7 Questions To Help You Hit Your Goals in Q4







  1. How to liberate yourself from whatever’s holding you back
  2. The #1 question to ask when you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed
  3. How to ensure you’re living a life that’s aligned with your highest values


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Throughout the year, it’s super easy to get caught in the whirlwind of life — work, family, responsibilities, and more. We set goals in January with the best intentions, but sometimes, they fade away or even change as we grow. And that’s okay!

But as Q4 rolls in, I want to empower you to reignite that spark. To give you a gentle nudge (or a loving push, if you prefer!) towards realigning with your goals so you can hit them.

To ensure you maximize this crucial phase of the year, I’ve curated seven powerful questions to set you on the right track.

So find a quiet spot, grab your journal, pour yourself a cup of herbal tea… and let’s do this. 👊

Question #1. What am I pretending is working, that’s really not? 

We’ve all been there: holding onto something — a strategy, a habit, a relationship, whatever, — when we know deep in our bones that it’s not doing us any good.

Sometimes this refusal to move on is because we’ve put a lot of money or time into it, sometimes it’s because we’re emotionally invested, and other times, it’s just hard to admit to ourselves that what we’re doing isn’t paying off.

If you relate, don’t worry: it’s human nature to sometimes slip into denial. But this is your opportunity right now to liberate yourself from whatever’s holding you back and choose *you* instead. 

It can feel challenging to let go, but often, it’s the only way forward.

Question #2. Where am I making things more complex than they need to be?

We often make things way harder than we need to. 

The antidote? Pare back. Strip away. Simplify. 

Remember, even the biggest action plans can be broken down into manageable steps.

Question #3. What am I scared of? What am I scared to admit? 

Facing our fears can feel about as comfortable as standing on a stage completely naked in front of thousands of people: there’s nowhere to hide, your soul is bare, and you’re immensely vulnerable.

Still, acknowledging your fears in this way is a powerful first step to overcoming them. So even though it might push you outside of your comfort zone, what you’ll discover when answering this question makes it entirely worth it.

Take it next-level: For each fear, write a counter affirmation.

For example, if your fear is “I want to start a new business but I might not get enough clients”, your affirmation could be “My services are valuable and my dream clients will recognize that”.

Question #4. What would I do if it was impossible for me to fail? 

There is literal magic in this question. Let your imagination run wild. When the fear of failing is removed, where does your mind wander? What dreams emerge? 

Take it next-level: Sketch out a project or idea you’ve held back on due to fear. 

Plan it out as if it’s bound to succeed. This exercise can reveal many hidden gems, so lean into it!

Question #5. If I had to do just ONE more thing, what would it be? 

Feeling stuck in a particular area? Scared that you’ve exhausted all your options? This question is amazing for identifying the next right step — and 99% of the time, the momentum it creates will get you unstuck..

Question #6. What would it look like if I gave myself more space to follow my dreams? 

This question isn’t just about time, but mental and emotional space. Are current tasks or worries preventing you from pursuing bigger dreams? What needs to shift to give you more space for your dreams? And how can you create that space today?

Question #7. Would I want this life I am living for my child? 

Ooof. This is perhaps the most profound question of all. It’s not about wealth or success but about satisfaction, fulfillment, and deep, internal happiness. Are you living a life that aligns with your deepest values? If not, where and how can you shift?

If you don’t have kids, reframe this question however you need: would you want this life for Young You? Or for a child who’s near and dear to you?

Ask yourself this life-changing question, then sit with your answer. 

Practise so much love and compassion for yourself. Give yourself grace. And most importantly of all? Let your answer spur you into inspired action.

To Dive Even Deeper, Start Joining the Dots…

The beauty of these questions is that they’re interconnected. The fears popping up for you might be linked to complexities you’ve created. Or, perhaps the things you’re pretending are working are the very things eating into your ‘Dream Time’. 

Recognizing these connections can help you tailor a Q4 strategy that’s both effective and aligned with your core values.

The Key Takeaway

The year might only have three months left, but with the right focus, it’s ample time to make significant strides. 

As you move through Q4, use these reflections as your North Star, guiding you towards a successful year end. Remember: it’s not about overhauling everything overnight. It’s about making incremental changes that steer you closer to your dream life. 

Lastly, remember that introspection is a tool. It illuminates the path but walking it is up to you. ✨

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