Without doubt, the most widespread health issues I see in women are crazy hormones, fertility problems, PCOS, and endometriosis — they’re all too common these days, and result in so many women feeling like crap and searching for answers. On top of that, they often feel completely powerless about their situation too — they don’t know where to start, where they’re going wrong, or if it’s even possible to have healthy hormones at all.

If tiny bells of recognition (or full-blown fire alarms!) are ringing in your head right now, you’re going to love today’s post. I’m thrilled to be sharing an interview with my soul sister, Dr Nat Kringoudis — a hormone and fertility expert who specialises in Chinese medicine and women’s health. Nat is all too familiar with these common issues, and has some amazing strategies to heal and prevent them. Her message is massively empowering: YES there is something we can do about our hormonal health, and NO the pill and medication are not the answer.

So enough’s enough, ladies! It’s time to sort out your fertility and get your hormones humming again. Are you ready?

In this interview with hormone and fertility expert Dr Nat Kringoudis, you will learn…

  • The most common areas where women are going wrong with their health and hormones.
  • The truth about synthetic contraceptives and their impact on your body.
  • How stress is affecting your hormones and health.
  • How to decrease your stress TODAY (and why this needs to zoom to the top of your priorities list).
  • The contraceptive methods that work and that won’t mess with your system.  
  • How to get your period in sync with the moon cycle, and why there are so many benefits to this ancient practice.
  • How you can take action to support your body and hormones today.
  • The underlying causes of PCOS, endometriosis and other hormone issues (that no one seems to be talking about).
  • The importance of understanding what you are putting in your body and why.  
  • The best sanitary products to use — and how the wrong choice can actually harm your health and hormones.
  • The importance of finding the best practitioners for you.
  • The importance of tuning in and trusting your intuition when it comes to your health plus so much more.

I love this quote by Nat…

So tell me, beautiful — What is the one thing you are going to do today to take a step towards your best health? Share with us in the comments below.

And remember…

You can make a difference to your health right now by making healthy choices for you and your body. It all starts with today.

If you’re after some helpful resources, check out:

TOM Organic my go to sanitary products.

Moon pads one of my fave all-natural products.

The Pill by Jane Bennett & Alexandra Pope — an amazing book on the truth behind this oh-so-common medication.

Do nothing and nothing changes.

Natural Cycle App — This app has become my go-to for monitoring my cycle. The story behind it is great — a husband and wife (both with PhDs in physics) realized that there were no sophisticated tools on the market that allowed women to confidently understand and monitor their natural cycles. The app they developed is incredibly user-friendly AND (even more importantly) incredibly effective. (It’s the only app I’ve seen that actually has clinical trials to back up its effectiveness.) So if you want a method for identifying your window of fertility that’s completely natural — and that doesn’t leave you worrying and wondering — this app’s got you covered.

Have fun getting your hormones humming, gorgeous. And don’t forget to share with us the one thing you are going to do today!

As always, thank you so much for being here. For showing up for YOU and taking action to create a life that’s wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy and bursting with love. Your commitment and dedication to yourself and your growth inspire the heck out of me.

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  1. Shelley says:

    Beautiful girls, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge on this topic. I’ve been on the Mirena now for almost 5 years and whilst it’s been nice to not have a period during that time, my intuition has told me that its not the best thing for my body for some time now.

    Thanks for the reminder to listen and be in tune with our bodies – this information is so valuable and a very timely reminder that I need to tune into myself.

    Nat, your passion for this topic really shines through – I love that you spent time with the beautiful Melissa to share what you know with us all.

    • Nat says:

      Beautiful Shelley! It’s so important to listen to your body and work out your own way. What makes hat sweeter is making informed decisions. There’s no right or wrong, it’s also in perfect time. xNK

  2. Marisa says:

    This came at a perfect time for me! It’s so sad that we aren’t taught all these things at school, and that doctors don’t explain the risks and ramifications of taking synthetic contraceptions such as the pill. Just signed up to natural cycles too, I’m so excited to start being natural. Thank you both so much for this post xxx

    • Melissa says:

      You’re so welcome Marisa. Keep me posted with how you go.

      You’re right it is sad, but we can turn it around for ourselves today, which is what you are doing by signing up to Natural Cycles. Well done honey. Super proud of you.

    • Nat says:

      I hear you! This is my absolute vision. My mission is to get this info into schools and I’ve had the pleasure of doing this for the last 2 years. Let’s change the world! xNK

  3. Ariadne says:

    Thank you so much both – this interview is pure gold. I was on the pill for over 10 years, since I was a teenager for PCOS. As you said Melissa, completely oblivious to the consequences and totally disconnected to my body. Now I’ve been off for 5-6 years and have started to see a stabilisation of my cycle (did a little happy dance when I realised it’s starting to sync with the moon!). But your conversation reminded me that there is so much more I can be doing to support my body. I LOVE the idea of charting – I was just always scared to trust it. But I think I will give it a go. Thank you lovelies xx

    • Melissa says:

      It’s so empowering when you are so in tune with your body honey. I love doing it and find it very rewarding. Keep me posted with how you go.


    • Andrea says:

      Hi ladies!!
      Absolutely LOVED this video you 2 are so inspiring and soooo informative.

      I’m 33 and was diagnosed with PCOS in February this year, I’m highly fertile (been pregnant on the pill twice, yet miscarried both times) and I’m estrogen dominant. My holistic practitioner has put me back on a low dose pill and a liver tablet (Livco) to help with PCOS & to clear the build up of estrogen in my body.

      I really want to get off the pill and start to chart and run my body by the moon but I’m so paranoid about falling pregnant as It’s something I just don’t want in my life, not for me I’m a fur baby kind of gal and so I’m left thinking I’m on the pill for the above reasons but I truly do not feel right on it.

      Is it necessary to be on a pill for PCOS treatment? I truly don’t know enough about it and the info online is mind boggling to me it’s almost an overload.

      Thanks so much, it’s so great to have these topics out in the open
      xx A

  4. Brooke says:

    Thank you for this awesome video. I was on the pill Yasmin (for skin conditions) for less than 6 months and suffered a life threatening blood clot that developed in my pelvis. Women are 3 times more likely to suffer blood clots on this pill, and the company who produces it in the U.S has already paid out over $700 million in compensation to women who have suffered from blood clots/strokes etc. I’m sure its different for everyone, but the key to true health is knowledge.

    • Melissa says:

      OH EM GEE!!!!! This is full on. Thank you so much for sharing that information honey because you’re so right knowledge is key to health and happiness.

    • Nat says:

      You are not alone and I’m delighted you have been able to navigate your health in the direction you choose. So many women are left with long term issues as a result of synthetic contraceptions. We must continue to circulate this information. I’m so excited for your long term help! xNK

  5. Lauren Rowe says:

    Hey Babe, this might interest you xx

  6. Liv says:

    Thank you so much for this great interview! I downloaded the chart and can’t wait to dive into it! I have been off the pill for many years now thankfully and fully restored my hormone health and have regular cycles. (unless very stressed, as discussed here!)
    I always wanted to try charting and today was the perfect opportunity as it simply fell into my lap! THANK YOU! I am vegetarian by the way, lifelong! And so is my Mum. And we have very good hormone health and fertility, it’s definitely true that everyone is different, I think it’s important to listen to your own body and as you said make informed decisions. Thank you again!

    • Melissa says:

      Absolutely honey, everyone is different and we must stay true to that.

      Congrats on getting a regular cycle, it’s such a great feeling.


  7. Nikki McConkey says:

    Thank you for sharing Melissa. I was diagnosed with endometriosis 3 years ago and it impacts my health and standard of living every day. I tried to go off hormonal treatments earlier this year, but it just made the pain worse. Video’s like this help more than you know.


    • Melissa says:

      You’re so welcome Nikki. Reach out to Nat if you have any questions, she’s a wealth of knowledge on endometriosis.


    • Nat says:

      Nikki, I’d absolutely love to help you more! Very often we are faced with a diagnosis that frightens the living daylights out of us, mostly because we believe we aren’t equipped with the info to work out the best plan of attack, so we put our faith into our doctors to do it for us. Of course our doctors have our best interest at heart but we aren’t all a carbon copy of each other and the reason we might have something like endometriosis can be wide and varied. I’d love to help you understand why your body is doing this so you can actually focus on treating the root cause rather than the symptoms. Thankfully medicine has worked out how to prevent the spread of something like Endometriosis, but in most instances, it does fail to treat the root cause. You might feel relieved to know that usually it’s something pretty simple and treatable that can be addressed to take you to your best.

  8. Mel, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this conversation. I love how enthusiastic you and Nat are about women’s health, but also that you encourage people to experiment for themselves and see what works for them. I’m becoming more and more interested in working with, not against, our menstrual and moon cycles. Also, thanks for the tip about Moon pads!

    Just perfect- thank you, ladies! xx

    • Melissa says:

      You’re so welcome angel, I am so glad you loved it as much as we loved recording it 😉


    • Nat says:

      Gorgeous Katie – I think it’s so important we are confident in the choices we make rather than reacting out of fear. Plus it is so much nicer to approach our health from a nurturing place – not to mention so much more effective. I really do love helping women understand themselves! x

  9. Nora says:

    Awesome information…inspiring & informative. We as women need to be spread the message & as a society we owe it to all females to educate them on the long term effects of the pill & alternative contraceptive methods. A truely inspiring video. I follow both of you & I think the work & messages that you are sharing are amazing. I did not have my periods for years & went on the pill. I changed my diet & came off the pill..through my diet & healthy plant based foods my periods came back. I choose a plant based diet & I love yourcomment that different diets work for different people which I strongly believe. Thank you again for the inspiring messages x

    • Melissa says:

      Exactly honey, everyone is different and what works for me might not necessarily work for you. We have to tune inward and listen to our temple. That’s the only way.


    • Nat says:

      I’m delighted that you could take exactly what you needed from this Nora – you’re spot on, we are all so beautifully unique. A one size fits all approach simply can’t work for this reason. I love that you know your body so well and have worked out what’s right for you. Sending love xo

  10. Catherine says:

    Thank you ladies! I love this topic! 🙂 I loved when Nat talked about the tides and how the moon must affect us as well if we are 70% made of water. This has made me want to try and sync my menstrual cycle with the moon cycle. I would love to be able to open my curtains and sink in the natural light as you have been doing Melissa, but that is not possible for me at the moment. Nat mentioned using a salt lamp instead. I am wondering how that would go? Would that mean that I would leave my lamp on all night? If so, would I do that for many days during my cycle? Thank you for the clarification. 🙂

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Catherine,

      You would sleep with the lamp on the night before the full moon, the night of the full moon and the night after. So three days in a row. Do this for a few months and see how you go 😉 I did it for 3 months then mine was in tune with the moon 😉 You might take 1 month or 1 year, everyone is different so just keep at it.


    • Nat says:

      How clever are our bodies! Mel has it spot on, use the lamp 3 nights in a row and see what happens. We are all different which is why it can take weeks or months to sync. xo

  11. Ella says:

    Thank you so much ladies. I have been umming and ahhing about my contraception for a while and this has been so refreshing, educational and honest! I feel informed and empowered to make good decisions for my body now 🙂 Just bought your eBook Melissa and looking forward to learning more about the Glow Kitchen! Thank you again beautiful ladies for doing what you do 🙂

    • Melissa says:

      You’re so welcome Ella, it’s amazing when you can make informed choices for yourself.

      Enjoy The Glow Kitchen and don’t forget to tag me in your pic’s 😉


  12. Lucinda says:

    Thank you this video could not have come at a more perfect time. I just had surgery to have a cyst removed from my ovary and the doctors told me that I have endometriosis which was a shock knowing I don’t want to have surgery again or go on the pill. It’s reassuring to know there is natural alternatives and things I can start to change now. I have started with diet cutting out wheat next will be switching to organic sanitary products and I will be down loading the app

    • Melissa says:

      Awesome work honey. Just continue to take baby steps and you will not only feel healthier but happier too. It’s all about putting one foot in front of the other, that’s it beautiful.


    • Nat says:

      Hey Lucinda!

      Perfect timing for you! There is so much we can do to prevent conditions like Endometriosis reoccurring. It’s what we do each and every day that can take us to where we would like to go.

      I’d encourage you to think about what might have been driving the Endo – perhaps stress, poor diet or a lifestyle that isn’t necessarily supportive of your hormone health.

      Once we can pin point this, we can make the necessary changes to pave the way for change.

      Sending love. NK

  13. Jane Thomas says:

    Gosh, so much to think about – I think I’m going to have to do one thing at a time! My concern is being on Tamoxifen having had breast cancer in the Summer, and how this impacts my cycle, but I really want to find out about charting. I had no idea that you are only fertile for maybe 3 days!
    My daughter is 17 and I want her to have informed choices with contraception and start off on the right foot. Thank you – as always!! xx

    • NK says:

      Jane you are not alone – many women don’t fully understand their bodies because we’ve not been taught this important info. I would love for your daughter to get her hands on my book, Well & Good – it’s the perfect how to guide for women of all ages. x

  14. Esther says:

    Amazing Mel! This is the stuff we ladies need to know. Personally, I’m excited to give charting a go!

    Thank you for this. X

  15. Meadhbh Bolger says:

    Hey Melissa!

    Thanks for a great video. I used to live in Melbourne and had an appointment with Nat when my period had been missing for almost 1.5 years! She was great and it came back after a year – just like you I was soooo happy!!!

    I have a question – you mentioned using the moon pads. I want to move away from disposable tampons and don’t think I would feel comfortable using a moon cup.

    I have one moon pad, but found it a bit messy trying to wash and dry (it’s autumn here in Belgium!). How many do you own and how to you feel is best to manage changing them during your period?


    • Melissa says:

      Hi honey,

      I have about 6 and once I use them I soak them for a few hours in a bucket, then wash them and hang them in the sun to dry. This works well for me. Give that a go and let me know how you go 😉


  16. Lindsay says:

    Thank you so much lovelys!
    I have just started thinking about trying to sync up to the moon and this video came about exactly when it was supoosed to. So much wonderful information and very thought provoking. I am at the point where menopause is around the corner and now i know i am on the right path to make that transition in a healthy, nourishing way.

  17. Jenna Lovell says:

    Oh Mel and Nat, where to start…

    I loved this video so much. Both of your resources have been a constant companion to me over the last few years as I’ve been working through my own struggles with my rare condition and female health (especially since becoming one of Nat’s patients). This year I’ve really seen it all come together – after spending 2 years working on bits and pieces (food, meditation, stress, exercise, organic pads etc) its all come together as I’ve come off the pill and seen my body do something its never done before on its own. I now have regular ovulation and periods! For anyone who has been on the pill long term (for me it was 13 years), especially for something other than contraception, I want you to know it definitely is possible to heal and gain or regain your cycle. Nat’s advice works, I’m living proof.

    Mel I think the bit I really loved the most was when you talked about how now you see your cycle happen its completely fascinating and exciting. I totally get that. I love seeing my body do something it previously couldn’t, and something so natural and normal for it. I’m loving watching the changes I go through at ovulation, and I even enjoy pms and my period because I can see my body being healthy and vital. I also know how nuts that would’ve sounded to me even just a few years ago.

    My one thing (that you mentioned right at the end)? I’m definitely going to share my experience more, especially within my rare disease community. This information needs to get out there to allow people to make better informed decisions.

    Thankyou both!!

    • Melissa says:

      You’re so welcome Jenna and thank you so much for sharing that with us. You’re amazing! Keep going my darling and share your beautiful message, the world needs it.


  18. Rachael says:

    Thank you ladies so much, actually have tears in my eyes of thanks happiness and gratitude towards you both and the information and knowledge you’ve just shared, and the support and encouragement you offer to us all… You’re both simply amazing!
    I’ve started on a bit of a low key slow journey myself after a pretty awful and high stress time earlier this year for about 7 months, and all at work! Crazy when you think about what we can put ourselves through for a job. I’d never had this kind of stress and didn’t know how to manage it except to just keep working harder & harder & longer hours etc. Our bodies are so amazing to give us the warning signs and tell us things are wrong… Just from what I thought was ‘a bit of a stressful time’. I had (and still do at times) breathing troubles, I developed eczema around my eyes which I’d never had before, my eyelashes started falling out! Not to mention the sleep trouble and depression. My poor body and mind! So thankful that there are wonderful knowledgeable and giving people out there like yourselves to help teach and inspire us all. Thank you thank you!! I recently went off the pill after 12 years, including an 18 month struggle & very failed attempt with the jadelle implant a couple of years ago too. I was only going to have a break from it until around Christmas and then on to ‘find another pill that suits me better’, after watching this I won’t be doing that and will be ramping up my journey to keep learning and loving and looking after my body!
    Thank you both again so very much 🙂 Love Rachael (Kiwi living in London) xxx

  19. Pippa says:

    I loved this interview so much and am really keen to look at the moon pads. I love hearing that its such a personal thing and there is no right or wrong way. I find tampons uncomfortable quite often, yet I feel society wants you to use tampons and not pads – or maybe this is just me!

    I have only been on the pill for a year, if that 8/9 few years ago and I hated it. It messed with my body and hormones (emotions) so much. It took quite a while to feel back to myself!! I didn’t want to go on it, yet didn’t know what else to do. Thankfully having people like you two gorgeous souls talk and share your knowledge and insights it means more women and girls feel they have options and choices! thank you so much.

    You are such a gorgeous pair and the way you both share so openly and from the heart, is fabulous! 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you, this has given me more confidence for some of my beliefs and the way I chose to do things / live my life. From the bottom of my heart – lots of love and hugs xoxo

    • Melissa says:

      I know what you mean Pip, it’s like pads are looked down on, but honestly I love them especially moon pads. Check them out and feel how your body responds 😉

  20. Mid Merry says:

    I love you girls…we need more of this in mainstream society. I was put on the pill when i was 14, for bad pain and was never really told about any other option….now i take for 1 week before, fish oil, Vit E, evening primrose and Vit b6 and am on chinese meds to get my body strong before i come off the pill. I downloading the app as we speak and will get that book to read… Again thank you for your dedication to such an important topic… mid xx

  21. Kelly Hensley says:

    Oh Mel I can’t thank you enough! I’ve always wanted to go to one of Nat’s talk but you bought her to me 🙂

    I’ve struggled my whole life with heavy/painful periods, as did my mother. My GP thought PCOS would likely be the cause and ive never bothered getting diagnosed. I went off the pill about 3 years ago and it’s the best thing I ever did. I was a total grouch but now am much more under control. It took prob a year for my cycle to settle and be regular. I now track my cycle and feel so much more informed.

    I literally said to my husband today that I wished I was taught in school how to track my cycle instead we were taught how to put condoms on bananas and told to get on the pill!!

    I am thankful about 6 or 7 years ago my yoga teacher talked about the nasties in tampons and I’ve been organic since. Only a few months ago I was on holidays out west, wasn’t due for my period but it arrived, I had dashed to the servo and local IGA and no organic stocked in town so had to use non-organic tampons. My god I was so sick & I ended up with thrush and all sorts of nasties. I now carry boxes in every handbag, all our cars & my purse ha!!

    I’m so glad I watched this. It reminded me to be extra mindful of my stress levels and self care and the impact on my body and hormones!!! Love you Mel and thanks Nat xx

    • Melissa says:

      You’re right Kel, preparation is key! I have them in all my bags also so I am never caught out.

      How good would it be if this was taught in school! I like you were taught how to use a condom and to get on the pill so I don’t fall pregnant. Thanks for the advice! At least we are educated now and we can educate the women around us and our children. It’s our duty.

      See you at the next Goddess Group angel.


  22. Charlotte says:

    Hi Melissa

    First thank you so much for the interview; I think it is the most powerful one I have never seen; what a wonderful gift you to to us.

    I am taking the pill since 6 years now (the doctor gave me to “fix” my period) and I am thinking since few month about stoped it.
    My biggest fear was about getting pregnant but with your intervew, it really helps me to take my decision.

    I don’t want anything to “fix” me, I think it is the biggest step and better step I can do for my by stopping the pill making damage to my body.

    I still don’t know really how I will figure out all of that, my I am sure I want stop taking this drug.

    Thank you so much to both of you for this wonderful video!!



  23. Belinda Kelly says:

    Absolutely fantastic, thank you both so much. educating women on this is so so important and you both did a fantastic job, so thanks for sharing.I’ve also been off the pill now for about 7 years. Im extremely passionate about my health, honouring my body and connecting with my feminity. I use a moon cup and I love it. Unfortunately I suffer from endometriosis and secondary to an extremely stressed out period in my life last year my endometriosis reached all time excruciating levels. In the past I had managed avoiding surgery and taking anything by utilising chinese herbs and acupuncture. However, I travel for work and I’m never in the same country long enough, and have therefore found it difficult to get my herbs sent from my practitioner at home, who I must say is an absolutely amazing Goddess, women specialist/friend also. Unfortunately though when i returned to Australia for a visit early this year, I succumbed to the Mirena. it was looking like that or surgery and I was devastated.. Initially I had some pretty severe pain, spotting and terribly long periods, but that has all settled and now I’m just getting the old painful period, but they still last 7days. I would love love some of Nats advise on dealing with endometriosis and more thoughts on the mirena.

  24. Samantha says:

    Hi Mel,

    Absolutely brilliant video about a topic that has been plaguing my mind for many months! I’ve been agonising over the possibility of discontinuing my use of hormone based contraception but was held back by fear. I’ve decided to finally make a change though so thank you for the motivation! I was just wondering whether that Natural Cycles offer was time restricted and whether it can be applied to the subscription as I can’t see anywhere to type the code in upon payment. xx Sam

    • The MA Team says:

      Hey beautiful, so glad you loved the video! Re Natural Cycles, the voucher is still valid – it doesn’t have an expiry date. If you click through to the next window after payment you can enter the code in there. Hope that helps 🙂 xx

  25. Ani says:

    Wow, I am so glad I came back to watch this video! So many gems of wisdom, I am just beaming with inspiration and hope having heard all of this. I was put on the pill by my doctor when I was 16 as I had irregular periods and sadly stayed on it for over a decade. I always had a fear in the back of my mind that it probably wasn’t a good idea but like most young girls it was convenient and I knew I wouldn’t get pregnant! But when I met my husband and knew we would eventually want to have babies I decided to come off the pill. After 18 months and all the western tests my period still hadn’t come back and there was ‘nothing wrong’ with me. I started having acupuncture and taking Chinese herbs and after another 4 months (22 MONTHS total) it finally returned. For the past 6 months I have been having irregular cycles, tending toward the 40 day mark. I started charting from the day it returned as we wanted to ‘start trying’. But after listening to this its made me realise how important logging ALL of the symptoms are, not just temperature, cervical fluid and whether you have sex or not! One thing I definitely notice is dramatic differences in my energy levels, but I never thought this could be related to the time of my cycle, I just thought I was tired all the time! and then I have random days of energy and clarity – not so random after all haha. So I’m definitely going to start paying more attention to everything I’m experiencing and see how it changes. I also didn’t realise that tampons and pads had so many chemicals! you really can’t trust anyone these days, its not just the food companies, so I’m going to definitely start buying organic sanitary products and look into the ‘moon’ products. Nat, you touched a bit on reasons for irregular periods but can you give me some insight as to why my cycle might be so long? and what can I do to try to bring it back to a more normal length? I have a salt lamp, should I try the full moon thing? We really want to have a baby and I’d like it to be as natural as possible (and avoid IVF and fertility drugs) so any tips you have would be great! I have a lot of digestive issues too and have just had the SIBO/fructose and fecal tests, but won’t have the results for weeks. I have been trying to work out my digestive issues for 10 years on different protocols and being as healthy as I can as well as removing chemicals from most cleaning and beauty products and trying to establish a regular meditation routine as well. But I am exhausted all the time! I drink bone broth like its going out of style and eat lots of healthy animal products and fats. Anything you can suggest to help me on this journey would be awesome, I wish I could meet you in person as you are just beautiful and such a wealth of knowledge! Thanks again ladies, you are both such an inspiration. xxx

    • Nat says:

      Hey Ani!

      There are so many reason why your cycles might be long but the most common is high oestrogen meaning that progesterone doesn’t get to do it’s job properly. So many things drive our oestrogen levels – conventional body products, chemicals in our environment, food, water, stress, medications – the list goes on. So I’d suggest looking into changing these products and turning towards more natural products that don’t contain these chemicals that mimic oestrogen. Stress as mentioned is also a huge factors and can really upset hormone imbalance. Getting a grasp on these two things is a great start to see where your body takes you. If you are getting periods, it’s a great start! It’s just a matter of lowering oestrogen so that your body can find it’s groove again. And yes, using your lamp and mimicking the moon cycles is a brilliant addition! Sending you all my menstrual regularity vibes xo

  26. Kylie Anderson says:

    What a fabulous interview! Thanks Mel and Nat, so informative and steps to take away and start to implement. I’m breastfeeding at the moment and my period hasn’t returned yet but as soon as it does I’ll be getting onto that app and tracking my cycle. Thanks again ladies xxx

  27. Emma Beau says:

    Hi Melissa and Nat,
    That weblog was SO great!! Thank you so much.
    I suffer from VERY painful, heavy periods that I’m on a mission to fix. I eat a healthy diet of protein, good fats and lots of fruits and veg + an array of vitamins so hopefully I’m going in the right direction… :/
    Unfortunately I can’t afford to go to a specialist in this area but I’m trying my best to learn everything I can from wonderful people like yourself within my available resources. I love using my Wink app to track my cycles but something I’ve taken from this video is to start moon cycling! It sounds very rewarding. Thank you so much again. Emma. 🙂

    • Nat says:

      Emma – so great that you are doing so many of the right things to set your body up for long term hormone health. All these things you’ve mentioned are so valuable. Don’t forget stress! That’s the hardest for us to get a grip on but oh so important too. It’s all about working out what ratios work best for each of us but you are certainly on the right path xo

  28. Melissa says:

    I actually burst into tears at the end of this video. I’ve been struggling with my hormones since I was 12 and at 24 it just feels like it is never ever ever going to end. I didn’t think I’d watch this whole video but I’ve been lying in bed in excruciating back pain and I can’t sleep anyway so I thought why not. To be honest I don’t think I’ve had a really really really good sleep unassisted for over 6 years now prior to be putting on medication for IBS as I was having stomach pains and difficulty sleeping constantly at 17-18. I’ve just had my mirena taken out after 3 years following my gyno suspecting endometriosis and doing a laparoscopy 12 months after also lasering abnormal cells off my cervix. Then there was a cyst and a small amount of endometriosis but nothing that justified the pain I was in and the awful periods I’d been suffering with since I was 12 and that the pill (which I’d been on since 17) was fixing. 3 months of excruciating and I mean absolutely excruciating pains in my reproductive system to the point where I couldn’t do anything, I’d cry all day and I was given a whole list of heavy duty pain killers that did nothing but make me sick it seemed like ok it was settling down. 18 months in and if just sort of stopped working – breakthrough bleeding, acne, period like symptoms so they put me on the pill with the mirena. Three months on one pill and I was throwing up most mornings, nauseous as hell 24/7 and felt awful. Ok so then they changed pills and that was okayish but I was breakthrough bleeding for long periods and acne had returned with avengeance and after 3 years I was sick to death of my mirena causing me pain because I could feel it every single day inside and it was uncomfortable as hell and could be quite painful. So my gyno said ok we will take that out, come off the pill and we will have a break. But then my chronic pain specialist (who is also a gyno) has put me on a new pill and ever since I’ve started that surprise surprise more pain pain and more pain. I’m now at a loss and after watching this I feel even more overwhelmed and confused and I know that’s only making it worse because I know I have pelvic floor myalgia/viscerosomatic hyperalgesia/central sensitisation/IBS which are all connected and related and stress like you both pointed out are leading factors to increasing the pain and discomfort associated. So now I have no idea what to do. I have started physio for my pelvic floor which is one way I’m “doing the work” but even that isn’t that easy and honestly I am sick to death of being in pain and being on medication that I just don’t know if it’s doing anything other than making me incredibly tired, low, crappy, depressed and making life even more stressful. I had my gallbladder removed at 17 because I had acute gallbladder disease and according to mum even when I was a kid I really struggled with eating and stomach pains and digestion problems. Not to mention pain and “normal” heavy duty pain medication has never worked, I laugh when in hospital they give me morphine because it does absolutely nothing. I’m beginning to think that I’m just the most uptight person in the world. This video definitely helped but right in this moment I feel even more lost and overwhelmed but hey at least I know that medicine is heading in the right direction. I think I have some ideas on where I need to start. I think the other massive barrier that maybe you didn’t address in this video is cost – at $200 an hour my physio is wonderful and I feel comfortable but she is so expensive. Even looking at the TOM website their products are incredibly expensive. Perhaps in a future video maybe you can address some cost-effective ways to start moving in the right direction for the struggling girls in their early 20s. I’d love for some more of these videos in depth and I know Nat had so much more to talk about so I’d love to listen to more of these talks. It all makes sense though and exactly like you said Nat, when it is explained in a way that you can understand it and it makes sense how everything is linked, then yes it makes a massive difference and we go from there.

  29. Ruth says:

    Loved this post, wow you two are so energising to listen to!! Thank you! I lost my periods 2 summers a go, I was a healthy 8stone naturally but a bad relationship/caring for grandad/moving from home to study saw my period disappear and that sept I was 7st 5 without realising but it lead to disordered eating pas I felt all was going wrong in my life and over exercising…my oestrogen was low and I’ve been in the pill since Feb but making s decision to finish it this month?! Do you think that is wise? I am worried about bone density I, only 23! I reverse dieted up and only weight train 3x a week with no cardio… I eat carbs every meal and whole good fats I no longer track macros as I want food to be stress free but then I need to ensure I am eating enough when eating do so clean? Do you think I a, in the right path…I believe our thoughts create our environment and trying to be the healthiest happiest and strongest version of me…with my period xx

    • Nat says:

      Hey Ruth – I know it can seem scary but long term the pill doesn’t actually do one good thing for us. We’re also scared into thinking it preserves our bones which unfortunately it simply can’t do, since whilst we are taking it, it robs our bodies from essential nutrients. I’d say you are very much on the right path.

      Take this time to really invest into your diet, gentle movement and really nurturing your mind. Our minds are very powerful tools and we can certainly work on them to take us where we need to go.

      I really do firmly believe you are on the right path. Well done for listening to your inner voice. xNK

  30. Madeleine Tuck says:

    Thanks for such a great interview girls, you both inspire me so much and I love following on your journeys! 🙂

    Reading through the posts clearly shows how many women this topic effects.

    After being on the pill for 7 years for contraception and acne, I came off it in July 2015. To this date there is still no sign of my period. I gave up gluten about 4-5 months ago as I read in Lara Birden’s book how it mimics the function of estrogen. I guess it’s all just a waiting game now! My body will know when the time is right.

    Despite no sign of a period yet, I still feel so much more in tune with my body, more myself and so much less bloated since giving up the gluten.

    I’m excited to try the Natural Cycles App!

    Much love

  31. Charlotte says:

    Hey Girls

    So excited because I FINALLY sign up for the Natural Cycle app. I should get my thermometer in few days.
    I am a litle nervous about it but excited!

    Who else is using this method? I would love hear about it from you!!

    Much Love


  32. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for your words and knowledge. I’ve been on the pill since I was 16, (i’m now 23). I’m not on it for any other reason than to not to fall pregnant.

    I’m curious to try this method but after years of it being drilled into my head the pill is THE option I’m a bit nervous incase I fall pregnant plus even though I know it’s my body, it’s something I feel I should discuss and educate my boyfriend on too. Neither of us are anywhere near ready for me to fall pregnant so I want to be 100% sure this is more effective and healthy.

    How do you take steps to move away from the pill until your cycle become regular and you can chart correctly? Do you have to use barrier methods until it links up with the moon and how long roughly does that take? Do you have a guide to move away from the pill?

    Thank you for all your help. x

    • Hi Sarah!
      I think you’re concerns are very normal and so very common because we’ve been scared into thinking we can’t understand our bodies and encouraged to approach our fertility from fear.
      Coming off the pill can open up to a host of symptoms – especially if they were there before, however in your case if there is no history of health issues, you’re sitting in a really great position to transition off it. It’s not always possible to know what your body will do when you come off but if you are caring for you body well, you have a great chance of transitioning off without too much effort. The next trick is understanding your body to know when you are fertile and when you are not – which is where the app can help you. I encourage my patients to check out my ecourse Debunking Ovulation to help understand what the body will do from a cycle perspective.
      Hopefully your body will synch back into it’s environment and with the moon indeed – how long this takes will vary from person to person.
      But most of all, use this time to become very curious about your body, learnt to understand what it is telling you and enjoy watching your body find it’s natural rhythm again! xNK

  33. F. says:

    If you want to give Natural Cycles a try, you can have -10% on the yearly subscription following this link https://app.naturalcycles.com/?webSignup=1&refId=027dcfdd8c1d4e0da7f0fd1480e960f3&refCode=referralid10#/reg-reg
    I’m so satisfied with this app, it is the perfect contraception for me. And yes, I have irregular cycles and the app takes that into consideration!

  34. Haley says:

    Hello Melissa!

    I have been diving deep into your Mastering Your Mean Girl Book as well as listening to all your podcasts on my way to work. I absolutely LOVE your show and am continuing to fill myself with knowledge and apply it to my life. You and your work has truly CHANGED MY LIFE. I cannot thank you enough for all that you do to inspire your tribe.

    I wanted to ask what books would recommend on educating oneself about the Mooncycles, what they mean, and how women associate with them? I’ve listened to your podcasts about women connecting with the moon but I didn’t see any resources listed for a gaining a background knowledge about the stages/cycles and the connection to women. Do you have any stellar reads you would recommend?

    Thanks Melissa!

    Warmest Regards,


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