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Monday Motivation is a weekly dose of epic inspiration, delivered directly to your earbuds. These “mini podcasts” are designed to clear out any mental clutter, shift you into clarity and uplift your spirit, so you can dive into your week BURSTING with love and excitement.

These weekly ‘spiritual top-ups’ are backed by science. Each episode is infused with Binaural Beats, Solfeggio Frequencies, Isochronic Tones and Monaural Beats, and are scientifically engineered to help you drop into a deep meditative state (just like my bestselling Mastering Your Mean Girl Meditations). Combining these four targeted technologies is a world-first, allowing you to experience absolutely mind-blowing benefits. And the best part is that each episode is designed to induce a different state of consciousness.

To get the most out of them, download all the episodes, then — with the flick of a finger — you can scroll through and find a track that triggers the exact feeling-state you desire. From there, simply press play, let the sounds and my wisdom wash over you, and feel the shift deep within.

Happy Monday!

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    • donna
      October 1, 2019

      Great post, thanks! I'm just getting starting on overhauling EVERYTHING, and listening to motivational messages like this helps to keep me going. I especially liked the way you stress the point of not throwing things away and donating them instead. My sister breaks my heart as she'llclean out her family's clothes and will put MANY huge trash bags of usable clothing out for trash pick up! I ask her to let me know and I'll pick it up to take it for donation somewhere, but she rarely does. Let's save the planet!!!

      • October 1, 2019

        Oh that's such a shame. I hope she gives them to you in the future instead. Thanks for doing your part angel. xx

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