7 Surprising Skills That Got Me To 7 Figures in My Business

7 Surprising Skills That Got Me To 7 Figures in My Business







  • What Oprah can teach us about delegation.
  • The crucial but unsexy skill that most people overlook.
  • The unexpected importance of emotional intelligence.


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There’s a saying I love: “What got you here won’t get you there.” 

It means that what gets you results at the beginning of a journey won’t necessarily work once you reach the next level.

When I started my online business, I thought that in order to reach 7 figures, I basically just needed to do MORE of the same, and build on the skills I’d already developed.

But guess what? The path to success was different from what I expected.

Today, I’m sharing the 7 surprising skills I had to learn to hit that 7-figure mark.

Here they are…

1. Guilt-Free Delegation.

I used to think I had to be Superwoman in my business. That it was noble and necessary to do everything myself. 

But here’s the truth: if you want your business to grow, you simply can’t do it all. 

Seriously, can you imagine Steve Jobs or Oprah writing every sales email? Or sending off the monthly invoices? Of course not! They hire a gun to do it for them. Then they get back to doing the stuff that’s in their zone of genius.

Learning to delegate was a HUGE shift for me. Trusting my team and letting go of the reins a bit allowed me to focus on what I do best (creating content, idea generation, marketing, writing books, speaking on stages, podcasting) and this helped my business thrive. 

Plus, it’s way more fun to celebrate wins as a team!

2. Pro-Level Patience.

Patience may not sound sexy, but it’s absolutely essential for success. 

Many entrepreneurs put in the effort to implement strategies, only to become frustrated when results aren’t immediate. Developing patience means giving things the time they need to grow.

Consider this: Your first YouTube video might not gain much traction. Neither might your second, tenth, or even twentieth. But if you have the patience to keep showing up month after month, creating 50, 100, or even 200 videos, you’ll eventually see significant results. 

Patience allows you to build a solid foundation, learn from each experience, and ultimately achieve the success you’re aiming for. It’s about trusting the process and understanding that real growth takes time and persistence.

3. Know Your Numbers.

There’s a common misconception that money stuff is something you can outsource to an accountant or book-keeper.

But if you want to hit the 7-figure mark, financial literacy is non-negotiable. Even if you’re outsourcing this stuff, you still need to know your numbers at a high level.

Now, this is not something that’s always come naturally to me. (So if it doesn’t feel second nature to you just yet, don’t worry — you’ll get there!) 

I had to learn how to read financial statements, manage cash flow, forecast our earnings, and make smart investments in our growth. This knowledge empowered me to make better decisions and grow my business strategically. And these days, my monthly ‘money-date’ with Nick is something I actually look forward to, which I never would have imagined years ago!

4. Emotional Intelligence.

Business isn’t just about the bottom line; it’s about people — both the ones you are serving, and the ones helping you bring your vision to life. 

Developing emotional intelligence helped me build stronger relationships with my team, handle conflicts like a pro, lead with empathy, and also understand my audience on a much deeper level. 

EQ > IQ, my friends!

5. Savvy Stress Management.

We all know that managing our stress is important. But if you want to grow your business, it’s crucial. 

Think about it: if you’re not coping with stress where you’re at now, how are you going to cope when there are even more decisions to make, more people to manage, and more customers to serve?

Most people don’t realize this, but your capacity to grow your business is in direct proportion to your capacity to manage, navigate and release stress.


Hot tip: Meditation and breathwork are amazing for releasing stress, as is learning how to regulate and care for your nervous system. If you need some extra help in this area, grab my meditations here and check out Episode #557 – Unlock Your Potential & Heal Your Nervous System With Breathwork | Samantha Skelly.

6. Storytelling.

When I started out in business, I thought storytelling was confined to the realm of fairy tales and novels. BOY, was I wrong! 

Storytelling is essential in so many parts of business. Yes, there are the obvious things like social media posts, blog posts and podcasts, where good storytelling skills are massively helpful. 

But this skill is powerful in so many other areas too — whether you’re inspiring a movement, connecting with your audience, or pitching your ideas.

In fact, if you look carefully, you’ll see that virtually every successful entrepreneur is a master storyteller, whether they realize it or not.


Hot tip: Want to elevate your storytelling skills so you can put them to use in your business? Take a listen to Episode #525 – Become A Master Storyteller & Increase Your Profits | Colin Boyd and Episode # 540 – How To Sound More Confident & Communicate Like A Pro | Vanessa Van Edwards

7. Self-Care Mastery.

This one might sound fluffy, but trust me, it’s not. In fact, it might be the most important skill of all. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, YOU are the most important asset in your business. So taking care of yourself isn’t just a “nice thing to do”, it’s literally ensuring that your most valuable asset and income-generating tool (YOU!) is able to perform at a high level.

Looking after yourself in this way is not about bubble baths and face masks (although those are great). It’s about maintaining your energy, tending to your well-being, and giving your body and mind the things they need to thrive.

The Bottom Line

To reach seven figures in your business you need to develop the skills that support long-term growth and success. 

So — which of these skills do you need to work on, Beautiful? 

Wherever you decide to start, remember that the road to 7 figures doesn’t require perfection, it requires action. 

What are you waiting for? You’ve got this! ✨

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