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From Zero to One Million Followers With Brendan Kane


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Are you ready to stop being a follower and start being a leader? Then listen up, because today’s podcast guest, Brendan Kane, has a reputation for being able to help *anyone* — no matter how ‘small’ or ‘unknown’ — to stand out online, unlock the benefits of social media, and make the impact they were born to make. And in this episode, he’s pulling out his playbook to share his secrets on how to increase your following.

Brendan Kane is a growth hacker, digital strategist and author who works with Fortune 500 companies, major brands, and celebrities. His client list reads like a ‘who’s who’ of world influencers: Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Adriana Lima, Charles Barkley, IKEA, MTV, Skechers… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

After building huge followings for his clients, Brendan set out to prove that his approach could work for anyone, and went on to amass one million followers for his own personal brand in less than 30 days (using very little money). So it’s safe to say: his strategies *work*. Even better, they work by avoiding any icky or pushy tactics, and by prioritising things like authenticity, creativity and providing huge value to your tribe.

So if you want to learn how to build a highly engaged audience from scratch, leverage social media to grow your brand, and go from being a ‘no name’ to a top influencer without compromising on authenticity, this episode is for you.

In this episode we chat about:

  • His entrepreneurial story — from selling toys as a child, to producing films and working with Taylor Swift, to where he is today (11:39)
  • Key learnings from working with top influencers like Taylor Swift and Rihanna (17:48)
  • How to create epic and viral content on a low budget (29:55)
  • How to get people to share your content (32:57)
  • Why overdelivering is your secret weapon for building influence (36:50)
  • The power of aesthetics and clear branding (41:01)
  • How the different social media platforms differ and how to create different content for each of them (I absolutely LOVE his insights here!) (45:43)
  • How to leverage social media to grow your brand (49:45)
  • The *only* thing you need to build your brand and business (and it’s not what you think!) (51:34)
  • Why you must know who you’re talking to and what their pain points are (52:57)
  • The exact steps he took to go from 0 to 1 million followers on Facebook (56:00)
  • Plus so much more!

Episode resources:

One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days by Brendan Kane
One Million Followers Australian Tour
How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
Tiny Habits Method by BJ Fogg
Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini
Open Wide Video Masterclass

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