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Your hormones are natural. Feeling tired, miserable, stressed and symptomatic is not. 

And yet so many of us have come to accept hormonal problems as ‘the norm’, not even realising that there’s a better way to live, feel, and function.

Enter today’s guest, the phenomenal Dr Aviva Romm MD — a world renowned midwife and herbalist who also happens to be a Yale trained MD and Board Certified Family Physician with specialties in Integrative Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatrics. Dr Romm is on a mission to help women across the globe to calm their hormonal chaos, overcome adrenal fatigue, and restore their body’s natural blueprint for wellbeing. And in this episode, she’s showing us exactly how to do it.

Internationally renowned women’s health expert Dr Aviva Romm MD has been referred to as “the face of natural medicine in the 21st century” by Prevention magazine. She was a founding member of the Yale Integrative Medicine Program, is a faculty member of the Center for Mind Body Medicine, and is the author of numerous books, including the textbook Botanical Medicine for Women. Her new book, Hormone Intelligence, an instant New York Times Bestseller, explores the impact of the world we live in on women’s health and hormones, and provides natural tools and solutions that are grounded in the best science that medicine has to offer. Dr. Romm practices medicine in New York and Massachusetts, speaks and teaches internationally, and avidly teaches online courses in women’s health. She’s also the mother of four, and grandmama of two.

This topic is one that’s close to my heart. I’ve experienced firsthand how debilitating it can be to have hormones that are out of whack, and I know so many women who’ve struggled with this area of their health too. If you relate, and you’re hungry for natural solutions backed by rigorous science that will relieve your overloaded systems, restore your energy levels, and help you feel like the best version of yourself again, then this episode will rock your world — and your adrenals! 

So if you want to understand why so many “women’s health issues” are radically misunderstood by mainstream medicine, learn the simple lifestyle choices that EVERY woman should know to help prevent and reverse adrenal fatigue and other hormonal symptoms, and discover how to restore your body’s own natural blueprint for epic wellbeing, then pop in those earbuds… this one’s for you.

In this episode we chat about:

  • The fascinating story of how Dr. Romm went from being an apprentice to a herbalist midwife, to studying at Yale Med School, and finally to bridging these two worlds (02:49)
  • Why we need to reimagine our relationship with our body, cycles, hormones, and reproductive system (and how this can help us optimise our health like never before) (09:58)
  • The red flags that signal your hormones need urgent attention (including the subtle warning signs that nearly everyone misses) (16:33)
  • The health crisis that landed me in hospital, and the steps I followed to get my hormones back into balance (22:38)
  • How Dr Romm started a revolution in adrenal and thyroid health (and why these two systems are at the root of so many undiagnosed symptoms) (27:27)
  • Dr. Romm’s 5 step drug-free protocol to reverse adrenal fatigue. (If you’re sick of feeling ‘tired and wired’ all the time, these steps could change EVERYTHING for you.) (33:08)
  • How to harness the power of your biorhythms to get your hormones humming again (37:39)
  • How optimising your hormones can help you show up as the best, calmest, most energised version of yourself (42:19)

Episode resources: 

  • Comparisonitis (book)
  • Mastering Your Mean Girl (book)
  • Aviva Romm (website)
  • Aviva Romm (Instagram)
  • Hormone Intelligence by Aviva Romm (book)
  • Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health by Aviva Romm (book)
  • Naturally Healthy Babies and Children by Aviva Romm (book)
  • The Natural Pregnancy Book by Aviva Romm (book)
  • Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide by Aviva Romm (book)
  • The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution by Aviva Romm (book)
  • BLUblox – Use the code “MELISSA” for 15% off (website)
  • Our Bodies Ourselves (website)

Thank you so much for listening. I’m so honored that you’re here and would be SO grateful if you could leave me a review on Apple podcasts, that way we can inspire and educate even more people together.

P.S. Please seek advice from a qualified holistic practitioner before starting any new health practice.

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