How To Avoid Burnout When You’re Sharing Online







  1. How to share authentically online while prioritizing and protecting your own wellbeing
  2. How batching your social media can radically reduce your mental load
  3. Why smart content creators master the art of repurposing [includes a case study, so you can see this in action]

These days, it seems like everyone and their grandmother has a social media presence (and yes, some grandmothers are absolutely killing it on TikTok!). 

But sometimes, the pressure to capture and share moments from your life can be more draining than trying to explain what a hashtag is to your great-aunt Agatha. 

Before you know it, you’re viewing your whole life through the lens of your Insta feed, always wondering, ‘How can I turn this into content?’

Not only does this mindset tear you out of the present moment, it can also lead to exhaustion, burnout, and even impact your mental health.

So where’s the sweet spot? How do you find a balance between building an active presence online… while also protecting your own wellbeing?

Read on for 7 strategies that can completely change your approach to social media.

1. Set firm boundaries around what and when you share.

While it’s tempting to give followers an all-access pass to your life, that’s a surefire route to Burnout City. 

To ensure that your social sharing is sustainable for the long term, it’s essential to set boundaries. 

For instance, maybe you decide not to share pictures of your child or only do so without revealing their face. Maybe your relationship is off limits. Or maybe you never share content on weekends.

Such boundaries aren’t just about privacy; they also protect your mental space. Decide on your non-negotiables and stick to them.

One of my personal social media boundaries? I never share pictures of my daughter’s face.

2. Authenticity ≠ Sharing Everything.

The online world can sometimes feel demanding, with many content creators feeling like they owe their followers constant updates. 

But the truth is, you don’t owe anyone anything. If there are chapters or areas of your life that you’d rather keep personal, trust that instinct. Your well-being always comes first. 

And if you’re worried that holding back some pieces of your life somehow makes you ‘inauthentic’, please do yourself a massive favor and release that outdated belief right now.

Being authentic on social media is NOT about broadcasting every detail of your life; it’s about sharing content that feels aligned, true, and genuinely *you*.

3. Practice impeccable digital hygiene.

Instead of being glued to your screen during every free moment, designate specific times for checking and updating your social media. The rest of the time is for living.

If you need help getting back in control of your screen time, I highly recommend reading Chapter 6 of Time Magic, the book I co-wrote with my husband, Nick. You can check it out here.

4. Give yourself regular digital vacations.

Everyone needs a vacation sometimes, and that includes a break from socials.

Designate days, weekends or even whole weeks where you log off completely. Embrace the presence and stillness that comes with disconnecting from the online world.

And if the idea of doing this makes you nervous, please trust me when I say: your ideal customer and the right audience will still be there for you when you return.

5. Post later, not in the moment.

Imagine you’re at a picturesque sunset or a surprise birthday party. Instead of immediately diving into capturing, captioning and posting, take a step back. Breathe in the moment. Feel its beauty. 

If you do decide to capture content, consider posting it later. That way, you can enjoy the real-time experience without the digital distraction. I do this all the time when I’m at an event or party which allows me to really enjoy the moment and not have my head in my phone.

6. Capture once, post twice.

A smart content creator knows the art of repurposing. 

If you’ve got a good photo or video from an event, think of multiple ways to use it.

You can even use the exact same content, but share it with different captions or contexts. This reduces the constant pressure of creating new content.

When you are at an event spend a few minutes getting as much content as you can and then get back to the party.

7. Batch Your Socials

Instead of randomly thinking about content all day every day, designate specific times when you can get hyper-focused and get a whole batch done at once — drafting captions, planning reels, or scheduling your posts for the week. 

By batching tasks, you reduce the mental load. Plus, it ensures that social media doesn’t always loom large in your mind.

The Key Takeaway

While sharing online can be hugely rewarding, it’s crucial to remember: you only get one wild and precious life, and it deserves to be fully lived. 

So if you’re feeling internal pressure to capture a moment for its content value, but you’d honestly rather just soak it up in the present, then please consider this your permission slip to always, ALWAYS choose your life.

Because let’s face it: it’s the life you live, not the one you show, that truly counts.

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