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What happens when you embrace your inner wild side wholeheartedly? When you immerse yourself in nature? And when you take the time to truly connect with people? Today’s podcast guest Arthur Haines shines light on how we can heal our relationship with nature, return to our biological norms, and learn from our ancestral ways in order to truly thrive in all areas of our life.

Arthur is a botanical researcher and an advocate for reconnection with nature on a base level. He believes this will help us achieve deeper nourishment, epic health, and a more wholesome and fulfilling life.

Living his truth at the Delta Institute of Natural History, he runs in-depth classes in foraging, herbal medicine, and ancestral lifestyles. As the author of six books and 20+ peer-reviewed journals on wild plants, his incredible research shows returning to our biological norms will slow and even stop disease. How cool is that!

Arthur has dedicated his life to studying, practicing and living as close to nature as possible and it shows in his expert knowledge. I was blown away by his vast understanding of the natural world and library of meaningful ancestral lessons!

So if you want to get back to nature and reconnect with what truly makes us thrive then this episode is for you!

In this episode we chat about:

  • His story and how he juggles living off the land in a modern lifestyle (07:24)
  • What is nature divorcement and how to reconnect yourself with the natural world (09:25)
  • Why you need to limit blue light and EMF for epic health (16:55)
  • The importance of sleep and how to hack your sleep for deeper healing (20:20)
  • The power of essential oils and how to use them (24:35)
  • How to return to our biological norms and be more present (29:18)
  • What is a conscientious omnivore and how to be one (33:01)
  • The power of herbs, wild foods, and foraging for your health (36:53)
  • How to cultivate community in your everyday life (something I’m deeply passionate about!) (45:37)
  • His thoughts on parenting, co-sleeping and smacking children based on natural human habits (this bit really surprised me) (51:03)
  • Plus so much more!

Episode resources:

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P.S. Please seek advice from a qualified practitioner before starting any new health practice.

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    • Megan
      April 11, 2019

      Fantastic episode thanks Melissa!

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