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My 27 Life Power Statements

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My Greek Islands Guide: What I Ate, Where I Stayed And What I Did

I loved everything Greece had to offer — the history, food, art, culture, people, landscape, sunrises and sunsets... It was magical! I’ve had a picture of Santorini pinned to my vision board for ages now, and let me tell you: the ‘IRL’ version did not disappoint! Everywhere I looked, I had to stop myself from whipping out my phone to take yet another scenic photo because it was just so breathtaking.

how to live and work with your lover, melissa ambrosini, broadhurst

How To Work And Live With Your Lover

Today I want to share with you what we have done to make things work. Like everything, this is a work in progress and we are always editing and adapting to what feels good in our bones at that time. I think it’s important that when either of you feel icky, you pivot — and pivot fast.

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Want To Manifest Your Dream Life In 2017? Read This.

As the year slowly comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to stop, reflect, celebrate and get crystal clear on what you want to manifest for the year to come. That way, you can shimmy into the fresh new year with clarity, drive, and laser focus.

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4 Reasons Why Writing A Book Will Boost Your Business

I wrote my bestselling book Mastering Your Mean Girl for the same reasons that most people write (or want to write) a book – I had a story to tell burning away inside me, and a sneaking suspicion that other people could really benefit from the lessons I had learned along the way.

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5 Ingenious Ways To Strengthen Your Intuition

Imagine if you had a secret superpower that let you always make the best decisions for yourself. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Whether it was a business decision, a relationship one, a health one, whatever – with its help, you’d always know the best choice and the best path to take.