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How To Create An Epic Mastermind & Take Your Business To The Next Level

One of the best things about 2020 was the business mastermind I created with 3 of my soul sisters — Alyssa, Sophie and Sahara. If you’ve never heard of a mastermind before, or never experienced one for yourself, it’s essentially a group of likeminded people coming together to support each other in their business growth, […]


Our Sacred Gender Reveal Celebration!

  From the moment Nick and I got together, we both instinctively felt a certain sex and name come to us right away, so I always knew I wanted to find out the gender of our angel. (We wanted to see if our intuition was spot on!) We both feel very deeply connected to Mother […]


2021 Goal Setting & Manifestation 101

Goal setting and manifestation. On January 1st of every year, Nick and I have a ritual that we do. We get up and watch the sunrise, as witnessing the first sunrise of the year feels like a really good omen to us. Then, for the rest of the day we reflect on the past year, […]


We’re Having A Baby

Nick and I are having a baby!!!!! The fact that you are here reading this means you are part of the MA Tribe and for that I LOVE and adore you, which is why I wanted you to be the very first to hear my special news and the most sacred announcement of my life… […]


5 Ways To Avoid Burnout

This year has been big for so many people, with massive shifts and loads of uncertainty… No wonder lots of people are feeling wobbly and a tad burnout! That was me too, for a little while there. In the past, I would have let those feelings derail me and burn me out completely, but I […]


Is Trying To Be “Spiritual” Suffocating You? Try This.

A few years back, I had a shocking spiritual realisation about myself. I realised that even though I prided myself on my ability to listen to my body and trust my intuition… I didn’t actually trust myself at all.  Instead, I’d actually built myself a prison — I’d created a cage of rigid rules that […]

healthy hair tips

Toxic Free Healthy Hair Tips

We all know that living a toxic free life is essential for epic health… but did you know it’s crucial for healthy, luscious hair too? I get asked a lot about my hair, so I thought I would share all my best, toxic free tips for luscious long and healthy locks. Here’s what I do: […]


How To Host A Sacred Mother’s Blessing

Are you or someone you love pregnant? If you’re looking to celebrate the momentous transition from maiden to mother — whether it’s your own or one of your besties — you can’t go past a sacred Mother’s Blessing…

time saving

20 Genius Time-Saving Hacks

Time is the most precious resource we have. You can never make more of it — once you’ve spent your precious minutes or hours on something, they’re gone for good. So it’s important to get conscious about how you’re spending your time, and to not waste even a second that could be better spent doing […]

Declutter Your Mind

11 Ways To Declutter Your Mind & Become A Content Connoisseur

11 Ways To Declutter Your Mind & Become A Content Connoisseur Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, Emails, Snapchat, text messages, phone calls, What’s App, Voxer messages… the list goes on. Anyone else feel overwhelmed right now with content? A recent report published by the University of California found that the average adult consumes 34 gigabytes […]

life principles

14 Life Principles To Live By

Over the years, I developed a set of beliefs that have allowed me — along with thousands of others I have coached and mentored — to live a life they love. These beliefs have been specifically designed to help your brain slide into a state of heightened positivity where anything is possible. Embody it, and you’ll find that creating change is easier, taking inspired action feels natural, and setbacks no longer derail you.


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