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My Daily Non-Negotiables






I recently shared with you what a day in my life looks like. I had a few people ask me these questions:

“What happens if I don’t get to do all that I want to do in the day?”

“What if you have to get on super early flights?”

“How do I cope when my day doesn’t look like that?”

These are all very valid questions.

The way I see it is this… stuff is going to come up. Life will happen and your day might not pan out exactly how you had envisioned it. But that’s okay. The most important thing is to not be attached to the outcome. I love it when my day flows like this. But I also don’t care if it doesn’t. I am not attached and I don’t have any expectations. It just is what it is.

I believe that when we put strict, rigid structures or routines in place, they can actually do more harm than good. You can start to feel stressed if you don’t completely stick to your ideal day. Or, you may feel guilty for listening to your body and sleeping in a little longer and missing your morning class. Stress and guilt are far worse for your health and overall wellness than missing a few yoga poses. Remember that.

Don’t be rigidly attached to the idea that your day has to pan out a certain way.  Set your intention. Then, flow with it.

But I must mention that even when my day goes tits up, there are still a few non-negotiables for me that I won’t let pass.

These are some of them:

  • Meditation: It doesn’t matter how busy, tried, or cranky I am, I always meditate at least once a day. Sometimes my second one might fall off, but that’s okay. I always make sure I get in at least one. Even with my step son running around, I still manage to get it done. It’s totally doable!
  • Yoga: Even if it’s for only ten minutes, I make the effort. My yoga mat is always out ready to go.
  • Good Food + Clean Water: I am the type of person that would rather wait until I get home to eat and drink instead of eating something out that is not so nourishing. Extreme? Maybe! But my health is far too important to succumb to toxic chemicals and fluoride-ridden water.
  • Love + Connection: This is super important to me. I make sure there is always loads of love flowing through me and the people I come in contact with every day. I make sure I do all things with love.

Do you have your own daily non-negotiables? If so what are they? Share with me in the comments below so we can inspire each other.

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  1. Kate says:

    I will always hug, kiss, hold and tell my husband and 3 children (under 5 years old) that I love them more than anything in the world EVERY SINGLE MORNING upon waking and many times through the day.

    Not just a rushed I love you…. but I get their attention, look them in their eyes and let them know they are my world, my everything. For me, this is my daily non-negotiable xo

    • Melissa Ambrosini says:

      I LOVE this Kate. It’s so important. I do the same with Nick and Leo.

      Thanks for sharing honey.


  2. Ange says:

    Melissa I really want to start meditating but I have a baby and I just don’t know when to make the time! Sometimes she wakes up super early, sometimes she sleeps in and when I try my mind is always waiting to hear her little cry to come and get her. Any tips for the mummas? I’ve been toying with doing a 21 day meditation challenge on my site but I need to lead by example! x

    • Melissa Ambrosini says:

      Hey honey,

      Can you meditate when your partner is home? That way you can fully commit to it and not have to worry about listening out for her. I would do that and start with 10 minutes and work your way up.

      Regarding starting a 21 day meditation challenge I think that’s a great idea hun. But yes maybe try is yourself first so that you really feel the benefits that others will feel.


  3. Meg says:

    I live with 3 man-boys in a share house. When they come home from work or uni, I visit each one of them separately in their rooms and ask them about their day. I ask about their partners, parents and general activities so they have an opportunity to get anything off their chest, rather than suppress it like a lot of men do.

    I also smile at strangers everyday.

    These are my daily non-negotiables

    • Melissa Ambrosini says:

      How beautiful Meg!

      It’s so lovely how a small act like smiling at strangers can touch someone’s heart. It’s random act’s of kindness like this that go a LONNNG way.

      Thank you for being your beautiful self.


  4. Clem Macleod says:

    my morning smoothie!! and a night time meditation of gratitude 🙂 x

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