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What if you could turn your genes on and off at will, just like flipping a light switch?

Today’s podcast guest, alternative medicine expert Chris Kresser, is here with a powerful message: you can. Better yet, with a few smart shifts to your nutrition and wellness practices (which he reveals in this conversation), you can reverse chronic illness, transform your energy levels, and reclaim control of your health destiny…

Chris Kresser M.S., L.Ac., is the CEO of Kresser Institute and the co-director of the California Center for Functional Medicine. He’s also the creator of ChrisKresser.com and is the New York Times best-selling author of The Paleo Cure. Chris was named one of the 100 most influential people in health and fitness by Greatist.com, and his blog is one of the top-ranked natural health websites in the world.

My husband and I have been huge fans of Chris’s work — including his epic podcast — for years now. I love that his approach to health views the body as a whole, focuses on solving the underlying problems keeping us sick (not just glossing over the symptoms), and is completely evidence-based — so you KNOW it works.

So if you want to find out how to reduce stress, revolutionise your relationship with food, and transform your genetic future, then pop in those earbuds and get listening… this one’s for you!

In this episode we chat about:

  • How getting chronically ill changed his life and set him on the path to where he is today (06:50)
  • What is unconventional medicine? And why is this approach to wellness so powerful? (15:16)
  • The biggest challenge we currently see in the healthcare system (and how it’s impacting patient outcomes) (16:33)
  • His genius approach to creating TRUE health (including a step by step guide) (19:08)
  • Why most disease is *not* genetic — despite what we’re being told (20:46)
  • How to make food and lifestyle choices that set you up for success (22:55)
  • The mantra that will transform your relationship with food (23:18)
  • The truth about gluten (27:31)
  • What’s the deal with dairy? (30:11)
  • The 4 lifestyle factors you need for epic health (36:55)
  • The best way to reduce stress, as backed by science (40:31)
  • The power of a digital detox and the smartest way to do it (46:40)
  • Plus so much more!

Episode resources:

  • Kresser Institute (website)
  • California Center for Functional Medicine (website)
  • Chris Kresser’s website (website)
  • The Paleo Cure by Chris Kresser (Amazon)
  • Unconventional Medicine by Chris Kresser (Amazon)
  • Join the Melissa Ambrosini Tribe on Facebook (Facebook Group)
  • Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini (Amazon)
  • Open Wide Video Masterclass (podcast)

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P.S. Please seek advice from a qualified holistic practitioner before starting any new health practice.

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  1. Savannah Duyn says:

    I think the best thing out of this podcast was the discussion about sleep. So many people don’t realize how important it is to are overall health.

  2. Susie Pettit says:

    Wow was this episode full of information. It motivated my blog for an upcoming week – thank you! The actual data/information on how disease and our lifespan is not primarily genetic specifically impacts the work I do as a wellness coach for women – highlighting how much control we really do have (and empowering us to make those small shifts!!)

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