Feeling Stuck? Break Through Your Barriers With Dr. Jeff Spencer


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Success is no accident. That’s the message from today’s podcast guest, Dr. Jeff Spencer. Instead, it’s the result of consistent action and a champion mindset. And in this episode, he’s sharing his proven roadmap for cultivating BOTH these things in your own life — no matter how stuck you may feel right now.

Dr. Jeff Spencer is a mindset coach and ‘cornerman’ to some of our generation’s greatest achievers. A former Olympian himself, his client list now boasts names like Tiger Woods, U2, Nike and Bulletproof… so it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about becoming a world-class performer!

Jeff specializes in helping would-be high achievers who currently feel overcommitted, overextended and overwhelmed. By working with them to get their head in the game, cultivate consistency, and find clarity on why they’re stuck, he has a track record of helping his clients go from ‘over it’ to ‘killing it’ with lightning-fast speed.

So if you want to discover how to power-up your mindset, break through the barriers keeping you stuck, and achieve more than you ever thought possible, this episode is for you.

In this episode we chat about:

  • His story from dreaming of becoming an Olympian at age 7, to making that a reality, to where he is today — a hugely successful entrepreneur and coach (04:41)
  • His powerful goal achievement roadmap (07:45)
  • Why your mindset is the most powerful tool you have to achieve your goals (10:25)
  • How to master your mind (18:13)
  • Why mentors are so important (and how they can shortcut your path to success) (23:26)
  • How to leave a powerful legacy (26:09) 
  • What he attributes his success to (38:49)
  • Plus so much more!

Episode resources:

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    • Holly
      September 20, 2018

      In my (humble) opinion, this was your best podcast to date. I listened in the car then went home and listened again and wrote all his tips down so I could capture this freaking awesome advice!!! Thanks to you Melissa for finding him & introducing him to us (me). I believe your questions have become so much more honed now. Keep going and thanks again!! xo

      • September 21, 2018

        So glad you loved it Holly. What were your top 3 key takeaways?

        • Holly
          September 22, 2018

          For sure it was the 5 steps in his 'Goal Achievement Roadmap'. Then his explanation of the honeymoon phase, daily grind & the breakout. A great commonsense framework. I also loved that you asked his thoughts on having a mentor too - great question! Slight digression: I'd love to hear more from you on mentoring, how you've gone about acquiring them in the past, what/who to look for, what worked & what didn't etc and were they paid etc? Again, great interview. Love your podcast babe!! Hx

        • September 25, 2018

          Hey honey, I have had loads of different mentors over the years (and still do). I have had mentors for business, health, and spiritual mentors too. And they have all come to me at the perfect time. It's really important when you are looking for a mentor that you listen to your intuition as it always knows. I hope that helps angel. Let me know if you have any other questions. Also, just to let you know I have a mentoring program you can check out here and you can also be mentored by Nick and I here. xx

    • Cate Massi
      October 3, 2018

      Hi Mel,
      Ive been enjoying your podcasts since day dot!
      Learning & growing into a stronger little human with each one.
      I don't know exactly why yet, BUT your chat with Dr Jeff Spencer's has struck a nerve xo
      Big love & thanks to you both x

      • October 5, 2018

        Thanks for tuning in every week angel. I am so grateful. What were your top 3 key takeaways for Jeff's podcast?

    • Andrea L
      October 10, 2018

      What another wonderful speaker you had on today. Jeff was just fantastic, so authentic and an amazing human being. My 10 year old son only heard about 5 minutes of the podcast yesterday, the part about Jeff’s morning ritual, he commented that he’d like to do yoga. This morning he told me he got up and stretched before coming downstairs. I’ll be replaying this podcast for him as there were so many pearls of wisdom.

      • October 11, 2018

        What a cutie pie. It's amazing what our kids take in. Keep sharing this work with your little man, it will impact his life. xx

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