 

It’s a must-listen ep for anyone who either *has* a uterus, or loves someone who does.

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Episode Resources

The Pill, Periods And Fertility With Dr Nat Kringoudis
Heal Your Hormones With Alisa Vitti
Period Tracker Period Calendar
Tom Organic
Diva Cup
JuJu Period Care
Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini
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P.S. Please seek advice from a qualified holistic practitioner before starting any new health practice.

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Happy Monday!

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    • Erika
      August 10, 2020

      I loved this episode thank you for sharing x I’m looking for the menstral app you mentioned in this podcast that you recommended. With gratitude, Erika x

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