Loving Yourself, Overcoming Fear And Building A Global Empire With Lorna Jane


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It’s always so inspiring to meet people who are kicking butt in not just one, but multiple life areas. They’re my favourite people to interview because they’ve perfected the art of peak performance, and always have so many useful insights to share about what it takes to get to the top. Today’s podcast guest, Lorna Jane, is a shining example of one of these peak performers. A business guru with an uber-successful global empire, she’s also rocking radiant health, a kickass mindset, off-the-charts self-love, a beautiful marriage (25 years and counting), and a love-filled personality to boot… It’s a seriously impressive array of achievements (and did I mention she’s a total sweetheart too?!)

The seed for Lorna’s fashion empire was first planted in 1985, when she came up with the then-radical idea that gym wear could also be worn as lifestyle clothing. She thought that if she could design pieces that were both fashionable and functional, it would inspire women to put on their activewear and actually want to work out! Lorna’s unique vision quickly turned into a global movement — a complete way of life that has transformed not only what women wear all over the world, but also how they think and feel about health and wellness. This is a woman with serious cred, who’s influenced and revolutionised multiple industries… and she’s not done yet!

If you are ready for some serious inspiration, you are going to L.O.V.E. this episode.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Her journey from fitness instructor to CEO of a global activewear company (06:40)
  • How she overcomes fear in her daily life (10:24)
  • Her darkest times and how she moved through them (15:47)
  • How to bust through fear (22:52)
  • Her self love journey (26:04)
  • The biggest thing that broke her heart (28:16)
  • Her best self love tips (32:37)
  • The big thing that she has struggled with all her life which brought her to tears (36:58)
  • Whether you can be a successful entrepreneur and have children (43:59)
  • Working and living with your partner (47:39)
  • Plus so much more!

Episode resources:

Lorna Jane Website
Move Nourish Believe Website
Love You by Lorna Jane
Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

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P.S. Please seek advice from a qualified holistic practitioner before starting any new health practice.

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    • Chloe
      November 16, 2017

      There is not a big enough font to how much I LOVED this episode! I always take away something from every episode Melissa does however this particular episode spoke to me on so many levels. I’ve been putting off for so long my ideas on how I can create more magic in the world from my own triumphs with my mean girl always telling me some crazy story but as I write this is am sitting on the beach planning out my first event and it’s this episode that helped get me get my but into gear because there is no such thing as to many people putting love & magic out into the world!
      Thank you Melissa for everything you do & showing women like me the magic that can happen when we open wide and just be ourselves. xx

      • November 17, 2017

        HELL YEAH SISTA! So freaking proud of you and so excited for your event. Go get it angel. xx

      • Raquel Garcia-Garrido
        March 8, 2018

        Good luck in your events! is soo nice to have this webpage, I feel like I have a friend with positive things in my ear all day long! via a blog, via post casts, meditation, via email, via reading a book, via learning on video conferences, via goddess reunions! honestly! Melissa, what she is doing for the girlies out there is amazing!

    • Libby
      November 16, 2017

      what a lovely interview!

    • Bonnie
      November 16, 2017

      Thank you so much Melissa and Lorna!
      This episode has been my favourite so far. So inspiring from a well-being AND business point of view.
      I remember all the horrible things said in the media and hearing Lorna's experience with them and also her vulnerability about how 'meanness' impacts her, has moved me to tears!

      • November 17, 2017

        She's pretty amazing huh! Thanks for listening honey and please leave me a review if you feel called. xx

    • November 16, 2017

      Oh. My. Goodness. THIS. What an inspirational episode! Lorna I resonated with you on so many levels, you're a beautiful human and it's refreshing that you are so honest and wear your heart on your sleeve. I also believe the positivity is a superpower and that's what the world needs. I love the LJ range and what your brand stands for.

      Thank you Melissa for this episode! Insightful as always

    • Cally
      November 16, 2017

      Fantastic pod cast one of my favourite so far. Found her so real and honest what she has achieved is phenomenal yet she made me feel like I could do whatever I wanted to too. Thanks for a great inspirational pod cast

      • November 17, 2017

        Pleasure Cally. Thanks for listening and please leave me a review if you feel called. xx

    • November 20, 2017

      Omg this!! I’m so glad I listened to this today - I’m in the midst of launching my business and her words really resonated with me - really helped to validate all of my feelings and all of the nights and weekends I’m putting in to make my business a reality. Thank you!

    • Abbey Mancell
      December 5, 2017

      Love listening to this, so inspiring! Thank you so much Melissa and Lorna for providing me with so much belief in myself, i feel ready to take on the world

    • Ashlei
      December 6, 2017

      I really, really enjoyed this podcast!

      What an inspiration! I can relate to Lorna so much.


    • March 5, 2018

      Hi Ladies! Both Lorna and Melissa. I address to you both, because I listened to this podcast this week, and felt soo connected! so I though eh! in the name of sister to sister, everyone deserves a good compliment! so here it is, inspiring, down to earth ladies. I am in the idea process of a business, and the middle of loads of much needed inspiration. So thanks for this podcast! just purchased my Mastering your Mean girl book, and this is really inspiring to work on! Thank you both!

    • Mrs L.
      April 28, 2019

      Amazing and inspiring sparkly ladies. Thank you!!

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