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Dreams CAN only come true once YOU dream them. Manifesting your deepest, most thrilling, heart-pounding desires can be the major turning point you need—especially in a challenging period. Which is why today I’m super pumped to introduce you to the wildly successful and truly inspirational Kristina Karlsson the creator, CEO and founder of Kikki.K. She’s here to teach YOU how your dreams really can turn into your destiny.

Kristina Karlsson hit rock bottom when she was 23. Isolated, far away from home in Sweden, and searching for her true calling, she wrote down her dreams one sleepless night. The simple act of putting pen to paper and saying what she truly wanted for her life changed *everything*. After getting crystal clear on what she wanted, her Swedish stationery store Kikki.K quickly snowballed into a global empire that spans 147 countries and counting. As a passionate self-improver, avid learner, sought-after international speaker and proud mother, she’s living proof that no dream is too big for you to handle. Her new book, Your Dream Life Starts Here is the first phase in her latest crazy big dream, “to inspire and empower over 101 million people just like you to write their own dreams and set about bringing them to life.”

So if you want to know how to manifest your dream life (and honestly who wouldn’t!), whip out a pen and paper (or your Kikki.K journey), pop in those earbuds and get ready to dream bigger than ever before!

In this episode we chat about:

  • Her epic life story and how she created the biggest stationery company in the world (05:40)
  • Why writing down your dreams is an important piece of the manifestation process and how doing it became her turning point (10:05)
  • The powerful questions you must ask yourself before you set your big dreams (14:14)
  • How to achieve your dreams (17:13)
  • The biggest dreams that she has already achieved (#inspirationoverload) (24:13)
  • The dreams she is yet to achieve and how her book is just the first step in her massive plan (27:45)
  • One of MY biggest dreams that I have never ever shared publicly (35:09)
  • Plus so much more!

Episode resources:

  • kikki.K online store. (website)
  • Dreamlife audio guide (website)
  • Your Dream Life Starts Here by Kristina Karlsson (Amazon)
  • Be one of #101million dreamers (Instagram)
  • Thrive by Arianna Huffington (Amazon)
  • The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma (Amazon)
  • The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson (Amazon)
  • The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware (Amazon)
  • Join the Melissa Ambrosini Tribe on Facebook (Facebook Group)
  • Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini (Amazon)
  • Open Wide Video Masterclass (podcast)

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  1. Gayna says:

    Hello Melissa, This is amazing! Kristina is a massive expander for me. And I totally thought that you should be on Dancing with the stars, its quite weird but I thought that myself last year. Weird epiphany. Can you read my mind? A colleague I used to work with, an agent, Deb Callaghan, is married to the creator/producer of that show. You should reach out to her. I think you would be AMAZING on that show! I always wanted to have a stationery business, creating cards and posters with amazing artists, still trying to create it. But now my dad has just died, things have gone all topsy turvy. So I’m just up here with my mum trying to help her have the courage to keep going. Keep shining beautiful lady, you are helping so many young women to heal and grow, and like each other, and stop beating each other up. And passion and love is EVERYTHING. There is room for everyone to create and love, and be in the world. Amen to that. lots of love Gayna.

    • There sure is Gayna. Thank you so much for your kind words and love. You’re an angel! I want to also send you so much love regarding your dad and please give yourself and your muma a big hug from me. I am here for you if you need anything darling. xx

  2. Joana says:

    Wonderful, as usual.
    Great chat and energy. Keep rocking that beautiful soul of yours, dear Melissa!

  3. Eliza says:

    This podcast has inspired me to take ACTION. The power in sitting down and WRITING down my dreams became apparent from listening. I love spending time alone, but tbh, i haven’t been using it to my full advantage.
    I now aim to:
    • learn the lesson from the down moments
    • live a fulfilling life according to me and what I believe and not putting other people on a pedistool
    • sit down and Write down your dreams and goals

    My notes:
    – what would you do if you couldn’t fail and money was no object?
    – and had All the energy, resources and knowledge?
    – these questions get us into a dreaming state of mind where the “impossible” become felt and become possible.

    – Set your goal and take inspired action EVERYDAY! I want to use more visualisation in addition to this. Use my mediation to visualise and even take note of mum progress in feeling open to my dreams becoming reality.

    As women we are seasonal cyclical beings so just always face forward and master your inner mean girl everyday and move forward towards your goal.

    Vision board or vision board book. Look at it everyday!

    Have your goals next to your bed and read them every morning and night and stay on path

    I loved that this podcast has such easy to implement tips! I’m going to start my dream journal tonight!

  4. Belinda Miceli says:

    Oh wow! I LOVE every podcast you do Melissa but I had moments of tears listening to this one! For the first time in a long time, I feel it’s possible for me to start working towards the life and happiness I know is inside of me.

    I gave up work 8 years ago when struggling to fall pregnant and after 6 years of (failed) IVF treatments, my body packed it in and I had to stop. Physically and then mentally I have felt broken but haven’t known how to start putting myself back together.

    But Kristina Karlsson has broken through that hopeless feeling with the things she has shared in your podcast and I couldn’t be more grateful to her.

    The top 3 takeaways I took was

    1- That if you don’t know where to start, there’s always something, even if it’s small, to be grateful for and to get excited about. The vulnerability that Kristina showed in sharing her own dreams and goals started my own inspired thought for the first time in a long time (and also your own vulnerability Mel of sharing some of your own dreams that showed we all feel the same)

    2- The more she spoke, the more inspired I got and started to think it might be possible for me to dream and start to create a happier future for myself.

    3- I learnt that even someone like Kristina who seems to be such an amazing and inspiring and successful person, started out having doubts and not having a clear vision- like I feel like but she really made me feel that if she could do it when she was feeling the same way, maybe I can do it too.

    That maybe we have to begin to have the vision start to become clear, not the other way around.

    Love you and your work in the world Mel and thank you Kristina for a truly lifechanging inspirational podcast for me

  5. Limpho says:

    My first biggest take away in this episode is that I have to take an inspired action to achieve my goals. My second is that if I don’t put my goals on a paper then I sure will lack the motivation to keep at par with actions. Or I might miss the opportunity of clearing out what exactly I have to do to achieve my goal. My favourite take was also having multiple goals written down, I know this has been my biggest flaw , not only writing them down, but choosing which is more important and finding ways to achieve that goal!. So I like the idea of sticking with just three in all areas ( love, career, health, money) and finding ways to implement to achieve them. I have always been operating from lack mentality and have been sorry for myself for not getting support from my mother and my sister, and listening to Kristina made me very much glad to hear she grew up in a farm and didn’t know what to do with her life at her 20s, I’m 27 and still find it hard to foxus on one thing because I am operating from lack situation. And it’s very hard especially when the people surrounding me, my family don’t support me and end up doing multiple things to have food on the table at the end of the day, and operating from the limiting beliefs of poverty. I just want to thank you Melissa for your show and want to thank you for hosting the amazing people who inspire us to begin channeling our ways in to achieving what we dream. Just to conclude, ever sisnse i startred listening to your show, I now have a morning and day routine , something I never had for the past 26 years, so Thank you.

    • You’re so welcome honey. I am so glad you loved this episode and the show as much as I LOVE doing it for you. Thanks for tuning in each week angel. And don’t forget to keep shining. xx

  6. Bernadette says:

    Hi Melissa, loved this episode as I do them all as I’ve been a fan from the very start! Ok my 3 key takeaways from Kristina are 1) the 4 G’s at night, what are you grateful for, what good thing happened today, gram worthy visual, and your goal for tomorrow. 2) if you were to leave this world tomorrow what would you do today? 3) when dreaming up your goals stretch yourself by questioning if you couldn’t fail what would you love to achieve? Thanks

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