1. How to future-proof your social media following
  2. How repurposing your content can make your business more resilient
  3. Why investing in your personal brand is the secret sauce to weathering storms ☔


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Last week, there was a major development that could shake up the social media landscape in a big way: the U.S. has passed legislation that could ban TikTok. 

If you’re an entrepreneur or content creator in the US who uses TikTok, you might understandably be worried right now. 

But even if you’re not on TikTok or not in the US, this is still a crucial moment for all online business owners.

Read on for some vital lessons that all of us need to be actioning asap, whether you’re on TikTok or not.

1. Own your audience.

Having followers on social media is great, but they can be taken away in a heartbeat — you could get banned for no reason, the algorithm could change, an entire platform could disappear, Zuck might decide to shut everything down tomorrow… the list is endless!

The only way to future-proof your audience is to be able to stay in touch with them in a way that YOU control and YOU own the rights too. 

The best way to do this in an online business has always been and still remains to build an email list

(If you want to know more about how to get your followers onto your list, let me know and I can write more about this.)

Hot tip: If it’s not already on your list of business goals, put “list building” on there right now. It’s one of the simplest and most powerful ways to future-proof your business. It needs to be a priority.

2. Never rely on a single channel for your survival.

If your entire business is on a single social media channel, you are vulnerable. 

Now, if you’ve ever done any business training with me, you will know that I am a massive fan of simplifying your social media, and will passionately talk for hours about how you should NOT spread yourself too thin and try to show up everywhere at once.

That point still stands.

But there’s a fine line between optimising and leaving yourself vulerable. 

My best recommendation is this: focus on one platform and optimize it. ✅

Once you’ve hit your stride and are getting traction, THEN you can strategically diversify and ensure you have multiple touchpoints with your audience. 

That way, if one channel goes down, your business doesn’t go with it.

Hot tip: Be smart here by repurposing your content. One of my favourite ways we do this in my business is by filming all my podcast interviews. That way, one single act of content creation can be leveraged in multiple ways — on my podcast, on YouTube, on Instagram, etc.

3. Invest in Your Brand, Not Just Your Platform.

Your brand’s identity and reputation should transcend any single platform. 

While TikTok might be where you interact with many of your customers, make sure they know and trust your brand beyond it. 

Invest in branding efforts that highlight your values and unique selling proposition, not just your social media presence. 

This builds a stronger, more recognizable brand that can easily move across different platforms or adapt to new ones.

Hot tip: I created a worksheet on how to build a personal brand that’s SO powerful, my team wants me to turn it into a product. But I want to give it to you, for free, because I think it’s important. If you want to snag your copy before they convince me otherwise, jump over here to get it.

4. Build Strong Connections.

When it comes to social media, numbers are just the surface. 

What really matters is how deeply you connect with your audience. 

Focus on creating content that really speaks to them and encourages real interaction. 

This builds a loyal community around your brand, and ensures that people will follow you, no matter where you go or what happens to the social media landscape.

The Bottom Line

The threat of a TikTok ban is more than just a scare; it’s a reminder of how important it is to be proactive and prepared in your business strategy. 

By owning your audience, diversifying your touchpoints, investing in your brand, and building meaningful connections, you set up your business to thrive no matter what comes your way. 

Remember, the best defense against change is a good offense. 

Plan wisely, and you’ll be able to handle whatever the digital world throws at you.

You’ve got this, Beautiful! ✨

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Til next time, sending so much love,

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