The Morning & Night Routines That Nourish My Body & Soul

The Morning & Night Routines That Nourish My Body & Soul







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I’ve shared in-depth in this post all about how powerful morning & night routines are, why they are so important and exactly how you can create one of your own. And I’ve shared here on the podcast and here about my personal routine. But I was recently asked in an interview to share an updated morning routine since having Bambi, so here it is my friend…

  • I let my body wake naturally when it wants to, which is usually between 4:30/5am. Whilst I am waking up and sliding from unconscious to conscious, I will say 3 things I’m grateful for. I will sometimes lay there for a while longer and do my Vedic mantra. After that, I will do a visualisation where I imagine covering Bambi in white protection light, then flooding her body with white healing light and balancing all her chakras.  
  • I then go to the bathroom, scrape my tongue (which is an ayurvedic detox practice), brush my teeth and wash my face.
  • Then I hydrate with a glass of warm water and sometimes take a probiotic. 
  • I then meditate for 20 minutes, doing a Vedic practice. I’ve done this since 2013.
  • After my meditation, I will say a prayer, ask for guidance, surrender everything over to the higher power, and ask Source to use me as a vehicle for love today.
  • I sometimes write in my journal or read a few pages of an inspiring text.
  • I read my goals.
  • I work out 3 mornings a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I work out at home with a program from my personal trainer. I used to love going to classes but since having Bambi, I love the convenience of working out from home. In the mornings I don’t work out I may do some foam rolling or go for a walk. 
  • I then shower and get ready for the day. 
  • At 7am, my day with Bambi begins. I wake her up with a beautiful song I made up for her and I sing this same song every morning. Then she has a big breastfeeding, and I get her dressed for the day.
  • We play and have a morning dance in the kitchen, we read books and spend time together.  
  • At 7:45am/8am-ish we eat breakfast together — usually with papa too.
  • We brush our teeth together after breakfast. It’s really important your kids see you doing the things you want them to do. 
  • Then at 8:30am, she goes with her nanny and I do some work.

This is what I am currently doing, but it will change — and that’s ok. Be flexible. Let your morning routine evolve, but most importantly, take the time to create a sacred morning routine that lights you up.

Now let’s chat about night-time routines…

  • I’m in mama mode right up until 5pm, which is when we have dinner. Dinner has usually been prepped (or mostly prepped) at breakfast or lunch, so I may just need to do a few extra things. 
  • We eat dinner around 5pm – 5:15pm. I set the table, light our dinner candle and we say a blessing and give thanks for our food. After that, we each share 3 things we are grateful for. We sit and eat until 5:30pm-5:45pmish. We used to sit a lot longer and have beautiful long chats, but since having Bambi, by then she is finished eating and ready to get moving. 
  • Over the next 20-30 minutes, we do the dishes, we turn on the bath, we chat about food for the next day and work out what needs to be soaked overnight, then I write down our menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the following day. I make sure the kitchen is perfect for the morning and put the dishwasher on as the last thing I do before I turn off the lights. 
  • At 6pm, papa and Bambi have a bath, which is when I shower, brush my teeth and do any last-minute things around the house.
  • Around 6:20/6:30pm, I get Bambi out of the bath, dressed and I breastfeed her.
  • Once she is done, we have a play on the bed, which usually consists of rolling around, tickling, laughing, dancing, and loads of kisses.
  • At 6:45pm, Bambi and papa go into her room for books, kisses, a song and bed by 7pm.
  • From 7pm, Nick and I are foam rolling, we might have a quick chat about the next day, then we get into bed to connect, read, then sleep.
  • Most nights I am asleep by 8pm. 

Here is the blueprint to create your own successful night routine. Now I would LOVE to hear from you: what’s one thing from your morning routine and one thing from your night-time routine that you LOVE and get excited about each day? Share below in as much detail as possible. Keep in mind, that the stuff you share might just inspire someone else to fill themselves up, so let those ideas loose!

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  1. Kim says:

    I love my morning routine right now and am really trying to dial it in to make it easy and fast for everyday (mostly every workday…the other days my routine is a bit looser on timing, but I still do the same things).

    Wake naturally around 6 am. Coffee (1 cup) with stevia and plant-based milk. Shower with Sun Bum Coconut Shampoo and Deep Conditioner (we live at the beach and I am a beach girl at heart and beachy smells make me happy in the am!) Wash with Osea Cleansing Milk…Spritz Avene pure healing water [icy cold out of fridge] all over damp skin. Let that sink in. Put on Osea Hyaluronic Acid Serum and then eye cream, a touch of Conscious Coconut Coconut Oil on my lips and SPF 30 moisturizer + a dab of Sun Bum Mango SPF Lip Balm. Coconut Oil shine in hair while I brush my hair outside in the sunshine. Get dressed for work. Make a GLOW Elixir from The Beauty Chef (with Glow Powder, Collagen Booster + Marine Collagen/Berry). Then make my morning smoothie with Sunwarrior Protein (chocolate) with raw almond butter, frozen bananas and unsweetened vanilla almond milk + oatmeal (blend until almost like ice cream…yum!) Fill my water bottle for the day…go! I also take vitamins such as Omega 3-6-9, Vitamin E and some others. I know this isn’t a perfect routine…but it is what makes me a happy beach girl who also has to work all day (in spa and give good energy + possibly not get a great lunch break!)

    I am trying to work in a Spin Routine 3-4x a week…which is why I am trying to dial in my morning routine. ppy. I also love sugar cookie dough and diet coke…so this seems like a good 80/20 routine to me that makes m

  2. Kim says:

    Hi Melissa!

    My night routine is pretty simple. I usually come home and make a Super Salad for my husband and I while listening to one of your podcasts (or Nick’s). I find that it helps me decompress and reset my mind and also calms some weird anxiety I get for the next day or just trying to unwind from work. It really helps and the food seems to taste better too because it is made with love and calm! Ha. We try to ride our bikes down to the beach by the campground..where the smell of campfires and ocean breezes (and happy campers) just make you so happy! Then my husband [always] likes to unwind by watching TV (and I don’t so much). Sometimes it is a compromise…but if I am being honest…I am on my laptop ALOT. I am working on that. We don’t use much tech and I don’t do any social media…but I am attached at the hip to my laptop — partly because all media is off for me at work (due to working in spa). I am wanting to stop doing this. Last night I just went outside and looked up at the sky as the stars came out and until it got pitch black and the sky was lit up with millions of stars. That was pretty amazing I must say! We do also turn our Wifi off at night. I usually attempt to brush my teeth and wash my face before bed. Simple routine of OSEA Cleansing Milk, Avene Water misted all over (icy cold from fridge) + 100% Pure Plum Oil or 100% Natural Vitamin E Oil all over. The Plum Oil is amazing, but is very sweet and smells like Marzipan. Le Prunier…something I just started trying after working on someone who’s skin literally looked and felt like a peach. I have always just used pure Vitamin E Oil though and the results are amazing and the cost is about $6.00/bottle US for Jason Organics Pure Vitamin E Oil 32,000 IU. Also works amazing as a lip gloss!! I put on my Mala Collective Bracelet that I pick randomly and wear that overnight (I have also been acting super corny and putting them out in the sun to ‘re-charge’ and also under the moon if possible. I literally grew up eating Peanut Butter Captain Crunch and Diet Coke and it is funny I am charging crystals outside. But I swear it works and it is my way of self-soothing myself (like sleeping with a blankie..ha!) I have the mala bracelets for ‘I am Intuitive, I am Love, I am Grateful, I am Surrendering, I am Worthy, I am Audacious, I am Strong and I am Patient. I also have some mantra cards and say a mantra while holding on to my bracelet and setting my intention. I like to just randomly/with my eyes closed pick a bracelet and see how that resonates with me (e.g. “I am LOVE” = rose quartz). I am super intuitive (people say)…so it works for me! I am still dialing in my night routine (to actually simplify it and get off my laptop and read instead)…but most of it seems to work for now. We also try to say 3 things we are grateful for as we go to sleep. Always sets the mood right. Thank YOU for everything! You are so appreciated. Sorry this is so long.

  3. D says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I’ve loved hearing about your and Nick’s routines & meal “template” (which I’ve borrowed :)) I’m curious – was the 8pm bedtime something you instilled after Bambi or before?

    I wake up naturally around 6:30am. I open the blinds to let the sun in, make my bed, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth & scrap my tongue, and have a big glass of water. These days I’m taking a tincture that my naturopath concocted for me full or nervines, so I have a teaspoon of that. Then I will give myself a few moments to gaze out the window – Alain De Botton has a wonderful way of explaining how important this is for us in his book “A Simpler Life”. Currently I’m subletting an apartment in Montreal so I look down at the boulangeries (bakeries) and streets before they are filled with people – it’s very peaceful.

    After that, I will do some gentle yoga not follwing any particular sequence and based on what feels good that morning. I use to practice Ashtanga with great discipline but have shifted to a much more intuitive and restorative practice over the past few years. I pick a few asanas and hold them for a longer period of time, closing my eyes and visualizing the energy moving through the parts of my body that are being stretched or rotated. I will observe myself practicing yoga as well, which helps me detach from ‘trying’. I learned these instructions from my yoga teacher and they have really changed my practice – so few teachers teach this.

    Then I make breakfast: my favourite meal of the day. These days I’ve been doing smoothie bowl. I use half of the fruit in the blended smoothie and keep the other half whole so that I can actually chrew (I know you and Nick have talked about this!) I find this to be much more satisfying and filling than a smoothie alone. In the smoothie I’m using banana, wild Quebec blueberries, steamed & frozen zucchini, a handful greens, mint, strawberries, cacao nibs, hemp seed and almond butter. Other days if I feel like grains, I’ll have a toasted brown rice tortilla with almond butter, sliced banana and hemp seeds. I’ve never resolved whether this is good for your digestion or not but it’s delicious and there’s something to be said for feeding your pleasure pathways 🙂

    After this, I’ll wash my face, brush my teeth again, and go for a walk. I try to walk after my meals, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Some days I’ll take a journal and a book to a local cafe, get a mint tea and spend an hour or two reading and taking notes or journaling. I might call my dad for a short chat as well – we love catching up with each other about what we’ve been cooking, learning, reading, etc. That’s about it! xo

  4. Kim says:

    Thanks to you…I am on day 4 of my new Peloton routine! I found a way to easily work it into my morning routine and so far I am just so happy to be spinning again! Thank you. Afterwards, I am also taking a cold shower..which feels so good after working out in the summertime. Oh…and I can’t be without my morning smoothie. 🙂

  5. sheetal says:

    So, Your day and night schedule quite impressive. And I like your morning routine because it has so many things to do in morning for you. Like meditation, workout, seeking to goals of life and other.
    If you see my day routine is quite similar as your but my night routine totally different from you.
    In Morning my routine same as you and now on evening 5.00 pm I go to home from my office and after that take some green tea. and after that I go to the gym for 1 hour. and then at 7:00 pm I make a wonderful dinner for me and my family which is light not heavy. after had a dinner now its time to read latest articles of your and others that’s it.
    if you want my website of 200 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh you can check it

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