How To Take Responsibility For Your Energy (& My Current Morning Routine)

How To Take Responsibility For Your Energy







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Oprah Winfrey famously had a sign posted on the door to her dressing room — “Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.

I’ve always loved this quote. It’s such a powerful lesson to remember: our energy affects others.

And it goes both ways. When you’re happy, positive and vibing high, that energy rubs off on the people around you — whether that’s your partner, your kids, your workmates, your team, or whomever.

Similarly, when you feel flat, tired, grumpy, angry, sad, or resentful, not only do YOU feel like crap… but that energy spills over and impacts the people around you.

Your energy can be felt by others. Take responsibility for it.

So How Do We Take Responsibility For Our Own Energy?

One of the most powerful ways you can take responsibility for your own energy is to fill up your own cup.

I know that for so many women — particularly mothers — taking time out to fill your own cup can feel ‘selfish’ or ‘unimportant’ (especially when you’re used to prioritizing the needs of those around you, or when there’s a lengthy to-do list that’s demanding your attention).

But the truth is, filling your own cup is the exact opposite of those things…

For starters, it’s not ‘selfish’, it’s actually generous to the people around you. If you’ve filled your own cup, you’re able to show up as your best self for them, be the best mama/partner/boss/teammate you can be, and give to them from a place of abundance, not lack.

And it’s not ‘unimportant’, it’s actually essential. Because you matter. Your health, your wellbeing, how you feel each day… it all MATTERS. And filling your own cup is one of the most powerful ways to prioritize your own well-being and show yourself that you matter.

Here are some other benefits of filling yourself up:

  • It changes the energy in your home and work environment — in fact, it will affect *every* room you enter and every person you interact with.
  • Boosts your physical and mental health.
  • It reduces anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Improves your concentration and minimizes frustration, resentment & anger.
  • It will increase your overall happiness and boost your energy.

How I’m Currently Filling My Own Cup

There are many things — big and small — that I incorporate into my daily and weekly routines to fill my own cup.

One example is my morning routine. It is a big responsibility that I use the early morning hours each day as a way to practise some serious self-care and to make sure that my cup is as full as possible before my baby girl even wakes up.

Since having Bambi, my morning routine has shifted. Here’s what it looks like right now:

  • I always wake up before her. Bambi wakes at 7am, while my body naturally wakes up somewhere in the 5’s. First up, I brush my teeth, scrape my tongue, wash my face, and then have a glass of room temperature, filtered, clean water with minerals in it. It’s really important to hydrate after you wake up as during the night you get dehydrated.
  • I then meditate for 20 minutes. Meditation is one of the most powerful cup-fillers I know. On those mornings when time is tight for some reason, or when I’m feeling the impact of waking in the night, I know that prioritising meditation above everything else is going to have the most profound impact on my mood, my headspace and the day ahead. It’s my go-to. So if there is one thing you can do for yourself, I would recommend meditation — even if it’s only for a few minutes, the benefits for your physical and mental health are irrefutable.
  • At the end of my meditation, I will do some visualisation of my day ahead or ask for guidance in an area where I may be feeling stretched. I will also say some prayers and say what I’m grateful for with Nick.
  • After my meditation, I’ll get out my journal (something exciting is coming very soon to support you with your journaling journey, make sure you sign up for my newsletter to be the first to hear). There’s something so still and sacred about putting pen to paper and writing out your thoughts… it’s definitely a beautiful, nourishing way to fill your cup.
  • After that, I move my temple. Three times a week, I will train at home with a program from my trainer. On the other days, I will do foam rolling to help with my sore back and arms from carrying Bambi.
  • Then I will shower… Showering after a workout will calm your nervous system and bring you back into a parasympathetic state — which is the state you want to be in to digest your breakfast. (If you can, it’s always best to shower after your workout and before you eat. Ayurveda says if you eat then shower, your energy moves away from your digestion and we don’t want that.)
  • I then wake Bambi.

So that’s how I’m filling my cup each morning at the moment.

This routine has definitely changed over the last year, and I imagine that as Bambi continues to grow and change, my morning routine — indeed, all the ways that I fill my cup — will continue to morph and adapt to suit me and my family.

But that’s the beauty of it — this is about creating a routine that works for you; about finding ways to fill your own cup that you take great responsibility with, feel really good to you and that fit into your unique lifestyle and schedule.

For example, one of my dear friends is a night owl. She loves filling her cup in the evening with candlelit baths, reading, cups of tea, journaling and stretches. Another friend likes to take an extra-long lunch break to go for a walk and sit in the sun.

The takeaway? Do whatever works for you… just make sure you do it!

Now I would love to hear what you do to fill your own cup. Whether it’s part of your morning routine or something that nourishes your mind, body and soul. Let’s all share our ideas. And hey, your idea might be the one thing someone needs to read to inspire them into self-care action… so let loose and share away!

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  1. Kim says:

    Love this! Thank you Melissa

  2. […] Each person is responsible for their own energies and the energies they allow to come into their life. […]

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