Hollywood Success, Handling Rejection & Healing the Earth With Nathalie Kelley


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It’s not often that you get a chance to pick the brains of a bona fide Hollywood star. But today’s podcast guest, Nathalie Kelley is exactly that... and so much more.

Nathalie Kelley is the lead in the ABC series The Baker and the Beauty. Born in the Amazon and raised in the Outback, she maintained strong spiritual and cultural ties to her ancestral homeland. During one of her trips home to Peru, she experienced an awakening around her mission to bring our planet and society back into balance. Through her unique position as an actress with a large following, Nathalie is rewriting the rules of what it means to be an ‘influencer’ in order to enact large-scale social change, encourage conscious living, and inspire everyone to heal our planet.

Real and raw, Nathalie goes deep in this conversation, covering everything from handling rejection, to feeling comfortable in your own skin, to living zero waste, and what it *really* takes to make it in Hollywood.

So if you want to learn about confidence from a Hollywood insider, discover powerful strategies to impact the planet, and hear surprising ways to heal your inner child, then pop in those earbuds… this episode is for you.

In this episode we chat about: 

  • Her story from growing up in Peru to where she is today (09:02)
  • The health crisis that led to her awakening (and the medicine that accelerated her journey) (17:23)
  • How to handle rejection (20:58)
  • The secret to feeling comfortable in your own skin (30:36)
  • Why she is an ‘influencer’ for the planet (36:56)
  • The surprising reason she moved to a plant-based diet (37:50)
  • Regenerative farming — what it is, and why she’s so passionate about it (40:02)
  • Her definition of success (44:36)
  • What is a ‘solidarity swap’ and why you want to start doing them with your friends (48:08)
  • How to live zero waste (55:00)
  • How to stay present and find the power in the moment (59:28)
  • The daily routine that sets her up for success (01:02:01)
  • Her secret for glowing skin (01:04:08)
  • The power of dance and why she loves it (01:19:36)
  • How to heal your inner child and why this work is so important (01:26:19)
  • Plus so much more! 

Episode resources: 

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P.S. Please seek advice from a qualified holistic practitioner before starting any new health practice.

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    • Isabelle Cameron
      April 23, 2020

      One of my favourite podcast episodes ever !! I am a huge fan of Nathalie and her transformation journey to where she is now. So much juicy info in the podcast and some fantastic resources. Absolutely LOVED this episode x

      • April 24, 2020

        I'm so glad honey. Isn't she amazing! What were your top 3 biggest takeaways?

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