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How To Treat A Soul Sister





I was having dinner last week with one of my besties, my soul sister and absolute love….. (God, I love my friends!) Anyways, back to the point. She mentioned to me that one of her friends feels very triggered by me. Now, I have never met this girl. So I didn’t take this personally. I actually didn’t care at all. This started a discussion about how some people will feel inspired by my work and others may feel very triggered. Why is that? The reason isn’t because someone is further along their path than someone else, or someone is more enlightened than the other. It all depends on the amount of crap you have going on in your mind at that given moment.

My soul sisters are kicking sweet ass right now, becoming authors, touring the world, being asked to speak at TED, and choosing love over fear. Now, the old me would have felt very threatened by their success. But, I now feel incredibly inspired by them. They are in fact my biggest inspirations and I am their biggest cheerleader and number one fan. I’ve spoken about comparisonitis many times on my blog and at my events. But, the fact is: it still comes up. We have to get better and better at catching it. It takes practice…like anything. Your Mean Girl wants you to compare yourself to your friends because then she wins.

Mean Girl: 1

You: 0

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to your friends, celebrities, or even strangers on Instagram? Don’t worry! You’re not alone. We all do it, but that doesn’t make it okay. And it has to STOP!

Follow These Guidelines On How To Treat Your Soul Sisters:

  • Feel genuinely happy for your soul sisters.
  • Be their biggest cheerleader.
  • Support them.
  • Inspire them to be the best version of themselves.
  • Love them unconditionally.
  • Share with them.
  • Teach them.
  • Listen to them without interrupting.
  • Put down your phone when they are sharing with you and be 100% present.
  • Send them love, always.
  • Feel inspired by their greatness.
  • Listen—and I mean really listen—to what they are saying.
  • Don’t give your opinion until it has been asked for.
  • Let your soul sister cry when she needs to and never ever stop her. Just hold space for her to get it all out. That’s what sisters are for.

It’s super important that we nurture our goddess relationships. So, take a moment now to write down all the soul sisters in your life. Next to each name, write one thing you love about that person. Your job now, is to let them know it. Maybe send them a text, write them a letter, or pick up the phone. However you want to roll, just let them know how freaking awesome they are.

Now I want to hear from you, what’s one thing you are going to do for your soul sisters? Tell me in the comments below. And remember your comment might be the inspiration someone needs so open your heart and share from there.

Thank you for always being here. You inspire the heck out of me.

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