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7 Surprising Lessons from the Top 1% (That’ll Help You Achieve Your Wildest Dreams)







  1. How successful people view risk. (Hint: it’s different to how everyone else views it!).
  2. Why the top 1% deliberately stretch themselves outside their comfort zones.
  3. The critical importance of being radically honest with yourself.


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One of the coolest perks of having a top-rated podcast is getting to meet people who are usually out of reach. 

I’m talking about the absolute best of the best; the top 1% of achievers – the ones who have written New York Times best selling books, broken records and achieved mind-blowing things.

After more than 500+ conversations with these incredible people, I’ve picked up some game-changing success habits that can completely transform the trajectory of your life.

Today, I’m sharing 7 of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned from these extraordinary ‘one percenters’.

Are you ready to unlock a level of success you’ve never imagined? 

Let’s jump right in.

1. Stop Trying To Be An A+ Student

Too many people go through life like they’re still in school — always trying to impress, doing what’s expected, and trying to produce work that won’t get criticized.

But this approach breeds caution, fear and perfectionism. 

High performers know that to achieve things that have never been done before, they need to take risks that they’ve never taken before. 

Top performers, on the other hand, understand that to do something groundbreaking, they have to take risks they’ve never taken before. 

Sure, not every risk leads to success. But for high achievers, it’s always worth it because they know that:

  1. Taking risks is the only way to be exceptional, and
  2. Even if things don’t go to plan, they know that there will be valuable lessons and insights to take from the experience that will set them up for success next time.

N020 - Image #1Getting it done beats getting it “perfect”, every time.

2. Focus on Value, Not Validation

The most successful people aren’t driven by applause, but by the value they create. 

They focus on the impact of their work, not the accolades. 

This one mindset shift alone can be a complete game-changer — especially if you’re an entrepreneur or a creative.

N020 - Success - Image #23. Seek Out Discomfort

The top 1% deliberately put themselves in uncomfortable situations. They understand that growth happens at the edge of our comfort zone. 

So whether it’s public speaking, learning a new skill, or exploring unfamiliar territory, they seek out that discomfort as a catalyst for personal and professional development.

4. Nurture Relationships

Success isn’t a solo journey. The top 1% invest in relationships. 

They understand the power of networking, mentorship, and collaboration. 

They know that surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals accelerates growth and opens up new opportunities.

N020 - Image #3One of my favorite things to do: surround myself with like-minded babes.

5. Prioritize Health and Well-being

Your health is your wealth. 

High performers prioritize their physical and mental health, understanding that a thriving body and mind are essential for sustained success. 

They take self-care, exercise, and mindfulness as seriously as they take their work.

6. Set Audacious Goals

The top 1% don’t shy away from setting bold, audacious goals. They understand that aiming high propels them further, even if they fall short. 

These goals act as powerful motivators, pushing them to stretch themselves, innovate, and achieve extraordinary results.

7. Practice Radical Honesty — With Yourself

Exceptionally successful people practice radical honesty, both with themselves and others. 

This means having the courage to face and speak the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable. 

This approach fosters trust, clears confusion, and can lead to significant breakthroughs in personal growth and relationships.

N020 - Success - Image #4

The Bottom Line

These 7 secrets from the top 1% are more than just tips; they’re a blueprint for a successful, fulfilling life. 

Integrating these habits and mindset shifts into your daily routine can propel you towards your wildest dreams — and beyond. 

Remember, success isn’t just about reaching the top; it’s about the journey and the growth 

So take these lessons and run with them. Make bold moves, learn from every step, and watch as doors open in ways you never imagined.

You’ve got this, Beautiful! ✨

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