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Remember when you were a child and life felt full of magic?

Well, your life can feel that magical again. And today’s guest is here to show us how.

Mia Magik is a successful author, speaker, coach and modern-day witch who’s dedicated to reviving ancient wisdom in our contemporary world. Her mission is to empower women from all over the world to tap into the magic that surrounds them and lives within them.

In this mesmerizing conversation we dive into: the profound experience of embracing your inner ‘witchiness’, the transformative power of sacred rage, the essence of ‘intu-witchin’, healing the ‘witch wound’ that many women unknowingly carry, the crucial importance of staying connected to nature, and potent rituals to enhance your manifestation.

Whether you’re drawn to the idea of tapping into your ancient feminine power, seeking to enhance your intuitive abilities, or you simply want life to feel a bit more magical again, then press play now… This episode is for you.

About Mia Magik

Mia Magik is an author, speaker, and coach, serving as a modern ambassador for ancient magic. On a mission of permission, she ignites the Wisdom of our IntuWitchin, inviting the liberation of your most magical self through spiritual transfiguration. Purifying the wounds from patriarchal programming so you can attune to the voice of your inner guidance system.

In this episode we chat about:

  • The incredible story of how magic became her life’s mission (3:45)
  • The modern definition of magic (9:57)
  • Why reclaiming our inner ‘witchiness’ is a powerful act of self-empowerment and healing (12:59)
  • How to speak the language of the Universe (18:44)
  • How to strengthen your ‘IntuWitchin’ (20:52)
  • Practical steps to heal your ‘witch wound’ and release the ancient blockages holding you back (23:44)
  • The profound impact of expressing your sacred rage (27:17)
  • The most effective manifestation techniques to turn your dreams into reality (33:17)
  • How to use your pleasure as a powerful tool for achieving your desires (39:19)
  • How to rekindle your connection with nature (41:35)
  • Potent rituals to tap into universal wisdom and amplify your personal power (48:38)

Episode resources:

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  • Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini (book)
  • Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini (book)
  • Comparisonitis by Melissa Ambrosini (book)
  • Time Magic by Melissa Ambrosini and Nick Broadhurst (book)
  • IntuWitchin by Mia Magik (book)
  • Mia Magik (website)
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Melissa: [00:00:00] In episode 583 with Mia Magic, we are diving deep into all things witchy, intuition, self love, rituals, the witch wound, sacred rage, expressing our emotions, manifestation, and so much more. If you’re a little woo woo like I am, you are going to love this episode.

And I’m here to remind you that love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word. Each week, I’ll be getting up close and personal with thought leaders from around the globe, as well as your weekly dose of motivation so that you can create epic change in your own life and become the best version [00:01:00] of yourself possible.

Are you ready, beautiful? Hey, beautiful, and welcome back to the show. I’m so excited about this episode. I feel like I am a kid on Christmas Eve because this episode is all about magic. And what I ultimately want everyone to remember is that we are magical beings. Like it is a miracle that we’re even here and we all have so much magic within us.

And so I’m not going to share too much more, but this episode is amazing. And for those of you that have never heard of Mia Magic, she is an author, speaker, and coach. Serving as a modern ambassador for ancient magic. On a mission of permission, she ignites the wisdom of what she calls our intuition, which I love.

Inviting the liberation of your most magical self through spiritual transfiguration. Purifying the wounds from patriarchal programming so that you can attune to the voice of your inner guidance system, which we all need to tap into and [00:02:00] listen to more. Now over the past decade, she has immersed herself in the study of yoga, meditation, Buddhism, Kabbalah, ceremonial magic, tarot, and spiritual medicines.

Her exploration extends to Greek, Tantric, Egyptian, and Taoist priestess arts, Christian and Sufi mysticism, crystal healing, Reiki, and personal devotion to the earth based spirituality and witchcraft. And she has empowered thousands of people to realize, utilize, and reconnect with their innate spiritual abilities through her academy of mystical artistry, books, retreats, and one on one coaching.

This episode is so beautiful, and I hope it’s going to really inspire you to tap into more of your magic because it is in there. And for everything that we mentioned in today’s episode, you can check out in the show notes, and that’s over at MelissaRambrosini. com forward slash 583. Now let’s bring on the incredible Mia Magic.[00:03:00] 

Mia, welcome to the show. I am so excited to have you here. But before we dive in, can you tell us what you had for breakfast this morning? Yeah, this morning I actually 

Mia Magik: had chana masala, like leftovers, soup from Erewhon with some rice and I had cacao and I had like a little tea. And now I’m drinking water with like the greens powder.

It’s unusual though. Normally my breakfast is gluten free sourdough, duck egg, mushrooms, avocado, and a little bit of raw sheep and goat cheese. That’s like my pretty standard every day, but I switched it up today. 

Melissa: Yeah, I love it. I love mixing it up. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Now, as well as being like a hugely successful author, speaker, and coach, you are a modern ambassador for ancient magic.

Essentially, you are a modern day witch. Now I’d love to know [00:04:00] how on earth you got here doing this work, like Did you start exploring magic and witchcraft when you were young? Like, were your parents into it? How did you get into this? And how did you turn it into a full blown profession? How did this happen?

Take us back. 

Mia Magik: Girl, I wish I knew. It happened to me. It really like, obviously it happened for me, but it really took me on the ride. But yes, I was very interested in magic. I was a total fairy tale fantasy nerd as a little kid. I was obsessed with stories of dragons and intrigue and enchantment. And my parents were not into it.

There was no religion or spirituality in my house. We would go to church on Easter Sunday or maybe like a midnight mass with my grandma. But my grandma was an atheist who just felt guilty about being, like, supposed to be Catholic. So it was a very unusual experience and really without explicitly saying it, now we say it, but [00:05:00] nature was church and nature was our place of worship.

And now we talk about that, but that wasn’t even mentioned when I was a kid. So yeah, I just really, honestly, I followed my intuition as my book is called. I followed my pleasure, my gifts. I followed the things that I’m good at. I followed what I was interested in. And I, I really just, I did start studying magic and what that meant and what ritual had been like throughout history.

And I found that I loved implementing it in my life. And then I would use these rituals or I would use associations and correspondences, which is what my book, Intuition, is all about. It’s an exploration of the law of correspondence with fate as above, so below, as within, so without. And I started using things like that to build my altar and it was like, okay, this particular shape represents this thing to me.

Like when I was manifesting my [00:06:00] partner, I crystal gridded my full bed with obelisks. very phallic symbol, masculine pillar, like standing tall, grounded, solid. And when he walked into my room for the first time, he literally said, Oh wow, I just had a reading where this woman told me that my symbol is the obelisk.

Or is the obelisk. Are those obelisks? And I was like, yeah, those are obelisks. And so that kind of relationship to creating symbolic significance in my external reality or working on things in my internal reality that I wanted to see, like working on my internal masculine in order to call in partnership, working on my relationship and mindset around scarcity and abundance in order to call in money.

Thank you. Those were the things that really, I found magic in a much more accessible and [00:07:00] tangible. It wasn’t all just about like the big high level spiritual practice. It was like how you engage with life and how you build life around yourself. And so I, I had a long period of sleeping, a very long period of sleeping where I was not connected to my magic or my power or my gifts.

But ultimately, when I started my healing path, and I was in an accident, I have this scar, I was in an accident when I was 16, I almost became an amputee. And so I had a very long period of dissociation from the physical trauma of that injury. And when I started healing, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, I came up against so many belief systems that were far before the injury.

They were so rooted in my childhood. And so when I started seeing what my inner child wanted and needed and who she had been and what she’d been interested in, the more that I would shed the blocks and the hindrances and the pain and the old wounds, the [00:08:00] more magic I experienced in my life and the more powerful I became and the more close to my true essence.

I was, and the more my business would grow, and the more people would want to hear from me and receive my support. And so it really did happen to me, but I was one of those people who didn’t resonate with the word witch. It didn’t feel right to me. I was like, Oh, I’m a wizard, like Harry Potter. I don’t want to be a witch.

That’s bad. And then when I realized that the origin of the word witch just means wise and is the same as wizard, And wisdom comes from all of our life experiences. It’s not just like, oh, what does it mean to be able to manifest something? It’s like, oh, what have I learned about myself in partnership?

What have I learned about myself? in the way that I function and how I relate to rest in what I love to do to be in my creative flow, right? That’s all of our wisdom. And so everyone’s a witch in their own way. And that really changed my relationship to the word and allowed me to start claiming that in a way that [00:09:00] really resonated with people.

And that was also how it happened is that when I started wearing the hat, when I started using the word, people started paying attention and people were listening. And it was because I believe. that we all want someone to give us permission to be magical. And that’s why Harry Potter is the highest grossing book and film series of all time.

It’s because everybody dreams of that day coming where Hagrid’s like, you’re a wizard, Harry, and lets them know that they have power beyond what they’ve conceptualized before and that there’s more possible for their lives. 

Melissa: Yeah. And I absolutely agree with you that we all have that witchiness within us, everybody.

It’s just whether you choose to tap into it or not. Like I believe we all have those magical superpowers, every single one of us. And it’s a choice whether we want to unlock it and dive deep into it. And for some people, it’s just not a priority. But you’re right, that word magic, a lot [00:10:00] of people immediately think of children’s books or Harry Potter or fairy tales, and it feels like maybe something that’s not real to them, like it’s fantasy and that it’s not important.

But what does the word magic mean to you? 

Mia Magik: Totally. And it’s beyond even just fantasy. It’s like illusion now. It’s come to mean pulling the wool over people’s eyes and convincing them of something else. And that’s not, that’s why I spelled the magic with a K instead of a C, because I’m not pulling rabbits out of hat.

And so to me, magic means utilizing our awareness of our connection and reflection to and of the elements like this body, this is our earth. And the blood flowing through the rivers, creeks and streams of our veins is the water. And we exchange the wind within us with the natural world all around us. It exhales what we inhale and vice versa.

And then there is this beating heart, this electricity, this. fire inside of us, this light, and we are made of the same elements. And when we can [00:11:00] relate to the world around us, and the elements themselves, and the higher consciousness of the universe, from that wisdom, in that intelligence, we are capable of utilizing and harnessing these infinite power in order to create whatever kind of life we want, and in order to heal whatever has been in the way of us doing.

And so for me, that is magic. And my magic is healing magic. That’s like my greatest power. I have a lot of magic that exists here, being able to speak, having the transmittance, capacity to be able to just like sit and chat and do wives and make videos and all of that like that is part of my gift as well but my main magic is healing and there’s so many different iterations and types of magic and I also am devoted to the feminine aspect of creation not in denial of the masculine but in just the support of her [00:12:00] return and reclamation to the throne of divinity as opposed to it just being like the patriarchal, punitive, shaming, masculine God.

I also relate deeply to father nature and an unconditionally loving father who like shows up at all your games and wants the best for you and is going to give you the kind of direction that you need in order to become who you’re destined to be. So my relationship to magic is very much based in nature and also reprogramming the way that we’ve related to God for the last 2000 years.

Melissa: Mm hmm. Beautiful. I love it. Resonates so deeply with me. And I know for a lot of women like me, a hundred percent included in this, like I love feeling witchy. Say when we like use things from nature to heal our family or we mix up some essential oil blends when we’re feeling run down, or we make a little tincture of herbs when we’re feeling sick.

Now, [00:13:00] lots of us also love things like getting our cards read or carrying crystals in our pocket for protection or setting up little altars for our intentions. Now, I love all of these things and do all of these things. And I know you talk about them and you practice many of them. But you also see witchiness as going so much deeper than those things and being so important and fundamental to our womanhood.

So why is it so powerful for women to reclaim this innate part of themselves, to reclaim their witchiness? 

Mia Magik: Oh my god, there’s so many reasons. I think primarily we all experience the witch wound, which is the fear of being in our power, being in our expression, being in our sexuality. Me? It comes from the time of the Wick burnings, which were happening really for 2, 000 years in the Roman Empire, when like the early Christians really started taking over.

They were wiping out pagans and pagan villages and anyone who was still practicing polytheistic religion, which [00:14:00] had been the practice of the entire world up until that point. And so men suffer from the witch wounds differently because they were tasked with protecting us. It was their duty to provide for and protect us.

And so when their women, sisters, daughters, wives, mother, whatever, were stripped from their homes during these witch burnings. and killed often, they created the wound of failure. Like, Oh, I couldn’t do that thing. And that’s why men are so triggered by failure now and why we have so many absentee fathers.

They’re like, Oh, I’m not going to be able to do this anyways. Like, I thought I’d just get out of here. But for women, the witch wound is it was not safe to be powerful. It wasn’t safe to be wealthy. If your husband died and you receive all of those fields or this home or a full well, People could literally just accuse you of being a witch to steal your life, to steal your resources.

So when the church took over, there used to be all these orgiastic rites, everyone’s having sex with everybody, there’s no [00:15:00] rules. And the church came in and made it about a woman being forced basically to lie beneath her man, be obedient and subservient, you are his property. That was never the case before.

And so our sexuality became really dangerous. These very things you were talking about, the plants, the herbs, making the tea, the tincture, healing our family with something natural. That used to be our only medicine. Your medicine came from the earth. That was, there was nothing, there was no other option.

So, it’s really crazy that you could go out and pick herbs or plants, again, which were your only access to medicine, and that could get you killed. And so women have this deeply ingrained, cellular, epigenetic memory. It’s crazy. Of anything that makes us feel totally natural. And connected to ourselves and to God being something dangerous and being something that could have gotten us killed.

And if we spoke up or out for another sister who was being mistreated, that could get us killed too. [00:16:00] And the origin of the sisterhood wound and why women really tend to compete more than collaborate and co create, which I know you and I are in such blessed communities to be able to really, rewrite those stories, but so many women aren’t still.

And the origin of that is during all of these witch trials and witch burnings, often the only way to escape was to name someone else. So you’d have to just like yell out the name of the girl who lived down the street or your cousin or someone else to save your own life. It wasn’t safe to have friends.

It wasn’t safe to do rituals. It wasn’t safe to make medicine. It wasn’t safe to be in your power. It wasn’t safe to have resources. Wasn’t safe to speak up or out. And we carry that just like full chill. We carry that so deeply. And that’s why it’s so important is because it is a new world. There is a new timeline offering where we can stand up, not only in our wickedness, we don’t have to [00:17:00] even call it that, but in our power and in our magic and in our sexuality and in our abundant women are doing unprecedented fame.

That we’ve never done before. I think we did when we were priestesses, but even that, when we were the nobility, when we were the priestesses, when we were the council to the leaders and they listened to us and our oracle, that’s because of our connection through our womb, through God, through the divine, like we have.

an infinite creative portal inside of us at all times. And that’s why we were so highly regarded and respected. And during those times, you would be taken care of in an opulent temple. Everyone would bring offerings to you. You were so deeply appreciated. And now you have to work really hard to feel that appreciation to take care of ourselves and our families.

And so I believe that it’s such an honor, like I feel so deeply honored to be doing the work that I’m doing and to support other women who are claiming their magic and stepping into their power. [00:18:00] My favorite thing about my retreat, either like full castle experience, Hogwarts feminine embodiment leaves with your most magical life.

It’s really, it’s so important for all of us because the only reason that we wouldn’t is fear. And it’s old fear and it’s outdated. And I believe that’s why the Dalai Lama said that the Western woman will save the world is because it’s up to us to reclaim this power and to step home into our wisdom and truly rise like the phoenix from these ashes that have burned us again and again throughout many lifetimes and that we get to really, rewrite the narratives and rewrite her story now.

Melissa: Yes, absolutely. Your book, Intuition, which I love, great title. Tell me, what is that? Like, what is our intuition? 

Mia Magik: So for me, intuition, the difference between intuition and intuition, again, using that word wise or [00:19:00] wisdom, it’s like, you can hear the whispers, girl. And I’m sure you’ve been there because I’ve been there lately where life is whispering at you.

And if you don’t listen, it’s going to start yelling. And so intuition is the little whispers and the little like voices, the little nudges And intuition is having the wisdom to follow. And say yes and do exactly what. you’re being invited to do to really deeply listen and not just brush it aside or doubt yourself.

And then simultaneously, how I relate to that wisdom is again through the law of correspondent as above, so below, as within, so without. If there’s something that I’m pointing at, out here in my reality, how can I point inward and look within myself to where that thing is reflected? If I’m judging someone or something, where do I feel that inside of myself or towards myself?

And then [00:20:00] all of life, like those elements and that reflection, all of life, it’s communicating with us all the time. from the animals that we see, to the plants that are around us, to the conversations that we have, or the little synchronicities that occur, and that we can utilize this. It’s symbolic language of the universe, the Pre English and Spanish or any other written language.

That’s why hieroglyphic and pictographic language was so popular for so long is because that’s how the universe speaks in thimble. And so it’s also about learning to speak that language so that then you can. really not just have the little whispers, but also take in all the information around you and really make powerful choices for following your inner wisdom and guidance system to direct you where you’re destined to go.

Melissa: How do we strengthen it? Is it by simply practicing it? Or are there any other ways that we [00:21:00] can strengthen our intuition? 

Mia Magik: Practicing it is obviously the best way, but there’s so many different ways. Like, some of us are auditory learners, so it’s like really listening in conversations. Like, I was having a conversation with someone the other day.

And she was talking about an inner child and then literally two different girls walked in, they were having a different conversation. The first words that I heard in the pause of this, Was baby picture. And I looked at her and I’m like, did you hear that? She’s a big picture now. Like, so really, if you’re an auditory person, if you’re a sound person, listening more to how your external environment is communicating with you, so that then you can really pay better attention to how your internal environment communicates with you.

Really watching the way that you speak to yourself and starting to change. any of the negative or doubtful or like dismissive ways that you communicate with yourself so that you can make more space for hearing those whispers. If you’re a really visual person feeling into like what color guides me [00:22:00] and if I can close my eyes.

And see, you know, these sort of the two paths, whether it’s quitting my job or breaking up with my boyfriend or whatever, which path has that color that I feel really drawn to or that makes me feel, some people are just so color oriented in their minds and different colors make them feel different things.

Then those of us who are really kinesthetic and really like very sensual and based in our bodies, it’s about the feeling, like what does the yes feel like? What does the no feel like? Is it the kind of no where I’m actually afraid for my safety and it feels like this is really not a good choice? Or is it the kind of no where I know who I’m going to be on the other side and it’s terrifying and I actually need to follow them?

And so really paying attention to whatever way of learning, whatever way of receiving information is easiest to you in order to then be able to listen better and practice more. And then yeah, like practice even the tiniest, smallest, little, weirdest little things, like, [00:23:00] Sometimes I’ll just get a hint to bring a jacket and then I’m just like, Oh God, this is just my programming from growing up in a rainy place with my mom.

Like, why do I need a jacket? And then like something will happen where we’re sitting down somewhere perfectly. And I’m like, Oh, it can be subtlest. The smallest, most nonsensical things, and that’s been my practice lately with everything. Like if I see something that I’m like, Oh, I need to do that, or, Oh, I’ll take care of that later.

Whatever. I’m like, No, you see it now. Take care of it now. Put it in your bag. Now. Call the person now. Whatever it is. Just to make sure that my intuition knows, like, hey, I’m listening, I’m here for you, keep talking to me, don’t abandon me, like, let’s keep this rapport up. 

Melissa: Yeah, love it, babe. I love it. You mentioned the witch wound before.

How do we begin to heal that? 

Mia Magik: I think the biggest piece is knowing where it affects you most, so for some people it’s in your personal expression, it’s like, oh, I don’t feel safe to be in my magic. That was a [00:24:00] big reason why I started group coaching programs after my courses is because people were going to do ritual and then feeling guilty and ashamed and unsafe and like they were in danger and oh, this is going to be really bad, I shouldn’t do this.

And so it’s really about where your greatest hindrances are. And then it’s the same as the intuition. Listen, follow the steps. Do the things that are going to push you outside of your comfort zone. I don’t know about you, but like my comfort zone is so expansive now. It’s massive. Like it’s really hard for me to meet my edges.

Though it’s definitely possible. And so I think that’s really the biggest invitation is where are the places if it’s about your personal expression and you really don’t feel safe to share your spirituality with your family, maybe they’re really religious. It’s about taking one small step, like what’s the first step toward that?

And I always really [00:25:00] counsel my Christian students to find a way to use what you believe or what you’ve discovered or what has given you so much happiness. Find a way to communicate that to your family in language that they will understand. And that’s a great step. And then you’re opening it and, and you’re like helping them diffuse the fear that they might have, but you’re creating this bond and connection over something that you both care about.

And it’s okay that you’re just using different language or that you know that you’re talking about your thing using their language. And if it’s in your sexuality and your expression, really seeing how did that play out for you. Do you give your body to people that don’t actually deserve it? Stop doing that.

Do you say yes when you mean no? Stop doing that. Are you maybe like a little leaky with your sexual energy because you feel like that’s the only way to get acceptance or approval? How can you self source that pleasure? How can you find the power of your sexuality [00:26:00] within or cultivate it within yourself?

Maybe it’s with your partner and feeling really afraid to ask for what you need or want and creating a really safe space and letting them know, I’m really afraid to share this with you. I feel really scared. I’m, I don’t know why. I’m just, I, I feel really nervous. And so I’m hoping that you can just receive this with an open heart and it’s okay if you don’t want to, but I just want to let you know that.

X, Y, or Z is something that I would really love to explore or I would really love to feel or I’d really love to try. And if they don’t want to do it with you, sometimes that means that you’re not in the right aligned partnership. And sometimes it just means that there’s ways that you get to support them with however the which wound or any wound or any trauma that they’re experiencing is showing up for them.

Oh, that’s bad. That’s wrong. I don’t want to do that to you. Whatever it is. And then you actually will become so much more conscious and able to take such better care of each other [00:27:00] through having that dialogue and dynamic that things will shift really quickly. And again, it shows up in so many ways, but it’s about taking the baby steps to transform the pattern in the story because you’re the only one who can.

No one else can heal our witch wound for us. 

Melissa: Hmm. Or any wound, for that matter. Let’s talk about sacred rage. What is it? How do we express and release it? And what happens if we suppress it? 

Mia Magik: Oh my god. As there is actually so many peer reviewed studies and doctors talking about what rage that is suppressed actually does to our bodies.

totally causes disease and especially like autoimmune disease. That’s a really common thing that I see is like people who are really angry at something, but don’t let themselves express it. Their immune system, literally the part of themselves that takes care of themselves, starts attacking itself. And is like saying, no, I’m not safe.

And so it really does depend on the situation and on the person, [00:28:00] but sacred rage, I believe is something that is so important. It’s what has incited so many movements. It of course can be. Obviously not when we’re talking about sacredness. When rage is toxic, right, like, look at what happens to the feminine.

Obviously, whoever was perpetuating and propagating the Catholic and Christian faith, all these conquistadors and crusaders and colonizers, obviously they were really angry, like really angry and angry at themselves in some kind of pain. How could you go pillage and plunder the entire world if you weren’t in a massive amount of pain?

There’s rage that is unhealthy and that just is like a wildfire and desecrates the landscape. And then there’s rage that can bring like more beautiful springtime blossoms the next season. And so I relate to sacred rage as an opportunity, especially for women, for men as well, for all people who have not felt safe to feel it.

let their anger out, but it is [00:29:00] about creating a safe space. I love to go deep into nature, but find something that isn’t going to get hurt by me beating the shit out of it, quite honestly, whether that’s like a gravel road or just like an empty patch of dirt, which of course there’s like mycelium and all the things down under there, but do your best.

And I gather a bunch of sticks, And I go to town and we’re actually going to do a live at home rage ritual soon, which I’m really excited about because I want to create this space for people. I think it’s so important and I just have noticed. So many people, they’ve never had a safe space to get angry.

And if they raised their voice, if they got activated, if they defended themselves or tried to protect themselves, they were shut down. Either physically in a really violent way or just verbally and energetically and emotionally. And so it really consistent throughout many cultures that women especially are not allowed to get angry.

And [00:30:00] then that repression of anger does cause deep harm to our bodies. Now, as someone who has led a lot of rage ripples and has utilized a lot of rage, I also think that anger can, when overexpressed, when allowed out too much, I think it can do damage to you. And that’s a big way that. I’ve experienced my own wounds in my partnership is like getting really angry at him about something like I want him to be more emotional and then and he’s shut down and he doesn’t want to be emotional and then I get angry at him about not being emotional and he just shuts down more.

And so I do think that there’s a big difference between sacred, alchemical, transformative rage and rage that comes from wounding and the overexpression of anger and rage can also do damage on our body. And so I think that it, it is about finding safety and a beautiful container, whether that’s in your room or out [00:31:00] in nature and giving yourself all the way to the emotion.

in a way that does not harm another person, does not impact them, does not affect them negatively in any way. And that’s what literally allows the energy to move out of your body and then you are, you become even more fertile soil for the seed that you will plant on the other side of making that space.


Melissa: hmm. I’m thinking like a pillow, a mattress, a boxing bag. Those are all great things that you can use to really. Get that rage out. And you mentioned what happens when we suppress that sacred rage and it causes autoimmune issues in the body. But if we suppress any feeling like anger, rage, sadness, anything, you name it.

When we suppress anything, it will cause disease, disharmony in the body. So this is why we have to feel what is there, feel it [00:32:00] and release it, feel it fully and release it. So yeah, it’s very important that we do that. And I know it can feel really big at times, but it is part of the journey. 

Mia Magik: It’s like the most important part.

I think really like that’s. Why I said, like, my magic, it’s healing magic, because that’s what has healed me, is giving myself safe space to cry, to scream, even to be really ecstatically joyful and in deep pleasure. Because anything that we suppress, we are communicating to our body and to our inner child.

You’re not safe to be like that, I don’t accept you, I, you’re not worthy of having these experiences and I don’t value you enough to give you a safe space to do them and all of that just perpetuates all of the negative cycles that we see happening in society and challenges our mental health and our physical health and our spiritual health.

So, yeah, really, it’s so important, all of it, that’s how we heal, is by giving ourselves permission to feel whatever’s really alive inside of us. [00:33:00] 

Melissa: And that’s why I love a regular meditation practice because giving myself that space to sit and just allow whatever to come up to surface is how we feel and release those things that come up on a daily basis.

So that’s why I love a regular meditation practice. But I want to shift gears and I want to talk about manifestation and the role of nature. And I’d love to know, like, you use your magic to enhance your manifestations. Like are there any cool techniques that you can share with us that we can use to supercharge our manifesting so that we can bring our dreams to reality?

Mia Magik: Absolutely. So many. So one is really deeply connecting to the earth. Because again, the earth is a reflection. These elements is a reflection of your body. And so you are part of nature. You are nature. You’re made of the same elements as the earth and the earth is the ultimate expression of abundant.

She’s always growing. She’s always creating. And then that [00:34:00] would all the way fuel to her future. And she is just in this hurdle cycle of regeneration. So connecting with her is so powerful. That has been the number one way that I have manifested at the financial abundance. Personal healing, like literally everything, my partnership, making lots of offerings.

I have really felt like some of the best things to do are for me. This is like how I do it. Everything that I want to manifest is in harmony with the earth. There’s nothing that I would ever do or ever call into my life that would be destructive to the planet. It would always be me. in positively impactful.

And so really being mindful of the why behind your manifestations. What is the thing? Why do you want it? And how could it potentially benefit or harm the planet? Because when I do things that aren’t [00:35:00] going to harm the planet, she helps me manifest them really quickly. And so everything that I buy is secondhand.

The only time I ever buy a new thing is when I support like handmade jewelers, artists, crafts, people of any kind. All my furniture, all my clothes, even like my soda streams, like everything I can get secondhand. I get secondhand because there’s already enough stuff in the world. So that’s a really big one.

That’s a huge, you can almost always find the thing you’re looking for secondhand. No impactful for the planet. One of the other things, this is super weird, like, and I’m pretty out there, but this is something that I’ve really noticed. So water is the element of our creativity, our emotions, our flow, our sensuality and sexuality.

And we use a lot of water words when it comes to manifesting money or like to talking about money, liquid assets, currency, there’s all these, like you’ll freeze some, someone’s assets, there’s like all of these [00:36:00] different water word that we use to describe things that happen with money, preface, this is weird.

When we toxify the water, which we do every single time we use the bathroom, we are sending a message to the waters that is like, you’re not good enough, I’m going to shit in you, you don’t mean anything. It’s like a whole crazy thing. So of course, like I live in the modern world, I use a toilet, but I do pee outside always.

Like anytime, every time I can, and I do it. And I literally am like giving my water back to the earth. Like, here you go. Instead of poisoning the clean water that like in third world countries, people would kill to drink out of my toilet. Let me, which is why animals do it. It’s because like fresh, clean water is coming in to that vestibule all the time.

I’m like, let me get my water back to the earth. Again, that’s a weird one, but. [00:37:00] I promise it works. It’s so wild. When I’m like really committed to being in honor of the water, there’s so much more flow in my in. So that’s a big one. The other thing is being really mindful of where and how you source things.

Like the secondhand thing, I buy my food from farmer’s market. I like to know the people who are utilizing my, or like growing my food and not eating processed food, right? Because our body is the reflection of the earth. It’s also really a powerful manifestation tool. How do I relate to my body? Does my body get to move?

Does it get to flow? Does it get to be free? Do I feel a lot of pleasure? Or am I like stuck, stagnant, drinking alcohol, taking substances, sitting around, scrolling, bent over on my phone, not in a stance that makes me feel good? What does my body need to feel abundant? And then in particular, when it comes to money, usually when we’re manifesting money, we really want [00:38:00] actually something that the money is going to bring us like safety or security or stability.

And I really find that if you can start cultivating those energies within yourself, okay, what would I need to feel safe right now? What would it mean to have safety? What does stability look like? Yes, okay, like these millions of dollars are going to get me that stability and then I can pay for it. But what would the energetic expression of safety and stability be for me right now?

And how can I choose that for myself? And then in general, like, yeah, there’s so many other little tints and tidbits. Like I decorated my bedroom and green and gold, like had gold velvet bed sheets. And I made this big, like giant temp. I didn’t make it. My beautiful friend Dakota should not make it, but this beautiful temple with like this big like gloomy.

Anyway, it was just like a whole bed decor set. And feng shui is a really great practice. So like there’s also, and those are all the [00:39:00] correspondences. The like, okay, I’m going to show the universe that I want this abundance by calling it in through the colors that make me feel abundant and the symbols and the crystal and working with feng shui and the energy of my home.

And those are also like really great pieces that I have used certainly to manifest so many things. I love it. Thank you for sharing. Sexual energy. That’s the other one. Like, orgasmic manifestation is absolutely one of my number one practices. I use it all the time and it works. So like, coming to your desires is really like one of the top manifestations.

Yes. Can you explain that? Go deeper. Yeah, really just using your pleasure and connecting with your body. Like she gets all excited to talk about it. Yeah, really using because sexual energy is creative energy. And that’s one of the reasons why I think it’s so important to make sure that your desire is in alignment.

It’s not just like a self serving, Oh, I want that thing to feel important or to be validated. It’s about. Your mission and your positive impact on earth and what you’re doing here. [00:40:00] But whenever my goals are aligned with that, like my book deal, things like that, my four project book deal with Hay House, the number one publisher that I wanted and like four projects instead of one.

And as a first time author and getting a really great advance and like just all the things, like all of that was from, and so there’s many different ways you can do this practice, but basically it’s about breathing up through your chakra system. spending as much time on each chakra and energy as you desire, rising up and allowing when you reach peak pleasure or orgasmic state to send your manifestation and your vision out into the world with your orgasm.

You can also do it the opposite direction and kind of birth your manifestation into the system. And both directions work really well. And there’s, again, a myriad of different ways to do it. But I just personally work with the seven chakras and building, right, the root is our primal wild. earthy, red color energy and then rising up into the sacral and it’s [00:41:00] sensual and it’s watery and fluid and really using that energy to build upon until you reach the crown and peak pleasure or orgasmic state and just like let your desire rain down upon you.

Melissa: I love it. And is this a practice you do by yourself or with your partner? We do either one. 

Mia Magik: I don’t, my partner and I didn’t do a lot of like the specific chakras like that. And I do more on my own, but I, there was more just like when reaching peak pleasure, proclaiming the desire or talking about it or seeing it or whatever.

Melissa: Yeah, wonderful. Now, just going back to nature, for anyone who’s listening right now, who is feeling really disconnected from nature and Mother Earth and the elements, how can they rekindle their connection with nature? Like, are there any practices or rituals that you recommend that Especially for any women out there who feel like they are maybe short on time, maybe they’re moms or whatever.

Mia Magik: Well, one, kids love nature. Like, [00:42:00] when you take kids out to nature, they usually just figure it out pretty quickly in their sleep. Two, there is generally within about 20 to 30 minutes of every major city on earth, There is some pretty spectacular nature. There’s like a lot of beauty and I’ve discovered that by exploring it and like Googling it and checking out like where are the nearest hikes outside of New York City and Miami and you know, anywhere, absolutely anywhere, Boulder, Denver, right?

Like gorgeous nature. And I think that if you’re short on time. Go to a park, sit beneath a tree. If you just lay down, face down and look up at the branches of a tree, those are beautiful reflections of your lungs, looks just like your lungs. And they are literally making the air that you breathe in your lungs for you.

And just laying down there and just being [00:43:00] with them and listening. Obviously, if you’re in a city environment, like maybe there’s going to be other noises and maybe it’s going to be a little bit distracting, but do your best. And one of the other things, like I do a lot of barefoot walking and hiking, being barefoot is really important, even if it’s just in your backyard, because then you’re actually connected to the electromagnetic frequency and energy of the earth.

One of my favorite ways to connect with trees, because trees don’t have arms and like hug the way that we do and we hug them. And that’s cool. They’re into that. They appreciate the hug. But one of the things that they told me was the best way to give a tree a hug that allows you both to charge energy with one another.

Is to stand barefoot, like not right next to them, but a little bit out where their root, so you’re not affecting their roots, a foot or two, and you then just send your energy down into the earth. You send your little roots in tendrils and you envision all of your roots, each little tendril opening up and hugging their roots.

And when you do that, they can really [00:44:00] feel the hug because that’s where they communicate from. That’s where they send and receive all of their signal. And so that’s a really beautiful practice, swimming in wild water anywhere. You got an ocean, you got a river, a creek, or stream, people are like, Oh, that’s so cold.

I’m like, do it anyways. Like I cannot be next to a natural body of water and not get into it. It’s like just not gonna happen for me. And you can baptize yourself in those ways. I had this really deep trauma response to something the other day that was so unusual. Why am I getting so worked up about this?

But I had to turn around from where I was going, and I came back home, and I drive by the Pacific Ocean every single day, and I was about to just turn up into my mountain canyon. And I was like, girl, get into that water right now. And I walked down the sand to the beach and ended up seeing a friend there who like, thank God, as she was there, she was like, [00:45:00] you look like you need a hug.

And I like fell apart in her arms and like sobbing, had this whole moment, got into the ocean. It’s the middle of winter. Of course, cold. It’s not that comfortable, but whatever. And I did it. And I was like screaming and treading the water and like you could hit the water as hard as you want because it’s not going to go anywhere and your hands just move right into it.

And I’m doing this full shaking exorcism experience in the water. And when I got out, my friend was like, girl, you look like a different person because I, it healed me. The ocean is that element of cleansing and purification is of the womb. It is our rebirth. And so we can use nature at any time, even our breath, changing your breath pattern.

Remembering that the plants make that breath for you and changing your breath pattern. If you’re moving fast and you’re not breathing and then you just slow down and Oh, I need that a few times. Your whole state is going to [00:46:00] change. And making sighs signals to your body that you’re safe because you would never make, if you were unsafe, you wouldn’t make sound with your breath.

You’d like hold your breath or you’d be silent. And so when you’re,

your body’s like, Oh, I’m safe, I can make noise, I’m relaxing, I’m stepping back into my parasympathetic nervous system. And there’s an infinite dance, yoga, like you can connect to your inner nature just by using your body. Again, like that is nature. You are nature. And I do recommend getting outside, going on hikes, swimming, like being as connected to her as you can be.

But if you don’t have a lot of time, your body is a perfect expression of nature and reconnecting to its true nature, its primal essence, its innocence is in service to our reconnection and harmony with the natural world. [00:47:00] 

Melissa: I love it so much, babe. This is so beautiful. You are talking my language because for me, the beach is just heaven.

It’s church. I get in there and I do an aura cleanse or baptize and I just love it so much. And so often I’m like, Oh, I’m not going to wet my hair because I just washed it. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, get over that. Because it feels so good when you put your head under, it’s a completely different experience.

Mia Magik: And just letting yourself lay back and float, just like surrendering to her. What part of Oz do you live in? Where, what’s, where’s your beach? We live in 

Melissa: Queensland. Have you been here before? 

Mia Magik: Yeah, I’ve only been to like Byron and the Gold Coast and Briz and like that little area. Yeah. 

Melissa: Oh my 

Mia Magik: gosh. Well, 

Melissa: did you 

Mia Magik: like it?


Melissa: did you 

Mia Magik: think? Did I like it? Are you serious? When you can go on a 10 mile hike and see 10 waterfalls? Yes, I loved it. Great friend and oh my God, Mount Tambourine and so much more. Yeah, just by the Byron Hinterlands, that’s where I was living, and Watagos, like, [00:48:00] are you serious? I loved it. Only problem was, is that I still tried to walk there, but everywhere, and man, I got my shit fucked up pretty hard by like, jumping ants, and the little stinging plants, and like, oh man, I was getting rocked by all of the creature, but it was still worth it.

I love Australia. 

Melissa: Yeah, it’s very beautiful. It’s so beautiful. The nature here, the beaches, the hikes, the mountains. Yeah, it’s a very beautiful part of the world. So yeah, come back anytime. I will. I’m thinking about making a little sojourn there down there this winter. Oh yeah, do it for sure. Now I would love to hear some of your favorite rituals that you incorporate into your life on a regular basis.

Like talk about what you do daily or weekly or monthly. that help you stay tapped into your own wisdom and the wisdom of the universe? 

Mia Magik: I’m such a Gemini. I do so many different things, but sex magic is [00:49:00] really like, that is my favorite practice. I’ve been doing that a lot lately again, just to reconnect to my own sexuality and my creation and new level of the manifestation that I want to draw into.

One of my favorite weekly rituals actually is, well usually I see a Chinese medicine doctor so I get body work so that’s like a really important weekly ritual. Like acupuncture you mean? Yes but she does body work so it’s acupuncture and cupping but like she does really deep fascial release and because I’ve had a lot of physical trauma in my body it’s like, So potent and I’ll be sobbing and crying like it’s meeting.

Yeah. I love my yoga practice. I’ve been hitting the weights in the gym a lot lately. Depends. I’ll like go through this, like, Oh, I got to do my yoga every single morning. And now I’m like, okay, I’m going to hit the gym three days a week. And it really changes. I also love to be led. Because I’m such a facilitator and I’m always leading, I will like go to anybody, anything.

Like, I’m going to go to the wound clearing and then I’m going to go to the whole damn thing. And like, I’m, I love to just [00:50:00] be led so that I can actually surrender and receive someone else’s guidance. And in terms of that, my, definitely like a kind of non negotiable weekly ritual that I do where I, We simultaneously lead is I do weight lessons and they’re not like singing lessons.

They’re basically vocal trauma healing sessions, which I think I turned them into that accidentally on my singing teacher, but she’s an amazing vocal coach. And usually, not usually every single time, what am I talking about? Like every time it ends up being this like channeled transmission of Whatever pain I’m experiencing, like if I’m going through something with my dad, we end up singing about like, Oh, daddy, it’s a like whole long song that goes into like, why are you treating me so bad?

Oh, daddy, and I’m like sobbing and saying, and that’s one of my all time favorite practices for sure. And I had a really, my partner and I had [00:51:00] a huge blow up yesterday. And we are actually in the process of uncoupling, which is the thing that is so wild in my life. Like I love him so much. He’s my best friend.

He’s so amazing and someone who’s more aligned for both of us. And so we’re still living together and we’re working shit out and we had this big blow up fight. And then I went and did my lesson with Anne, my vocal coach, and I’m singing about forgiveness and I’m apologizing to his inner child and I’m like taking full responsibility and doing all my shit with myself and singing about it.

Just like making up these little melodic poems about it. And when I got home, his energy had shifted so profoundly and we just met each other in this loving, kind. beautiful, sweet way. And I knew that it was because of the psalm. I knew that it was because I had like literally [00:52:00] transformed the whole quantum pattern by going that deeply into it with myself.

And I love candle rituals, just like rituals are for manifestation. I love candle ritual. Where I will anoint a candle with, I’ll usually like carve what I want into the candle with my fingernail, anoint it with oil or honey and herbs. And like lately I’ve been using a bay leaf, so I’ll like stick a bay leaf with my wishes written on it.

Because bay leaves are known to support wishes. And then I’ve been using like cinnamon sticks and like sticking the cinnamon stick next to the candle. I’ve been going crazy with my candle ritual lately for this whole eclipse season. And I really love doing that and those, but like deep breath work journeys, again, any kind of healing, like any kind of healing.

I’m like, instead of hot girl summer, like I want healing girl summer. Like, let’s go deep into the trauma and the wounding. I do EMDR with my therapist. That’s one of my favorite rituals. Really like reprogramming my brain’s relationship to the trauma that I experienced as a young [00:53:00] person. Uh, I love my sauna.

I’m like a big sauna meditator, so I love to just be in the hot and then the cold and the back and the forth. But my real ritual is just spending time in nature. It’s uh, like this morning I read the tarot cards and I actually wanted to mark this place. Like this is, it’s Beltane. It really is like the official ending of my relationship.

I’m like headed out of town and we’re not really going to have to live in the house together anymore. We’re like having a beautiful Beltane feast tonight. And yeah. I wanted to like mark the actual guidance of these cards, which I never usually do, I just read them. But I like journaled about what was coming up and then journaled how the cards were relating to what was coming up.

And my cat was climbing a tree and I just sat underneath the tree and then I meditated for 20 something minutes. And That was my morning ritual today after doing a big booty workout, like it just changes for [00:54:00] me constantly. It depends on what I’m going through and what I’m in like right now, I’m grieving the loss of an amazing relationship, even though it’s what’s right for me and for him.

And I’ve been in so much grief, agonizing grief. And just letting myself cry all the way is a fucking ritual. It’s so like, I’m doing a lot of that, too. And a lot of like, I’ll do channeled writing from the earth. And that’s a ripple that I love. We can put in the show notes. It’s a free practice on my website.

I call upon my higher self, the dragons, mother earth, my pussy, whatever it is. Please write to me, through me, anything I’m meant to receive in this moment. And that’s a great practice that I use really often and to receive a transmission from whatever the thing is that I’m invoking. 

Melissa: Beautiful. I love all of these.

So divine. So beautiful. Absolutely. Now, if you could put one book in the school curriculum. So [00:55:00] use your magic wand. And you could put one book in the school curriculum of every high school around the world. Besides your book, because it absolutely should be in the curriculum, what is one book you would choose?

And it can be on any topic, but just the first book that pops into your head. 

Mia Magik: Yeah, it would have to be Alphabet versus the Goddess. That is, I’ve read I’m kind of a scholar in my area. I’ve read all the witch books. I know about the history and the babas and the, like, I’m good. And this book was one of the single, probably the single greatest source of new information, especially around how our brains physically changed.

So when we had this pictographic, symbolic, hieroglyphic language, because a picture of a bird. One means bird, but could also mean flight, and higher perspective, and freedom, and, and moving with your flock, or anything, like, right? It’s like a [00:56:00] picture worth a thousand words. When we change from that type of language and communication to abstract thinking, which is like, okay, this symbol makes this sound.

And when you mix these symbols together, it makes this word, which means this thing. But if you mix these symbols around in a different way, it means that other word that means this other thing like that’s very abstract. It actually takes a lot of different processes in the brain to understand what we’re talking about through this abstract thought.

And that was a shift from the feminine processing of the brain to the masculine processing of the brain. And he argues that this is when the patriarchy took over and this is why the witches started being burned and why feminine energy and wisdom started becoming dangerous and desecrated. And about the sisterhood wound and like about gods and goddesses like these ancient mythological stories like how all of a sudden Athena burst forth from Zeus’s mind and how Eve was made [00:57:00] from Adam’s red, even though.

Everywhere in the universe and on earth, everyone comes through a womb. Everyone in some way, shape, or form, even if you come in an egg. And so that book is. That book changed my entire life. It was, I could not stop reading and it’s very dense and like textbook, but that would be a great high school like study to do and to report on.

And I think it would change fundamentally within a generation. I think it would change the way that we relate to ourselves and the world and to our own feminine side. Because all of us have a feminine side. Even like that was one of my favorite things about Lyle when we first got together. Transcribed He’s 6’5 230 pounds, which I don’t know what that is in kilos.

It’s a lot. And he’s a big dude. And he would always be like, I’m a goddess on the inside. And he still does that. You know, he still acknowledges that. And that’s. I think one of the most beautiful thing in a man, things in a man, is to be able to honor [00:58:00] your feminine side. But all of our feminine sides, whether it’s through porn and sexuality, money, creativity, like, oh, you can’t be an artist, even though there’s like so many artists who make so much money from their art.

Like all of our, and our emotions, all of our feminine side and nature has been honored. And I think that book would fundamentally transform how we relate to ourselves and our feminine side. 

Melissa: Mm, beautiful. I’ll link to it in the show notes as well as all of your amazing magic, your work, your programs. That sounds amazing.

I’m definitely gonna look into that. Now you’ve spoken about a couple of your weekly rituals, things that you do. Can you talk us through a quote unquote typical day in your life? From the moment you wake up, like, I want to know, yeah, all the little things that you do, when you work, how you flow. And I know no two days are ever the same, but I love hearing about How people flow through their day.

Yeah. So I woke up this 

Mia Magik: morning with [00:59:00] my sweet little kitten knuckled right in my little nook. I had a sleepover with a girlfriend last night and I brought my kitty with me. And so I woke up and I love when she’s creeping there with me. Cause then we get to have like a nice little cuddle time. And I try to be really present with her the way that I would want someone to be present with me if I was the only person that they knew.

And so I’m present with her. We do a little snuggle. Then I got up. I make them tea, I went out and got my workout on before I even turned my phone off of air clean mode. I checked my calendar last night, I knew that my first podcast started at 11, so I had plenty of time. Again, then I try to take the cat out so that we can do something.

So I did my workout, then I started reading my cards. Then I was like, okay, I’ve got an hour till my podcast, like I’m going to take you so you can climb a tree and hang out. So then I did my thing, reading the cards, journaling under the tree, and she climbed around. Then I came in and had my first podcast.

[01:00:00] Then I ate lunch. Then I had another call. Then I had another call. And then had a little meeting with my team. And then I ran to the grocery store to get some steak for dinner. And then I came back and now I’m talking to you. And then my evening looks like this. Well, tonight I’m going to have a beautiful Beltane ritual feast and kind of harvest celebration of our relationship with my partner.

Yesterday, I did sex magic in the middle of the afternoon, and it was so nice and so powerful. And then from there, I like talked to a friend and made myself dinner and yeah. And I, don’t have any lights on after dark. I only ever have candles or salt lamps lit so that it’s really nice and dark in my house that I can get good sleep.

I like to go to bed at nine if I can. If I got some fun, amazing thing that’s happening, or like someone’s throwing a party, or like we’re going out to dinner, then that shifts and changes. But Yeah, I’m a pretty early riser. So I like [01:01:00] to get to bed and I’ll either listen to an audio book or just talk about all the things that I’m grateful for in my mind as I fall asleep.

And yeah, it’s really, and like, then one day this week there is my editor comes over and we sit and work through the book for three hours because my second book is coming out. overdue, honestly. And so yeah, every day does look different. And then like the days that I’m in Kauai, I’m like leaping in and then just wandering around in nature and taking a sauna and making brunch and having like custom jewels made and then doing a sunset swimming session in the ocean.

So yeah, every day is very different for me, but I really try to make sure that I have time. either morning or midday or evening that is just totally for me and where there’s nothing being asked of me and I really honor that time. 

Melissa: [01:02:00] Hmm, beautiful. Sounds like heaven. It’s just delicious. I’ve got three rapid fire questions for you now.

Are you ready? Okay. Yeah, let’s go. Okay. What is one thing that we can do today for our health? 

Mia Magik: Heal our shame, judgment. guilt and doubt, even just noting where it is so that you can start thinking differently. 

Melissa: Yeah. Shine some light on it. Okay. What is one thing that we can do for more wealth in our life?

Mia Magik: Be more intentional about the footprint that you’re having on earth so that she wants to help support your wealth instead of you buying more plastic shit or like supporting child slave labor in China, buying with intention, voting with your dollar, being really clear so that then the, or He’s excited about what you want to manifest.

Melissa: And what’s one thing we can do for more love in our life? 

Mia Magik: I think really working through where you have judgment towards [01:03:00] whatever the kind of partner is that you want. So if you’re looking for a masculine partner, where do you judge your own masculine? Where do you not let yourself rest? Where do you burn out?

If you’re looking for a feminine partner, where do you judge your creativity or shame your sexuality or make yourself less? If you’re looking for a non binary partner, where do you hide who you are or whatever it is. And I think that really looking at the lens of what we want and how we can create more of that within ourselves is really the key to generating more love because then we’re freeing ourselves from what we don’t like about ourselves.

And then you can allow someone else’s love to actually be the thing that helps remind you how to love yourself. 

Melissa: Absolutely. I’d love to hear what is something that you have recently changed your mind about? 

Mia Magik: Something I’ve recently changed my mind [01:04:00] about? That’s a very interesting question. The only thing that I’m coming up with at all right now is like unusual, but there was Like really in my relationship, there was a big part of me that wanted to stay because he is such a good man.

He’s loyal. He’s faithful. I’ve never had a man not cheat on me. I’ve never had a man who’s actually really honest, who’s loving. He’s so sweet. And I’ve stayed longer than I think was right for me to stay because I was so afraid that I would never find anyone else. I was so afraid that I am too much and I’m too powerful and too outspoken and I’m not whatever it is, worthy of love, being all of this, and this, all this energy, and that no one else will ever tolerate me.

That was like a story I had in my mind. Like, oh, he’s so patient, he’s so sweet, he lets me be the full force of the feminine fire, and like, [01:05:00] he’s still here, and he’s the phoenix rising from the ashes. Like, I, he tolerates me. and no one else ever will. And I don’t believe that anymore. I believe wholeheartedly that there is a man who is fucking fine.

You’ve been waiting for a woman like me. He’s like, you like this dragon treasure power. I’m here. I literally built my full life waiting for you. And I really, that was a big gift in my mindset. Because I noticed how much my trauma and societal conditioning. He’s 6’5 he’s sexy, he’s mission driven, like, we built this beautiful life.

We have the all, you know, I introduced him to all my friends and community. So we’ve like built up a community together. There’s all the reasons not to leave. There’s all the reasons to stay. And as we’re going through this uncoupling process, my goddess, the things I am learning, the things that I need to change so badly about [01:06:00] myself that I was like unconsciously doing to him or emasculating in him or like making not enough, like, Oh, I want this and you don’t love like that.

And so that isn’t enough for me as opposed to like, no, there’s just someone who knows how to love me the way that I want to be loved and that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. Yeah, my God, I learned so much. And so my mind has really changed doing this process of uncoupling and taking full responsibility for my role and what I could have done differently and better.

And the virtue of taking that responsibility and like going into the forgiveness of myself and of him and of both of us for staying for different like trauma responses in, in different times. My mind has completely transformed. I genuinely feel like a different woman than I was even like two weeks ago.

from, yeah, learning from this grief and choosing consciously to rewrite that belief. 

Melissa: Beautiful. [01:07:00] And those things that you just said, like, I’m too much, or I’m too powerful, or I’m too big, those things, they’re the things that I think are so inspiring about you. They’re the things that I love about you because you are showing me and you are allowing me to be my true self.

You’re giving me permission to step more into my power, to step more into my bigness. So like, don’t ever change that. And I know you wouldn’t, but I’m like, don’t ever change that because you’re right. That man, he has waited his whole life for you exactly the way that you are. And I believe that just so deeply and wholeheartedly, like, we don’t need to change anything about ourselves to fit into someone else’s, what we think that they want.

Like that person will accept us for exactly how 

Mia Magik: witchy [01:08:00] and weird we are. Totally. Yeah. And I think that’s something that I really learned is I appreciate that reflection so much and I do feel safe with sitters and I feel safe with women and I feel safe with my audience. Totally. And it is a whole new layer and level.

I did a podcast about business and personal branding today and she was like, do you still have challenges? Like you’ve accomplished all these things. Do you still in your business reach different challenges or like moments where you have to shift your mindset or something is still standing in your way?

And that was actually like my experience. My relationship is that I can show up everywhere, anytime. as who I am, and I’m so grateful to inspire amazing, powerful women like you, and I am here to be of permission. Like, be your full fucking self. Be all that you are. Be the most wild, witchy, weird, magical version of you.

But I also, my own wound. often didn’t allow me to show up [01:09:00] in that way in my partnership. And there were places where I shut down completely. And there were places where I got totally afraid and where I let my challenges with the masculine really dictate my behaviors that he didn’t deserve. And so that’s really an important piece of it.

It’s like, no, I won’t ever stop. But I actually have, I do have places in particular in physical close proximity in relation with the masculine where I actually haven’t even been able to be the fullest version of myself yet for fear of their shame or their judgment or whatever it was. And so that’s, it’s a really big edge and no, I’m never going to stop and I’m never going to stop working on it.

But that’s really like the work that I get to do. That’s my healing girl summer. work is feeling fully safe in who and all that I am. Even with a mass feeling counterpart reflecting all that power to me. 

Melissa: Hmm, beautiful. You are [01:10:00] a force, babe. And you’re just a goddess. You truly, truly are and your energy. It just radiates through the screen all the way from over there.

And yeah, you’re just such, such a goddess, truly. Is there anything else that you want to share with us? Any last parting words of wisdom or anything else? 

Mia Magik: I think that the biggest thing is just remembering that magic is real. And we do have it, all of us, uniquely and differently. And it’s not something to be compared.

It’s something to be appreciated. We call what a butt or what financial investments do when they grow appreciation. And so appreciating yourself, your gifts, your lessons, your learning, even like again, like agonizing heartbreak that I have been in. This pain is teaching me so much. And I’m here for all the tears and like all the horrible feelings of it.

I’m like, I am so alive. And when [01:11:00] we tune into our aliveness and our pain and our pleasure and our bigness and what our gifts are, That is how we build and create magic. And if you want to dive in more with me and create magic with me, come to one of our retreats, join a program. We’re going to be at castles in France in August.

And I’m so excited about like my absolute favorite thing is working with people in Perth and it’s, and ultimately. you can find it within you. Again, nature is you are nature and when you return to your true nature, which of course I recommend by or doing by spending time with nature herself, but that is when you are capable of utilizing and wielding magic in whatever way is most aligned for 

Melissa: you.

Absolutely, babe. I’m going to make it my mission to get to one of your retreats one day. I am going to do it. It’s a long way from Australia, but I’m going to do it one day. Or maybe you [01:12:00] can run one here in Australia and we’ll find a council. I do need 

Mia Magik: to do one in Australia, but we always have at least one token Australian at my retreat who like flew all the way to Europe and is like, I’m here for this.

Every single retreat. I love them. They’re the best. Like they really made an effort to get there. Take care. 

Melissa: Oh yeah, it’s a huge effort, but yeah, I’m definitely putting that on my bucket list. I’m going to do that. I just think that would be so much fun, so much fun to play in that realm with you. So thank you.

And this has been such a delight. This has been. Truly so deeply soul nourishing for me. And I’ve just enjoyed this entire conversation. You are doing such amazing work in the world. You are helping so many people with your programs, your books, your retreats, your online presence, everything you are giving, you are serving, you are supporting so many people.

So I want to know what I and the listeners can do to give back and serve you today. How can we serve you? I [01:13:00] bought it. 

Mia Magik: Okay, well, there’s two things that are like in my field right now. One is that my highest vision dream is creating a beautiful show that is like Anthony Bourdain, but for magic and spirituality, for like consciousness and culture.

So how do we go to a place and learn about their relationship with the divine, their ancient traditions and ritual? That’s like my goal for what I want to do with my life. Now the second thing that I could like use support with, or that I think there would probably be amazing people that are listening to your show that might want to do this, is that I have been speaking more, and especially speaking about all the topics that we’ve covered.

Manifestation. Utilizing a connection to nature to generate more wealth as opposed to like raping and pillaging. Feminine empowerment. Using pleasure and sexual energy for Healing in general. And so I’ve been working with like FEM led businesses and companies and like going in and doing beautiful [01:14:00] corporate events with people that are running businesses who want a little more empowerment and connection in their teams, speaking on more stages.

And like, I guess I’m there’s, that’s my ask. Like, I just want to be sharing this medicine of magic and wisdom, especially in relationship to connection with nature and the earth. everywhere, as far and wide as I possibly can. So those are the two things. And also like go plant a tree or like do something good for the earth.

Go plastic free for the rest of your life if you can. 

Melissa: Beautiful. I love that. Thank you so much. And think about those things. I absolutely think that you need to be sharing your magic far and wide everywhere. So, yeah, maybe we’ll share a stage one day together and speak together. That would be fun. Let’s create that magic.

Okay. I like that. Planting that seed. Planting that seed. Absolutely. But thank you so much. This has just been such a delight. You are a [01:15:00] treasure and I’ve loved this so much. You are so inspiring. You’ve inspired me so much. So thank you for being here, my love. You are such a goddess. 

Mia Magik: Thank you, Cleen. I appreciate that so much.

And for all of you listening, thank you so much. For being here and everywhere you can find me is Mia Magic, M-I-A-M-A-G-I-K, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, website, all the things. Mia Magic with a K. 

Melissa: Wonderful. And we’ll link to everything in the show notes for everybody as well, so you can find all of her goodness everywhere.

Thank you for being here, my love.

I absolutely loved this conversation so much. I’m so inspired to get back more into my beautiful rituals. I do. And to just really create that space for me to dive into that. Oh, I’m so excited. And I’m definitely going to go to one of her retreats. How amazing does that sound? Yes. Yes. Yes. And if you loved this conversation, please subscribe to the show and leave me a review [01:16:00] on Apple Podcasts, because that means that we can inspire and educate even more people together.

And also means that all of my episodes will just pop up in your feed, so you never have to go searching for a new episode. Now, come and tell me on Instagram at Melissa Ambrosini what you got from this episode. I would love to hear from you and connect with you. And before I go, I just wanted to say thank you so much for being here, for wanting to be the best, the healthiest and the happiest version of yourself and for showing up today for you.

You rock. Now, if there’s someone in your life that you can think of that would really benefit from this episode, please share it with them right now. You can take a screenshot, share it on your social media, email it to them, text it to them, do whatever you’ve got to do to get this in their ears. And until next time, don’t forget that love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word.

Thank you so much for listening. I’m so honored that you’re here and would be SO grateful if you could leave me a review on Apple podcasts, that way we can inspire and educate even more people together.

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P.P.S. Please seek advice from a qualified holistic practitioner before starting any new health practice.

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