The Secrets Of Heart-Centered PR And Building A Brand You Love


One thing I am super passionate about is helping women create heart-centered lives and businesses so they can get their precious message out into the world. That’s why I’m so stoked to have my beautiful friend Selena Soo with us today, ready to chat up a storm.

Calling all entrepreneurs, get ready for some serious wisdom…

Selena Soo is a business strategist, publicity coach for visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors. She helps her clients increase their visibility, build powerful relationships and develop solid business strategies so they can reach the masses with their message. She has worked with people such as Marie Forleo, Danielle Laporte and Ramit Sethi and I am super grateful to have her with us today.

In this interview with Selena Soo aka The Super Connector, you will learn…

  • How to connect, build and authentically nurture relationships with big influencers.
  • What publicity really is (hint: there’s nothing sleazy or icky about it).
  • How PR can help grow your list and business.
  • How guest posting can seriously expand your audience.
  • How to get PR — the smart, soulful way.
  • How to make a bigger impact in the world and how to get your brand seen.
  • How and why you need to get crystal clear on your BIG IDEA.
  • Two mistakes you must avoid when approaching influencers.
  • And so much more…

Selena also has a free gift for the MA Tribe, so make sure you watch all the way to the end to find out what it is.

If you want to take some of the personality tests we spoke about in the interview, check them out below.

Myers Briggs

Strengths Finder (When you buy this book, you’ll get a code to take the test for free.)



Click here to get Selena’s VIP Access to Media, Influencers + Online Stars.

Now I want to hear from you, sweet one… What’s one thing you are going to do today to help get your business (or brand) out there? Are you going to reach out to someone you admire? Make a list of the influencers you want to meet and why? Start to write a guest post for a blog you love? Book a ticket to an event one of the influencers is speaking at? Share with us in the comments below.

Thank you so much for being here. I am extremely grateful and can’t wait to read your comments below.

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    • January 29, 2015

      OMGoodness Mel! Thank you so much for this amazing, in-depth and insight driven interview. You and Selena were so generous with your wisdom and time. As a former Advertising Strategist, I could always do and create fabulous concepts for big brands but starting my own business, finding my own voice, creating my own brand is so different, despite my overflowing passion, authenticity to give and being on my spiritual path. I’ll be watching that video a number of times and thank you so much. I am grateful. You are such an inspiration to me xo

      • January 29, 2015

        Hi Justine, thanks so much for checking out my interview with Mel!

        It can be hard to get clear on our own brand and message (even if we are great at doing it for others). Happy to hear that what we shared was helpful, and wishing you so much luck with your biz! xo, Selena

    • January 29, 2015

      Thank you very much Melissa for connecting me to the awareness of what I have been doing right and the confirmation to continue! I truly appreciate your passion for reaching the greater community to change an individuals life!
      A big virtual Hug!

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        January 29, 2015

        Thank you so much beautiful Jaclyn. A big virtual hug right back at cha ;)


    • January 29, 2015

      I loved this! So many great tips. I especially loved seeing you light up as you spoke about your big message. Beyond grateful for the work that you do. xx

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        January 29, 2015

        Thank you so much Morgan. I miss working with you. Sending you so much love sweetie pie.


    • January 29, 2015

      Hi Melissa

      Thank you so much for sharing this post! I found the information you share here with Selena so helpful. As a life coach and wellness blogger just at the beginning of my journey, the tips you share gave me so many ah ha moments. I loved that you mention experts like to be approached. My friend and I came up to you after Gabby’s event after building up the courage to do so because we admire you so much. For some reason I avoid going up to those I admire because I think they are too busy and I don’t want to invade their space. But I did it anyway and meeting you,was so refreshing because you are just so down to earth, authentic and beautiful on the inside too!. Meeting you in person has made me admire you even more and made me an even bigger fan of yours.Thank you for always posting beautiful and heart warming posts and doing what you do. It is very much appreciated. Love Tess

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        January 29, 2015

        Thank you so much for your kind words Tess. I loved meeting you at the event and so glad you felt the fear and did it anyway. Please do come up to me again for a big squeeze at the next one ;)


    • Verity
      January 29, 2015

      Hi Melissa,

      Wonderful post, thank you! I love the idea of the guest post and am keen to make a start on this this week…but I’m not quite sure what a guest post is exactly? Could you define this in more detail please? Thank you! xx

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        January 29, 2015

        Hi Verity,

        I guest post is where you write a post for someone else. For example I have written for Mind Body Green and the Huffington Post. But you can write for other people’s blogs and websites as long as it’s aligned. All you have to do is ask if you can write a post for them. I personally don’t take any guest posts but loads of other sites do. Maybe write a list of the top 5 websites you want to write for and over the next week your job is to email them and ask them if you can write a post for them. Easy as pie ;)

        Let me know how you go sweetie.


    • January 29, 2015

      WOW! Thank you so much Melissa! This video was so helpful. As a former PR consultant (turned women’s health coach) I thought I’d heard pretty much heard it all – but ding, ding ding, Selina had super simple and fresh tips to help. And this is exactly the stuff I need to hear over and over to keep FEAR in it’s place! Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you know…
      Big love & thank you

      • January 30, 2015

        Hi Domonique, love that. It’s important to keep fear in its place, as it will always be there. As the saying goes, “If your dreams doesn’t scare you, they’re not big enough!”

    • Gemma Tapp
      January 29, 2015

      This is so beautiful. Thank you Melissa and Selena! It is so wonderful when you receive exactly what you need at the right time and this has been another one of those moments for me. I love your work Melissa, and look forward to following yours now too Selena – the guest collab has definitely worked this time! Much love X

      • January 30, 2015

        Hi Gemma, so happy to know that you heard this at the right time! Wishing you lots of luck in business & in life. =)

    • January 29, 2015

      Dear Melissa,
      Thank you so much for the interview with Selena! I’m currently working with a wonderful blog coach who has been giving me the confidence to put myself out there and contact the people I admire for guest posts. I feel like this interview is a sign that I can truly do it! I am going to make it happen in the next couple of weeks!! Love over fear!
      I am so grateful to have come across your work and I am absolutely loving Get Your Glow on! I wish I had had the opportunity to say hi to you at Gabby’s workshop like my brave friend Tess. Big love and hugs to you for being such a positive influence to us all xoxo

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        January 30, 2015

        Hey Amanda,

        I am so glad you love Get Your Glow On. And please come say hi next time cutie.


    • January 29, 2015

      Thank you so much. So incredibly timely. I have been working in the health and wellness space but my life has taken a little turn into a path of helping others with their business. I spent years working in media and advertising and have felt God calling me to use that experience in a different way and help promote other people’s messages in the personal development word. I particularly want to help explode the scene in Australia! I have been working closely with someone in the US who’s message I believe in with all my heart and I’ll do whatever it takes to get him out to the world, because the world needs his presence. I feel really called to this work but have had no idea how to really turn this into a business and attract more clients. (also a little fear of letting go what I thought I was supposed to be doing in the wellness world)

      In my meditations I can see this path so clearly but I keep asking for more guidance to get me there. Seeing what you, Selena are doing gives me so much inspiration. You’re walking the path before me and it was such a sign for me to step up and be this!

      Thank you to both of you!

      • February 5, 2015

        Lyn, you can absolutely turn your passion for promoting others into a business! Not only that, but I know plenty of people making a great living do that. You can do it. =)

    • January 29, 2015

      thank you both so much for this awesome video!! I have been hanging out all day to sit down and watch this :)

      very excited to put all of these tips into practice xx

      • February 5, 2015

        Awesome! Best of luck implementing the tips. Feel free to email me to let me know how it goes. =)

    • January 30, 2015

      This totally lit me up! Thanks Melissa + Selena. Inspirational, encouraging and perfect timing for me xx

      • February 5, 2015

        So happy this came at the perfect time for you. =)

    • January 30, 2015

      Great interview Melissa, insightful and some great tips
      thanks for sharing as had some great new perspectives

    • January 30, 2015

      Loved this interview, thank you Mel + Selena!

    • January 30, 2015

      Hi melissa and Selena,
      Thanks for an amazing interview. You are both so inspiring.
      Selena – I have not long started a wellbeing blog ( as I’m on my own long term health journey) and eventually I have plans to turn the blog into a brand – with various projects and writing. You have given me some great tips which I really appreciate and I love that it is always about real connections and genuine authenticity.
      Thanks so much
      Carly xx

      • February 5, 2015

        That makes me so happy to hear! Thanks for sharing Carly. =)

    • Courtney
      January 31, 2015

      Thank you so much Melissa and Selena, great interview! Looking forward to getting stuck into Selena’s free gift :)

    • January 31, 2015

      Thank you so much for this. You are both so beautiful and inspiring in terms of both business and sharing love xx

    • February 1, 2015

      Thank you Mel and Selena. Wonderful interview. You gals gave so much.

      Mel I loved hearing you speak about what your here to do in the world. You shine. xx

      • Melissa Ambrosini
        February 1, 2015

        Thanks beautiful girl. I LOVE it!

    • February 1, 2015

      Wow – I did not expect to sit through the whole 40+minutes of that interview, but it was impossible to turn it off. Thank you to both of you for such a generous, thoughtful and helpful message. Even whilst watching it I’ve made some notes for things I can pursue in the coming week.

      Best wishes to both of you and thankyou again
      Megan x

      • February 5, 2015

        Thank you Megan for watching the interview! So happy that it gave you some ideas to pursue. =)

    • Pippa
      February 16, 2015

      Wow two beautiful, generous and gorgeous women with so much to share – Thank you so much to both of you!
      I love how so many people wrote comments and are inspired by you both, thank you for sharing your time :-)

    • Hayley Ward
      March 1, 2015

      Hi Mel and Selena, Thank you so much for sharing this. I have had a beautiful day catching up on your blog and have just been inspired over and over again. I am now excited to research Remit and Danielle.
      I am feeling really empowered and kept getting little pop up connections in my own life as I was listening – so thank you so much for that. X

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