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The Surprising Power of Incorporating Rituals Into Your Business & Workday







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I’ve got an unusual business hack to share with you today.

It’s not a new marketing strategy, mindset hack or productivity technique, it’s something more profound, more enchanting …

I want to talk about bringing more ritual into your business. 

Now, I’m not talking about elaborate ceremonies or hours-long processes. Nope. I’m talking about small, meaningful practices that turn your everyday work routine into something more extraordinary.

For me, incorporating small rituals into my workday has completely transformed the way I *feel* in my business, which has a ripple effect on the ideas I come up with, the people I interact with, the projects I create, the way I coach inside SheLaunch, the words I write… basically everything I touch!

One of my most important rituals is taking three deep belly breaths before I show up and share my energy with someone. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a coaching call, a webinar/workshop I’m hosting, or a Zoom meeting with my team, I always make the time for this little ritual, and it instantly makes me feel more present and focused.

Another simple ritual I’ve done for years is starting a fresh notebook whenever I want to call new energy into my business, break myself out of a rut, or brainstorm a new project. The blank pages always fire up my imagination and kick-start a flood of new ideas. It’s like hitting a reset button that gets me excited and inspired every single time.

These two things are so simple, but for me, they’re powerful. They set the stage for inspiration, focus, and yep, I’ll say it, even magic.

But to be clear, rituals aren’t just about being whimsical. They can also be powerful tools for peak performance. They anchor you, bring a sense of purpose and mindfulness, and believe it or not, they can boost your creativity and productivity.

At this point, you might be wondering, “That sounds great Melissa, but how do I start?”

Simple: find those moments in your workday that feel a bit lifeless and are crying out for an injection of inspiration.

Then, introduce a small ritual to these moments. It could be as simple as a few deep breaths before you open your inbox, playing a specific song while planning out your week, or creating a nourishing ritual for when you finish a project (whether that’s a celebratory cacao or a full-blown spa day).

These small acts bring a sense of ceremony to your daily life, and turn ‘just another day at work’ into something meaningful and, dare I say, beautiful.

So, here’s my challenge for you: think about one small ritual you can start incorporating into your workday. Give it a go for a week and see how it changes things for you. 

I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised, Beautiful. ✨


There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to rituals. It’s all about finding what resonates with YOU. Here are some ideas:

  • Morning Kick-Off Ritual: Imagine starting your workday not by diving into emails, but by taking five minutes to set your intentions. It could be as simple as closing your eyes and reflecting on what you want to achieve that day. This tiny act shifts your mindset from reactive to proactive – you’re no longer just going through the motions, you’re in control.
  • Evening “Shutdown” Ritual: Do you struggle to switch off at the end of the workday? Consider implementing a shutdown ritual. Just as you shut down your computer when you’re finished with it, try closing out your workday with a specific set of actions that signal to your brain it’s time to unwind. It might involve reviewing the day’s achievements, setting the next day’s priorities, or simply tidying up your workspace and closing your office door.
  • Schedule a ‘Dream Big Hour’ every week: This is your time to think big about your life and your business. Let your imagination soar and put all your wildest dreams for the future right there on paper. When you allow yourself to dream like this regularly, it’s amazing how it stretches your sense of what’s possible. Plus, it keeps you fired up and inspired as you work on your day-to-day stuff.
  • Weekly Reflection Ritual: Every Friday, instead of rushing to clock off, take a few minutes to review your week. Celebrate the wins, however small, and acknowledge the challenges. What do you want to call in more of next week? Sit in that energy and let your cells soak it up so that you can make it your reality.
  • Quarterly goal setting ritual: One of my FAVORITE business rituals is my quarterly goal setting ritual. I’ve written about my process in depth before. If you want to check it out, you can read about it here.

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