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I love simplifying and decluttering all areas of my life — my home, food, health, wardrobe, relationships, bank accounts, gadgets, apps… everything! 

Here’s how you can simplify all areas of your life…

Simplify your home.

Often, people walk into my home, jaw to the floor and say, ‘Where’s all your stuff?’
‘What stuff? I ask.
‘You know, your *stuff*. The stuff everyone has around the house.’
To which I reply, ‘We choose not to accumulate ‘stuff’’. 

For those of you that have seen photos of our home on Insta (or been to it), you’ll know we don’t have said ‘stuff’. We have lovely things which have been intentionally chosen and brought into our sanctuary. 

We’re also a paperless home (apart from my beloved books), which means we don’t have papers stuffed in drawers or jammed in file cabinets, and we don’t have old journals laying around. 

I personally never keep old journals because I believe they are for purging, releasing and letting go. I don’t save them or go back and re-read them as they are from the past and I want to be in the present moment. So once I have filled every ounce of white space in my journal, I will recycle it. I also never purchase journals I’m often gifted them for birthdays which is nice.     

If you’d like to go paper free too, the best place to start is by opting for online statements and bills wherever possible. If you do need to receive things in paper form, scan them on your phone, save them in Evernote or Google Drive and then re-use the envelope or the back of the bill/statement for your shopping list. After that, you can recycle the paper as usual.

Simplify what you eat.

Just eat real whole foods, it’s pretty simple. You don’t need to get super fancy and take 45,000 different superfoods and supplements (especially if you aren’t under the guidance of an integrative health professional or have studied here or here). Just pare it back, simplify your approach, and eat real whole foods. 

Simplify your wardrobe. 

Throw out the old undies or use them as a rag for around the house. Let go of the yoga tights with the holes in them, and get rid of every item that doesn’t make you feel a million dollars. A mentor once said to me that you should only wear things that make you feel like a millionaire. That doesn’t mean you have to wear a $500 dress around the house; it’s all about how something makes you *feel*. I have a $10 vintage t-shirt that makes me feel like a million bucks when I wear it. It’s all about how YOU feel when it’s on. 

Some people like the simplicity of a capsule wardrobe, which you could also think about. But please do NOT throw anything out — sell it, or give it to a friend or charity, but never ever throw anything out. Always try and find a new use or home for everything.

Simplify your relationships.

If you are holding on to a relationship where the other person has already let go, it’s time to release your grip. You don’t have to have 55 besties. Hold onto the ones that are showing up. Water those relationships and focus on quality, not quantity.

Simplify your bank accounts and super.

Do you have multiple bank accounts and super funds? Or a bunch of different credit cards? It’s time to clean that up, get organised and sort out your finances. The Barefoot Investor is an epic book to read on this topic.  

Simplify your email inbox.

I don’t want to spend my life in my inbox, so I limit the amount of emails I send and in turn that impacts the amount I receive. When I’m sending mail to others, I often opt for a quick voice text or phone call instead of 45 emails back and forth trying to nail down a time for a meeting. Ask yourself, what’s going to make my life easier?!

You also want to be very selective about what you allow to enter your inbox — you don’t want your mental bandwidth taken up with just any old noise! I recommend heading to Unroll Me and unsubscribing from any newsletters — not mine 😉 —  that you don’t read or don’t want in your inbox any more. I have the belief that it’s okay to unsubscribe from something, because if I’m meant to see it, it will pop up on Instagram or someone will forward it to me. (What’s meant for you will not pass you by!) 

When your life is simplified and decluttered on the outside, it creates peace and calm within.

Finally, employ the inbox zero mentality. My intention is to get to inbox zero every day. Nothing is left sitting in my inbox. I either archive, delete, Boomerang or delegate by forwarding the email to the best person in my team to handle that email. Boom! And boy does that empty inbox feel gooood!

Simplify your gadgets.

Do you have a few iPads, an iPhone, desktop, laptop etc.? Get honest about what you truly need and lovingly gift on the rest. I have my iPhone and laptop, that’s it. 

Simplify your apps.

Having 5,000 apps on your phone is only going to cause inner stress and chaos. Go through and delete all the apps you don’t use, then organise the rest into folders. Simplicity is key in your digital life — you don’t want your phone to cause you stress.

Simplify your morning and night time routine.

The last thing you want is for your sacred routines to feel like a stress, a chore or a drag. They are an act of self love and are designed to fill you up. If any component is causing you to feel overwhelmed and stressed out, simplify it. Or cut it out altogether. Just do 2 – 3 things… whatever makes you feel alive and free. 

Simplify your beauty routine.

I have 3 things in my makeup bag: powder, blush and mascara. That’s it. I use essential oils for my moisturiser and cleanser, but you do you. Keep it simple, don’t over complicate things and remember less is more. 

Simplify your cleaning/house products.

I have one homemade cleaner, made using essential oils, that I use for everything in our house. You don’t need three cupboards filled with different cleaning products that are all full of toxic crap. Pull it back, go toxic free, and make your own using essential oils.

Simplify your calendar. 

I use a digital calendar (just the one that comes on my computer and phone) and I make sure there is always loads of white space for spontaneity and adventure. I never overbook myself. I don’t do back to back meetings and catch ups, that’s not my jam. I like to leave loads of space.

Simplify your social media.

If it’s overwhelming you and causing stress, you don’t have to be on 15 different platforms. Just choose a few that you love and let go of the idea that you have to be on all of them.

Simplify your purchasing. 

Before you buy anything, ask yourself these two questions… 1) Does this bring me joy? 2) Do I really need this? Be honest, and if it doesn’t bring you joy and you don’t really need it DON’T buy it. Practice conscious consumerism and remember: you vote with your dollar, so make it count. 

These are just some of the ways you can declutter and simplify your life. 

Have you got any more to add to this list? I’d love to hear them. Tell me your best tips in the comments below. I can’t wait to read them!

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  1. Laynee says:

    Such a great post! I always wondered why I clean and tidy up when I feel stressed, and it’s probably because my environment does impact how calm I feel. Thanks so much Mel.

  2. Olivia says:

    This was super helpful! Always looking for ways to simplify. Thanks Mel!

  3. I went on a smartphone detox earlier this year and it really helped to curb my habits. I just got one of those retro Nokia phones and swapped over my SIM for a month. At first it feels like a shock but it’s amazing how little you really need your phone, especially if you work on a laptop the rest of the day.

  4. Montse says:

    Love it ! You inspire me so much. I often think “what would do melissa in this situation “?
    I have been decluttering a lot but I have not achieved your master level.

  5. I love the simplicity of decluttering that you’ve presented here. Sometimes, the act of decluttering can be stressful in itself, but you’ve made it feel doable and light.

    • It’s all about the energy you take to it or anything for that matter honey. Say, ‘decluttering is easy and effortless’. And that’s what you will create. Don’t forget your words are powerful honey and the Universe has ears. xx

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