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Sage Smudging: What It Is And Why I Love It







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Have you ever felt energetically icky? Like something was not right? Maybe you have picked up on someone else’s energy and you can’t quite shake it off? If this is the case, sage smudging is for you.

Smudging yourself, your sacred space, your home and office is like taking an energetic shower, or doing a deep metaphysical cleansing. The smoke from dried sage actually changes the ionic composition of the air and can even reduce our stress response.

This shamanic ritual is something I have been practicing for years, as I find it brings a lot of lightness and clarity. I love it so much that before every Goddess Group, each goddess gets a sage shower. This is to cleanse her energy before she enters the sacred space. It allows the women to let go of any stress from the day or any stories they are holding onto.

When Is The Best Time To Perform A Smudging Ritual?

There really is no right or wrong time to sage your space or yourself, you can do it any time, but here are some prompts to get you started.

  • When you start a new relationship or a relationship ends
  • When you move into a new home or office space
  • When you begin a new job
  • When you start your own business
  • Before and or after a guest/s enter your home
  • Before and after a yoga class, a healing session, or you let go of something major in your life
  • Before meditation
  • After an argument or an illness
  • Upon returning home from crowded situations

How To Perform A Smudging Ritual In Your Space

1. Before you sage your home or office, it’s important to do a massive declutter. Choose what you want to keep and give away the rest. A cluttered space is a clutters mind.

2.  Get yourself a sage stick and bowl to hold under the sage  (traditionally, abalone shell is used). Also have a glass of water ready to extinguish the sage after the ritual.

3.  Open every door and window in your home or office and turn on the fans if you have them, this is to let out any unwanted energy.

4.  Light the sage and when it catches fire, blow it out and allow the embers to start to smoke.

5.  Start at the front door and walk clockwise around your entire house waving the smoke with the hand (or a feather) that is not holding the stick. As you walk around the space slowly you can say this prayer, ‘I cleanse this space of any negativity or impure energy that does not serve my higher good.’ As you do this, imagine the smoke absorbing any negative, toxic energy floating out the window making room for fresh positive energy to come flooding in.

6.  Extinguish the sage stick in the cup of water.

7.  Now walk anticlockwise around your house setting your intention for each room. What do you want to manifest in each room? Say these words out loud. For example, in your bedroom you could say things like, love, deep connection, intimacy, openness, truth, trust, honest and crystal clear communication. And in your office you could say, creativity, love, joy and play. You can also do this whilst spraying a beautiful homemade essential oil mist.

How To Perform A Smudging Ritual On Yourself

1.   Light the sage and when it catches fire, blow it out and allow the embers to start to smoke.

2.  You can get someone to walk around you with the sage whilst you stand still and visualise any negativity, heavy, toxic, unwanted energy floating out of your body, out of your home and into oblivion. You can cup your hands over the smoke and ‘wash’ your face with it, then wash it all over your body as you would do in the shower.

3.  Extinguish the sage stick in the cup of water.

4.  You can then spray some organic essential oil spray (I love rose water) over your face and body and repeat one of these affirmations…

I am healthy, I am strong, I am calm, I am relaxed.

I am perfect, whole and complete exactly the way I am.

I am love.

I am one with everything.

There you have it!

Now I would LOVE to hear from you. This one’s a two-parter…

  1. Have you performed a sage smudging ritual before? If so, what did you think? Did you feel a difference?
  2. Do you have any other cool cleansing rituals you could share with the tribe?

Remember, thousands of like-minded souls head here for inspiration every day and your comment could be the one that sparks MASSIVE inspiration deep within them. So open that big, beautiful heart of yours and share from there.

Thank you so much for being here. For sharing the love and for being part of the ripple effect. You matter. Your voice matters. Don’t ever forget it!

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  1. Lia Halsall says:

    I’ve been sage smudging for about 15 years now Mel. I smudge every time we move out of and into a new home with work in the Royal Australian Air Force/ I also did it after my breast cancer surgery and treatments were finished. It’s something I’ve done because of my pagan background and something I truly believe in. xxx

    • Stephanie says:

      This is so interesting! I’ve been curious about this and if love to give it a try! I recently saw some beautiful hand grown and picked ones. I’m on the verge of new beginnings so to speak and I’ve read this at a perfect time. Melissa, did you notice any affects after smudging? What a beautiful way to move energy!

      • Melissa says:

        Hey honey,
        Yes I did. The energy in the house felt beautiful, light, warm and inviting.

  2. Trish says:

    I would love to start this practice but literally don’t even know where to start, where do I buy the things I need to do this? Sage, bowl etc? Thanks! x

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Trish,

      Click the links in the post so see where you can purchase everything you need. It’s all in there for you 😉

  3. Malwina says:

    Melissa, just did it with my best friend and it was one of the most magical nights ever.. Thank you. x

  4. Sarah says:

    Hi Mel, I vaguely remember you posting about someone that came to your new place to cleanse the energy, we’ll be moving into a very old house and I’d like to cleanse all the energies the house has had. Is there someone in Sydney you recommend? Thanks 🙂

  5. Michelle says:

    Hi Melissa, thank you for all of your emails and podcasts – they have not only led me to some of the most amazing tachers and information, but always come to me at my perfect time…as has this one. I have just returned from a busy trip, have been sick, moved to a new home and about to look for work and start a new job, could that along with the new year be any better time for a sage cleansing ritual. Wow! Thank you so much for living your truth you truly are a shining light xx

  6. Emily says:

    Hello Darling angel

    I was just wondering how you made your essential oil mist sprays. If you mix water and oils together in a spray bottle will the oil not just sit on top?

    Thanks beautiful for your help and love


  7. Debbie Streeter says:

    Dear Melissa, I’m grateful for discovering you through my daughter borrowing your book from our library. I flicked open a page and started reading and couldn’t put it down. I’m now re-reading it and doing the “Inspo-actions. I’ve started meditation on a regular basis and just yesterday attended a full day Meditation and mindfulness session with an amazing teacher. My next intention is to find a sage stick and do the cleansing ritual you recommend. You have changed my life and I am truly grateful.

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