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How I Found A Way To Enjoy Motherhood More (Even When I Wasn’t In The Mood!)







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Let’s face it: every mama wants to enjoy motherhood more. But when you’re juggling a million commitments or feeling pulled in every direction at once, it can feel challenging to let go of the stress and get back into happy mama mode!

If you relate, I want to share a lightbulb moment with you. It’s something that struck me recently about how to enjoy motherhood more. Let’s dive in…

It started when I was having a bad day…

It was early afternoon and my daughter had just woken up from her nap. I’d had one of “those” mornings with my work — stuff kept going wrong, tech was breaking, nothing was flowing, and I hadn’t completed nearly as much as I wanted to.

As I went to get my daughter out of her cot, I could feel that I was irritable and that my nervous system was about to start sliding into ‘stress mode’, but I knew that wasn’t what I wanted — not for me, and especially not for my daughter.

It took a LOT of energy, but I consciously said to myself: ‘Melissa, take a breath. Think of something nice you can do together to shake off your mood.’ 

I didn’t have any good ideas…

But somehow, my daughter and I found ourselves in our garden.  

With her face still sleepy from her nap, we started exploring — the veggie patch, the fruit trees, the garden beds beyond. We walked the length of our property and then the surrounding streets. We even made a new friend: Skip the dog and his little owner Jake. We chatted to our new friends, and hours later found ourselves back home ready for dinner. 

I didn’t have my phone so I had no idea what the time was but I didn’t care. I was so present, in the moment, in nature, with her. It was magic! 

When we finally got home, it struck me…

So often, the most heartwarming, enjoyable moments of motherhood are nestled in the simple, everyday activities. 

And yet those beautifully ordinary instances are so easily overlooked in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

It’s up to us to slow down and consciously cherish those fleeting moments — and even the gentle chaos that comes with them…

Because in the end, it’s these small, daily joys that truly enrich our journey and help us enjoy motherhood more.

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What about you, angel? What do you do to enjoy motherhood more — especially on those days where you’re stuck in stress mode or simply aren’t *feeling it*?! I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. (I read every single one!)

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