Vegan Pregnancy Supplements

Vegan Pregnancy Supplements (Week 7)







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With the world catching onto the benefits of a predominantly plant-based lifestyle, there are still concerns that a vegan pregnancy is somehow deficient. To the contrary, the science is out on this now and it is hard to ignore.

But like any healthy pregnancy, it can still be wise to supplement with a few key nutrients as an ‘insurance policy’ to make sure your baby is getting everything he or she needs. This is not a vegan vs non-vegan debate, this is purely a fact that our food crops today are lacking in many essential nutrients due to the quality of soil around the world.

Honestly, I believe I would be 100% fine without supplements, but I am still consulting with my physician Dr Stephen Cabral and testing to make sure I am only taking what is absolutely essential as I believe there is no substitute for a balanced plant-based diet.

Week 7 Resources

  • Our acupuncturist Miriam Drescher (website)
  • The top 5 best tests to get (buy)
  • Daily Nutritional Support (buy)
  • MTHFR Support (website)
  • 800ml activated folate during pregnancy
  • Iron Innate Response (iHerb)
  • Plant Based Green Omega 3 (website)
  • FM Zinc (buy)
  • Cal-Mag Complete (buy)
  • Become your own health guru with Dr Stephen Carbal’s Integrated Health Practitioner Certification (program)

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  1. Britt says:

    What a great watch! I got a lot out of this so thank you both so much! I am already taking the vegan omega so I was very happy to hear your thoughts on it also.

    I have reached out to Equi Life and I was so disappointed with their reply as it’s just not a product I can look to get now. If you/your team had any advice on how to get this product elsewhere I would be beyond appreciative.

    Please see their response and my original email below

    Hi Britt,

    Thank you for being a part of the EquiLife community!

    International taxes, tariffs and value-added tax (VAT),
    along with shipping charges will be calculated into
    your final order total during Checkout. International
    taxes, tariffs, and value-added tax (VAT) costs are
    determined by each individual country.

    We have no control over these amounts and 100%
    of these costs are paid to the country. By collecting
    these funds up-front, your order will be expedited
    locally and delivered without interruption.

    You will not be required to pay any additional fees (no
    COD) at the time of order delivery.


    Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions
    or concerns or visit our website at https://equi.life/

    In Good Health


    Hi there,
    I hope you are well!

    I am wanting to purchase the ‘Daily Nutritional Support’ bottle and was considering purchasing the ‘subscribe and save’ method of delivery. However, postage to Aus is $87USD. I live in Australia and I just don’t see how being charged $87USD every 4 weeks for shipping is sustainable and in your own words ‘providing the best international shipping services possible’. Is there any possible way around this? Do you have an Australian Stockist? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks Kindly


    • Hi honey, I know postage to Australia is pricy but the last I heard they were working on it. You can’t get these awesome products anywhere in Australia yet but fingers crossed that changes soon. The products are amazing and I will let you know if I hear more about this. xx

  2. lucy says:

    Thank you so much for providing so much information on what supplement to have while pregnancy. I am so grateful for your information because i have had plant-based diet for almost 8 years and i found my health is not as good compared to the first year i started to be vegan. I hope you can share more of your plant-based diet tips to us. Thank you ^^

    • You are so welcome Lucy. I share everything in Wholy Mama so make sure you check that out. Also if you aren’t feeling as good make sure you are tracking all your macros so you are getting everything you need. You can also test to see if there is anything else going on for you. Keep me posted with how you go. xx

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