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I Really Need Your Help (Plus: Win A Coaching Session With ME!)






Ever since my new book Open Wide was released last year, my inbox has been flooded with messages from people who’ve read the book and gone on to transform their lives in radical and astonishing ways.

Honestly, there have been so many times when I’ve had to pinch myself — or wipe away tears! — after seeing the incredible response the book has generated, and hearing people’s personal feedback.

To give you an insight into the kinds of messages I’ve received about the book, check out this list. Since reading Open Wide people have:

  • Gained the courage to leave toxic relationships
  • Left jobs they hated to start the business they’d been dreaming of for years
  • Found their soulmate
  • Been able to see where they were holding themselves back
  • Released expectations that had kept them trapped for years
  • Experienced vibrant health like never before
  • Let go of sexual trauma and abusive that’s held them back for decades
  • Freed themselves from unhappiness and busyness by setting healthy boundaries — both with themselves and others
  • Replaced outdated limiting beliefs with brand new ones that serve them
  • Experienced deep, soulful, incredible, satisfying sex
  • Manifested new soul sisters and epic friendships, and deepened their current connections

… and that’s just for starters.

Many of the messages that have landed in my inbox have been deeply private and personal — filled with stories of decades-old blockages that have been dissolved to make way for newness and growth. It’s an incredible privilege to witness such intimate tales of transformation, and I’m always blown away by the beauty and vulnerability in each and every message.

It’s also an enormous blessing to read the public reviews that people have left on Amazon. Here’s just a smattering of what people have been saying…

“This book is exceeding my expectations! I love her podcast and follow her on Insta, so I got myself a copy, and am finding it surprisingly helpful! I’ve done a TON of inner work (I’m a transformational life coach and podcast host), so I found myself approaching this book with a bit of skepticism, because it is deceptively simple at times. BUT, I’m actually super appreciating how simple and comprehensive it is because the simplicity makes it so much easier and more likely that I’ll actually read it and do the things she suggests. I’ve started implementing some of these simple strategies in my life nand am blown away at how helpful it is. THANK YOU Melissa!!! I’m buying 10 copies to send to my bff’s!!!”

— Rosemary Pritzker

“My favourite read so far of 2018! Melissa, THANK YOU for your incredible, heart-centered, soul-bearing, transformational-shifting book! Your words, your lessons, your personal stories deeply resonated with me and reminded me of my truth and took me straight home to my knowing. Thank you for moving me with not only this book, but your podcasts, your posts and your message. You are so generous in your vulnerability, fiercely committed to your message of living life OPEN WIDE and are truly an inspiration. Thank you for offering these self-awareness and self-love gifts to myself and the world, gifts that I am now dedicating to emboding, for the highest good of myself, the world around me and my future children. Be brave and be kind!”

— Stevie Nupier

“Open Wide is amazing. Melissa has such wonderful insight. Mastering Your Mean Girl unlocked my mind and Open Wide unlocked my heart! Highly recommend!”

— Katherine Trinkle

My hope is that these messages inspire others to pick up the book, dive in, and experience their own journey of inner (and outer) transformation and growth.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today…

I really need your help.

When it comes to getting Open Wide into as many hands as possible, there’s one factor that outweighs everything else: Amazon reviews.

Having reviews for the book might sound like a trivial detail, but it helps in SO many ways.

For starters, it lets the Amazon algorithm know that people are actually interested and talking about the book.

Secondly, it lets potential readers see, straight up, what real-life people are saying (which is way more powerful than any “official” words from an author or publisher).

And finally — and perhaps most powerfully of all — it means that the book has a way better chance of getting into the hands of people who need it most when they’re searching for help and support… and this is the truly crucial bit.

When people are stuck in a negative spiral, when they can’t find their way out, when their relationship is falling apart, when they feel lonely and isolated, when they’re wondering if they’ll ever experience true love, when they’re despairing that they’ve got no friends, when their job sucks, when they feel tired and despondent in their heart, when they’re wondering what the point of life is, when they’re confused by the million different pieces of advice they’re bombarded with online… THAT’S when Open Wide is at its most powerful, and when it has the chance of impacting the most lives.

To get it in people’s hands though, in these critical moments, it’s all about the Amazon reviews. So I would be deeply grateful if you could spare two minutes of your day to leave me an honest review.

Leaving a review is easy —

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Head to the Open Wide page.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Customer Review’ and click ‘Write a customer review’.
  4. Share how Open Wide has impacted your life.

You don’t have to buy your copy from Amazon in order to write your feedback there. So even if you’ve bought Open Wide from another website or off the shelf, you’re still welcome to drop a love-bomb via Amazon.

Because it is SUCH a huge help for me when you leave a review, I wanted to reflect that love right back at you, so I’m doing something special…

Leave an honest review on Amazon, and you’ll go into the draw to win one of 5 epic prizes:

First Prize —

  • 1 x 60 minute session of one-on-one coaching with me (I don’t do one-on-one coaching anymore, so this is literally a prize that money can’t buy). We dive deep into spiritual, relationships, love, wealth, health, nutrition, business — wherever you most need support with I’m there for you.
  • 6 months membership to my Mastering Your Mean Girl Mentoring program
  • Signed copy of Open Wide with a personal love note and message from me
  • Audio CD of Open Wide

Second prize —

  • 6 months membership to my Mastering Your Mean Girl Mentoring program
  • Signed copy of Open Wide with a personal love note and message from me
  • Audio CD of Open Wide

Third prize — Signed copy of Open Wide with a personal love note and message from me + the audio CD of Open Wide

Fourth Prize — The audio CD of Open Wide with a personal love note and message from me

Fifth Prize — The audio CD of Open Wide with a personal love note and message from me

Your review doesn’t have to be long — even a one-liner is massively helpful.

And you DON’T have to give the book 5 stars to win. This is about leaving an honest review because that’s how I learn and grow. (And I mean it, babe — whatever your feedback, I want to hear it… so please speak from your heart.)

The winners will be chosen next Tuesday the 24th of April which means you’ve only got ONE WEEK to leave your review.

Thank you so much for your help, beautiful. Together we can inspire and support as many people as possible get the tools and information they need at the exact moment they need it.

In the meantime, I bow down to your generosity, and am sending tidal waves of love in your direction. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love Melissa

P.S. Click here to be taken straight to the Amazon Open Wide page so you can leave your review and lock in your chance to win.

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  1. Kelly dugas says:

    Done! Thank you so much!

  2. Barbara Casey says:

    Love love love your book so far! I have read Mastering Your Mean Girl and it is life changing and now working on Open Wide! Keep sharing your wonderful wisdom and making people feel beautiful and happy!!

  3. Nicola says:

    Hi beautiful,

    I made a purchase just to be able to leave a review on Amazon, but still I am not able to do so. Is there any other way to enter and give you feedback? I tried to figure this out all week 🙂

    Heartful regards,

  4. Charlotte DUTRUC-LAPUTRAZ says:

    Can’t wait 🙂

  5. Mandy Dugas says:

    Done and Done!! Love you and all your work girl ♡♡♡

  6. Amy says:

    I absolutely loved this book and left you a review on Amazon. Thank you for writing this.

  7. Susan says:

    Hello, Melissa!

    I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all you do. I have purchased both Mastering Your Mean Girl and Open Wide after about a month of listening to your podcast. I love the books! I also really love your podcast. I have listened to almost every single episode – even those episodes that I did not think would interest me. Each person you have interviewed has taught me something. I have even purchased a few books because of those interviews.

    Melissa, your work has helped change my life. In just ONE month, I am happier, I give more love, and I am excited about where my life is headed. Before you I was just wading through life, gathering all kind of information, but not doing anything with it. I was stagnant. Today, I am enrolled in your Business Bootcamp and making plans to start my own business so that I can have the love, health, and wealth that I deserve. Again, thank you. Please keep inspiring women!

    • This is music to my ears Susan. I am so proud of you and can’t wait to support you on launching your dream biz. Welcome to Business Bootcamp and I will see ya in the Facebook group. xx

  8. Elaine says:

    Hi Melissa, I have recently discovered you and your podcasts. I listen to you every night and you are so inspiring and changing my life and therefore the life of my family. I am learning so much from you and all the amazing guests that you interview. Your relationship with Nick is so beautiful and inspiring. My husband and I are determined to find our sacred and soulful relationship again. I have ordered both your books for myself and a dear girlfriend. Thank you for sharing your love, inspiration and wisdom. I am rediscovering myself because of you. I got lost along the way somewhere!!!

    I really want to find out how you cured yourself of Chronic Fatigue. I remember Nick saying he was totally attracted to how “shiny” you were when he met you. And that is how I used to be before CFS. I have good days and bad days. I wake up each day and want to be shiny again, to live to my highest potential. Can you share how you got your health back?

    Thank you for being a shining light in this world that so desperately needs us all to be shining lights.

    With love and gratitude, Elaine

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