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What can our pelvic bowl teach us about our health, our creativity, and ourselves? What does it mean to ‘mother from your centre’? And how can women reclaim the innate wisdom of their bodies?

To delve into these deep, insightful questions I’m joined by author, TEDx speaker and Women’s Health Physical Therapist, Tami Lynn Kent.

Tune in to hear why Tami’s book is one of my favourite books EVER, what it *really* means to ‘mother from your centre’, why so many women are carrying tension and trauma inside their pelvic bowls, how this unresolved trauma can be secretly causing harm (to their wellbeing, mental health, relationships, fertility and more), sacred ways to create your own version of motherhood, powerful self-care strategies for mamas (even if you feel like you’ve got no time), amazing tips for holistic pelvic health, and how to release shame and guilt that’s being held in your body.

About Tami Lynn Kent

Tami Lynn Kent is the founder of Holistic Pelvic Care for women and author of Wild Feminine, Mothering from Your Centre and Wild Creative. Tami is a Women’s Health Physical Therapist with a master’s degree in physical therapy. In 2019 she presented a TEDx talk called “The Vagina Whisperer: Moving from Shame to Honour in the Female Body.” She has worked with thousands of women and runs an international training program for women’s health practitioners. Tami is the mother to three beautiful sons. She is passionate about teaching women and mothers ways to cultivate the creative energy that’s meant to flow through all aspects of one’s life and to access the beauty and wildness within.

In this episode we chat about:

  • This is what mothering from your centre actually means (hint: the wisdom is already inside you!) (00:55)
  • How to move through shame and release trauma that is held in the pelvic bowl. (This is essential listening for ALL women) (7:51)
  • How mothering can be a physical and spiritual way of healing through our lives, our families, and our souls (11:25)
  • Epic, potent self-care strategies for mamas, that will help you overcome guilt and merge with the power of nature (17:28)
  • Tami’s best tips & tools to cultivate a community and ‘tribe’ environment for your family (and how to keep your heart open for them) (23:27)
  • How to break the cycles of negative parenting you don’t want to carry on with your own children (and how to embrace presence and connection instead) (34:04)
  • Discover why mothering and creativity have a perfect balance (and how to enhance your children’s innate creativity) (45:29)
  • Tami’s surprising definition of success and the book she encourages everyone to read! (50:03) 

Episode resources: 

  • Mothering From Your Center by Tami Lynn Kent (book)
  • Tami Lynn Kent: The Vagina Whisperer (TED talk)
  • Destiny Rescue (nonprofit)
  • Breastfeeding Meditation (listen)
  • Women’s Holistic Pelvic Care (website)
  • Wild Creative: Igniting Your Passion and Potential in Work, Home, and Life by Tami Lynn Kent (book)
  • Women’s bodies, Women’s wisdom by Christiane Northrup (book)

Thank you so much for listening. I’m so honored that you’re here and would be SO grateful if you could leave me a review on Apple podcasts, that way we can inspire and educate even more people together.

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