Shantaram: From Fugitive To Artist, Overcoming Addictions, Losing Everything & Never Giving Up | Gregory David Roberts

Shantaram: From Fugitive To Artist, Overcoming Addictions, Losing Everything & Never Giving Up | Gregory David Roberts






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Do you believe that you are being guided through everything you experience for a reason? 

From escaping prison to solitary confinement, Gregory David Roberts believes that everything happens to us for a reason. He has an unbelievable story of transformation and one you won’t want to miss.

Best-selling author of the cult novel Shantaram, composer, and artist Gregory David Roberts has lived a big and colorful life. You may know him as the author of critically acclaimed novel, Shantaram which is set to be released as a TV series and its sequel The Mountain Shadow by Apple TV +, Paramount TV and Anonymous Content. But he’s here today to share his incredible story of overcoming addiction and crime, becoming a fugitive, finding the spiritual creative path and reclaiming your self-worth.

In this moving and profound conversation, Gregory shares his path of becoming a spiritual artist and powerful lesson on forgiveness, transformation, devotion and self-growth. Tune in to hear a story unlike any other guest we’ve had on the podcast about what it means to never give up on yourself, committing meaning to life, the importance of love and faith, and why knowing your authentic self is key to internal happiness.  

About Gregory David Roberts

Gregory David Roberts is an author, composer and artist. He is best known for the critically acclaimed novel, Shantaram, which has sold over 7 million copies and was hailed “a masterpiece” by critics. When Gregory’s marriage collapsed and he lost custody of his daughter in the 70s, he turned to drugs and crime. After pleading guilty to bank robbery in 1978, he was convicted and sent to prison in Australia. He escaped, fled to India and became a fugitive. 10 years later, he was captured and served two years in solitary confinement where he wrote Shantaram. Since his sentence, he has become a highly sought-after motivational speaker, a best-selling author, a musician, artist and spiritual devotee. Gregory continues to release music, write and create art in Jamaica, where he currently resides.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Gregory’s battle with addiction and how he used spirituality to overcome his addictions (5:19)
  • The story of how he robbed a bank, escaped from prison, ended up in solitary confinement and how he was grateful for this experience (9:52)
  • His biggest lessons after serving two years in solitary confinement (15:12)
  • What is means to “build your own membrane” (25:36)
  • How intention leads to manifestation (33:11)
  • The power of love, faith and presence to connect with your authentic self (42:28)
  • What it means to be spiritually creative and how it helps you move through hardship (52:52)
  • The power of presence and devotion (1:00:29)

Episode resources:

  • Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts (book)
  • Gregory David Roberts (website)

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  1. Kim says:

    Amazing episode!!! Thank you for sharing your story…beautiful and inspiring, hopeful and strong.

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