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This week, we’re continuing our look back at the most popular episodes of the show EVER.

This time, it’s the second most downloaded episode ever and it’s a deep-dive into the life-changing magic of manifesting.

In this conversation, Lacy Phillips takes all our outdated beliefs about manifestation, debunks them, and reveals the pieces of the process we’ve been missing. Along the way, she shares her unique and reliable formula for calling in your soul’s deepest desires and making them your reality. 

One of the reasons I think this episode was so insanely popular is how unique Lacy’s approach to manifesting is. The difference between her approach and the usual stock-standard technique is truly like chalk and (activated cashew) cheese. Instead of the usual edicts to “think positive and visualize!”, Lacy is all about helping you connect back with your authentic self and dismantle the societal programming, labels, and molds that don’t align with your true nature. (And spoiler alert: it’s these extra steps that turbocharge your manifesting and turn you into a magnet for your desires.)

So if you want to rewire your limiting beliefs, manifest *exactly* what you want, and create abundance in all areas of your life, don’t waste another minute: pop in those earbuds and press play! Whether it’s your first time listening to this epic conversation, or whether it’s a re-listen, you’re sure to glean amazing insights and strategies that can quite literally change your life.

About Lacy Phillips

Lacy Phillips is a Manifestation Advisor specializing in unblocking beliefs of unworthiness and aligning with what you truly desire. Her unique manifestation process, The Formula by Lacy Phillips™, combines both psychology and neuroplasticity to help people create new neural pathways for deep subconscious beliefs.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Her beautiful intuitive eating practice for food and body harmony (02:21)
  • How she went from being a broke model and actress to becoming a Manifesting Advisor (03:20)
  • The *exact* process to manifest anything you want (these 3 steps can literally change your life) (8:42)
  • My 3 step manifesting process (17:07)
  • What is human design? (20:42)
  • The difference between specific and non specific manifestation (21:41)
  • The crazy things people have manifested using her technique (this part is so much fun to listen to!) (26:05) 
  • Having trouble manifesting? Here’s why you’re not getting what you want yet (29:26)
  • The art of surrender (and why it’s the missing link in your manifesting process) (34:37)
  • The power of visualizing and collecting evidence in your manifestation process (38:21)
  • What Lacy has recently manifested in her life (41:37)
  • How to manifest and still stay present (43:45)
  • The 3 books everyone should read (52:19)

Episode resources: 

  • To Be Magnetic (website
  • EXPANDED Podcast with Lacey Phillips (podcast)
  • How to Manifest (workshop)
  • Lacy Phillips (Instagram)
  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi (book)
  • Taking Charge of Your Fertility, 20th Anniversary Edition by Toni Weschler (book)
  • WomanCode by Alissa Vitti (book)

Thank you so much for listening. I’m so honored that you’re here and would be SO grateful if you could leave me a review on Apple podcasts, that way we can inspire and educate even more people together.

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P.P.S. Please seek advice from a qualified holistic practitioner before starting any new health practice.

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