My health is insanely important to me. When I’m at my peak, my whole life seems to flow; when I’m not… well, everything just feels off and flat. So I am always on the lookout for ways to upgrade and hack my health, so that I can keep performing to the best of my ability.

When it comes to health, I desire energy, vitality, focus and drive. I want my brain to be switched on and sharp, so that when I am writing or speaking I am totally ON and in a flow state. I want to feel 100% connected to my beautiful temple and recognise the sacred divinity that lies within.

So over the years, I’ve developed and collected a number of ‘hacks’ that help me achieve this kind of abundant, radiant health. (And of course, I’ve also identified the things that completely block it too.) To me, what it ultimately comes down to is this: what we put in our bodies matters. Whether you’re talking about food, liquid, movement, thoughts, whatever, the rule still holds: the quality of your input affects the quality of your output. So you can bet your sweet tushie that I’m always focused on putting in the best quality everything possible.

Today I want to share with you some of the ways I keep my health humming at full velocity. The pros call this ‘biohacking’, meaning tweaking your health to create the absolute BEST version of yourself possible. The following five biohacks are my absolute faves to ensure I feel fresh, sharp and 100% ON.

Are you ready to dive in?!

1. Hack Your Sleep

In modern society sleep is totally underrated. We are high fived when we pull an all-nighter or stay at work until 11pm. But the truth is, in order for you to perform to the best of your ability you need to get deep, restorative rest every single night. Here’s how…

  • Block out all light. Even a little red light from the bottom of your TV or the green light from your computer charger can affect your sleep. We put up blackout curtains in our room and it has made such a massive difference. The aim is to not be able to see your hand in front of you when the lights are out. The first thing I do when I walk into any hotel room is pull out all the electronics — from the TV to the digital alarm next to my bed — so that there are no coloured lights on whilst I sleep. You can even travel with some black duct tape to stick over any coloured lights if you don’t/can’t pull the plug out.
  • Wear an eye mask. If there is still light on in the room, you will absorb it through your skin — so it is best to have everything blacked out. But if for some reason you can’t, an eye mask is a helpful tool that can still enhance your shut-eye.
  • Wear earplugs. I wear earplugs every single night and LOVE it. Try it for a week (especially if you live in the city) and see how much deeper you sleep.
  • Don’t have electronics in your room! That means no computer, TV, phone, nothing in your bedroom at all. If you use your phone as your alarm, get a sunlamp instead and charge your phone in the lounge room. Never do work in your bedroom — your bedroom is a sacred space reserved for lovemaking and sleep only. Oh, and reading an awesome book in bed is fine too!
  • Make sure the temperature is cool and comfortable. Think of your bedroom as a cave: dark, cool and quiet. Ideally you want the temperature to be 18.5ºC (65ºF). This is imperative to get good quality sleep.

2. Hack Your Food

If you’re putting crap into your body, you’re going to get crap results — it ain’t rocket science! And unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the last few decades, we all know by now that sugar, gluten, commercial dairy, soy, trans fats, seed oils, and processed and packaged ‘foods’ are crap. This information is not new to anyone any more, so there’s no kidding yourself. If you are going to pollute your body with crap, expect to feel like crap… it’s that simple. But if you want to perform to the best of your ability, if you want to have focus, energy, less brain fog, high cognition and better performance, follow these steps…

Caution: the information you are about to read is not what we are taught in school.

  • Eat local, fresh, whole and in-season produce, preferably from your farmers’ market (that way you know it will be local).
  • Avoid sugar, wheat, dairy, gluten, soy, caffeine, alcohol, lollies, soft drink, processed and packaged food-like substances as much as you possibly can.
  • Add in loads of easy to digest, lightly cooked vegetables, fruits, and plenty of enzyme-rich light salad vegetables.
  • Eat the rainbow. Try to get as many coloured veggies on your plate as possible. Always aim for at least one green veggie per meal — green veggies are incredibly alkalising and nutrient dense.
  • If you are going to have nuts, seeds and grains, make sure you soak and activate them before eating. However, if you have gut issues and need to focus on healing your gut, it is recommended to keep these foods to a bare minimum, until your gut is running like a well (coconut) oiled machine.
  • Follow the 80/20 rule — 80% of your plate should be mostly vegetables, and 20% protein. Switch the 20% to grain-like seeds such as quinoa, millet or amaranth if you are vegan.
  • Ever wondered why some people seem to have such shiny hair and white eyes? Fermented veggies, baby! Include 1 tablespoon of these probiotic and enzyme rich foods with each meal to enhance digestion and clean up any leftover undigested waste material.
  • Cook with Vitamin L. Yep, Vitamin Love! It’s the most important ingredient you can add. If you don’t cook, get in the kitchen and if you don’t love cooking, learn to love it!
  • Try to eat organic whenever possible, it really makes a difference. Organic produce hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals and pesticides, and organic animal products haven’t been pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones. If you’re worried about organic food being too expensive, head to your local farmers’ markets or grow your own. Personally, I believe you can’t put a price on your health and wellbeing. Besides, eating organic will save you loads of moolah down the track on doctors and medication.

3. Hack Your Water

Our body is made up of 75% water, so making sure the water we are putting back into our body is of the highest quality is imperative. I used to drink tap water and water out of plastic bottles, and I felt like crap ALL.THE.TIME. With all those chemicals and metals in every mouthful, tap water is a big no-no unless you are hooked into a natural spring.

Installing a water filter system, getting a Hydrogen Health shower filter and a water bottle was one of the BEST choices I ever made for my health. Sip plenty (like 2-3 litres) of room temperature, filtered or spring water throughout the day. Type ‘Melissa’ at the checkout to get 25% off.

And for those of you who like to get your sweat on, forget about toxic sports drinks to rebalance your electrolytes — and you can even skip the sugary coconut water too. Instead, add a pinch of good quality sea salt into your water to make it more bioavailable to your cells, plus you get an extra boost of minerals — #Winning!

4. Hack Your Mind

Meditation is the tried-and-true path to enhanced awareness and clarity. If you haven’t tried it, get on board STAT! Give it a go for a week and see how you feel. You can get a FREE guided Manifestation Meditation here, or you can check out loads of my other guided meditations here and here.

5. Hack Your Soul

Nothing soothes my soul faster than time spent communing with Mother Nature. If I need to change my state quickly — because I’m feeling out of sorts, or I need some me-time, or whatever it is — I know without doubt that stepping outside will have me vibing high again in no time. Living near the ocean, I’m partial to a quick dip to rebalance everything (my chakras, my mood, my ions, all of it). But if I’m pressed for time, a quick walk through the park or a few moments in the garden can also do the trick.

And let’s not forget, being in nature is not only good for your soul but your body too. You’ll be breathing in better quality, fresh, unpolluted air AND getting your daily dose of vitamin D. On that note, sun exposure is part of our natural nutrition… but burning isn’t. So get some of those gorgeous rays on your skin, but please don’t burn.

So there you have it — my top 5 ways to hack your health. Now it’s over to you, beautiful. I want you to pick ONE of these goodies that you’re going to commit to for the next week. Share which one you’ve chosen in the comments below. And if you have any health hacks you’re loving right now, please share them too — let’s help everyone perform to the best of their abilities.

Thank you, as always, for being here. Your commitment to wanting to be the best version of yourself seriously inspires the heck out of me and never fails to put a firecracker up my tushie!

And remember, sweet one — thousands of souls come here to get inspired. So open your heart and share from love in the comments below. You never know, your words might be the one thing someone needed to read in order to spark massive internal shifts in their life.

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  1. Narelle says:

    I thought shower filters were wanky until I read about fluoride being absorbed so easily as steam through your lungs. So if you live in the city it is a worthwhile investment also.
    Beautiful is you Melissa x

  2. tamirebekah says:

    Yes!! yes yes.. love it all! I’ve been flirting with the idea of trying bone broth.. excited to try it!!

  3. Vex says:

    Love this oost beautiful lady! key takeaway is that the qualityof input affects your bodies output always 🙂 Xx

  4. Mary james says:

    This is exactly what unneeded to read this morning! I have come to Burleigh heads in qld for a wedding and I am in the wedding party. Because my life has changed immensely since I was last here 4 years ago partying and drinking! I am doing things so much differently this token
    I got a beautiful Airbnb on the hill surrounded in green trees with a short walk to the ocean, this way I can have my own space to meditate every morning, yoga and also cool my own food!
    I have also been feeling very anxious lately over matters of the heart, I know I need to be brave so I just keep asking the universe to give me courage

  5. Cassie Tran says:

    These hacks are great! I’ve been trying to get in more rest and MUCH less stress out of my system. It’s toxic when the stress buildup explodes and gets you overwhelmed!

    • Melissa says:

      Yes Cassie we want to try and minimise stress as much as possible. That’s why meditation is super powerful, for me anyways

  6. Bronwen says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I love this list. I’m going to start with keeping my bedroom dark. I currently sleep with my phone on as my second alarm to my alarm clock although I do sleep soundly generally.

    One question regarding the food…I have been hearing a lot about the benefits of bone broth however I am a vegetarian and cannot bring myself to include this in my diet. Is there an alternative for vegetarians?


    • Melissa says:

      Great question. The reason bone broth is so great is because it’s loaded with college (think natural botox

  7. Catherine says:

    Fermented veggies it will be for me! 🙂 do you make your own? thanks for this wonderful post Melissa! So informative and inspiring! Xx

  8. Penny says:

    Hey Melissa, great post! I’m curious about Himalayan Salt Lamps though in terms of having things plugged in at the wall in your room? I totally agree with getting rid of all electronics and unplugging at the wall, but my salt lamp needs to be plugged in to work.. what are your thoughts on that? Does the one you have in your room need to be plugged in, or do you have a battery one? xx

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Penny,
      That’s fine darling, I am presuming you don’t sleep with it on so just turn it off at the wall when you go to bed

      • Anat says:

        can’t find the article where you mentioned what essential oils you use for different things, like lemon for the desk ,and peppermint is refreshing. Do you have some more recommendations? thanks

      • Melissa says:

        Hi honey, I think it was in 12 Steps To Wellness 😉

  9. Jen Chavez says:

    A word of caution regarding wearing earplugs to sleep…I’ve had to be a friend’s strength when her husband died from a heart attack in the next room. She blamed herself for not being able to hear his struggle because she wore ear plugs to bed. (He worked late nights and she had to be up early, so she wore them to not wake up when he came home.) The idea of such sound sleep has tempted me many times, but being a single mom has kept me from every doing it–just in case. (I do, however, bring them on an airplane!) Not saying not to—just know there are associated risks—but there are with anything. You just pick the ones you’re ok with.

    On a less tragic note….I love reading your blogs and always get something from them–whether it’s a gentle reminder on something that I know, but have let slip, or if it’s something new and exciting I want to try. Thanks for all of the love that you spread…I can’t wait to get your book. It’s been months of watching everyone else get to read it while I sit here patiently (maybe?!) waiting! Keep up the good fight Melissa!

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Jen,
      I am super excited for you to get your hands on Mastering Your Mean Girl too, you’re gonna love it!
      And thanks for the point, even with my earplugs I can still hear my son call out in the next room with both doors shut but that’s just me. Great point though and something to ponder for everyone.

  10. sarah says:

    Hi beautiful Mel,

    Loved this! Health is just a must and one you experience the feeling of treating your body right it is addictive!

    Just wondering if you could let me know how diligent you are with your food combining? I love it and think it feels great when keeping fruit separate, however, I feel like i can’t really determine if keeping starches separate from proteins is actually making a difference? (not eating sweet potato/pumpkin with slow cooked meats)

    Also, I was just wondering if you still have days where your gut doesn’t feel 100% or just a bit upset? If so, do you have a few go to things that your do to help calm it?

    And I would love to know your travel must haves! The secret things you keep in your handbag to boost your wellness while you’re just out and about or traveling?

    Thank you! x

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Sarah,
      Thanks for your awesome questions.
      Regarding food combining I am pretty diligent with it because it feels good for me. Not all the time but most of the time I stick to it but you’re right slow cooked meats and sweet potato is the bomb I just don’t do it daily.

      My guts are great at the moment but if I ever feel upset I make sure I drink loads of water and eat very clean and basic, veggies, bone broths etc. I think simple is always best when your tummy is upset.

      In regards to travel I have written 2 greats post’s on travel which you can read here and here. Check them out honey.


  11. Tanya says:

    Lovely article and just what I needed today. Melissa, just wondering what brand earplugs you use? I’ve tried a few and they seem too big so hurt my ears!
    Thanks xox

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Tanya,
      I just got them from the chemist and not sure of the brand sorry honey. My husband has the same issue and it’s a matter of trying a few and seeing what works best for you I think.

  12. Erica says:

    Love this, thanks Mel. Would love some more info (easy tips) on fermented foods, which ones are better and if you are to buy them already fermented what brands are best. Thanks

  13. Anne Kaenel says:

    Hi again Melissa, burst out into laughter when I read how you pull the plugs of everything in the hotel room. I even had a guy climb on top of my bed with a ladder (lol) because there was a blinking fire alarm above my bed and tape it. He must have thought I am the biggest lunatic.
    Thanks for the reminder though, my bedroom had no gadgets bug definitely light through the curtains! I will fix that!

  14. Anne Kaenel says:

    I also tried bone broth. But slow cooking especially chicken bones for & hours made if quite difficult to get the fat out and it was really fatty. Any advise? I also noticed my skin becoming quite the opposite of clean, would you happen to know I this could be a normal first reaction to it? I have not had meat in a while and in the last 4 weeks I have been slurping on bone broth quite a bit. Just started a juice fast to get my clean skin back. Uffh, lots of trial and error.

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Anne,
      Firstly, make sure you are getting good quality bones and remember the longer the better when cooking bone broth. We leave ours on overnight or all day in the slower cooker. And once it’s done you scrape off the fat layer on the top and drink the liquid under the fat.

      Skin outbreaks are normal as you will be detoxing from the bone broth, but it sounds like you may be going too hard. Ease into it! Start with 1 glass a day then work your way up, don’t be too extreme with anything and just ease into it. How does that sound?

      • Anne says:

        It is really great that you answer all these emails in person, has someone told you lately? Praise!!!
        The bones were from the organic market but again, here is the butcher that speaks decent English. So I found out the beef bones came from grass fed cows, but he was utterly lost with the grass-finished part of the bones. So I am just hoping for the best. For the chicken, they are organic, but hard to source their food. Anyway, I had a plate of it (maybe 2 cups) every day so I did not feel like I am living on it, but seems like the stuff is very potent. Do you let it cool down before scooping off the fat?
        Also, I watched the video with Daniel as well, fabulous, could you write more about how your goddess group works, maybe a blog for everyone to inspire more circles around the world…

      • Melissa says:

        Yes, honey let is set in the fridge before you scoop off the top.

        Glad you love the interview with Daniel and thanks for the inspo for the article, I will add it to my list 😉

  15. Daisy says:

    Hey Mell, thank you! So many points to action. You talk about filtered water.. What are your thoughts on those bobble filtering water bottles?

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Daisy,

      It’s better than tap and unfiltered water but I personally would avoid plastic as much as possible 😉

  16. Nina says:

    Hi Melissa!
    I’ve started meditating everyday day for 10 minutes a few months ago, thanks to your guided meditations. Now, I medidate for 15 minutes, two times a day and I’m able to do it on my own. I still use our guided meditations, wich are so soothing. Thank you so much for the light you are bringing to this world.
    This week, I will (of course) continu to medidate, but I will also spend more time in nature, try to cut of gluten (wich is very difficult in France because we have very good and tasty bread here!!!), and ad some home-made fermented veggies to my plate! hope these babies will sooth my bloated belly! 😉

    Thank you again for your energy, passion and smile!!

  17. Veronika Barry says:

    A bone broth love affair! I’m doing it ☺️

  18. Elle says:

    Hi Melissa,

    The link you posted for the sunlamp, the Philips wake up sun light, is that the one you personally use?

    Thanks, Elle

  19. Sarah Thornborough says:

    Thank you again Melissa for your light and love

    • Melissa says:

      I understand honey but you’re right we just have to prioritise it and make it happen.

      Bone broth basically tastes like your mums chicken soup and is jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients that help support your immune system. You can read more about it here. I talk loads about it in The Glow Kitchen and even give you a recipe for it. Have you seen that yet?

      Check it out!

      P.S. We miss you so much at The Goddess Group darling. Come back soon 😉

      • Sarah says:

        Thank you Gorgeous 🙂

        I’ve read up on bone broth and plan to make a batch up in the next week. I also spoke to my mums group about bone broth and a few of us are super keen to start mixing it up with the veggies we are feeding our bubbas – as they are all starting solids now! so exciting!

        I miss you all. Will try and get to a goddess group real soon. I’ll probably be late cos of baby evening routine, but at least I’ll get there. In the mean time I’ve been loving the goddess group on demand 🙂


      • Melissa says:

        Oh good honey, I am so glad you are watching on demand. We miss you so much. Stay in touch <3

  20. Andreea says:

    Hi Mel,
    I was wondering where I can find a good bone broth recipe. I find it really hard for my mind to unlearn and to accept that meat is good for us as well. Since I was a little girl, I always loved and enjoyed meat, but later in my life I come across veganism and all those ideas that are sometimes brainwashing us, manipulating our concepts. Now sometimes when I eat meat, I find myself questioning if what I am doing is right for my body. I know it is not a easy journey and it is a step by step one, so whenever that happens I take a deep breath and focus on loving my food and my temple.
    Thank you for all the information and inspiration.

    • Melissa says:

      Hey honey,

      There is a lot of confusing information out there but you must tune in and listen to your body and what it needs. Get out of your head and back into your beautiful body and ask it want it needs right now. Try that and let me know how you go 😉

      P.S. I have a great bond broth recipe in The Glow Kitchen.

  21. Amy says:

    Hi Mel (and all the gorgeous gals on here)
    I wanted to flick through your blogs today to try and pick myself up after having a not-so-good day and low and behold, true to your hack – the thoughts we think matter a whole lot to the way we feel! As do the foods we eat. Sometimes I choose food behaviours that mirrors my mood which is not always good but I feel What I can take most from this post is choose healthy options anyway and you’re mood will catch up 🙂
    Thanks for always being that cheerleader and an inspiring voice! Xx

  22. Nikki Watson says:

    Hi Melissa,
    Thank you for your great article!
    I clicked on the link for the sun lamp which took me to the American Amazon. Is this where you ordered yours from and if so, how did you get it to connect to the Australian power? It’s not available on the Aus Amazon.
    I’m having trouble buying one that is not from the states. Any guidance would be appreciated.
    Love your work! 🙂
    Nikki xx

  23. Daisy says:

    What are your thoughts on bobble drink bottles? I really want to find a drink bottle that will provide high-quality water but unsure what I should be looking for? what to eliminate and what to keep. Please help 🙂

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Daisy,

      To be honest I haven’t done any research on bobble drink bottles but I would make sure they are BPA free and make sure they take out all the nasties 😉

  24. Clifford says:

    Amazing blog articles. I want to share a yoga hack you can do in bed to help you sleep better: http://www.sydneychiroclinics.com.au/yoga-for-better-sleep.html

    These 4 yoga poses are great to relax the body and mind and relieve a tight back.

  25. Maddy says:

    Hi Melissa,

    As always, a very interesting read! I’m always torn between sleeping in darkness or with the curtains open so that you have the moonlight coming in through the window. I find that I wake up more naturally if I sleep with the curtains open, however I’m not quite certain that I’m getting the best sleep during the night. What are your thoughts on this?

    Much love!
    Maddy x

    • Melissa says:

      I feel the same way honey. There’s a part of me that believes pitch black is best but then the moonlight is so healing. I guess try both and see what works best for you.

  26. Grace says:

    Thanx for this Mel,
    When I first started reading your book, I also started meditating and doing a brain dump every morning, lately I’ve let these slide and I really feel the difference. I’m not as centred, positive and I run off with my mean girl thoughts. You have inspired me to continue and have just recently resigned from work to study life coaching and spend time with my son,partner and most importantly myself. So, I receive all your gems of wisdom with gratitude and love in my heart. Thankyou for being you xxoo

    • Melissa says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words Grace and well done on following your heart. How exciting! Keep me posted with how you go angel <3

  27. Maddy says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Beautiful post as usual, thank you 🙂 I also invested the Philips Wakeup light and it has made a HUGE difference to my sleep and morning routine, so thank you for that advice! I was wondering though what you do about the red light emitted from the time? I can’t seem to get rid of it/turn it off!! So it lights up my room at night as that is the only light I have on.

    Much love,
    Maddy x

  28. montse says:

    Melissa, how does the sunlamp work? i mean how is it charged? with batteries? I also would like to avoid electronics when sleeping
    thanks so much!

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