How To Raise Grateful & Capable Kids In An Over-Entitled World With Amy McCready


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How awesome would it be if you didn’t have to yell at your kids, like, ever? How great would it be if you could kick bad habits and make your household happier and healthier? How epic would it be if you didn’t have to ask your children to do things a million times and they actually cooperated? This IS possible my friend, which is why I’m so pumped to introduce you to parenting expert Amy McCready who’s going to teach us how to parent like a pro! And most importantly, stop yelling, and start enjoying the precious time we have with our kids. 

Amy is the founder of Positive Parenting Solutions (PPS). She’s developed a world-class online course that teaches parents how to take back control of their house, break stressful cycles, and raise happy and healthy kids without being ‘The Mean Mom’. She’s the author of two best-selling parenting books; If I Have to Tell You One More Time and The Me, Me, Me Epidemic, and is regularly featured on the TODAY Show (both in the USA and in Australia) plus many more. Her powerful wisdom has helped thousands of families live calmer and happier lives. 

This episode is packed with relatable and easy to implement lessons that’ll teach you the exact steps you need to take your family life to the next level. 

So, if you want to learn how raise grateful and capable kids, how to teach them valuable life lessons whilst still having fun, pop in those earphones… this one’s for you! 

In this episode we chat about: 

  • Her story from working in corporate America to becoming a parenting expert (07:06)
  • Why are kids more entitled today? (11:51)
  • What are the ‘overs’ and how can you use them? (14:04)
  • Why you DO need to give your children what they are actually entitled to (this is awesome) (15:21) 
  • How to create capable and grateful children in an over-entitled world (20:25)
  • The ‘When Then’ routine and how to apply it to teach kids valuable life skills (21:33)
  • Why you don't want to call them ‘chores’ and ‘homework’ and what to use instead  (22:35)
  • What is the ‘Time For Training’ technique and how to apply it (24:05)
  • How to train kids to be financially fit (27:48)
  • What is the ‘No Rescue’ policy? (31:52)
  • What is ‘Convince Me?’ and how you can use it? (37:22)
  • What are your children's basic needs? (40:25)
  • How to invite co-operation into your home and family life (43:03)
  • How to invite kids into the decision-making process so their core desires of respect are being met (something that really made a difference with Leo) (43:57)
  • How to stop asking your kids to do things a million times (45:44)
  • Why we don't reward Leo with sweets or money and what we do instead (47:35)
  • How to make parenting fun (because it really should be!) (59:11)
  • The power of a family meeting (60:25)
  • Her epic morning routine that gets the family energized for the day (63:21)
  • Plus so much more!

Episode resources: 

Amy’s website
Positive Parenting Solutions
The Me, Me, Me Epidemic: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World by Amy McCready
If I Have to Tell You One More Time… by Amy McCready
The Barefoot Investor for Families
Love Language Profile for Children
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    • Gianna Caiazza
      July 4, 2019

      Wow this podcast was really informative. Parenting can be quite challenging and rewarding but some of the tips Amy McCready suggests in this podcast really make so much sense and I am starting to implement them into our household. I found I got a better response by asking rather than telling my kids to do things around the home. I also started having the kids provide input in some of our decisions and this has made them feel as if they have a voice and are part of the family decision making. Would love to learn more. Thanks

      • July 5, 2019

        That's awesome Gianna, well done for implementing Amy's tips so quickly. Grab her book as it's epic and got loads more tips and tricks in there. xx

    • Cassandra Nelson
      July 5, 2019

      Thanks for the amazing podcast this week. The 3 main items i am taking away is 1. 10min a day of just one on one time. Our lives are so hectic but after listening it makes so much sense. We are going to implement this at home.
      2. The rewards chart. After listening to the podcast it to me now is a quick fix where we want that inner self to know this tasks need to be done. Pretty sure this would set children up for life. We literally brought the rewards chart in last weekend coz we were so lost but now look at it totally different it will be going again.
      3. Stop doing everything for them (control freak typing this lol) i love the idea of setting them up to achieve it but dont do it. Again setting them up for skills for life.
      Thanks again for this one it came just at the right time.

      • July 12, 2019

        Pleasure honey. How amazing is it! I got so much from it too. Make sure you check out Amy's work. xx

    • Colette
      July 8, 2019

      Another incredible episode Thankyou Melissa. As a new mother of a little 6 month old boy I am so grateful for this information. As one of 7 children a busy household was the norm for me and so chores were a given. There were no rewards or incentives. We just all had our jobs and that was that and so the day evolved in an orderly manner. Unfortunately my job was usually matching the socks! 7 people = lot of odd socks you can imagine

      I took a few important things out of this episode that I will for sure implement in my family in the future
      - To allow my little one one on one time throughout the day but that they understand that not every moment is there’s.
      - learning jobs around the house to contribute and also life lessons!! So many adults were not taught these fundamental tasks
      - The “when then” routine = amazing

      - making them realise that there tasks are so well appreciated

      Obviously I took so many other takeaways but these were just some snip its


      • July 12, 2019

        WOW that's a lot of socks ;) Thanks for sharing Colette, I LOVE your takeaways and so glad you have this information for your little man. All my love. xx

    • Cassandra Nelson
      July 9, 2019

      My 3 takeaways from the podcast would be.
      1. Spend 10min one on one time with my kids. So important with our busy lives to just take that time to interact.
      2. No rewards chart. I literally started this the Sunday before your podcast and after listening to it i have stopped it. I want my kids to do things because its helping not for a reward. I truly believe this will set them up for life.
      3. Stop doing everything for them. (Control freak typing lol) Help them plan how they will succeed in the task but let them achieve it. Again an amazing skill to learn early on which will help them right through adulthood.
      This was one of my fav podcasts. Thanks again :)

      • July 12, 2019

        Pleasure Cassandra. I am so glad you got so much out of it. Wasn't it awesome! Make sure you check out Amy's work, she is amazing!. xx

    • Maud
      July 10, 2019

      Hi Melissa,
      I loved this podcast so much. Thank you!
      I have a 3,5 year old son and all of Amy's as well as your advice and the insights were so valuable to me. I loved that some of the tips I could apply straight away.
      I will check out the resources as well.
      Thank you for sharing your positive way of parenting. It is so inspiring.

      • July 12, 2019

        Pleasure Maud, it was a goodie that's for sure. I am so glad you loved it! Make sure you check out Amy's work, it's awesome! xx

    • Colette
      July 11, 2019

      As a new mum to my little darling boy I am very interested in learning parenting tips and tricks. This was a wonderful episode and I deeply appreciate the information provided in it. I come from a family with 7 children and while we had our issues we also were given core fundamental things like manners and appreciation. This is the vital for my boy in this modern world. To teach him principals,manners and compassion to name a few things. Also I would love advice to navigate parenthood with a gentle manner whilst giving my child all the tools he needs to become a beautiful member of society. I would love to learn more from this inspirational woman !

      • July 12, 2019

        Check out Amy's work honey it's awesome and she so many more helpful tips and tricks. xx

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