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You probably already know that drinking water is essential for good health. But did you know that not all water is created equal? Or that some water can actually be harmful to your body? Or that by upgrading the water you drink, you can radically transform your health?

To find out more about how the quality of our H2O impacts our health, today I’m chatting with Josh Hiam, the founder and brains behind Hydrogen Health, a company devoted to helping its customers upgrade their health by upgrading their hydration.

In this conversation, we delve deep into the proven benefits of optimizing your water — including more energy, better immunity, boosted metabolism and younger-looking skin. We also look at the hidden dangers of consuming energetically depleted or chemically treated water (a.k.a the water that comes out of most household taps), the truth about drinking water from plastic bottles, as well as easy ways to powerfully boost the water in your own home.

So if you want to learn more about the groundbreaking science of water, find out how to avoid harmful hydration practices, and make sure every drop you drink is moving you closer to optimum health, then pop in those earbuds… this one’s for you.

In this episode we chat about: 

  • The dangers of consuming ordinary tap water (that everybody overlooks) (10:19)
  • The long term repercussions of drinking energetically depleted water, and what it’s doing to our health (14:52)
  • Why drinking from plastic is extremely toxic to our bodies (16:22)
  • How to find high-quality water you can trust (21:39)
  • Is your daily shower actually damaging your skin and affecting your health? (23:12)
  • All you need to know about minerals in your drinking water (and why reverse osmosis is NOT the answer) (27:54)
  • How to recharge your own water at home and give it an energetic boost (31:16)
  • How drinking the ultimate form of water will boost and improve every area of your life (39:37)
  • Plus so much more!

Episode resources:

Hydrogen Health - Type ‘Melissa’ at the checkout to get 20% off
The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key by Mu Shik Jhon
Water Crystal Healing by Dr. Masaru Emoto

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