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Are you or someone you love pregnant? If you’re looking to celebrate the momentous transition from maiden to mother — whether it’s your own or one of your besties — you can’t go past a sacred Mother’s Blessing…

What is a Mother’s Blessing?

A Mother’s Blessing is very different to a traditional baby shower. It focuses on the mama and giving her love, strength, support and encouragement as she embarks on this special journey. Rather than a traditional baby shower that focuses on the baby, presents for the baby, playing games and drinking champagne in your honour, a Mother’s Blessing is very much about honouring the mama and holding space for her as she embarks on this rite of passage and transitions from maiden to mother.

It is a pre-birth celebration, a ceremony where the mother’s soul sisters gather to support, empower and celebrate the mama in the lead up to birth. 

A Mother’s Blessing can be organised by friends or the mama herself, and is held as an alternative to a traditional baby shower.

The term ‘Blessing Way’ is often used to describe these events. A Blessing way is a sacred Navajo ceremony that is unique to their tradition, and out of respect for the Navajo people, we use the term ‘Mama Blessing’ or ‘Mother’s Blessing’ instead. 

I have hosted a few Mother’s Blessing’s now, and recently hosted one for my soul sister Melisa. I posted about it on Instagram and got so many messages, questions and comments asking to share how it’s done, so here goes…

How To Host A Mother’s Blessing 

Choose the location

Find a location where you can sit comfortably in a circle. A park, someone’s lounge room or backyard is great. The Wonderdome at the Sunshine Coast was the magical space where we gathered. But I have hosted them in all kinds of locations — a friend’s front garden, at a park along the beach, a back deck, a yoga studio. Almost any space can work, though ideally choose one that has good energy, is quiet and has loads of natural light.

Mothers Blessing

Create a sacred space

Get everyone to bring a throw and cushion to make the space cosy, or you can have a styling company like the amazing Boho Sisters (check out this other event we did together) come and work their magic to create a beautiful sacred space. You can also get everyone to bring an ‘offering’ like a flower and or a crystal to create a mandala for the centre of the circle.

Mothers Blessing

Flower crown

You could get the mama a beautiful flower crown like this one we got from Wylde Magnolia, or you could make one for her as a way to honour the Queen she is.

Mothers Blessing

Sage everyone before they walk in

Delegate one person to cleanse everyone with sage as they enter the sacred space. Here’s how you do it. This will help cleanse and remove fears anyone is holding onto so that they can enter the space with an open mind and heart and hold space for the mama. This is not the time to project your fears, this is the time to hold space for her. Alternatively, you could do a ‘washing of the feet’ ceremony instead, where you have a foot bath filled with warm water and rose petals and everyone washes the mother’s feet first. After that, you all wash your feet one at a time cleaning away any fears before you enter the sacred space.

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Pass around an oil 

Before we began the ceremony, we passed around Rose essential oil and got everyone to rub it on their heart to open their heart chakra and to fill the space with love. (Also, the smell was divine. It really helped set the scene.)

Mothers Blessing

Start with a meditation

I opened the circle with a beautiful guided meditation to bring all our energy together. I got everyone to open their heart and visualise sending the mama so much love. We visualized love pouring out of our heart and into hers, it was so beautiful.

Mothers Blessing

The ceremony

After the meditation, we began the ceremony. I read a passage about mother’s blessings and the power of women coming together and supporting each other to raise children. Then we each went around and shared how we met the mother, what we love most about her, and as we threaded the crystal we had chosen specifically for her, we shared why we chose the crystal. After then we weaved a red rope around our left wrist to connect us all in a circle of love, trust and support.

After each person spoke and we experienced what it felt like to be all connected by the red rope, we cut the rope and tied it around our wrists. We keep this on until the mama goes into labor, which is when we all cut the ropes off our wrists and say a prayer for the mama and send her so much love.

After the ceremony, you can lay the mother down in the middle of the circle and all give her a massage, or play with her hair, tickle her belly… whatever she wants.

Mothers Blessing

Mothers Blessing

The food 

Either before or after the ceremony (depending on the time of the event) make sure there is loads of delicious, healthy food. We had an organic vegan feast with all the mother’s favorite foods catered by the amazing @_rawbynature_, which was perfect. Alternatively, you can get everyone to bring a dish to share.

Mothers Blessing

Mothers Blessing

Cake and tea

After the ceremony, it’s beautiful to sit around with some cake and tea and connect. This divine cake was by @maple_and_sage We asked the mama what her favorite flavors were and this cake was created especially for her. Make sure you also have some organic tea to go with the cake. We had Nourished Temple tea, which was amazing.

Mothers Blessing

Capture the day 

We had the amazing @livingstudio_sunshinecoast capturing photos on the day and the talented on video, and we are so glad we documented this stunning day and the divine expectant mother. I have watched this video and flicked over these images countless times and every time I get transported straight back to the moment. I’m so glad we have these memories forever.

Mothers Blessing

Mothers Blessing

How To Host A Sacred Mother’s Blessing

Mothers Blessing

Mothers Blessing

Have you ever been to a Mother’s Blessing? If yes, what else did you do that we could add to this list?

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  1. Talei Loloma says:

    This is such a gorgeous article! The flower crown is beautiful! For my last one we had similar rituals you mention and instead of crystals everyone brought beads that she chose for me to represent specific energies that that she wished to support me in invoking for birth and motherhood. Also a friend made a candle for each women with a beautiful prayer attached. Each women took her candle home and we all lit them when I went into labor, it was a really powerful way to feel their support around me~

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