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The Life-Changing Power of Intention (& The Viral Instagram Post That Blew My Mind)







  1. The Instagram reel that stopped me in my tracks
  2. How integrating intentionality into your daily routines can dramatically enhance their effectiveness
  3. The importance of setting up your environment to support your success


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I recently stumbled upon a viral Instagram reel from Mary Kate Morrissey, a musical theater actress currently lighting up Broadway as Elphaba — the lead character in Wicked (one of my favorite musicals ever). 

The reel was a ‘day in the life’ video, showing her routines and habits when she’s performing two shows in one day.

N041 - Image #1Reel courtesy of @maryspacekate

Now, anyone who knows me knows that this stuff is like gold to me. I am OBSESSED with the routines and habits of exceptional people. 

Plus, as a former professional performer myself, this behind-the-scenes peek of Broadway life made my inner theater geek SO happy.

In the reel, Mary Kate walks us through each hour of her day — from her skincare routine and morning walk, to her workout, food she eats, commute, pre-show exercises, and so on.

Watching it, I was instantly transfixed.

Because this is no ordinary “day in the life”.

If you look closely, this is a masterclass in intentionality.

Every single thing she does is infused with intention and moves her towards her goal: of delivering two powerhouse performances that night.

For example:

➡️ She doesn’t just slap on some moisturizer and do gua sha in the morning. She “wakes up her face” — massaging her face, neck and jaw muscles to help warm up her voice.

➡️ She doesn’t just walk down the street, she steams her throat and practices her vocal exercises at the same time.

➡️ Even her downtime between shows is clearly intentional — designed to help her reset her headspace, relax, and replenish her energy as much as possible.

If you’re as obsessed with routines as I am, you can watch the reel here.

All this got me thinking: how can we apply this principle to our own lives?

If we’re an entrepreneur, or a stay-at-home mama, or we’re trying to write a book in our spare time, what lessons can we take from this absolute masterclass on intentionality?

Here are three ways to start:

1. Infuse Intentionality Into Your Existing Routines

How can you add intentionality to the stuff that you’re already doing?

Try approaching your morning walk not just as “getting your exercise out of the way”, but as a creativity booster for your brain, or as a way to pump up your energy before you dive into your most important tasks of the day.

The cool thing about this is that it takes no extra time — you can just bring new focus and attention to the things you’re already doing, and reap more benefits from it. (How’s that for a win-win?!)

2. Be Intentional About Your Environment

High performers set up their environment to support their success.

For example, I love how Mary Kate physically put her dressing room into “rest mode” so she could relax — dimming the lights, pulling out her sketchbook, and presumably playing some chilled out music.

This is a hack you can totally apply in your own life. 

Being intentional about your environment could involve anything from optimizing your physical workspace (like organizing your home office so that it minimizes distractions) to hacking your social environment (like surrounding yourself with like-minded people who inspire and challenge you).

3. Make Time For Intentional Rest And Recovery — And Don’t Feel Guilty About It!

High performers know that they can’t perform at their best if they are burnt out and exhausted. 

Rest and relaxation time is therefore a critical piece of the success puzzle, not just something to “squeeze in when you can”. 

So shed the guilt and see relaxation for what it really is: an essential part of your success toolkit. 

Prioritize it accordingly, sweet friend.

The Bottom Line

Intentionality can transform the mundane into the extraordinary. 

By bringing a focused, purposeful approach to your daily activities, you can accelerate your growth and propel yourself closer to your goals.

So start infusing intentionality into your routines — even just in tiny bursts — and watch how those small changes add up to big results. 

You’ve got this, beautiful! ✨

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