Everything You Must Know About 5G & Blue Light With Dr Jack Kruse


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Are you guilty of only worrying about what you put in your body and not what environment you put your body in? By ignoring our evolutionary blueprint (developed over thousands of years), and overexposing ourselves to EMF radiation and blue light (aka junk light), our health is failing at an alarming rate. Dr. Jack Kruse is here to show us how true health, vitality, and longevity means more than just eating organic.

Dr. Kruse is a well-respected neurosurgeon who’s on a mission to help people find radiant, life-long health. He’s been published in dental and medical journals, authored the transformative book Epi-Paleo Rx: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health, co-invented the Quantlet light therapy wristband, and helped countless people through his blog and practice. His research proves that our modern indoor lifestyle negatively impacts your health in a shocking way and teaches how bathing in natural light from the sun, moon and stars can have a mindblowing effect on your vitality. Now as the CEO of Optimized Life, Dr. Kruse works to help humanity reconnect to the environment, increase their longevity and beat healthcare burdens that arise as we age.

So if you want to find out how to unlock the latent health that was gifted to you at birth, reduce your exposure to harmful 5G radiations, and avoid the epidemic of junk light destroying your circadian rhythms, pop in those earbuds beautiful… because this episode is for you!

In this episode we chat about:

  • How blue light impacts your health, life, longevity and metabolism (07:36)
  • Why the light you eat your food in is actually more important than the food you eat (I’m a big fan of this!) (10:18)
  • Why we need to avoid artificial light as much as possible, but even more so at night (13:02)
  • How light affects and controls our behaviour and why it can lead to addiction issues (and yup, that includes social media addiction) (16:50)
  • The truth about dietary supplements and how you absorb them (23:22)
  • How much light you actually need to thrive (27:14)
  • The detrimental effects of 5G (30:41)
  • What can we do to protect ourselves from artificial EMF radiation (41:53)
  • Are EMF blocking cases for your electronics really worth the investment? (51:47)
  • Plus so much more!

Episode resources:

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P.S. Please seek advice from a qualified holistic practitioner before starting any new health practice.

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    • Jess
      May 24, 2019

      Ok melissa ....I am really disapointed in this podcast ! It is an hour of my life I cannot get back , this man was rude arrogant and self rightous ....I am all for new information and being open to new ideas I have not considered BUT this was rediculous ! I get that you choose not to react or argue but at the first insult to your guests I would have put an immediate STOP to how he was speaking it’s called assertiveness and it’s OK to be assertive but this was a real disapointment to listen to !

      • May 24, 2019

        Hi Jess, thank you for your honest feedback. I really allow my guests to be their true selves and I refrain from judgment as I want to allow them the space to be who they truly are. Jack’s forwardness did take me by surprise but I was really focused on just trying to extract the best information for my audience. Each of my guests bring their own opinions and experiences to the interview. Whilst I may not agree with everything presented, I respectfully allow them to share their views. I am sorry that you felt insulted as that is the last thing I ever want you or any of my tribe to feel and that was never my intention. I really do hope you will still listen to the show and if there is anything I can do please do let me know. Love Melissa xx

      • Lisa Mozes
        May 26, 2019

        Dr Jack Kruse is phenomenal, 10 - 20 years ahead of the game. He is fast talking and sometimes brash but he’s got so much information to share and wants to help as many people as possible. Keep an open mind and listen without judgment, take the information he is sharing and research it more. Dr Jack Kruse will awaken you to the healing of sunlight and the positive effects it has on our bodies. ☀️

        • May 28, 2019

          Thanks Ant. He is who he is and we can't change that. It's a great exercise in practicing no judgment and unconditional love. xx

      • Jacqui Hives
        May 27, 2019

        i disagree, he wasnt rude - he just didnt sugarcoat like most do - i found it refreshing and honest!

        • May 28, 2019

          I am glad honey. I actually just re-recorded the intro of this episode to address Jack's forwardness if you would like to quit the app then redownload it to have a listen. Thanks for your love and support. It means the world to me. xx

      • Matt
        May 29, 2019

        Jess you’ve lost the plot mate!!

        There was absolutely nothing wrong with Dr jacks delivery. Great podcast and very informative and just stuck to the facts.

        Sugar coating something doesn’t make it better!!!

    • Tiffany
      May 24, 2019

      It’s great to hear what we ‘Should’ do- by all means. But in order to be relevant in today’s society- this information NEEDS to be joined with ‘the next best thing to do’. When it gets dark at 4:30pm- my entire family will not be able to ‘just go to bed’ because its dark outside. Or what about doctors in the ER? Should we NOT have people working in emergency services after dark? People not drive or get in car crashes after dark? ‘Oops sorry- it’s dark- the doctors are in bed’ ?! Other options PLEASE? Let’s be relevantttttttttttt with this massively important topic!

      • May 24, 2019

        Hey Tiffany, I know he didn't give us many tools and it's not possible for us to live the way he does, but all we CAN do is do OUR best (whatever that looks like for us) every day. That's what I took away from this. Make sure you listen to this episode for some more EMF tips and hacks that you might like to implement. xx

    • Sabrina
      May 24, 2019

      Loved this podcast, thank you to both of you for sharing your knowledge . Not every one will get it and that’s fine. Those who really care to make a difference will and will also make those necessary changes where possible, even if it means slightly tweaking your current living situation can make a difference, don’t have to go all the way. Let’s hope people wake up to the fact 5g is going to be disatrousous to our health, we need more movers and shakers out there willing to speak up and put a stop to this madness xx

      • May 28, 2019

        Thanks honey. I re-recorded the intro of this episode to address Jack's forwardness if you would like to quit the app then redownload it to have a listen. Thanks for your love and support. It means the world to me. xx

    • Maud
      May 25, 2019

      Dear Melissa,
      I love you work and what you share. I find you very inspiring and love your podcast. I recenty listened to Kate Northrup and Kristina Karlsson on your show and loved what I heard.
      I was really curious about this week's podcast as I want to educate myself on 5G. I live in a whole different place in the world and it's less talked about here. Yet I want to know and learn what it all means.
      However I was shocked by the way your guest spoke. In parts I found what he said very offensive. Saying that people work during the night only because of the extra few dollars. Wow! What about nurses, cargivers and other service prodivers? (isn't a he a doctor?) What about people who have no choice but to work night shifts? What about the single mom trying to make ends meet and provide for her family?
      Only because someone has a different opinion or isn't as educated doesn't mean he or she is an idiot. Not everyone can be a doctor or read complex books. Everyone has the right to be on this earth.
      I was also speechless at the number of times he bashed Australians and their way of doing. I am not Australian and do not know much about your politics but the comment on communism, please. I found this all very offensive.
      What about finding balance, what about compassion and vulnerability? What about sharing what you know in a way it takes in people from many walks of life (it is after all an important subject that needs to be addressed) rather than putting down the majority of them.
      Again, this is not against you. I love what you do and think you are amazing. But I also felt I had to reach out and share my thoughts. I listened to the podcast on my way to work and it was on my mind all day really.
      Thank you for reading.
      Love and light,

      • May 28, 2019

        Thank you so much for your feedback Maud, I have taken it on board. I actually re-recorded the intro of this episode to address Jack's forwardness if you would like to quit the app then redownload it to have a listen and let me know what you think. All my love to you. xx

    • Sky Jenkins
      May 25, 2019

      OMG what an incredible podcast. I’m so glad I listened to it. I’m not sciencey but this had made me incredibly passionate about sharing 5G and getting more sun. I’m going to share, share, share the shit out of this podcast!!!!

      • May 28, 2019

        Thanks for your love and support Sky, it means the world to me. I re-recorded the intro of this episode to address Jack's forwardness if you would like to quit the app then redownload it to have a listen. xx

    • Amy
      May 25, 2019

      Oh Melissa I really felt for you during this podcast. I could feel your eyes getting bigger as Dr Jack told us the hard facts. Scary scary stuff. For us and our children. I know it was a podcast we are not used to but it is still informative and gives us all an option. I don’t think I would invite Dr Jack around for dinner (especially if it is dark ) but I will do a bit more research. I have had skin cancer and years of sun damage to my skin . A life I would not change. I didn’t have a mobile phone then but I do now and it is a different life. Maybe I will make a few adjustments with more research but in the meantime I will still meditate , love life and listen to you !

      • May 28, 2019

        Thanks for your love and support Amy and thanks for sharing. I re-recorded the intro of this episode to address Jack's forwardness if you would like to quit the app then redownload it to have a listen. xx

    • Ant
      May 26, 2019

      Hi Melissa, thanks for your work in providing the interview. I didn't find him too bad, just confident to the point of occasional brashness. just fyi, and to offset against the tanties..

      • May 28, 2019

        Thanks Ant. I actually re-recorded the intro of this episode to address Jack's forwardness if you would like to quit the app then redownload it to have a listen. Thanks for your love and support. It means the world to me. xx

    • Caterina
      May 26, 2019

      I thought this was a super interesting and important episode. Thank you for sharing this information.
      Nevertheless, I found the guest very condescending towards your listeners. “Small minded people....” I don’t know if you felt the same way but I think it’s a shame to lecture in this manner.
      Thank you Melissa for everything! xxx

      • May 28, 2019

        Hey Caterina, thanks for your comment. I don't think it was meant to be directed directly at my listener's, but still it didn't feel very nice and for that, I am deeply sorry. I actually re-recorded the intro of this episode to address Jack's forwardness if you would like to quit the app then redownload it to have a listen. xx

    • Catherine Charest
      May 29, 2019

      This episode is so needed. I will share it. I found it mind blowing that some people get offended so easily and that you have to warn people. Your guest is a very passionate researcher. When you know all he knows you want to create that urge in people to act with what he is saying. If we sugar coat everything there's no reaction and people think they can take time to act. I didn't find it offensive at all and I found it refreshing to hear very determined people. I come from a culture who love discussing and argumenting and that's how we get a lot done. Here we always need to say the right thing not to brush anyone off and I believe it's a reason why it's so hard in Australia to act and go forward as a society. It's time to act.

      • May 31, 2019

        It is time to act Catherine, I agree. Thanks for your thoughts darling. I really appreciate it. xx

    • Joana
      May 30, 2019

      Dear Melissa,

      I know there was a huge backlash in relation to this podcast and, although I agree the guest was plain rude in several moments, I recognize and appreciate your choice of allowing him to share the INFORMATION THAT MATTERS to our health and joy.

      It´s hard to be the mediator, especially in tricky situations such as this; I´m sending you my love and support.

      I DO understand your approach to this "diplomatic pickle" and I want to remind you of the amazing work you´re doing and sharing.

      Gratitude and loads of positive vibes sent your way.

      • May 31, 2019

        Thanks so much sister, it means the world to me to have your love and support. I am so grateful. xx

    • Justyna
      May 30, 2019

      What a fantastic podcast, I find his passion and his bluntness refreshing. No sugar coating. Why should he, He know what he is talking about, there is research backing him. I do not even think you should explain yourself, You gave us a service by another great podcast I really enjoyed listening to. Thank you for that. Maybe we all should do what is in your message and in your books, Be open minded, enjoy life, be happy, life is too short to complain or condemn. Have a fantastic day.

      • May 31, 2019

        I am so glad you loved it and could listen with an open mind and heart honey. I am so proud of you. xx

    • Shelley Rogers
      June 2, 2019

      I thought this was very informative but wondered how on earth I can make changes as I live in an area that is dark by 5 in winter and sunny till 8 in summer. Have you made some changes?

      • June 3, 2019

        Hey Shelley, great question... I am not going to go to bed as soon as it gets dark so I use a few lights and make sure they are all amber and not blue light. I also wear blue blocking glasses at night. You could also get some Himalayan salt lamps as they give a beautiful soft glow. They are great places to start. xx

    • Hal Weiss
      June 5, 2019

      If people get bent out of shape by the way this man talks, then they are some of the ones he's talking about. They should read the book by Nirmala called "It's Nothing Personal".
      Anyway, I'm glad you had Dr. Kruse on your show. The guy is beyond brilliant, and the information at his fingertips is staggering. I hope people do their own research and find out more about the dangers of non-native EMF's, as well as, more ways to protect themselves.

      • June 8, 2019

        Thanks Hal. I think we all need to do the research and educate ourselves too. Thanks for your love and support. xx

    • Natalie Hannah
      June 8, 2019

      thank you for sharing this podcast....truth teller!

    • Corynne Hughes
      June 14, 2019

      Hi Melissa!
      This podcast episode was necessary. Uncomfortable, confrontational, a little awkward at times but so freaking important.
      To any of your listeners who expressed disappointment or dislike for this podcast with Jack, I encourage them to take a moment, look in the mirror and ask themselves what makes them take such offense.
      It's enough that we live in one of the biggest nanny states in the world, 'protected' and wrapped in cotton wool. Having laws that tell us we cannot drive with our elbow on the car window, that we aren't allowed to change out a simple light fixture in our own home, among other rules that dumbify us under the guise of protecting us (from ourselves!)
      Toughen up, realize that when someone is seemingly offensive/ direct/ pragmatic - it's NOT about you. It's not personal. This podcast definitely made me cringe. I cringed for Melissa as she found herself confronted with a challenging personality, someone who truly sees black or white and is very firm that in some cases there IS NO POINT looking for the middle ground.
      The cringe-factor does not, however, diminish the value of this podcast. Sure, there were a few abrupt words, some vulgarities, some phrases one can take as offensive if so entitled to feel that way. But as Melissa forewarned in her really well intentioned introduction... this was never going to be a warm and fuzzy, lovey dovey, uplifting episode.
      Thank you Melissa, for believing so strongly that we should hear this information. Thank you for not summarizing the information in another voice, or finding someone else to interview on the subject who might have been coming from a place of more love! We probably wouldn't have listened, engaged, been challenged or become awakened to this topic in the way that Jack made us do so ... he lit a FIRE in us... whether it was evoking indignation through being offensive, or through the truthful, frank and incontestable facts he was able to spew out in a way only he can! He obviously knows his subject matter; he is intelligent, experienced, and passionate about his area of expertise.
      Those offended just need to create a better filter. Forget about yourself. Listen to the facts. Verify. If it still doesn't check out... forget about it. Just don't lash out at Melissa or Jack for providing a channel through which we can learn something new.

      • June 14, 2019

        Corynee thank you so much for seeing what I saw. Thank you for being a voice and for sharing. THANK YOU! xx

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