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The #1 Limiting Belief Holding You Back From Everything You’ve Ever Wanted







  1. The mindset secrets that all high performers know.
  2. How to recognize the thin line between being reasonably prepared and procrastinating.
  3. Why it’s okay if you never feel 100% ready (and what to focus on instead).


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Have you ever stood on the edge of a dream or an important goal, only to whisper to yourself, “I’m not ready”? 

If so, you’re not alone. 

During my 13 years of running an online business, this is the #1 most common limiting belief I’ve seen in my clients.

In fact, this one simple phrase — “I’m not ready” — is perhaps the single most significant barrier to achieving our goals, living our fullest lives and realizing our potential.

So today, I’m going to show you how to dismantle it…

At first glance, “I’m not ready” might seem like a harmless, even rational statement. It feels responsible and cautious. 

But in reality, it’s a limiting belief that’s deeply rooted in fear — fear of failure, fear of the unknown, and sometimes, even fear of success.

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Where Does This Fear Come From?

This belief stems from the flawed idea that there WILL come a time when you magically feel “ready”, and you shouldn’t take action until that moment.

Usually, this means waiting until — 

  • The timing is 100% ‘perfect’, with no commitments on the calendar to interfere with your journey.
  • You’re 100% prepared, having gathered all the skills, tools, and characteristics needed to become an instant expert.
  • You feel 100% confident, with no shred of doubt, uncertainty or worry.

Unfortunately, even achieving just ONE of these elements is pretty rare, let alone all three.

Which means that if we want to make any progress on our goals, we’re going to need to find some workarounds…

1. Why There’s No Such Thing as the ‘Perfect Time’

Hands up if you’ve ever delayed taking action because the timing or your life circumstances weren’t ideal?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! It’s easy to fall into this trap, postponing our plans until work settles down, or the kids start school, or our partner finally gets that promotion.

We tell ourselves that when those things fall into place, THEN we’ll start. THEN we’ll take action. THEN we’ll make progress.

But the truth is, those moments — where all your ducks are neatly in a row — are few and far between. 

So if you’re always waiting for ‘perfect conditions’, odds are, you’ll be waiting a loooooong time — and missing out on heaps of good opportunities in the process.

High achievers know this.

Sure, they still consider timing. It’s still an important factor in their decisions.

But they don’t wait until every tiny issue is resolved or until their calendar is magically clear before taking action.

Instead of waiting for the “perfect time”, they look for the next clear opportunity

Then they jump into action.

Try this simple mindset shift for yourself — it can literally change your life.

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2. Why You Don’t Need To Be Fully Prepared

Doing *some* preparation is important, but waiting until you’re 100% prepared is a form of procrastination.

Think about the high achievers and world-class performers out there — they didn’t have every step figured out from the start. What they did was learn on the go, make changes, and grow through their experiences.

If you often find yourself getting bogged down in the preparation or planning phase of your goals, aim to strike a balance: you want to be reasonably prepared, but still be open to learning and adapting along the way.

There’s a fine line between doing the necessary groundwork and just stalling. Trust your gut to tell you when you’re starting to put things off more than you should.

3. Why It’s Okay If You Don’t Feel 100% Ready

It’s super rare to feel *completely* ready to make a big change in your life.

Very occasionally, it might happen. For example, I woke up one morning and knew I was ready to have babies. It was like a switch had been flicked.

But honestly? That level of certainty is rare. (Most of my friends never had that feeling and just dove in — and couldn’t be happier that they did!) 

There’s actually a biological reason for this resistance to change: our brains are wired to keep us safe and stick to what we know, which is why stepping into new territory often feels uncomfortable. 

But contrary to popular belief, this discomfort isn’t necessarily an indicator that you’re not ready; it’s a natural response to stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone. 

The key to moving through this discomfort?

Shift your focus. Instead of wanting to “feel ready”, be willing to take action DESPITE those awkward, stretchy feelings.


Hot tip: Here’s a secret that all high performers know, but almost everyone else misses: you usually only feel ready after you start doing something, not before. In other words, action is the spark that ignites confidence, not the other way around.

The Bottom Line

If you’re struggling to take action on your goals, it’s time to flip your mental script.

Instead of telling yourself ‘I’m not ready’, embrace a new belief: ‘Ready or not, here I come’. 

And remember: your dreams are waiting — not for perfection, not for readiness, not for unwavering confidence… but for you to simply make a move. 

All we have is the present, and the best time to get started is right now.

So what are you waiting for, Beautiful? Let’s do this! ✨

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Til next time, sending so much love,

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  1. Pixie says:

    Hey Melissa. I am on the threshold of starting my Life Coaching business. You have made a big difference with your (you feel ready only after you start doing something,not before)
    This is so true for me. I do feel more ready now.
    My dreams ARE waiting for me to simply make a move.

    • Hey Pixie, make that move and keep moving forward. Don’t let fear and doubt stop you from moving. Move, move, move babe. Also have you seen SheLaunch, I think you will LOVE it. Check it out and let me know what you think. I also have a FREE 5 Day Challenge next week which you will get so much out of. Save your spot and come join us. It’s going to be epic. xx

  2. Katrin Howes says:

    Thank you Melissa!

    I am so excited to read your most current BLOG articles and be part of the SHE Launch Community. Your love for women and seeing them live their wildest dreams is so beautiful to behold. Thank you for embracing this next part of your journey with your lovely hubby Nick and the SHE Launch Team. xxx

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