1. Why self care is more critical than ever when you’re going through a challenging experience.
  2. How simple activities can offer crucial moments of respite and nourishment.
  3. Why it’s not just okay, but *essential* for your wellbeing to take breaks from the news and/or social media.


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Over the weekend, we received some news that left me — and so many others — heartbroken. 

In light of this, it doesn’t feel right to send out a “business as usual” email this week. Instead, I want to switch gears and talk about something close to my heart: self-care during tough times.

In moments like these, when the world feels bleak and it seems like the heavy news just won’t stop, it’s all too easy to forget to take care of ourselves. We might even start to think that self-care is selfish or trivial. 

But I want to remind you — and myself — that nurturing our inner world is incredibly important, especially in these times.

If you’re not sure where to begin, I’ve compiled a list of the things that have been helping me.

No matter what you’re struggling with right now, I hope these tips can offer some relief. 

And if you’re not facing any challenges at the moment, tuck these tips away for a day when you might need them. They’ll be just as valuable then. ❤️‍

Here is the official Go Fund Me page for my beautiful friend Ash Good and her daughter. Ash was such a light in this world, and she’s been taken from us far too soon. No pressure, but if you’re in a position to support, please consider donating.

1. Acknowledge your feelings.

It’s okay to not feel okay. Sometimes, just sitting with our feelings and giving ourselves permission to feel sad, angry, or confused can be incredibly healing. Your feelings are valid and they matter, Beautiful. Remember that.

2. Limit news consumption.

Staying informed is ok, but there’s a fine line between being informed and getting overwhelmed. Give yourself permission to take breaks from the news and social media. It’s not just ‘okay’ to do this; it’s necessary.

3. Connect with your loved ones.

Even if it’s just a text to say ‘Hey, I am thinking of you’. Connecting with people who love and understand you can make a huge difference. Don’t underestimate the power of community and shared strength in tough times.

4. Do something you love.

Whether it’s reading a book, working in the garden, or playing your favorite music, make time for activities that bring you joy. Even better if it’s something that’s so absorbing, you can lose yourself in the activity and slide into a state of flow. (I find creative activities especially good for this.)

I want to be real here: you might not feel your usual sense of happiness or joy while you’re doing these activities. And that’s totally fine. (It’s also okay if you DO feel happy.)

Either way, these moments are important. They can act as a respite from your worries, giving your mind a break and allowing you to reconnect with parts of yourself that need nurturing.

5. Get moving.

Physical activity is the best medicine. It is one of the most powerful, nourishing, constructive coping mechanisms on the planet.

Now, you’re not aiming to break records here. A gentle walk around the block, a yin yoga session, or even just dancing around your living room can lift your spirits and clear your mind.

That said, if you find yourself having an unexpected spurt of energy or emotions, channeling it into an intense sweaty exercise session can be incredibly healing.

6. Set boundaries, create space, and simplify.

If you’re not up for something, say no. Simplify your life and schedule as much as possible. Create space in your calendar to just be. (Questions to ask yourself that may help: “What is not essential right now? What can I reschedule, delegate or let go of entirely? Do I need to say no to someone else in order to honor my own needs?”)

7. Help others.

Sometimes, helping others can help us heal too. Whether it’s volunteering, supporting a friend, or just offering a kind word or smile to a stranger, these actions can remind us of the goodness in the world and our power to contribute to it.

The bottom line is that self-care is not a luxury; it will literally help you survive through the tough times, and then return to thriving when you’re ready.

Take care of yourself, {{ first_name }}.

Because you matter — more than you might realize right now. And you really matter to me. 

Whenever you find yourself in one of life’s valleys, trying to make sense of it all and finding ways to stay afloat, please remember: you’re not alone.

I promise.

Sending you so much love,

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Til next time, sending so much love,

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